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Twentieth chapter war soul finally revealed

Li Zhan opened his eyes, did not speak, the whole process of dreams, as immersive general, but also a deep feeling of happiness and sadness when Li Yuan Shang, he knew Li Yuan Shang has not laid down that hatred, but also know the martial arts The heart has not been refining, the usual week of ridicule may be a cover up, he most want to cheat is estimated himself, he still has a puzzled, that is, why they are fog in the sea, but he also Know that Li Yuan Shang must also do not know, simply do not care about it, only wait for their own later Meng Meng also slowly woke up, though a bit sad, but in her eyes, the snow giant is breaking the boundless rise, as long as their own efforts , One day sooner or later you can see a few people just ate something, they do not have any luggage, Li Yuan still fled for many years, the valuables are carried around, since the heights gave him a storage bracelet king, put all Things are placed inside, so go is also considered simply Li Yuan Shang did not inform the Highlands King Martyrdom will soon be swallowed things, after all, the Highlands did not A war king class strong, tell them but will make them panic, let them peace of mind through the last period of life after it eaten Mo Meng drowsiness up, the little guy constitution is weak, than Li Battle of the childhood stronger, but the two are not the same situation when Li was a child can not sleep hungry, Meng Meng is now eating want to sleep ... ...

'Really good.' Li war envy looked gradually Mengmeng sleep in the past, lamented a moment Li Yuan did not take this crop, vca necklace fake remove the Giants of the snow imprint, but also come up with a few pieces of medium stone simple layout of a Gas Array, said to Li Zhan: 'You enter this array, I will pass on the mark into your body, you wake up war spirit.'

Li war van cleef and arpels necklaces fake nodded excitement came array, sitting down at this moment he has been looking forward to more than 10 years, and finally be able to awaken their fighting spirit!

'Are you aware of the steps to awaken the war spirit? There are ways to run it.'

'Remember very clearly!' Lee closed his eyes closed his eyes, began to have been carried out for more than a decade of internal vision, Li Yuan Shang see this, guide the exudes of snow white light heritage mark into the Battle of the pubic region Li Dan has all When God enters the inner world and sees his own scene in the pubic region, there is simply no other thing in him. With the advent of the inheritance sign, the gray world is tinted with white light. The spherical inheritance sign is like A sun in general, illuminated his world of Dantian Gray world has a shadow, Li war is very excited, that is his fighting spirit, just do not know why, more than a decade have no way to communicate to it, Not even see the hurried control of heritage mark toward that shadow flew near, Li Zhan also saw his fighting spirit looks like, but also shocked the endless appearance of war spirit varies from person to person, There is a high probability of similar or even the same, but it is not entirely accurate, because there will be variation, of which there is no change in the rules. Li Zhaicheng Li Yuan Shang said, most of the appearance of war spirit are weapons, , Accounting for about Qicheng, all kinds of Qi Men Weaponry, what kind of long have, there are two into the battle of beasts, such war spirit is even more strange appearance, but carefully find words, in thousands of martial arts Can still find the prototype of the war spirit, this type is called the beast to fight the remaining 10% of the soul are mostly all kinds of elemental fighting spirit, the initial advantages of such war spirit great, very powerful, if you practice the corresponding attribute Act, then it is even more powerful, with almost the same order of war criminals and Beast warrior martial arts to fight but also a handful of extremely rare special war spirit, and such war soul waste special waste, but powerful Almost invincible, such as special war soul forever, such fighting spirit for combat effectiveness without any promotion, although very restraint Li Yuan Shang thousand magic body of such combat skills, but the limitations are too metamorphosis also special war spirit, such as fate, can See the future of the fragment, which rewards good and evil, developed into the depths can even change the fate of others, almost invincible but no waste fighting spirit, only the waste of the knock off van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra war soul owner is like a real war spirit, nine kings palace Wu Xu real war spirit This is, though the front fighting is not strong, but the matrix method and mixing device such aspects of talent is very high, if he enters the matrix method, is the animal care sector should bow!

Special war spirit appearance is also very special, can not be ready-made specific appearance, but the owner of the war spirit can directly know what is the ability of fighting spirit but the war spirit in Li Zhandan field is not any of the above, turned out to be humanoid! Now we can only see a silhouette, but Li war is very sure that it is a personal war spirit, because this is his own fighting spirit, he can clearly understand the ability of war spirit initial awakening ability is synchronous growth, the meaning is very simple , That is, what the body needs Li war, then the body of war spirit also need what, such as Li war need to eat, then the body also need to eat war spirit, but Li war is eating whole grains, the body is to eat war spirit fighting spirit Li think of this war of energy almost cried, and he finally know why so many years no matter how many things will be hungry!
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Chapter VIII set the futureHeart knot open, Zhang Xu's heart finally comfort van cleef and arpel clover necklace fake able and smooth up, looking at the layer van arpels and cleef necklace fake that exudes a foul black oily, Zhang Xu frowned, I felt the stomach and the surge, retching soon hurried toward a not far away, a Flow from the top of the stream of snow, brought tog van cleef arpels clover necklace copy e
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Unexpected maze Dracula Castle Austrian edge incredible maze gameplay

Important equipment: Archon! Magic guide! Dark book! Gas book!

Climb high ideas Analysis: By the archon 50%, heavy armor title 40%, brave 15% remote damage reduction will be long-range strange attack down to 1, the key to a small strange long strange to go downstairs. Wukong Havoc invaded the collapse of the direct 30% damage, high priest predictions save time and stop, because the high-rise maze will collapse, so with forging to improve the white. boss layer by the doll output. Because this routine boss room only two stop, so is the only version of this version can climb to the limit of Dracula just bo (theoretically every layer of large sl crawling infinite layer) sacred: the ring can not need, belt Do not have to raise the power of the ancestors, necklaces (dolls) +10 + 1, others need +10 +3. Upgrade order: Pre-save to 50 after the blood will be the belt +5, then the shoes +10 +3, and then will be the first bracelet +10, Breastplate +10, then the necklace +3 +1, the other can be medium to rise again , The order recommended cloak crown breastplate necklace bracelet. Take a layer of belt shoes chest, three ancestors after the force x9 to get other holy addition to the ring, sacred finished x9 continue to take the power of ancestors, when a particular lack of blood can take fine blood. (Note that the first floor must take the belt or the previous period will be very uncomfortable.) Pre (0180): full book with prophecy downstairs mobs layer operation: into the map a little explorer explorer, Ping a to close van cleef and arpel necklace imitation to 70 and then use Spell damage to use the spell, the store bought, own store to buy Shadow Stone / Poison Cloud / Magic Dust, about 50 points full of heavy armor, van cleef and arpel necklace copy and then about 70 point legendary second title, then do magic guide sleeve. During this period if the magic guide sleeve Qi You can use the earth shadow stone back to explore the point of exploration / ancestral force / essence of blood / equipment, pay attention to the use of Shadow van cleef flower necklace copy Stone (use in the x9 layer, each with a clear layer, so that more Take the power of a few ancestors) boss layer operation: the use of Long Wei ice cone prophetic unlimited control boss flat a kill to the ice cone spell run out of 100 within the big sl Archon mid-term (180 left the remaining more than 10): the proposed band 5-story prophecy book, 5 layers of dark books downstairs mobs operation: divided into three stages

1,180 countdown to the collapse of the maze appears

Long-range remote sl keys to kill the strange strange downstairs, no long-range strange weird Dayongwei knife knife downstairs 2, the collapse of the maze countdown appears downstairs can not save the data

