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Jing Wei children souvenirs sold but the way to be improved marketing

On the front door of the 'Beijing gift' store, the rabbit Ye Ye, Erguotou full of Beijing flavor of travel goods, looked good, but nobody cares. Just across the street, hairpins, handbags and other 'road goods' souvenirs, there are many tourists came forward to ask Beijing how to sell souvenirs, but the 'Road goods?' Reporter found that the reason not to cheer, in addition to the price of your side, the market is low conversion rate, but also is not a reasonable mode of operation Reporters walked into the open on the front door of a 'Beijing Gift' store, and the streets of the lively In contrast, the popularity of this store is not too tall and naive Rabbit Ye, Guqin shape U disk, put together Erguotou Beijing skyline can be spelled together ... ... all kinds of beautifully designed tourist products, and full of rich Beijing characteristics 'How much is a bottle stopper?' Two tourists came to the shop and took a fancy to a special bottle stopper. This bottle stopper at the bottom for sealing the bottle, the top is a official wearing a gauze hat or flag palace daughter, small, lively, 'a 58 yuan.' Staff Tourists wandering in front of the showcase for a while, Finally go 'something really interesting, but 58 dollars a bit unacceptable, if twenty or thirty can also.' Visitors said that in half an hour, in addition to the two tourists, the store never came in again Tourists. Occasionally came in the shop outside a visitor's face, looked in and looked, also left the streets of the city across the street, it is another scene 50 yuan 'jade bracelet', 38 yuan fake hermes picotin bag cloisonne bracelet, each Handmade bracelets, stereotyped hairpins, mirrors, combs, ceramic rouge boxes, embroidery ... Most souvenir shop products, can not represent Beijing do not say, do not even have the logo and brand names, but these 'big road goods' souvenirs Instead, by a lot of tourists passing by. A clerk said that the light is a bracelet, they can shop one day to sell dozens or even hundreds of research and development products market conversion rate is low

'Do not want to be cheaper, the key is the cost lies there.' The front door 'Beijing gift' store clerk said that their store rent a month at least 100,000 yuan, coupled with utilities, property, labor and other costs, the cost is quite high. The past two years, the store's sales are not ideal, during peak season sales can reach eighty thousand or even tens of thousands of yuan, barely maintain the balance of payments 'with Beijing characteristics of travel goods, though Wumart, but the price and those bad souvenirs Consumers are often experiencing cheap psychology: rough workmanship 10 bucks, lacquer crafts do 50 yuan, consumers may buy that cheaper, but in fact the cost of 10 bucks may only 1 Block, paint the truth may be so much. 'An industry source said that a travel product, to go through the design and development, through the review, mass production and other several stages. However, quite a few travel products have finished the first ninety-nine kilometers and are on the market of the last kilometer of mass production. 'You see, these are the winning entries that we have participated in all these years.' A tourist product development practitioner Open fake hermes leather tote up two dictionaries as thick manuals to showcase their excellent design. But the practitioner was silent when asked which of these designs had already met consumers. Because in a manual, only about two or three works can be mass-produced. Others are stuck in the designer's sample stage. 'The low market conversion rate has led to the fact that the types of tourism products on the market are still not rich and the costs are not reduced. 'Beijing Culture and Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Sun Tao said. The company is one of the 'Beijing Gifts' tourism product research and development base, 'a company produced by the old Beijing sand board sugar has been in the' Beijing Gift 'Tourism Products Competition won the award, but because we can not guarantee the product will bring them much economic benefits , So people are not willing to cooperate with us. 'Sun Tao said that although some college students or designers works good, but the lack of funds, it is difficult to mass production, but fake hermes canvas tote also a reason for the low conversion rate,' poor management, but also lead to some tourist souvenirs Chen Bin, secretary-general of the Tourism Products Industry-Academia Research Alliance, believes that the travel goods stores are also stores. They must improve the management of products and prices, storefronts, and services in accordance with the laws of the stores. Souvenirs fake hermes ostrich bag from different scenic spots Shop should be differentiated Management Marketing to be improved

