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Bamboo flooring is one of the latest trends in hardwood flooring. It is becoming so popular because it is not only cheap and renewable but also because it is very beautiful providing a rich, light grain. It is one of the only wood building materials that is completely renewable which also drives the cost down.

Bamboo is not actually made from hardwood floor material, but rather natural bamboo grass strove together to create the density and durability of an every day hardwood floor. Bamboo Flooring has become the trending choice for hardwood flooring enthusiasts as the actual plant itself is a renewable energy resource which can be re-harvested every five years for optimum environmental benefits. It may take other wood species over one-hundred years to reach the same levels of maturation. Bamboo floors have been used for already thousands of years in the construction industry in Asia, and now the western markets in the United States and Europe have recently discovered the benefits behind bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring is easy to install for carpenters who are already masters at installing regular hardwood floors. There is almost no difference in installation, it can be nailed down to floor or be a tongue and groove set-up that floats on top of the existing floor. There are also numerous finishes and sizes and styles of planks that can be used.composite decking suppliers in yorkshire

The sub floor underneath the bamboo flooring has to be structurally sound and perfectly flat for the best results. Bamboo absorbs moisture no matter what which means that it has to get acclimatized to the humidity of the room. Before installing make sure to leave the planks in the room for at least three days or they might not fit correctly in the end, either bursting their seams because it is too tight or being loose.

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add to favorites We produce wood flooring with a waterproof, corrosion, anti-moth-eaten, salt, acid, not Ken color, non-toxic, odorless, easy processing, etc., it is widely used in outdoor, interior decoration, wetland construction, hydrophilic projects Park Street, flower boxes, leisure furniture, litter bins and dog kennel and so on. Pc  
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We adhere to the "painstakingly created, the leading fashion, excellent quality and sincere services" business philosophy to "quality, variety, brand" as the goal. Our goal is to integrate the operation talent, knowledge, technology and information resources, cultivate core competitiveness, so that we can continue healthy development and innovation, to create sections boutique. Mutual trust, loyalty and dedication is the main content of the Green Jia expand adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy. Over the years, we not only at work give full play to the enthusiasm of each employee, and strive to make everyone realize self-worth in their jobs. At the same time, with a wealth of experience in the production process, the unique technical content and rely on rigorous, scientific, and improve the quality management system, excellent quality, full of variety and good service over the years by the majority of customers and consumers praise and green amidine. Products sold throughout the country and exported to the United States, Europe and other places. Green good Warmly welcome to come to visit friends, to create a new movement of wood flooring tomorrow!

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Plastic pallet production will be appropriate to add some coloring agents, in order to increase the aesthetics of plastic pallets, but with different colorants demonstrated performance is different, we need to use professional knowledge and experience to continue to distinguish and screening, the kind commonly used in plastics and introduce performance colorant

1, PVC colorants

PVC is an important class of common thermoplastic material, widely used, including the commonly used low-grade and high-grade special performance requirements of fields such as building materials, cars, doors and windows, due to its low molding temperature, can choose a variety of types of organic pigments coloring, but it should still be based on processing conditions, end-use products, such as coloring coloring agents specific selection, of course, produce blooming phenomenon to avoid PVC coloring.

Blooming when colored PVC can be regarded as a part of the organic pigment colorant is dissolved and the pigment produced recrystallization at room temperature and at processing caused this behavior in other polyolefin plastics are also present, especially soft PVC material, by the addition of plasticizers increases the solubility of the colorant therein, so more prone to blooming, and with the improvement of processing temperatures, blooming phenomenon has become increasingly serious;

Furthermore, since the compatibility between the pigment and PVC is not ideal, especially when containing certain additives, this will lead to over-saturation of the pigment deposited on the surface to produce the phenomenon, so for PVC colored according to different requirements of different grades of selection organic pigments varieties:

�� universal colorants, having a good economy, but in general durability (yellow, orange and red)

Variety CI Pigment Yellow 61, CI Pigment Yellow 168, CI Pigment Orange 13, CI Pigment Orange 34, CI Pigment Red 48: 1, CI Pigment Red 48: 2, CI Pigment Red 48: 3, CI Pigment Red 57: 1, CI pigment red 57: 2.