Collapse appears to eat weapons master license, and then you can Gou dozens of layers, these dozens of layers to kill only a remote strange, no remote operation the same 3, downstairs can not save the data

Can not save the data because the game mechanism, the test found that the top can only save 500 rounds of operation, if more than 500 can not save the data in the a floor downstairs small sl will be back to a. At this point can only cut a strange to a certain degree and then beheaded deformation deformation can be used with the rebirth or destruction of the boss layer operation: ice cone began to use the doll after the specific operation: ice cone / super gravity, magic trick, The last round of control when the stop, collapse, downtown, stop the last round of Long Wei, Long Wei stop and collapse the final round, collapse, stop the last round of Long Wei, linked to reborn, Long Wei last round of blindness, etc. Boss Attack Round 1 Long Wei, such as resistance to the end of the destruction of beasts to kill them, you can use the Great Priest prophecy instead, but to use a late advance period (Gung left more than 10 later):

Mobs layer: poison cloud / magic even with twice row quickly plot, pay attention to the magic number on the line. Calculated when the number of disrupted and the collapse of the appropriate number of resources to reach the top of the boss to climb to climb the same operation. 1, to the magic even when you stop using or jumping on the floor. Appropriate large sl2, if it is lack of collapse can bring gas book. Just keep the number of disruptions twice as long as they stop. Other times with a 5-story prophecy book, 5 layers of dark book 3, wishing to have a broken set will hold up to 10 rounds 4, a Dragon Dragon language can be. Dragon language is better 5, do not need to make magic guide too early because of the lack of early exploration, 120 before can accept 6, boss layer may face black, then play above the death, then need to make up a stop.
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Constellation 12 jewelry design from the big amulet figure

The ancient Babylonians invented the constellation for the purpose of maritime discrimination and later derived divination and prediction of the destiny of the country and its people. Nowadays people like to study constellations, but also because constellations and their fortunes can be linked together. Jewelry was also regarded as amulet when it first appeared in ancient times. In the modern age, the jewelry with the shape of 12 constellations has the essence of praying Positive Aries, gives a very brave feeling, a symbol of courage, strength, fighting spirit and masculinity. This Ilias Lalaounis gold embossed bracelet at home, the body decorated with gold, the most detailed head of the sheep is copied to life, Aries in charge of personal impulse and desire, the group influential. The first sign of the zodiac is Aries, meaning a husband when the door, Wan Fu Mo open. People born in Aries are devoted to new things and have the courage to take risks 2015 As far as Aries is concerned, the new situation unfolds one after another, with different experiences. Some of these experiences are related to work (study), some are related to the life level, and most are positive, even if some are tossing. In the second half of the year, things are more complicated than in the first half of the year. People are also more troubled. They are mostly concerned with the opinions and opinions of others and are more worried. The environment continues to change, not the same experience, things are getting complicated, people's troubles gradually, is Aries 2015 year fortune tone 2 big design 12 constellations jewelry Taurus Back to top

Taurus: Roberto Coin rose gold 18K inlaid ruby ??and black diamond ring

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, so Taurus is a conservative constellation. This rose gold diamond ring from Roberto Coin is tailor-made for Taurus. Not quite fancy decorated with beef facial features, detail at the craftsmanship of elaborate diamonds, full of light and gorgeous. Taurus people will have artistic cells, but the conservative Taurus do not like change, stability is his attitude to life, Taurus people will not impulse, will endure, eat hard, and they are very stubborn, once decided not Any change into 2015, Taurus fortune is a process from the inside out, not only psychological as well as realistic aspects. Jupiter in the first half of the stay Tian mansion, the main focus of the Niudu are also familiar with the people and things, the second half of Jupiter towards true love Palace, this time will be Taurus to develop the best period of love; cause of the accident A lot of honest Taonen Kenyan can not avoid the accident occurred 3 big design 12 constellations jewelry Gemini back to top

Gemini: Valentino Gemini gold pendant

Gemini people are very communication, reasoning and academic qualifications, it will deal with difficult crisis. Gemini gold-plated pendants from Valentino, but also magnificent portraits of adaptable Gemini, full of wisdom, not only flexible and eloquent abilities, many people deeply into 2015, Jupiter Gemini for the ideological upgrading Has a very strong role in promoting, but the improvement of the ideological level, but also drive Gemini living conditions and progress in work, so overall, this year's fortune in the upper middle class. Career fortune may decline in the short term, but in the long run it is bound to go in the upward direction. Economic aspects are in a period of ideological change, many ideas may make Gemini is not very value on the one hand, a bit small fortune in the financial crisis design of the four constellations of the 12 constellations jewelry Cancer Top

Cancer: Solange Azagury Partridge red gold 18K Cancer ring, set with black and white diamonds

Cancer people are complex, emotional changes, emotional ups and downs unconventional. Cancer people are also very depressed, there is a tendency to daydreaming, but also very easy to live in their own shadow. Solange Azagury Partridge's Cancer Ring is made of diamonds, and the giant pliers are covered with a layer of brilliance. Pliers are replica van cleef ring the weapon they protect themselves. They are often uncertain mood, often without reason, big tantrums, in fact, this is their no sense of security performance, people who understand the crab will understand that the shell is gentle under the shell is how distressed 2015 Jupiter and Uranus are closely linked , To bring the passionate impact of Cancer collision, although there will still be some adverse conditions, such as Cancer rarely enjoy the vitality from the heart, so on the basis of some adverse effects. In addition to the kings and Jupiter, Pluto will to some extent affect the life of Cancer. Cause rush, that a good harvest of Cancer, probably because of the temporary effect of causing heavy losses; but on the other hand, the van cleef and arpels alhambra ring knock off good fortune will also promote the Cancer to find more opportunities for development 5 big design 12 constellation jewelry Leo back to top

Leo: Chanel lion modeling ring

The most stable life of Leo brought happiness, in the constellation of the lion is the most stable one star. Chanel Lion modeling ring domineering chic, using a yellow diamond-covered sphinx and ring ring, lifelike people unforgettable. Leo looks mild, van cleef & arpels engagement ring knock off not sloppy, generous personality, informality makes this constellation of friends a long time to come 2015, Jupiter in Leo's life palace, whether external or internal, the lion began to become more radiant, Glow your own light and heat toward the surroundings. The overall fortune is very good, to help Leo toward a larger direction. Because of the relationship between Uranus, Leo more can not stand the worldly constraints, you want to achieve success according to their own wishes 6 constellations design 12 constellations of jewelry Virgo back to top

Virgo: Lydia Courteille Virgo Platinum diamonds, sapphires and blue moonstone

Virgo people care about the bar. Excellent Virgo like to be helpful, they are born with the spirit of service, to stop it to rest and want to encounter problems like Virgo 2015 fortune is less conspicuous, will not give particularly significant fortune experience. In the first half of this year, Jupiter, which can bring about a positive impetus, stays in the maze of hidden maze means that it has always been in the careful construction of its own small tent, rarely mixed with other Virgo, this time will be invisible, in all aspects Will become more bland, it is difficult to pay attention to the design of the seven major constellation of 12 constellations jewelry Libra

Libra: Dior gold scales pendants, white crystal and resin pearl

Libra belongs to Venus, has the heavenly golden charm celestial body. Libra people are very attentive man, he is good at discovering those who share your interests.
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DNF fifth anniversary gold bracelet collocation experience with the bracelet equipment catalog