'We have created a incubation platform, hoping to get through the various links of production, learning and research in the tourism commodity industry.' Shi Shaofeng, head of the creative education base of China Education Television University, said. This is mainly for college students and designers incubation base, but also Beijing tourism product research and development base, 'integrates the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Forestry University and other dozens of colleges and universities resources, these colleges and universities in the tourism product R \u0026 D design Some of which have entered the Forbidden City souvenir shops and some have become 'Beijing gifts' commodities. A model of a student design with a rose and elk motif printed on the aircraft has also become This year the Daxing Licensed Rose at the InterContinental Conference to improve sales promotion methods, but also tourism-related businesses are trying to promote things less than two square meters of tourist commodities counters, not many souvenirs displayed, but placed a set of virtual reality equipment . Visitors simply wear VR glasses, you can see a variety of souvenirs of the 3D screen, as well as the funny story behind; swept two-dimensional code, you can see the store supplies a variety of souvenirs, the next orders, products It will be able to express directly to the front door ... This is the team that Sun Tao is building 'Beijing Gift' counter 'Everyone's shopping habits are changing, the way sales of souvenirs have to be changed.Our light asset, experience the counter mode Is to meet the current young consumer groups. 'Sun Tao said that by June this year, there will be at least 10 such' Beijing gift 'counters in the city. Beijing Gifts Travel Merchandise Designers Alliance and Travel Goods Enterprises Association, which is devoted to promoting the development of the industry, will also be set up by the end of this year. 'We will also promote cooperation between tourism commodity enterprises and old food enterprises in the development of new food products.' (Reporter Yuan Yuner)
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Chinese jadeite culture

Ancient jade collection, should be fine workmanship, high quality, color clever, shaped odd as the standard, read more, more research, can achieve the 'love unscrupulous is good jade' purpose. Collection of jade generally must be from the new jade and jade two categories to identify. Jade will not let you down the fishes nourish, like a spiritual pigeon, even remember to fly back home Chinese special love of jade has since ancient times, like jade even more than Gold and other jade in ancient times, 'a gentleman for no reason, jade does not go to the body, a gentleman and jade than Germany Yan', and the gentle color of jade represents kindness, tough texture symbol of wisdom, not to mention the corners of the people justice, knock The crisp and clear sound of the keys is the reaction of straightness. Because of this, since ancient times, people have been sincerely favored the ancient people to wear jade, mainly not simple decoration, not only the performance of the external beauty, but the human spirit of the world and the level of self-cultivation, that is, performance morality, but also With a person's identity, feelings, demeanor, and the role of language exchange. Ancient gentlemen must wear jade, which requires the gentleman to always use jade's character requirements of themselves, regulate human morality, with the voice of the song jade limit the behavior of mankind Today, jewelry jade ornaments are still regarded as a symbol of luck and social status, And has gradually become an important part of the performance of personal character, decoration, taste, demeanor, but also from the outside to make the fake hermes canvas bags overall dress more bright Yanzhao modern jade ornaments variety fake hermes travel bag of styles varied: beads, bracelets, In addition to jade, agate, jade and other jade materials, but also with jade, green gold, chicken liver stone, malachite, Donglin Stone, coral, crystal, Furong Shi, wood and other jade stone materials. Specifications continue to renovate, there are flat string single string, pagoda string, color string, alien string, with string and so on. These jewelry jade ornaments through careful distribution, will give your life, clothing played a cohesive effect. Today, enjoy jade style, modeling, decoration, creativity and workmanship have greatly improved, more emphasis on jade The main varieties are jade figures, flowers, birds, animals, utensils, and other small and medium sized jade carvings, such as jade bonsai, agate concept stone, crystal stone, jade samples, jade seeds Materials, etc., from the original stone to carved pieces everything, beautiful shape, rich color, exquisite workmanship, unique taste. So that people enjoy watching and playing in the enjoyment of the spirit and culture. In particular, touching jade ornaments fake hermes picotin bag at leisure often produces a feeling of comfort and elegance, which makes people feel extremely joyful, excited and satisfied. Also in the interior decoration, enjoy the reward jade pieces and calligraphy and painting, antiques and other handicrafts combined configuration, able to give birth to fake hermes tote bags brilliance, to create a room elegant culture. In addition, enjoy the reward jade as a gift, token, mascot and other widely used in people's daily lives And all kinds of contacts, relatives, friends, friendly love, affection, good wishes or prayer for peace, the preferred gift of the thing.
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The 165th chapter over South China

Talking is Lotte, Although the new battlefield developed, but he found and comprehension masters dressed in angels clothing is not a block, has been busy research and improvement, just heard Lee Hyun recruit myself, think of Xuanzai heart new clothing He has no opinion, but now the new battle demonstration did not go on, and he still stay here, but Li Xuan has not pronounced, he is not good to leave, and now everyone has left, and only South China real life couples and Li Xuan's pro with (three demon and snow, six bodyguards he did not find), I was useless here, he thinks Li Xuan may be forgotten, so he said, if nothing, he continued well Study of the new armor to go, although Li Xuan just said people wearing two kinds of combat clothing repair is not in a grade, can not test out the quality of war vests, but the study for so long, he still developed some eyebrows, the new war suit There are areas for improvement that can make the new combat suit even harder. Li Xuan heard him, and suddenly said with a smile: 'How do I forget you? Really damn!'