�� excellent performance of colorants (yellow, orange and red)

Varieties C.I. Pigment Yellow 139, C.I. Pigment Yellow 183, C.I. Pigment Yellow 191, C.I. Pigment Orange 43, GraphtolFastOrange5GL, C.I. Pigment Red 151, C.I. Pigment Red 214, C.I. Pigment Red 242.

�� colored article suitable for outdoor colorant

Varieties C.I. Pigment Yellow 24, C.I. Pigment Yellow 110, C.I. Pigment Brown 23, C.I. Pigment Brown 25, C.I. Pigment Red 122, C.I. Pigment Blue 15, C.I. Pigment Blue 60, C.I. Pigment Green 7, C.I. Pigment Violet 23. Plastic water bottles shampoo bottles plastic bottle manufacturer

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Every rain and snow, wet snow on the road traffic safety caused great risks; hot summer season, a large number of light adsorption heat hardening road, pedestrians walking in baked "geothermal carpet" on the miserable; traditional construction process results in pavement The initial level is low, the adhesion between the asphalt surface layer can not be formed interlocking, resulting in a discontinuous layer between the road leading to phenomena such as breakable and shorten life. Civil Engineering and Architecture University, Beijing Jiaotong University Teachers cable-Based on the above issues, from the perspective of humanistic care, led the research team conducted research on the multi-purpose pavement material. Final team developed: "through the snow," snow removal is a good helper, "clear cool" surface temperature change, a "healing music" road band-aid, "anti-haze treasure" automatic air purifier. In the heat of roads, choose low-cost, good effect of heat-absorbing water as the temperature phase change material, independent research and development into active modifier adsorbed water retention, the use of water heating characteristic slow to absorb heat generated by the road. Cable-Chi, the "road surface temperature in the process of development but also with 'sponge cities' construction combined with the road surface by changing the level, increasing the proportion of coarse aggregate to increase the porosity of the surface to accelerate the realization of convection cooling at the same time better collection of surface runoff, infiltration purification supplement urban groundwater resources, which will further ease urban waterlogging and subsidence problems.

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Laminate flooring stability, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, and strengthen the floor deformation in terms of heat, therefore, laminate flooring is better to warm the floor. But it is in the production and processing added more glue, high temperature environment, the glue chemicals relatively easily released, affecting the indoor environment, endanger the health of their families, therefore, recommended that we must choose E1 or above environmental standards to strengthen the floor after heated indoor formaldehyde emissions will be reduced to a minimum. Multi-layer solid wood flooring solid wood flooring not only retains the natural texture, comfortable features; at the same time, also have to strengthen the floor wear-resistant, stable, water-resistant moisture-proof, easy to clean features. Multi-layer solid wood flooring and affordable, and diverse performance, cost is very high. Three kinds of flooring, solid wood flooring is best suited for multi-floor heating installation. Some people mistakenly think: solid wood flooring can not be used to heat the floor, the main concern because of thermal expansion and contraction caused by the deformation of solid wood flooring. In fact, as long as to reach the requirements of geothermal floor, solid wood flooring can be used in geothermal floor. Used to heat the floor of the wood floors, it is through high temperature processing, so the deformation do not worry. Moreover, solid wood flooring formaldehyde emission is negligible, fast heat transfer, thermal insulation performance is also very good. Solid wood to heat the floor coverings in the home is not only environmentally safe, in the decoration effect even more upscale atmosphere. the article come from:Cheap Wood Plastic Composite Deck Floor maybe you also like: wpc marine board decking discount black vinyl privacy fence panels exterior stone effect plastic wall panels
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First, the definition: refers to the use of certain fixation (bonding, mechanical anchoring, paste + mechanical anchoring, spraying, casting, etc.), the low thermal conductivity (better insulation) of insulating material and fixed building wall one, increasing the average thermal resistance of the wall, so as to achieve an engineering or thermal insulation effect of the practice. Second, the more commonly used insulation materials and the advantages and disadvantages.

Commonly used thermal insulation materials are: polystyrene foam board (EPS and XPS), rock (ore) cotton board, glass wool blankets and lightweight particles of polystyrene insulation materials, such as pulp. All of the above materials barricade basement wall panels have a common characteristic is within the material has a large number of closed pores, and their apparent density are small, which is also used as thermal insulation materials are essential. Rock (ore) cotton and wool are sometimes collectively referred to as mineral wool, they all belong to the inorganic material. Rock wool does not burn, lower prices, to meet the thermal insulation performance but also can have a certain acoustic effects. But the merits of wool quality vary widely, good thermal insulation properties of low density, tensile strength is also low, relatively poor durability.