This anniversary celebrations out of the gold and silver copper tri-color bracelets are equipped with physical, van cleef and arpels emerald ring knock off magic attack effects, making a lot of players confused list of conflicts, very puzzled how to match equipment? So Xiaobian help players in the game together to collect the gold bracelets and activities in conflict with each other out of these equipment, the other equipment is not in conflict with 9% gold bracelets, especially with no shadow of the incidental Effect of the equipment, is not in conflict with the activities of the bracelet, players are assured with, want to wear 9% gold bracelet players just pay attention to the following appears on all van cleef wedding ring price knock off the equipment on it, do not bring together, the bracelet will cover the following appear All Items Weapon T-Shirts Shoulder Shoulders Shoe Loops Necklaces Rings Cufflinks Accessories Amethyst

But there is no physical, magic damage increase van cleef & arpels engagement ring knock off or similar title, auxiliary equipment, magic stone, so 9% gold bracelet highest priority, will cover all the following parts of the bracelet with the special effects.
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DNF explain epic iron ho van cleef and arpels emerald ring copy rse three ascensionIn van cleef arpels ring copy the DNF game, ninety epic sets are three-piece effect. This allows players to have more and more flexible options on the equipment.Not like the 86 version, even if the epic set of four, one can only innocently put it in the warehouse so Qi, o van cleef and arpels ring price copy r van cleef
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DNF Berserker 85 version of the equipment choice shadowless King of beings

dnf85 version Berserker equipment selection analysis In the 85 version, the level of adjustment means that the equipment also will change, after the second awakening, ghost swordsman skills adjustment. There are a lot of things that we need to do, let's go take a look at the Berserker in the 85 version of the equipment choice!

Weapons: Shadowless There is no doubt that the current version of the most powerful weapon, but with the arrival of the soul of the soul will replace the shadowless position of 85, as the chance of success is not open to ordinary civilians can afford, it is recommended that if There is no shadow in the hands of the band, there is no time to bring the first slaughter, there is time to do the town red-eye skills to solid-based, weapons only forging, without high strength. Bracelets: bracelets are free, as long as without haniluowu hemorrhage and the like, this price is extremely expensive, as well as red-eye is tasteless. Bracelets are far recommended 3 equipment, far from God 2 big jump, bm bracelets and so on

Necklace: Soul Hunter, 80 van cleef ring copy version of the arrival of the soul also attached an independent attack, it can be said that full-time employment of the necklace, but the abyss of the soul is no longer falling, the altar is still reserved, made long-term, if the weekend has time It is worth doing, not with too much time or energy, then bring with it, with the rest of the ring is not recommended, magic stone: put these two parts together because only independent and strong choice is strong The income will be greater than the independent, there is a case is that if the ss independent income will be better than the 30 powder, the ring is not affected to take the property to strengthen. As for the properties of enchant, what is the magic stone out of what is strong, if not the first to go ice strong auxiliary equipment: Knights of the Skull. For the moment there is nothing to burst van cleef emerald ring copy shit assists, high-power fake purple ss and the like, no one who exploded who, the same fear of ghosts, burning red eye both are tasteless armor: If you do not discuss different Boundary sets, the wild boar sets will be your pursuit, Tucao said wild boar set of garbage, not brushing the otherworldly, but also cc expensive, with a fake purple. Yes, far from the 3 sets of foreign. Double breath big jump sets and the like is very strong, but difficult to obtain. Wild boar is worth the title before the outside world equipment is formed: the title of the year of the snake is better now, the title is still based on the choice of the brush often, if you brush the outside world then the fairy tail plus anti-magic value is good, Brushed wild boar ancient map, then, on the demon hurt 8% of the good, specific look brush environment personally feel that the vca ring copy year is more worth buying, pets, title, orbs are often more powerful, tx should not be The introduction of 688 like it, as for other holiday sets are not very recommended, first, no pets, two titles are not good, of course, some are good, relative to this year's 399 sets or other holiday set value than it, the only shortcoming is why Sarah can only enchant weapons up and down the belt over clothing and equipment I have reached, and is currently pursuing outsider away 3 sets of double game is just entertainment breath, excessive pursuit but will lose a lot of people have kind of bias on the red-eye, What to say poor quality, I would like to say that poor quality is not to play red-eye job, but this person, he even played the same poor quality of other professional, never have professional discrimination, that is Make it reality.
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Subway touched his leg man was arrested when no one came to a halt

Jimmy Lin did not give cindy feet were exposed by the truth alhambra necklace van cleef copy of the skin shocked users. Zhang Guoli spring or night play allegro said the secular host performing right and wrong. Lee Min Ho was exposed filming spent 290,000 self-purchased clothing to respond: to perform better. Sleeping God God Zhang Liang. Guo Tao early disguise as men exposed exposure glamorous fascinating Comedy. Nicholas denied the love of the text alhambra van cleef necklace copy Yongshan declined to participate in 'father'

Wang Lihong wedding laundry users Qi Tucao: Where is the second wife ?. Jiang Wenli subverted the coquettish daughter exposed the van cleef and arpels pendant necklace fake ice play their bed play joy Ye Yi Qian sun and her daughter kiss Photo: She called me Sen Dish Mommy. 'Father' Wang Yuelun Li Xiang Lingering do not give cindy feet reverse growth is Tucao. Lin Zhiying not to cindy feet cited User controversy Zhiying brother recently gossip eyeing the

The world's first 'bionic man' appeared 'flesh or talk.' Shangqiu, Henan Province, found that extra large coal fields contain 23 billion tons of coal resources.Madashi Man Mabu was arrested when no one came to an end.National Commission officials and Girls playing ambiguous chat recording exposure. Bus speeding stampede students chasing into the wheel. The driver robbery female passenger corpse family members accountable rental company

. Counterfeit money is recognized woman swallowed a hundred dollars instantly. 2014 holiday arrangements will be released to the companions who have been dying. 12306 mobile phone ticket experience exposure mobile phone client can not grab votes. Metro 'touch beauty' man was arrested video restore Found the scene.LiaoningThe first 'smog ticket' Shenyang fined 34.6 million.Dandong boy popular for beauty Korea friends: women are jealous
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9 facts you do not know about the Internet of Things

IT168 Information Internet of things is a formal transaction. You know the story: The machine-to-machine network will unlock $ 19 trillion in economic opportunity over the next ten years and the company is putting a lot of pressure under pressure but you do not know the whole story. I mean no one in this area, I am here to expand your view of the IoT market. Along the way, you'll be able to better understand the technology giants such as Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), General Electric (NYSE: GE) and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) Starck: GOOGL) Fits the big picture RFID chip close-up RFID CHIPS plays an important part of the Internet Four things that the Internet of Things is doing today

For over a decade, complex systems of data management software and RFID tags have been tracking rail vehicles and their contents. Other transportation systems have followed them for years. The next time you find yourself amazed by the speed and efficiency of modern shipping services, it provides an insight into the management system for RFID support and Internet connectivity, making it possible that any mid-range or luxury car purchased over the past five years may have remote Connect the system. Calling OnStar, BlueLink, UConnect or Sync all of these connected car systems work in much the same way. From smart phone apps, web pages, and even verbal Alexa commands, you can start or stop the engine, turn on the heater, lock and unlock the car, and pinpoint its location on the map. All of these features are controlled through a central server and always on-line network connection. This is a good example of the Internet of Things. GE has been using IoT concepts to track the performance of its jet engines for years. Many specialized sensors report operating data exceeding 14 Gigabytes per flight. This information is analyzed by the large iron server system in the field, optimizing each aircraft's maintenance process based on the specific stresses encountered by the engine. In the long run, reducing fleet maintenance costs, leaving the aircraft in air conditioners rather than repairing the plant reduces the risk of unplanned failures Many medications require users to adhere strictly to the correct dose schedule. When the lack of a dose is not an option, the Internet of Things can help you remember that smaller companies have come up with a variety of digital tools to help us manage our medication arrangements and keep the prescribed schedule on the central server. When you take a pill, an internet-connected pill bottle can report it and light a warning signal when you forget it. Some solutions even include a 'refill' button on the bottle cap, which can be the most obvious part of the drug helper when the supply is low, but the real work is done by the cloud server Three ways of things will attract your attention tomorrow