Lotte a, Li Xuan really forgot themselves, then say myself here to stay for so long, some unhappy to say: 'The Lord, then I go!'

'Not busy ... ...' Li Xuan quickly stopped him from leaving and said: 'I have an important thing to pay for you to do to forget, you now let you institute people, in addition to the study of new combat clothing , Others all stop those projects that do not need to continue to study, the staff to focus on standby ... ... '

Listen to the unhappy Lotte, immediately came to power, Li Xuan last gave him the task, to give him the task at the same time he also learned the magic of his dream refining technique, let him complete the new battle armor Every time I see the new battlefield he has a feeling of excitement, perhaps this is the common ground of researchers, to see their own new things out of research, that is the greatest relief to their hard work. Listen to Lee Hyun said this time, not only he has the task, but also let him build manpower, it seems there is a big move, which knows that Lee Hyun is ready to let him do something, but from the attitude of Li Xuan, Something about this study will certainly not be worse than a new war armor. Rakuten exclaimed here asked: 'Lord, you say imitation van cleef & arpels sweet alhambra bracelet fast, this time let us prepare for what?

Li Xuan looked impatient rhythm can not help but laugh, said: 'There is nothing, just want you to organize researchers to prepare copycat space fills nothing more.'

'Spaceship!' Lotte puzzled and looked at Li Xuan, staring at it for a long time before he asked: 'Lord, you are not kidding?'

'Do you think I had such a joke?' Li Xuan side head and asked 'this does not fall.' Lotte thought, Li Xuan is also a faction of respect, should not be tempted to kind of boring joke, but Lee Xuan's words are too difficult for him to accept the spacecraft is knock off van cleef & arpels sweet alhambra bracelet something, although Lotte is comprehension, but still how much heard, it is only in science fiction there is something that Li Xuan actually let oneself organizers to study one out Lotte frowned, and some grievances said: 'The Lord, the difficulty of this request is not too much of the point, you know now the earth's science and technology, how to make a spacecraft to come, even if the get one out, but also four Not like, useless. '

Li Xuan pat Lotte shoulder said: 'I did not say that you create, but let you copy it out.'

Rhythm, development and imitation, but very different, I believe if there is a spacecraft now, imitation should not be a problem. Quickly asked: 'Lord, as long as you have ready spacecraft, give me some time, you should be able to copy out.'

'Do you want to copy the bird's turtle boat?' Nanhua, who has been unable to plug in, asked Li Xuanbai, a real man at Nanhua, who still ignored him and said to Lotte: 'Yes, Is a spacecraft ride, and now has become us, in order to deal with Stargate, we also have the appropriate spacecraft Caixing, or else they beat us when they take the spacecraft, our general comprehension But catch up. Even if there are several experts to catch up, but also hit the stars so many stars in the spacecraft ah. So we have to make several out, even if they are not so interested, at least there is a ride Tools, the only way we have room to spend with the stars that star room.

Lotte heard the two eyes glow, although he now only refining device, but since entering the mystery door, many people in the research and manufacturing department are engaged in scientific and technological research, more contact, but also learned a lot of modern technology Later, Li Xuan let him be responsible for studying the new battle armor. These scientists also helped a lot. Lotte also knows what kind of feat if Earth can make a spacecraft by himself!

'Lord, then you quickly take out the spacecraft, ah, now ... ... I now go to convene manpower ... ...' Lotte excitedly looked at a Li Xuan, remembered Li Xuan let him go to convene manpower, there is such a tempting Project, think of those old guys who study the manufacturing department will certainly be excited to sleep, huh, huh ... ... think Lotte no matter where the spacecraft Li Xuan, flew away, convened staff, so a big project, Lotte himself but could not resist the Lotte left, Li Xuan and again with the snow and the three demon to the side, South China live no longer could not help it, Chong Li Xuan shouted: 'Wait ... ... ah ... ... That ... Li Brothers, I'm not reluctant to agree with your request, just ... so, if someone looks for you trouble I must shoot, but you go find someone else trouble I can not shot, how do you look?