Glass wool and rock wool in the performance there are many similarities, but it feels better than wool, to improve working conditions for workers. But its price is high compared with rock wool. Styrofoam is a polystyrene wood decorative brick board resin as the main raw material, through internal foaming agent foaming material with numerous closed cells material. Apparent density, thermal conductivity, low water absorption, good insulation properties, high mechanical strength, and high dimensional accuracy, uniform structure. Therefore, in the exterior wall of its high share. Decorative insulation in one of the decorative sheet, the surface layer of organic material, there are metal. Commonly used decorative metal insulation board. The market is relatively good material.

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Market competition is weak or strong? Laminate flooring in China through years of history, in the course of which the output value from zero to hundreds of millions of value now, never until now many brands brand dispute, this year's competition in the market has entered a wood composite with plastic laminate white-hot level.

So, how laminate flooring trends next year, which is how it in an invincible position in the competition? At the same time due to the current presence of the wood floor homogenization in marketing, product, etc., then, as competition intensifies, more and more important difference,Building A Curved Bench With Blocks including the image of the store and the clerk. In addition, there is also no real wood floor to strengthen the first group.

second group next year as the original group and the third shock, the first group may be initially shown a prototype. Song Hui, vice president of Acer-resistant floor that domestic currently associated with wood flooring manufacturers have more than 5,000, more than 3,000 brands,above ground swimming pool wooden deck and the wood floor still two-digit growth, it can be said, has entered a wood floor new golden period of development.

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As in home decoration, people's consumption concept is still in pursuit of solid wood. There is also the high cost of straw. Plastic products for the current difficulties in the domestic marketing presence, industry experts pointed out that wood material has a 100% renewable, recyclable nature,

its production technology is also considered a viable innovative technology, has broad market prospects and good economic and social benefits, should be vigorously promoted. But the wood products in the domestic applications are still at an early stage, many companies subject to many restrictions on technology, funds, equipment and marketing capabilities, resulting in a single product, low productivity and high production costs, poor quality and stability. Many products still belong to the clumsy, simple low-end materials,

lack of market competitiveness. Therefore, compared with the foreign market is promising scene, wood products in the domestic market seem tepid. According to the reporter, in the provincial capital Hefei construction, new large-scale public works projects and outdoor use wood and other environmentally friendly products ratio is not high, and therefore its use there is still much room for improvement.