Self-driving is already one thing. With the alphabet billowing, every car manufacturer that deserves van cleef and arpels necklace sale replica its salt is now driving its own solution. But technology is still new and incomplete. Tomorrow's cars will be able to do more than parallel parking and avoid collisions, wheels that do not require artificial van cleef and arpels diamond necklace copy drivers no matter how advanced, and no in-car system can do all of this yourself. The full-featured autonomous driving experience will rely on the central system to track traffic, weather and other environmental data in real time. Some of the connected car systems you've seen above are already done, but the data will be more complete and updated. Ultimately, I expect IoT beacons to appear within traffic signs, other landmarks, and perhaps even lane divider to help self-drive safer work. All this and many more, even decades, but it will come, And will depend on the concept of things. Driving in the future will be very different. This is just an example. Fitness tracking bracelets are everywhere today and they are just getting smarter. The alphabet is using an internet connection for contact lenses. The Army has deployed more than 20,000 smart earplugs, boosting softer sounds and suppressing the explosion of a tympanic membrane Smart Cities are an important part of the IoT's promise of enormous economic impact. Estimated difference Frost IBM and Cisco lead, but everyone is the winner of the Internet of Things three ways will cause your attention tomorrow

Self-driving is already one thing. With the alphabet billowing, every car manufacturer that deserves its salt is knock off van cleef and arpels necklace sale now driving its own solution. But technology is still new and incomplete. Tomorrow's cars will be able to do more than parallel parking and avoid collisions, wheels that do not require artificial drivers no matter how advanced, and no in-car system can do all of this yourself. The full-featured autonomous driving experience will rely on the central system to track traffic, weather and other environmental data in real time. Some of the connected car systems you've seen above are already done, but the data will be more complete and updated. Ultimately, I expect IoT beacons to appear within traffic signs, other landmarks, and perhaps even lane divider to help self-drive safer work. All this and many more, even decades, but it will come, And will depend on the concept of things. Driving in the future will be very different. This is just an example. Fitness tracking bracelets are everywhere today and they are just getting smarter. The alphabet is using an internet connection for contact lenses. The Army has deployed more than 20,000 smart earplugs, boosting softer sounds and suppressing the explosion of a tympanic membrane Smart Cities are an important part of the IoT's promise of enormous economic impact. Estimated to be different Frost IBM and Cisco lead, but everyone is a winner.
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Through the different world out of print defenders 1

Whenever the game after 300 seconds to send all the hero 8W two payroll by van cleef butterfly imitation necklace training field reel can be leveling to strengthen the skills of out of print Aegis effect, hehe know after the synthesis of the mysterious egg LV50 can be transferred to fake van cleef black onyx necklace the Hydralisk Reducing the ball to slow the body of the mystical weapon attack +6800 additional 1000 male attack in the attack on the air unit also becomes a long-range attack within 5 seconds to slow the enemy units attack speed and movement speed. (Buy votes to see the character to obtain) killed the cute penguin used to test the injury, reward him 10,000 gold, while dropping test weapons. Royal fruit = split + power + natural disasters + Corruption Royal gloves = Killer gloves + blow gloves + attack gloves + smash gloves Crown of Crown = patience ginger song + Drums of War + Destruction of the Horns + Storm Horn Staff = Phantom Scepter + Spirit Scepter + Master Robe Royal Bangle = Death Mask + Salas Boots + Alia's Flute Shield of the Royal = Guardian Rings + Mysterious Belt + Artist Masks Out of Print Excalibur (Damaged) = Mysterious Weapon + Soul Crystal Out of print Aegis (Damaged) = Mystical Armor + Soul Crystal Out of Print Excalibur = Out of Print Excalibur (Damaged) + Artifact Repair Hammer Out of Print replica pink van cleef necklace Aegis = Out of Print Aegis (Damaged) + Armor Repair Hammer
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DNF encountered both of these things

Abstract: There are always some things in DNF that make you unexpected. These van cleef and arpels mini alhambra necklace knock off things may annoy us very much. It may be for a moment that we feel a sense of freedom from the pit. So what exactly made us so angry?

Queen's Epic 4, etc. 1 has always been our heartache, trumpet out of an epic, finally saved Qi dog eyes, ready to cross-border to the Queen, after the cross-border happily hit the abyss to try Water, I did not expect a piece of this epic equipment, you can imagine how angry at the time, if you say no epic backpack detection system, I do not believe the full abyss of the vote to send happily to brush the abyss, But fake van cleef and arpels mini alhambra necklace did not expect the weak state into the mobs seconds, and second it does not matter, I still have 100 vouchers, simply use, bought a revival of coins, all the way to the abyss of the room to the abyss of the room, Second, the second has shipped, but also a third of the bracelets, you say that I can not get angry? Before this kind of thing funny, but really happened to me, I feel uncomfortable than crying !

DNF can only be the last gas unloading, if I play DNF this game, let us van cleef black onyx necklace knock off never get out of breath of interest package!
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Tiffany can not sleep Pandora jewelry is how to make women addicted

Relative to Tiffany and other jewelry brands Tiffany frustrated in performance, Pandora like a dark horse has convinced consumers fake van cleef turquoise earrings that the concept of a one: you buy Pandora is unique in the world of products. The picture shows one of the stores. Pandora achieved double-digit annual sales growth for the past four years with average double-digit high double-digit profits growth in the luxury market with weak consumer spending on jewelry and the stock has seen an increase of 3 since listing in 2010 Times more. In the second half of this year, the Group's market capitalization once exceeded 100 billion yuan. It is noteworthy that the group has become the world's second only to Swarovski jewelers, the first 1,3,4 respectively, Swarovski, Tiffany and Cartier. To date, Pandora has grown rapidly into the world's third-largest jewelry brand, Pandora, founded in 1982 by goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife, Winnie, in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the beginning, the couple often traveled to Thailand to look for imported jewelery. As the demand for product orders increased, they gradually began to act as agents for the Thai jewelery wholesale to Danish customers. In 1987, after several years of wholesale business, the couple raised a lot of money, the company also moved to a larger venue, at the same time ushered in the first jewelry designer. Since then, Pandora has officially begun to focus on creating unique jewelry. In 1982, Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife, Winnie, opened a jewelry store in the homely capital of Copenhagen. In 1989, the company decided to start Thailand set up factories producing jewelery. In 2000, Pandora introduced the concept of 'charm bracelet' for the first time in Denmark and was positively stimulated by the market. Inspired by the increase in consumer demand, the Group started to enter the global market. Pandora formally entered the US market in 2003 and subsequently expanded to Germany and Australia. In the coming years, Pandora quickly became Thailand's leading third-party distributor and a highly productive international marketing and sales and retail platform. To further increase production capacity, Pandora opened a six-floor manufacturing facility in Thailand in 2005, which is in fact the moat for Pandora's profit growth because of its cost control in South Asia's cheap and labor-intensive Thai manufacturing facility Low use fast fashion model, Pandora has more than 700 unique bracelets and strap style, with van cleef small earrings replica an endless stream of effects Why Pandora grew so fast in recent years? More plainly, how do Pandora get addicted to female consumers? Some analysts believe that the important reason for its success is the sense of participation of Pandora products, Pandora's secret lies in their own products to become consumers interact with the media itself, that is, their own products have a sense of participation, so get the enthusiastic pursuit of consumers for Products give meaning, to create unique