Nanhua real people say this paragraph seems to muster a lot of courage, Li Xuan thought, not too good too much, nodded and said: 'so ah ... yes, but you have to help me train me a few Displeased disciples, do not know if you like it or not.

South China live to listen to Li Xuan's words, do not want to, since they all asked to stay, think about their own robbery, he was feeling fuzzy, but how much is still clear, that when the number of robbery his own fear, and now Li Xuan's request, But also to strengthen the strength of the mysterious door, which may be more help to spend their own lives, so cheerfully agreed Li Gen already had a real impression on the South China real life, but he saved a lot of people in Qingcheng, just performed Out of that kind of cold expression just want to pull Nanhua real people into the world, after all, South China real immortal class master, he generally do not care about your life and death of others, as long as he does not matter, he will ignore, so Li Xuan Out of this relatively poor strategy forcing South China reality. South China live now agreed to his request, Li Xuan's face immediately put on a smile, happily holding the hand of South China real life, said: 'There are predecessors to join, I think we have to deal with the gems star success rate is high a few Minute.'

'Gemshine ... ...' South China real face changed Li Xuan surprised a moment, like South China real life and gems star hotel door fought a fight, and did not see him had such a scared expression, will not copy van cleef lucky alhambra bracelet hit people My heart felt it!

Li Xuan could not help but asked: 'The older generation ... ...'

'You do not call my predecessors, you still call me South China live it, if not, call me master also, how to listen to these seniors I feel uncomfortable.' South China live a crying expression, cursed Li Xuan heart, really Hit a slap in the face, give a candy to eat. He now counted half his men, and he was actually sorry to call his predecessors, really insidious, but this can only think about it, if Li Xuan rush to go their own robbery ......

Li Hyun saw Nanhua a real person, it seems that what was seen, Li Xuan also had to say to me in the heart I'm sorry, after all, to deal with the star hotel is not only their own affairs, nor is it a mysterious thing, but all the earth thing. If you are powerful enough to get them out of the way, but now you do not have the strength, you have to try to draw all the power that can be drawn, and this is no way. Now dissatisfied with the reality of South China, Li Xuan only coughed twice, said: 'ah, real people, do not know if you practice Falun Dafa after what practice?

Nanhua real misgiving some looked Li Xuan a look, he felt some of Li Xuan, and everyone knows the practitioner's practice is the practitioner's secret, not the teacher will not teach, Li Xuan now ask yourself if there is practice practice Obviously want to get practiced from here, Gong practitioners, practicing immortal practice than the comprehension of those who practice more precious, and now almost no self-cultivation sector, to find their own. Want to build their own immortality, has not been able to rise to realm, can not learn from immortal predecessors there more immortal practice practice, still sad, said snappily: 'No, I have what kind of exercises, If anything, it will not blend in with what it is now. '

Li Xuan from the bracelet out of a jade Jane, and then enter something inside, handed Southhua live and said: 'Live, there are some practice exercises, although not immortal practice exercises, but I think it should be fairy Practicing exercises is good or bad, you can make a reference there is that there is a world I formed with the Dark Palace, there is sufficient aura, which will be more effective if you practice here, nothing can be inside I'll let my disciples come to you.

Although South China real know that Li Xuan has reached the realm of immortality, but he can not be the realm of people who is affirmative, how would he immortal practice it. Will not lie to yourself, took jade Jane, immortality has long been a long way for the immortal, regardless of whether it is true or false immediately view up, jade Jane's content is divided into two parts, part of the heart , Part of the fairy tactics, South China live under the glance to know is the real thing, has long accumulated enough cents Aura he immediately began to practice the first one, he only felt the body's immortality flow in the body , The outside of the aura like a river like to flow to their own body, and some gathered together, too late to absorb the aura of Reiki body around the South China real body rotation, really as fairy filled around the general, this is the real state of immortality, Out of dazzling purple, through his aura around, forced out, standing on his side of the flowery involuntarily took a few steps back, three demon stood better behind the mysterious, but also to get the feeling of purple Power, revealing awe-inspiring expression Li Xuan did not think of South China real people's skill is so high, only a while to enter the state, has begun to practice the heart, and this is the heart of Betray to Li Xuan Happy second heart, first The order is comprehension Act, the second order should be immortal practice, Li Xuan God also kill god immortality, not not to give him practice, but this kind of mental requirements from the first order practitioners, and now South China live this situation is It is impossible from the first order practice, so very desperate, so Li Xuan had to be easy to use, and more secure part of the second phase of heartthrob to Nanhua reality, Li Xuan reason why not all Heart gave him all the fear that he had the heart to run, but he did not shelter the child did not wrap the wolf, there are many places in the future with South China live, if he really find a place to practice, do not care about everything, You can really big loss. Now South China individuals into the state, Li Xuan did not dare to go, get free for his law enforcement Fortunately, only a short while South China real people wake up from entering state, his face excitedly looked at Li Xuan, excitement in a word that is not Come out, after a long while, South China reality actually came to Li Xuan in front of Lee Hyun kneeling down, and then respectfully said: 'Master, you must take my disciple, I ... ... I ... you just let me I will not chew on the knife under the knife.
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Baby go to bed at night a lot of sweat is how it happened