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Strengthen professional training to improve the professional quality of the machinery operator. Maintenance machinery constantly upgrading, more and more high-tech machinery and equipment put into use, really want to do road maintenance machinery management, management and operations staff must carry out a rigorous assessment, strengthen training and improve their professional quality. To strengthen ideological and political education to enhance their awareness of the hero, in addition to giving them a sense of mechanical maintenance, but also to strengthen the machinery and technical management and maintenance personnel training, the recruitment of the best talent when it adopts professional mechanical technical school graduate young operator, young people receiving ability, these staff regular training, focusing on information technology, computer-based training knowledge, focusing on developing a "multi-skill" talent, technology to improve their operations in order to facilitate the practical application in Jidong mechanical principles, mechanical structure, the use of machinery, and will operate maintenance machinery, maintenance and repair, the growing ranks of management and operation of machinery to meet the needs of road maintenance mechanization. Strengthen management functions, establish a scientific and effective management of the mechanical system. To establish a scientific management system, according to the actual situation of the regional units, combined with the opportunity for current road maintenance reform, to develop appropriate management business model, normally kept in the road infrastructure was built to protect the successful completion of the work on the pipe utilization of living conservation machinery and equipment, the staffing should be screened for a more grassroots mechanics and good, easy deployment, management personnel should be concise, establish and improve the scientific management of machinery, use, maintenance system, by level of maintenance machinery regular maintenance . While the establishment of incentive mechanisms reward well, do poorly punishment, linking the quality of work, the number of personal income, change from passive to active, improve their sense of responsibility and work attitude, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, the formation of contention phase of development, all of them will operate, everyone will maintain a good atmosphere, so that to a new level on the machine management. Strengthen maintenance machinery maintenance, to improve the mechanical integrity of conservation and utilization rate. Some long-term without the particularity of its old equipment, to save, to disable the device should be parked in the device library can not be open storage, in order to avoid the erosion of natural factors on the device. Earnestly dynamic inspection, periodic startup of machinery and equipment, check whether the components have a big flaw, with or without leakage, identify problems to be quickly corrected. Machinery and equipment repair should adhere to observe the state of repair as the main principles of repair, a variety of repair methods interdependent. With the continuous advancement of modern science and technology and technology, in the state of repair of the repair accounted for the proportion will gradually increase, but will not completely replace the periodic law based on time running unscheduled repairs. For those large stationary equipment, and production safety are closely associated with the site, as well as some suitable for monitoring the state of assembly components, appropriate arrangements have still to regular repair and repair of state combined. Such combined with each other and exchange, we can maximize the integrity and availability of machinery and equipment. To do maintenance and repair work log reports, every maintenance and repair must be recorded to establish machinery and equipment technical file system, strengthen basic management equipment Equipment repair Dynamic and static observation. Each requires the need for the repair and maintenance of devices must establish a "case card." Single centralized technical file finishing system, departments must conscientiously responsible for their own jobs, machinery and equipment to the area at their disposal, it should be according to the contract and random inspection guidance document or documents and other random allocation. Classification and numbering, establish accounts stand cards to build stand-alone technical files. Specific content includes filing acceptance of delivery of cargo, maintenance, operation and timely feedback, consumable materials and transformation of content information. This is like a mechanical patient card, so long records will be for routine maintenance and conservation work done fingertips. In the rapid development of today's road traffic construction, road maintenance machinery in highway maintenance work, play a very important role, we must strengthen the management of maintenance machinery, constantly changing repair and maintenance strategies to detect and solve problems , mechanical equipment at optimum levels, give full play to its performance, in order to guarantee a steady and orderly development of highway maintenance utilities. Socialist modernization drive to make the greatest contribution. relatd link:

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(1) PVC floor name easily lead to people's misunderstanding, referring more people think that PVC plastic, a lot of people will put PVC flooring and PVC pipe confusion, plastics containing toxic substances harmful to human beings. PVC flooring and plastic but not the same thing children, and can be called polyvinyl chloride PVC, PVC floor 100% free of formaldehyde, benzene, such toxic substances, and no radiation, is green decoration materials, will not cause injury. Some people worry that the glue used for construction will not contain formaldehyde, it should be recognized that many bad business to reduce costs, the use of poor quality glue, how many contain toxic substances, but now well-known brand manufacturers of construction glue is used special glue , is a green type of glue, do not worry about the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

(2) Due to the unique advantages of PVC flooring and great prospects for development, many domestic enterprises have begun to get involved in PVC flooring industry, through the introduction of equipment, technology and then assimilate research and innovation, some enterprises in the PVC sheet and PVC composite membrane has been have made great progress, can produce high-quality PVC floor, but generally speaking PVC membrane production technology is still not perfect, it needs to be done. PVC flooring sales in the market, especially in some parts of the city building materials and the like gathered a lot of small manufacturers, they compete mainly low-end market, in order to meet the consumer price low, natural quality can not be guaranteed. This also results in inferior quality PVC floor flooding the market phenomenon, people have misunderstood nature of PVC floor. In order to protect the interests of consumers, we recommend you use well-known brand products, the Chinese have a saying called "not good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap," still very reasonable.

(3) PVC floor in China at present mainly used in construction projects, many companies focus only on large projects, not enough attention to the decoration, which is PVC flooring industry in need of improvement. Home improvement companies in the promotion of a variety of reasons encounter resistance, do not go to great efforts to promote, naturally can not promote popularity of PVC floor in China.

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Gansu rare metals account Account Information Consulting (Wang TEl: 18049088081 QQ: 1536551121) investors are aware of asphalt? But many investors do not know what cold patch asphalt that? Cold patch asphalt mixture refers to a mixture of asphalt no heated mineral aggregate (aggregate) and diluted through mixing and formation. So, cold patch asphalt What are the characteristics of it? Next, small series will be described in detail.

Gansu rare metals trading center (abbreviation: Long Exchange) is and Gansu provincial government "on accelerating the construction of Lanzhou New Area in accordance with the State Council issued the" agreed on the establishment of Lanzhou New Area approved "(Guo Han [2012] No. 104) opinion "(Gan Fa [2012] No. 10) and other documents, upon the consent of the Lanzhou Municipal people's Government, Lanzhou Lanzhou New area Administrative Committee and the financial District Office approved the Northwest's first professional rare metals trading center established.