Pandora is the most powerful place, through its own unique marketing tool, that is, you buy the Pandora bracelet will be unique in the world. Pandora has introduced a distinctive patented concept that lets you choose between personalized pendants and bracelets and any combination of personalized bracelets. Pandora pendant bracelet design, women want consumers to achieve a still able to highlight the personality of the crowd effect, so that they participate in the design of their own jewelry, to express their own aesthetic. Pandora jewelry in the design concept, to provide customers with the opportunity to personalize jewelry is a very important part Consumers through a variety of beads with free permutations and combinations, can be said that no two identical bracelets, because people will follow their own Like and behind the meaning to choose different beads. In addition to the unique personality, each bracelet pendant has its meaning behind the meaning, such as their birthday date, on behalf of the partner to express love of heart-shaped, with figures of the anniversary, the stroller made a mother and so on. Pandora's slogan is Unforgettable Moments, just as some would try to keep certain memories of tattoos, the beads symbolizing various anniversaries, and the instincts that women like to buy jewelry for mementos are catharsis Meaning of the product itself, so that Pandora pendants are favored In economics, the product is actually divided into products, products, services and experience in four stages. For consumers, unique is the most special experience, in order to be unique, consumers are willing to pay a premium. Why sell Starbucks products so expensive? Because it's not coffee, it's a customer experience that offers a variety of options that motivate consumers to buy

Unlike other jewelry brand all kinds of pendant bracelet spread, Pandora focus on making bracelets, so the mention of DIY pendant bracelet consumers first thought of is the brand, the association of this brand virtually increase the cohesion of the brand. Pandora has more than 700 kinds of unique bracelets and strap style, matching effect after another. Consumers can also freely re-match the different styles of bracelets according to different occasions. In addition, according to the fashion trend, Pandora uses the fast fashion operation mode, and almost every month there is a new listing to stimulate the pursuit of popular female consumers. Last year, Pandora and Disney reached a cooperation agreement, the Disney classic animated image into its jewelry design which contributed to sales growth. In response to the launch of these new models, Pandora's official website will also do online magazines every month to introduce new products as well as fashion trends, and to convey a fashion concept to make online experience stores

As a jewelery brand, Pandora has also been involved in digital marketing. Jewelry brand in the consumer impression is more noble and glamorous, but Pandora has demonstrated an affinity, you can see the social network Pandora and microblogging, Instagram, and other close interaction and exchange in addition to the role of exchange, The online platform also provides consumers with experience features. With so many choices, it does feel a bit overwhelming when consumers first enter Pandora retail stores. Where to start choosing? What is the color theme? Best-selling models such as letters, symbols and numbers can first pendant series made by consumers online, which is also an important driving force to promote consumers into the store to buy. When consumers design their own bracelets online, it will be easier to deal with these large and small issues. You are free to try some crazy bold design online, but also have time to slowly choose Charm and change the mind to review the history of Pandora, in fact, is the decision-making psychology of consumer choice of goods in the past few decades a huge change. Consumers buy a product, from the earliest functional consumer, then the brand-name consumer, to the popular consumer experience in recent years. Allow consumers to participate, to meet the psychological needs of the presence of intervention, to stimulate publicity personality consumer demand. Whether in the experience shop or the official website, choose pendants with bracelets, is that consumers involved in the design, tailored for their own process, and this one was given a special significance Pandora bracelet, but also gradually expand the influence of the brand According to the fashion headlines Net data, in addition to Italy's luxury fashion brands in Europe, the tax profit before depreciation and amortization in the first half profit growth is the fastest growing Pandora, up 37.2%, followed by LVMH recorded 21.9% and Zara parent Inditex Recorded 20.2%. Pandora's third quarter continued strong growth performance, sales recorded 4.6 billion Danish kroner, tax interest depreciation and amortization profit margin of 39, higher than previously expected 38, net profit of 1.4 billion Danish kroner, a year earlier data was 10 One hundred million kronor, more than analysts expected. Pandora launched in October autumn new products, including the Pandora rose series contribution. Turnover for the period of approximately 50 was generated by products launched in the past 12 months. It is noteworthy that Pandora Beads consumers are very sticky, especially for female consumers, it is difficult to control the time to start buying. Up to now, Pandora in more than 100 countries in the world with more than 2,000 independent stores. Group CEO Anders Colding Friis said earlier that the expansion of the global network of stores driven sales growth over the past year, Pandora company added 405 concept stores and 118 stores in the shop, while significantly reducing the multi-brand retailers Cooperation. By 2018, the Group plans to add 200 to 300 new stores every year, 20% of which are in the Asia-Pacific region. This year, Pandora expects to add 275 new stores, which is more than the previous estimate of 250 Pandora although it can not be directly compared with Tiffany's. However, The bleak performance of Tiffany in nearly a year, strong growth in Pandora hinted that the most common driver of jewelry consumption is changing. In general, style, gemstones and high prices are the main purpose for people to buy jewelry, while Pandora is a change of routine, the original style of design, exclusive custom and meaning together, the most important of which is the meaning. Pandora's goal is to become 'the most beloved jewelry brand in the world,' and their way of achieving it is to make every single bee a special memorabilia in the lives of consumers, and to give gifts to others is best Industry analysts pointed out that Tiffany's performance is due to the mistake of selling the same old products to young consumers who seek freshness and new products. More and more millennials think Tiffany is outdated. Millennials now prefer emerging brands. Edward Jones analyst Brian Yarbrough said high-end fashion retails have become more difficult, department stores have been struggling, and now young consumers are constantly looking for freshness rather than the same product that everyone has, which is why they Now prefer Pandora, because they can wear thousands of different bracelets in your hand, you can not have them in Tiffany. According to Pamela Danziger, an analyst with Unity Marketing, a market research firm, Pandora and Alex and Ani, both of which are carving out Tiffany's market share and, more importantly, offering customized jewelery services that appeal to young consumers. From the global market point of view, Tiffany almost completely frustrated state. In the third quarter of this year, it recorded the slowest growth in 5 years in all regions except China According to the latest earnings of the group, Pandora has not fully opened up the market for China, the world's largest consumer of jewelry. Up to now, In less than 100 rooms, in January of this year, Pandora repurchased 15 concept stores and 5 stores in Singapore and Macau from former distributor Norbreeze Group for $ 22 million and took van cleef and arpels butterfly earrings replica back the Philippines Distribution rights, the move strengthens brand recognition in the fastest-growing Asia-Pacific region. Pandora's largest market is the United States and Europe, while China is only about 10% of the Pan-Pacific region. However, sales growth in China is staggering, twice that of other markets. On October 28, 2016, Pandora fully entered the online market of China in the official flagship store opened by Lynx. There is reason to believe that after Pandora opened its market in mainland China in the future, It will also bring greater surprise to the industry. (Text / Chen Shu part of the content information from the successful marketing micro signal vmarketing)
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The 187th chapter of the universe printed

Qi light moment can not understand, but felt Wang Ke body atmosphere to the direction of his heart instantly awakened him although it is Jiao Shan Lian Qi Shi identity, but grew up in the military practice, the weapon used is a long spear, repair is Open wide, straight and straightforward refining gas stove there is a story called magnanimity, infuriating. Said that there was a former university graduate, did not practice any refining method, one day, bluntly on the book van cleef and arpels butterfly earrings replica was relegated, he consciously unbearable king, resigned to return to field, living in heights, all day just looking at cloud reading, However, one day infuriating, it is even the Chong Chong days, and ultimately no self-taught, became van cleef magic alhambra earrings replica a generation of gas masters Jiao Shan is located in the estuary of the Yangtze River, the vast river, Qi Guangxiu refining method is the need to open-minded, Tan It is even more reasonable Qi light itself is just, the weapons used together, so although he was young, but a repair it is already quietly over all Jiao Shan Lian Qi, is a generation of master instant understanding of the king at this time Ke's mind, he is also proud of this pride by Wang Ke, is also extremely rare laugh, said: 'Well, it will be breaking the sky!'