Most of the baby sweating is a physiological phenomenon, due to its rapid growth and metabolism, strong metabolism, body heat and waste more than adults, and pediatric renal stem and excretion of the function has a certain limit, so sweat has become a Important means of excreting and dissipating body heat. Coupled with the development of children's nervous system is not yet perfect, governed by sleep sweat excretion of sympathetic nerve is not dominated by the brain of high nerves, eat well in children, sleep enough, energetic circumstances, sweating are all normal. Just supplement the preventative amounts of calcium and cod liver oil. If the baby sweating also accompanied by loss of appetite, poor taste, most of replica van cleef bracelet uk the time is sweating at night after sleep, deep sweat gradually reduced to rickets; some deficiency or lack of vitamin B children will appear more Sweat, sleep disorders and other symptoms, there are other chronic wasting disease is sweat all night, if there is such a phenomenon need to take the baby to the hospital for treatment Read the full article

In fact, baby sweat is a way to protect yourself. Because, sweat evaporation will take away the heat of the body surface, is the baby to adapt to the outside world to make high-temperature protective reaction. Sweating is a neurological reflex within the body, the baby is in the stage of growth and development, physiological metabolism in the body, the nervous system dysfunction is not perfect, so sweating, medically known as physiological sweating, this Physiologically sweaty babies sweat more often if they wear too much or too tight clothing in the summer, when their babies are active, when they eat hot food, or when they are nervous or fearful if your baby has no other Abnormal performance, that is, physiological sweating, sweating such a baby, not the baby's physical weakness, parents do not have to worry about, without special medication medication: sweating baby, parents need careful care, including:

(1) baby should drink more water;

(2) to develop the baby's ability to adapt to the environment in life, such as loose clothes, bedding, not too thick;

(3) to give baby change clothing, bath and more to ensure the baby's skin clean;

(4) emphasis on education, can not spoil, these not only beneficial to the baby's mental development, but also to speed up the baby's nervous system regulation function In addition, the baby's long-term sweating, zinc will be lost from sweat, the need to consciously increase zinc Rich foods such as egg, meat, liver, beans and peanuts, etc., to meet the needs of baby growth and development of zinc. If the baby appears anorexia, weight and height increase slowly and so on, then see the doctor, under the guidance of a doctor with zinc-containing drugs, the general zinc gluconate side effects, the baby more easily accepted. Note that calcium will prevent the absorption of zinc in the intestine; many babies in the preventive service of various calcium, zinc agents to avoid with the calcium together with clothing zinc two, rickets sweating baby

In addition to the baby's physiological sweating, rickets caused by sweating is also a common cause of infants and young children. Infants and young children daily need vitamin D400800IU, if the sun is not enough, but also can not be timely vitamin d food, easy to cause vitamin d deficiency, coupled with the baby rapid growth and development, so baby due to vitamin d deficiency caused rickets, rickets Baby manifested irritability, crying, restless sleep; sweating, especially in the head sweat, but not related to climate Rickety baby in addition to sweating, there are deformities of the bones, such as square cranial fontanelle, closing delay; teething Delayed, Costa Flap valgus, bracelets or anklets and so on. Rickets Sweating baby needs treatment of rickets in order to solve the problem of sweating. 1, must be under the guidance of a doctor for vitamin D and calcium treatment, to complete the course of treatment and then prevent rickets, such as the baby to add foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, such as egg yolk, animal liver, dairy products;

2, usually pay attention to the baby more than the sun; 2-year-old baby every day to add vitamin D400IU and calcium elements around 600 mg (pharmacy has a baby's vitamin D preparations and calcium) to meet the needs of rapid growth and development 3 , Rickets sweating baby's copy van cleef tiger eye bracelet other care requirements and physiological sweating baby the same three, need special attention sweat baby