Cold patch asphalt What are the characteristics?

1, viscosity stability advantages: Cold patch asphalt material in accordance with the high temperature process heat stirring technique, perfected in the stamping process can be performed from time to time repair process, greatly improved in a simple process efficiency fast and durable repair The advantages.

2, energy-saving advantages: For cold patch asphalt material using processing mixed grinding advanced asphalt material reinforced strengthened in the process of high repair efficiency features in stamping high viscosity device functions, improve the use of repair highway high performance process.

3, the construction is simple: As the high-speed road driving, strengthening high pressure gravity article can withstand gravity attack high, which improves energy sufficiently high in the environmental performance of the function, improved construction in the repair process efficiency of fast and simple process.

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With the rapid development of China's urban and rural construction and the national advocate the influence of environmental protection, energy saving policy factors, effectively promoted the heat (dry mix) mortar market demand, provides a broader space for development and good market opportunities for the development of new wall building decoration materials, and thermal insulation dry mixed) mortar companies are also springing up like have been put into production and the production of a series of varieties of different products, formed the insulation dry mix mortar Market faction prosperity, flowers are blooming scene. Now the market heat preservation material varieties and different, but no matter modular roof decking system Algeria what kind of insulation materials, are inseparable from the adhesive, thickener, water retaining agent and anti cracking agent.

In terms of thermal insulation (dry mixed) mortar, in which the additive must have the above functions. But the market some still in using polyvinyl alcohol condensed 107 glue series, although later changed to add polymer emulsion powder and cellulose ether such products as a binder, but due to the limitations of its chemical nature and insulation dry mix mortar packing their own performance, mortar should have adhesion, water retention, increase thick, construction and other problems can not be solved completely, and production of the product is not ideal, and the cost is very high, so in some places have been the market's constraints. In order to meet the needs of the market, in recent years, we have organized scientific research personnel in-depth investigation and research, in practice to explore, finally developed a kind of thermal insulation (dry mixed) mortar multifunctional additive.

The products using the latest macromolecule material and polymer additives scientific formula and, product is white powder, with uniformly dispersed, dissolved quickly, strong viscosity, thickening preserving how is wood plastic composite manufactured at home water effect is good, stable performance, small dosage, low cost and compatibility with any other colloid chemistry and filler, and energy saving, environmental protection. The main features of the product are: 1, with a higher bond strength. In thermal insulation, dry mixed mortar, cement although can play a certain bond and strength, but if not add polymer colloids is necessary to promote the viscosity of mortar and overcome the drawbacks of mortar cement is easily cracked. The, the quality of the products will not reach the expected effect.

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2016 is over half of the market than in previous years relatively flat floor, which would have been affected national macro-control. Can the flooring industry in the second half to break the deadlock, companies must make some changes to the face of regulatory policies and floor prices of these factors. Great efforts of national regulatory policies, the real estate market has brought some impact, enthusiastic developers declined, appears volume and price down, but still did not meet the expectations of the public in a substantial decline in value of the situation. Control policy is still tight, there is no sign of relaxation, resulting in buyers wait and see mood continued to increase, just spent the off-season in July, is about to usher in the traditional peak season in the property market; gold nine silver ten, the developer is likely to 9 - October increase the amount of push plate, increased marketing efforts, housing turnover will also be a wave of significant increases. Developers want to return the funds, it is expected to form the next few months the market price for the amount of the overall pattern. According 2007--20011 years of industry statistical data analysis, the traditional solid wood flooring and three-layer multilayer wood as representative of the new solid wood flooring has shown a shift in the trend. Past two years, new wood holding more than 30% of the high growth rates. Analysis of the industry, 2011 - The following 2016 economic situation, caused by a new wood solid wood flooring category upgrade, or will become the key driving force for sustainable consumption boom driven home improvement floor.