In a loud laughter, the lightning stroke woodworker in his hand burned like a hot steamer, a cloud of thunder and lightning swirling rapidly around the silver guns in his hands. The silver guns were rapidly spinning in his fake van cleef and arpels alhambra earrings hands, Flash extremely short period of time, they can not see the gun, just like a thunderstorm thunderstorms. Qi shouted loudly, the body suddenly shook down, the hands will be rotated directly to the gun body are completely unclear of the long rifle straight up to the sky just throwing a gun shot defeat Wolters rushed from the sea to attack the armored boat, The stature was motionless, but at this moment the throwing seemed to throw a mountain and half of the whole body was sinking into the sea underneath. The revolving lances pierced in a form that was difficult to describe in words Wacky empty sound, it seems that there are innumerable diabolo sound in the air, in the air also instantly become a black dot, ordinary people's eyesight are hard to capture, but Qi light arm on the thunder and lightning wooden bracelet gush, It is implicated with this long spear. Numerous thunderstorms, still unimaginable length of stretches, connected to that high-altitude guns above this harbor there are still many surviving Woren refining gas who usually are vicious, well-warded, but at this time was Qiguang and Wang Ke's momentum by the earthquake, I do not know why, just like the dogs in the forest met the Tigers, the whole body is limp and unsteady, simply can not go forward to fight 'good, very good!'

Wang Ke laughed at this time it is, the body startled, turned out to be the same as the toad palace secret, the entire body chest and abdomen, including the back are a drum sound of the muffled sound of his feet, such as being hammer Hit a hit, a pit deep down I do not know how much depth at the same time, in his hand a rose gold star sandalwood string of beads, the first time completely revealing towering, from his wrist fly out that one One after another, eight hundred and eighteen fine beads scattered to fly out, first as a star set in front of him, coincide thirty-six days Gang, seventy-two evil, and echoes the stars in the next flash, the one hundred and eight Venus rosewood On the Venus bloom, such as countless stars appear, and then form a more mysterious unspeakable map Bang Bang world earthquake can not help but look up, I saw the root of the silver gun as if completely exploded, connected to the silver gun on the black Thunder fire to it as the center, toward the endless sky indiscriminately blooming sky that seems to be abruptly pierced a hollow, above the faint light, countless tilt down the lightning, completely indistinguishable thickness, but like gold Slurry. Wang Ke, a drink, the whole body infuriating disappeared momentarily, the whole person to restore calm, like an ordinary people without any repair at this time Uesugi half possession of the front, but it is a gold seal, the upper lightning showed the sky, Mountain river shape.
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Baoding city throughout the national unity and fake van cleef fleurette necklace progress of propaganda month activities vivid

Since September, Baoding has conducted various van cleef and arpels alhambra necklace imitation activities in an all-round and colorful manner according to the general requirements of the Seventh National Month of Propaganda and Propaganda Month in accordance with the requirements of the province and city. Pizhou City, Xiong County, Shunping County and the autumn primary and secondary schools to carry out the first activities of national unity combination, to teach lectures, exhibition propaganda, knowledge contest and other forms of primary and secondary school teachers and students to actively participate in a variety knock off van cleef alhambra necklace of activities colorful. Lianchi District, Xushui District and Yixian County held separate symposia and lectures in the Halal North Temple in Baoding City, the Mosque in the North Xiaguan Pass and the Mosque in Yizhou, respectively, and emphasized on the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of the ethnic minorities and the national identity of the Central and Provincial Working conference spirit, national theory, ethnic policy, ethnic laws and regulations and ethnic basic knowledge, and issued more than 1,500 leaflets on the activities of national unity and progress. Over 60 slogans were hoisted in the main streets, village committees, schools and mosques in the village. At the dawn of the National Day, Baoding Muslim High School launched the national culture into the campus with the theme of 'pro-ancestral Chinese and dreams of building the Chinese nation.' The ethnic dance 'Touch Bangles' was elaborately arranged, and the erhu was playing 'horse racing' 11 A wonderful show, dedicated to everyone a brilliant theatrical performances. Laishui County and Yi County carried out propaganda on ethnic policies and regulations in ethnic townships (towns) and 61 ethnic villages, held ethnic culture and theatrical performances in ethnic squares, and local television stations reported on the activities of ethnic unity and progress and created a strong National unity atmosphere.
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The difference between flat bangles and round bangles

Jade bracelets on the market now have more flat, wide (round) points, the round bar is generally considered more expensive, so more valuable, but it takes more raw materials, but also worn on the wrist, As the diameter is cambered, easy to handle, not very comfortable. The bangles bracelet is round the inner diameter of the arc grinding mill large, the bangle is the same as the inner diameter of the flat, so wear it will not be over, more comfortable round bar and imitation van cleef fleurette necklace flat bangles compared to terms, Round bar bracelet wearing the best results, the value is the highest, at home and abroad are well-known auction appear clover necklace imitation van cleef in this type are basic, but less comfortable than flat bangles. Flat bar bracelet to wear the best comfort, but also the most popular, most of the jade bracelets on the market are of this type. However, in terms of collection value, but also a circular bracelet is actually the most potential round and flat bar, in general, the fake van cleef fleurette necklace following differences: Round bar save material, flat bar to make the best; Slightly; flat light, round light school

Some people like the comfort of the flat bar and the perfect performance of the kind of light and water, but also some people like the classical charm of the round Pei Ding elegant charm, no matter what kind of beauty is your favorite is the best.
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Soviet attack Ranger Chinese version of the world in conflict

Personal experience, original content, of course, made in other places have seen before not to say

Level melting furnace up to 1V4 nightmare difficulty (but the election of Oak, other heroes can not engage in the Oak can kill blood back to blue and invincible, into the demigod are not afraid)

Start God dependency skills Assassin Shoe ring 15% movement speed, generals, Tower God election transmission

Personal play Assassin generals start to buy scales helmet 525 magic 4 magic recovery, and inlaid a 500 blood 5 life recovery (sure to wait, otherwise not enough money, but do not worry, AI all wait until the soldier down to attack)

Then occupy the experience flag - 'agile flag -' gold mine store, the flag of prior experience must see live, and then is the artisan shop, and finally the agile flag, the flag of the early stage of the addition is useful, artisan shop can increase revenue, No matter who is the magic value is not enough early, so little useful agile flag

After the completion of the mouth of the mouth tower under the guard strange, it is best to kill all soldiers are A, the hero came back to run two steps to the tower to play a hero, if the hero ran, your blood less than 1000, and the other heroes of the blood Do not chase more than 3 under the second attack skills of blood, do not chase A soldier, we must remember, do not dying, is dead do not let each other heroes killed

With the flag occupied to recapture, money enough to buy equipment in a timely manner, I generally are 1500 Demon, broken shoes, the remaining equipment assassin to buy mobile boots, the generals to buy the fourth armor, what is the specific name really did not remember

Then there is the remaining money to buy some blood buy back, so you can go out, Catwoman and Earl, oak are assassin

This equipment unless the other a few heroes hit you together, or in the outside visit is not back blood, and when the other hero PK may first use the high damage skills are used, and stations have to stand, actually May make your back on the other side of the return direction, so into a chase war when you can play each other more than 3 van cleef and arpels bracelets imitation times, if he is not much use when the back to the city, this time to interrupt must be interrupted, Because he did not back to the blood of the blood bottle, and can basically keep the death shot

So there are 8000, went to the artisan shop to buy 8000 vampire knife, then basically kill each other is not too strenuous, and kill each other to lead the other party to the tower, so play for a period of time on the money, the middle of the artisan shop must To live, unless they did not kill you, you can not care as craftsmen, followed by agile flag, the last is the flag of experience,

My senior props purchase order is

8000 blood knife '1.8W times the knife' Almighty ring (if the money was enough then missing the magic, then buy a flame cape) 'flame cape (30% IAS)' 2W ax 'bracelet, basically bought 3 after No suspense game

Speaking of my demi-god skills plus point

Devil God first, I play the devil himself is to use the property of the ice properties of the ice is too bad, can not kill people, a first ring can raise fire soldier creeps, but also can be grinding each other's heroic blood, 2 to fireball, 3 skills Point left, level 4 were selected ring and fireball, burst on level 5, 6 skill points also leave seven ring and fireball, 8 skill point can point a halo, nine skill points left, ten Plus fireball and burst, and other forms of flame are filled later If you want to control the skills on the election ice form, I personally generally selected attribute points

Big dogs: very addictive ah very addictive, the most vicious of the demigod to none other than him, spray up, open mucus slowdown, vampire, waiting for you no blood, just to run, but also a poison, and then kill the beginning It! ! !

Began to spray a level 1 point, 2 animal liberation, 3 points of disease grasps, 4 spray, 5 liberation, 6 diseases, seven spray, eight I have a difference, the assassin or liberation , Fighting the general election dead without corpse, nine liberation or disease, the first spray poisoning, liberation of the full, others delayed some, in the future is forked, the extra skill points, I generally are Point corrosion mucus, and finally to a little skill points, in general, I was point of grasping, can be dizzy, until the attack speed pile up after the van cleef and arpels clover bracelet copy big dog is the same as the presence of God, fast speed, double the frequency out, squatting resurrection points have dead

Bow God: 1 point is a disagreement, simple middle I choose blocking, difficult to choose mine, nightmare wing, 2 plus range, 3 plus disabled, 4 wings, 5 range, six disabled, seven wings, Level 8 range, nine disabled, ten wings, 11 began to change the landmine, the sudden high landmine, the use of flexible will have miraculous effect, especially after the full and slow down, 15 to see each other's type, General Continue to wings, assassins selected interference, and then add land mines, fill, so there are still skill points, all point mark or point point attribute

Tower people: the following are a medium level out of the hammer, the difficulty I am above the tower is the power of a shit men, level 2 to see the situation, the other live relatively archer, in general, choose the hammer, and then 3 Choose another, 4 hammer, 5 is superb, the election tower, so that you can demolish the other side of the building, of course, the speed is slow, in the case of magic under their own feet with a small light tower, and then Find a good location on the line, because the body point of van cleef and arpels bracelets copy view, you can hit the light tower to the other side of the building, but the other missing you, there is a small light tower, the speed is very fast, six Small light tower, seven hammers, eight on the stone machine, this time the real demolition of the building has arrived, the other hero came to use the skills and light tower to force him back to blood, and then the shoulders of the light tower and trebuchet hit Buildings, it is easy to demolish a nine, when the ball election election mud, indispensable to kill ah, here to say that when the shit men have experience, small light tower is best to go W-type or Jiugongge arranged in the way, do not go Z-shaped, so no additional attacks, with W-type row Method, the other side of the hero to come to your tower array when you run, and so the other to hit you, you can see your small light tower constantly fired ah shooting ah, the other hero who a hundred + blood loss Numerical, you play with the fight, it is time to a mud ball, to a hammer to die, ten big hammer, 11 light tower, 12 God's hand has a range of attacks, and then continue the hand of God, 15 hammer , 16 poison arrows, 17 divine hand, 18 mud ball, 19 mud ball, 20 mud ball, in fact, to fifteen basically pushed to his door, and quickly fight the castle directly hit Play evil stand on the front door tower, so they come out to kill the money pile to kill speed equipment, ha ha, Tower man attack speed is very funny

Oak: Have tried the flow of assassins, the result failed, the former did not marry the miserable tragedy, may not handle at that time, now when the assassin with the Oak, it can be said to be extremely NB

Say under assassin addition

Level 1 Confessor, Level 2 Soul Power, Level 3 God's Justice, Level 4 Penitent, Level 5 Soul Power, Level 6 Faith, Level 7 Penance, Level 8 Soul Power, Level 9 God's Justice, Level 10 Confession Level 11 Belief, Level 12 Shield, Level 13 Justice of God, Level 14 Shield, Level 15 Faithfulness, Level 16 Excitement, Level 17 Shield, Level 18 Battle To Last, Level 19 Shield, Level 20 Fight to the end

This addition basically do not have to return, the specific style of play and equipment I will be given in the new post

Queen: I do not like to use this hero, mainly to kill undead, there is no second person skills, here is also a simple to say, a earth thorns, 2 stupid strange, 3 toddler to strengthen, 4 earth thorns, 5 Stupid strange, level 6 hobble, Level 7 earth thorns, Level 8 Jing thorns wave, Level 9 waves, Level 10 earth thorns, Level 11 staggered strange, 12 stooped to strengthen, 13 stupid strange, 14 hobble enhanced, 15 Waves, 16 chemical fertilizers, 17 fertile, 18 shields, 19 morale, 20 morale

Queen nightmare difficult to kill really difficult, so basically is to demolish buildings to ensure victory, closed soldier soldier state, playing heroic building bloom state

Catwoman: This hero when I started to play a bunch of recruits, I feel that this hero is very strong, and now only him as an assassin, that she was outrageous, talk about my method of adding

Level 1 cat puffing, Level 2 self-healing style, Level 3 Inner Charm, Level 4 Puff, Level 5 Self-healing, Level 6 Charm, Level 7 Puff, Level 8 Self Healing, Level 9 Silence, Level 10 Puff , 11 charm, 12 noble, 13 noble, 14 silence, 15 incentives, 16 noble, 17 silence, 18 after I choose the treatment, although not ischemic, but you can remove the negative state

Big cat is a killing indiscriminate killing, at the same time you can interrupt the skills, when you attack speed heap, the blow is a double hit, the other no blood when the return is a boomerang, interrupted to continue to cut, run away, Because of the attractiveness and equipment bonus, with the speed, you can play while running, see his blood is less than a blood damage is a flutter, did not say, immediately KO, cat girl is the most lack of life People, back to the halo aura easy to use, but also from time to time automatically make up a large blood, the higher the level make up more! !

Earl: Have to say that the head of the count is very bright and very bright, many, many, and not afraid of big dogs spray,
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DNF equipment damage conflicts how to do

Q: dnf Sometimes we encounter equipment damage conflicts, then how to solve the equipment damage conflicts?