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Usually conservation project includes the conservation of pavement, curbs, street, sidewalks, bridges and transportation facilities and the like.

road maintenance: road maintenance with the level of increase, a significant increase in traffic and material price increases, a lot of maintenance costs for the road, so road maintenance accounts for an important position. Conservation work content depending on the kind of road surface varies: For the lower gravel, gravel road, mostly flatness and maintenance of road humps, supplementary wear layer sweeping and materials; for the lower asphalt surface Treatment such as asphalt, etc., mainly fill the pit, cover, heavy bulk material mix or resurfacing, etc; for advanced pavement such as asphalt concrete pavement cracks Wabu there are potholes, surface sealing layer and the anti-skid measures; cement concrete pavement, mainly seam fill seal, tamped and partial replacement board member of the board at the end underrun. Features pavement maintenance work is small and the amount of dispersion, thereby facilitating processing and handling of materials required to be drawn, construction tools to be small and flexible, the best use of a machine, lower noise, fast and safe construction methods should not affect the less influence transportation, construction signs bright day and night, good protection to avoid traffic accidents.

Shoulder conservation: the shoulder with its nature conservation work surface to another, such as turf shoulder, need time to trim, not to water, fertilization, replanting, watering and other work necessary to keep the grass; and the hard shoulder is They handled the same as pavement maintenance; as sandy and gravelly soil shoulder and shoulder, should be promptly renovated and has some lateral drainage slope with a tool or grader in nice weather, such as rutting and subsidence should be kept smooth to prevent traffic accidents.

roadside conservation: both sides of the street are subject to the conservation and shoulder as the turf maintenance, hay removed at any time in case of fire; impede the line of sight of the trees pruning should be added; grass or slope scour protection available surface treatment methods; Rock loosening of the Department, if necessary, can make concrete shop or set up metal may fall to the pavement; roadside trees, green trimming, spraying, etc. are Planting monthly special machinery to increase efficiency.

sidewalk sidewalk conservation of urban roads, maintenance should always maintain smooth, no potholes, no water and slip.

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In the north of Guangzhou and other densely populated urban demand for roads are increasingly rising, the central city road density, urban surface hardening heat of adsorption capacity compared with green far, in addition to leaving the black pavement is difficult to effectively distribute the heat. At present, foreign micro-encapsulated complex production process, so that the road surface temperature control technology to achieve cooling 7-8 ��, but the temperature materials price up to 15 yuan per ton, its cost per square meter of surface temperature of about $ 2,000, which is about four times the asphalt pavement. In view of this, cable-Chi team on the basis of earlier research results conducted a comprehensive improvement, pavement temperature raised to "outside to the inside", but also to cure the symptoms from both heat and cooling. For pavement heat problem, the research team make transparent the use of petroleum resin matrix cementing material, with mineral by toner can be pavement color from black to any color, greatly reducing the heat accumulation in the pavement. Final team developed a "clear cool" ecological complex temperature control technology, pavement cooling 13.4 ��, can effectively help reduce the air temperature 4.5 ��, while the price of this road material only about 20,000 yuan per ton.

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The entire flooring industry is an extraordinary year, on the one hand the impact chain city housing policy, one is the World Expo and vigorously promote the building materials to the countryside, with the words of the industry, half water half of the flame.the cost of a wood deck in culpeper Rainbow night in the environment, how to profit and avoid loss, in a chaotic environment to enable enterprises to survive and even their own further development, has become the biggest issue facing the flooring industry.

Flooring industry in 2020 under the impact of the New Deal real estate Memorabilia January 20, 2020, the State Council promulgated eleven countries,park bench seat slats replacements strict management of two suites loans, down payment of not less than 40 %%,moisture resistant bead board contribute to wall decorate real estate loans increased window guidance; successive introduction of such policy flooring industry's largest consumer groups - the low-end market, most consumers wait and see attitude.

Reporter visited found that many flooring company said in year-end inventory, the findings are not very good in 2020 is expected to be completed, how to build a juliette balcony using plexiglass especially those in the project-based business, it is subject to significant influence.

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to the budget, the most important thing is what? Many consumers would certainly say that, of course, is to buy "good" ah building materials, such as lumber, flooring, tiles, paint ...... In fact, every family there are competing the ground is good BEDDING plate or tile good? good use of wall paint or wallpaper with a wall or good? Xiao Bian gave you today about strengthening universal common sense to buy flooring, laminate flooring do not feel "thick skin" is good goods. Laminate flooring originated in Europe, so far, Europe is still the largest producer of laminate flooring, is the world's largest consumer market. With laminate flooring stability, wear-resistant, and other advantages after entering China, has been the annual sales of the largest flooring category. The only change is to strengthen the floor of the "degree of thick-skinned," from the beginning of the 6 mm to subsequent years most mainstream of 8 mm to 12 mm now prevailing market recently has cropped up a number of 13 mm or even 15 mm.