A: First of all, we have to understand which of the additional damage to the equipment hit, and then in accordance with these additional injuries to solve this problem. Want van cleef clover bracelet imitation to solve the problem bracelet van cleef and arpels replica of conflict of harm Players take a look at the following Raiders for everyone Let's talk about why the equipment damage will conflict, DNF equipment, additional damage are the following:

1, additional damage

Note that the attack must be an additional X% damage, not damage to the enemy plus two, which are two different concepts, we call the additional damage called white damage, because the color of the injury figures past white, and now yellow But the font is much smaller. We see the figure van cleef and arpels bracelets imitation 3875 is attached to the equipment such as injury in addition to the size of the shadow sword, as well as the killing blade, dark blood damage and individual fake purple weapons. White word damage does not conflict with any equipment 2, damage to the enemy plus X% or increase X% damage

Belongs to this type of equipment, including relics bracelets, perpetrators of the assassination necklace, gold bracelet, suffocation grief necklace, black pearl, magic sword Apofi Si, Ngau Tau machinery Wang supernatural bracelets, Ruiling Tian grace, three hero [Yi] Collision injury effects will appear, only the maximum damage. For example, if you have three heroes [righteousness] and relic bracelets, then the damage bonus effect of relic bracelets is covered by the title 3, crit damage

The most recognizable this type of equipment, because the direct write above is crit damage plus X%, this type of equipment include: assassin's edge of the ring, Mingguang chaser knife, Ming knife authentic, pet rhubarb and above Mentioned those same equipment, if the same equipment will be equipped with the damage coverage effect, damage only take the maximum summed up: crit damage and not in 1 and 2 mentioned in the above equipment conflict, the equipment description is very clear, Only the same type of equipment will be covered between the injury coverage, different types of equipment will not conflict, such as performer's assassination necklace and assassin's edge ring will not conflict, because the front belongs to category 2, Behind is the third category. Hope that the individual white players useful, free waste of money and energy Q4 space-time door is about to open, Xiaobian send dnf80 version of your weapons changes
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Five movies teach you to be a trendy star in the fall

The reason for recommending this film? One is more like its central idea: ordinary people ordinary life tonic in that era is not avant-garde freedom of living. Second, Madonna really handsome van cleef and arpels alhambra turquoise necklace knock off fried! Three must be very attractive with the inside ah!

Lead of van cleef fake clover necklace Susan, the vast majority come from Madonna wardrobe. Pyramid jacket, 80's legging, high boots and a variety of single product mix and match, punk full sense. There are breakthrough underwear Waichuan, hair band hair, have become the trend of today's girls are competing to follow; however, at that time we all do not understand, a good end why the rags tied to the head go In the crowd is likely to become the focus of the fluorescent color dress, but also in the film was presented (inexplicable a bit good-looking is how else) In addition to these single product, punk style is the most indispensable accessories, exaggerated necklaces and bracelets Is a must In some way, punk style represents a distinct personality and rebellious temperament; so street punk style, really irresistible attraction. Have always felt the seventies and eighties punk most range children. Because imitation van cleef and arpels turquoise alhambra necklace it is an era of new and old, everyone's aesthetic can be daily innovative culture inclusive so far, the street style is not so 'wild' before, though still a handsome single product (such as leather jackets, sling Shirt, suit ...) with some exaggerated necklaces, bracelets and other metal texture of the single blackboard hit key points: playful punk handsome style, you can choose some jackets and exaggerated accessories, with a pair of Martin boots.
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100 life tips

1. nail polish after the fingernails soaked in cold water, will do very quickly 2. nose blackheads are unsightly, hand squeeze and often leave traces, in fact, you can wash the face, with your fingers stick some fine salt on both sides of the nose gently rubbing, and then rinse, blackhead will be cleaned, the pores have become smaller 4. sleep, nose plug, very hard to accept, in a face cap Small handkerchiefs (thin can), after a while on the nose to breathe 5. drink with van cleef long necklace knock off a straw drink, anti-tooth decay 6. Peas on the back, with bath salts or Shanghai sulfur soap, stick to the passage of time

7. Governance rhinitis remedies, nasal irrigation with salt water 8. Vitamin E coated eyelashes, eyelashes will become thick and long

9. Many cups at home have tea stains, you can use toothpaste brush, wipe the tea stains, a brush down 10. If the clothes on the accidentally drip oil, before washing clothes, keep the clothes dry, Then drip detergent drip place, then rub twice, wash, then there will be no imprint

11. there is sand or foreign objects into the eyes, immediately spit, spit more, and then stop blinking, try a hundred Braun 12. drink tea after eating fatty foods, can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, promote fat metabolism 13. Coffee mate more fat than the potato chips 14. Just put a small piece of chalk in the jewelry box, you can make the jewelry luster 15. Eat something with smell, such as garlic, stinky tofu, eat a few Peanuts just fine

16. travel with clothes if afraid of pressure from the fold, you can put each piece of clothing into a roll 17. If the throat, inflammation of the gums, and at night watermelon cut into small pieces, dipped in salt to eat, remember that it must be at night, when The symptoms will be reduced, the next day just fine

18. When it's just bitten by mosquitoes, it does not get itchy when applied with soap

19. mouth with ulcers, stick with vitamin C in the ulcer Department, so it basically melted ulcers

20. If there is a small area of ??skin damage or burns, scalds, smearing a little toothpaste, can immediately stop bleeding pain .Tooth yellow, peanut can be chewed in the mouth, and brushing three minutes, very effective

22. eat spicy things, I feel going to be spicy dead, put imitation van cleef and arpels alhambra turquoise necklace a little salt in his mouth, with a bit, spit it out, rinse mouth, it is not hot

23. Yangtou eye drops slightly open mouth, so that the eyes will not blinking a whip 24 wrist thick MM want to bring a thin bracelet, it can not be hard with a plastic bag should be put on the hand and then bring a bracelet, Very good band, it will not hurt the hands, remove the same method is 25. stomach pain, press the tiger's mouth 26. fried poached egg, the drop in a few drops of water around the egg, fried egg is particularly delicious 27. when severe acne big squeeze toothpaste on it, swelling fast, only about 2 hours we should wash, or piece of skin bitten black 28. am drinking green tea appetizers, Stasis, brewing wolfberry can improve pm Constitution, conducive to sleep 29. Do not immediately eat meat after drinking tea, tea contains a lot of target acid protein, this protein can cause copy magic alhambra necklace fatty liver.
add to favorites plenty of Lady put on wearing vca alhambra bracele $ 50,000.00
DNF9 anniversary jewelry how to get a list of properties and so on

After opening, you can get the 9th anniversary necklace. Unable to trade on acquired equipment Unable to trade or use after 6 o'clock on July 20, 2017, uname to delete

Get: Click the left mouse button van cleef copy necklace to buy, shift + left mouse button to buy a number of 9th anniversary bracelet gift box

Artifact: Cooldown 1 sec

Carrying cap: 1000

After opening, you can get the 9th anniversary bracelet. Unable to trade on van cleef and arpels white gold alhambra necklace knock off acquired equipment Unable to trade or use copy van cleef and arpels alhambra diamond necklace after 6 o'clock on July 20, 2017, uname to delete

Get: Click the left mouse button to buy, shift + left mouse button to buy a number of 9 anniversary ring gift box

Artifact: Cooldown 1 sec

Carrying cap: 1000

After opening, you can get the 9th anniversary ring. Unable to trade on acquired equipment Unable to trade or use after 6 o'clock on July 20, 2017, uname to delete

Get the method: click the left mouse button to buy, shift + left mouse button, you can buy a number of this is the DNF9 anniversary jewelry all gift packs, on the properties of these jewelry, it is estimated that you have to wait until after the wear can see ! DNF9 anniversary jewelry which? How to get? At a glance such properties! Wait for your discovery!