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In the north of Guangzhou and other densely populated urban demand for roads are increasingly rising, the central city road density, urban surface hardening heat of adsorption capacity compared with green far, in addition to leaving the black pavement is difficult to effectively distribute the heat. At present, foreign micro-encapsulated complex production process, so that the road surface temperature control technology to achieve cooling 7-8 ��, but the temperature materials price up to 15 yuan per ton, its cost per square meter of surface temperature of about $ 2,000, which is about four times the asphalt pavement. In view of this, cable-Chi team on the basis of earlier research results conducted a comprehensive improvement, pavement temperature raised to "outside to the inside", but also to cure the symptoms from both heat and cooling. For pavement heat problem, the research team make transparent the use of petroleum resin matrix cementing material, with mineral by toner can be pavement color from black to any color, greatly reducing the heat accumulation in the pavement. Final team developed a "clear cool" ecological complex temperature control technology, pavement cooling 13.4 ��, can effectively help reduce the air temperature 4.5 ��, while the price of this road material only about 20,000 yuan per ton.

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Low carbon energy saving and environmental protection era, the birth of new materials will always make the market hot up, and recently in the building materials market has introduced six new energy-saving environmental protection roofing waterproof materials. Hard foamed polyurethane Rigid foam polyurethane used in roofing engineering, can not only play a role in waterproofing can also play a role in insulation. Among all the building thermal insulation materials, polyurethane foam is one of the lowest thermal conductivity materials. There is a certain degree of flexibility, elongation is 10%; have good bonding to metal, concrete, masonry, wood and glass.

The use of the characteristics of: rigid foam Where Buy Pressure Wood Treated 2X6X8,Durable Pressure Wood Treated 2X6X8 polyurethane foam and composite with the use of the two methods of prefabricated panels. Jet foaming uses two kinds of components to join together in the jet, the immediate reaction to generate foam polyurethane, this method can be used in a large number of field foam. In the case is not suitable for the scene, the use of prefabricated composite panels, the gap between the plate can be filled with foam gun foam, the effect is also very good. Scope of use: rigid polyurethane foam can be used in a variety of roofing projects. The use of the base is mainly cast-in-place concrete slab, precast concrete and cement mortar layer.

Separate foam polyurethane, both as a waterproofing layer, as well as the insulating layer; some as a waterproof layer. At the same time, it is insulating layer, and waterproof coiled material or waterproof composite coating; also useful waterproof coating, waterproof coiled material, polyurethane foam three materials together for the formation of composite waterproof thermal insulation layer. Slope roof is mainly in the basic level of concrete foam, and then hung on the tiles. The method of solving the problem of flat roof thermal insulation is that the structure is adopted in the design Hard Wearing Flooring For Water Platform Supplier of the roof structure of the rigid foamed polyurethane. Range of use: two-way stretching PVC plate is divided into two kinds of colored and colorless, for large public buildings, industrial plants, stadiums, planting flowers and breeding greenhouse greenhouse, waiting Pavilion, a pavilion and other roofing waterproof; also can be used for indoor screen and sound insulation curtain wall, roof cover, the housing wall, fence, wall partition, site safety barrier and tunnel.

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According to a floor dealers, floor prices this is the third time this year, and it is a national rise. Reasons for price increases, on the one hand due to the consumption tax, a temporary silviculture funds and restrictions on timber felling and timber market demand continued to grow. best price click together decking In addition, electricity, transportation costs and imported wear resistant paper prices, also contributed to the flooring manufacturers continue to raise the floor price reasons.

According to the dealer analysis, despite the recent price floor is very unstable, it is estimated that after this price, the price of this month, the floor should be able to be maintained at current prices, will not rise again. Rising prices, to some extent also affected the sales floor, composite decking for truck bed floor many dealers have issued such a sigh, prices stable for a few days, a few days to do good business, can now price has gone up, and consumers should scare.

home improvement season simply became "price high season" of the. Power Dekor, nature as the most successful brands, and the Friends of the World brand have to continue heating." durable wood plastic fencing In his view, "If at this time that have to boil the water, and that positioning is wrong.