Hyperhidrosis physiological sweating and rickets is the most common infant baby, but there are some rare cases, such as tuberculosis, chronic infection, parasitic infections, anemia, hyperthyroidism, and even cancer and other diseases, hyperhidrosis Is accompanied by the performance of these diseases, to cause parents attention, in addition to sweating diseases, the baby will have low fever, weight gain or weight loss, looking sallow, rash and other performance, for those who sweating baby parents found Any one of them, we must promptly take the baby to see a doctor, so as not to delay the van cleef and arpels fake alhambra bracelet diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Read the full article
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We have heard of the Royal bracelet it

It is said that the replica alhambra necklace copy Royal Concubine in order to be particularly glamorous at a banquet called craftsman design, this is her first use and invention of the Royal bracelet. Jade bracelets come in two shapes. Round called peace bracelet, oval called Royal bracelet, modern lady also called it egg yoke (bracelet). The former is suitable for those who wear a wrist mellow, which is suitable for those with a slim wrist with a Royal bracelet is mainly made into a number imitation cartier clover necklace of small circles, sliver within the flat circle, belonging to the third generation of the latest models is the perfect combination of classical beauty and modern beauty , Similar to the shape of the human wrist, wearing a more personal, easy to bump, very suitable for slender wrists, soft young and middle-aged women wear a small circle of larger diameter can also be suitable for older but like Royal bracelets ladies wear Royal Bracelets and bangles are old and young regardless of age. The first is personal enjoyment. The different effects of circles and ovals vary from person to person. The second is the wrist wrist, and some look very round wrist for round van cleef necklace imitation wholesale bracelets, and looks very flat more suitable for the Royal bracelets, usually speaking, the bracelet for any wrist type, and the Royal bracelet is the personality choice!
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Sparring with Mike Tyson

This originally appeared on The Classical.

and legends die hard in America. We love them for the extra dimension they provide, the illusion of near infinite possibility to erase the narrow confines of most men reality. Weird heroes and mold breaking champions exist van cleef turquoise necklace replica as living proof to those who need it van cleef mother of pearl necklace replica that the tyranny of rat race is not yet final. Hunter S. Thompson

Back at his gym in Los Angeles, the only instruction Freddie Roach gave after offering Mike Tyson phone number was a warning: him. It doesn matter ifIsent you. If you see Mike and you blindside him, he capable of attacking you. not looking to blindside anyone here, I lied.

careful, son. then a couple months later I entered the front door of Tyson Vegas home through a thick cloud of marijuana smoke while he came down the stairs toward me with just one question:

how did this white motherfucker get inside my house? to me is what theory was to Einstein or words were to Hemingway or notes were to Beethoven. Tyson

On June 27, 1988, a 21 year old Mike Tyson made in excess of 21 million dollars for 91 seconds of work. It took him just over 14 seconds to pull in more money than Michael Jordan, in his prime, made for an entireseasonof work that year. But maybe you never cared much about sports or athletes and preferred art instead. So maybe you accept Warhol advice and measure the worth of an artwork by what you cangetfor it. At Tyson pay rate that night, after another round or so (227 seconds to be exact by my calculations), the work of art he displayed in van cleef pendant necklace replica the ring would earned as much as Vincent van Gogh efforts on a canvas whenIrisesbecame the most expensive work of art in the world just several months before, selling for $53.9 million.

Tyson remains that rarest of all commodities. Instead of the human being sold as superhero, Tyson is the superhero who is selling himself as a human being.

Even though we never met and I never saw it coming, the little boy in the photo booth saved my life. Mike Tyson as a destination didn mean anything to me until I gone back and packed some of his luggage to understand the journey. But I guess Dynamite, like most boxers, was like any other powder keg made out of commonly found household items.

Start off with where the center of his universe is located:Brownsville, one of the most bleak dungeons of poverty and violence America could dish out. Install an abusive pimp for a father and have him abandon the alcoholic mother before Tyson third birthday. Make sure the mother fucks everyone in the neighborhood so the household and its inhabitants gain a glowing reputation from well wishers in the community. Contaminate his soul with how worthless life is as people with faces he recognizes overdose or get robbed or raped or murdered. Make him an even more attractive target with no friends or any hope of protection in this milieu. Don let that kid walk in any direction without it feeling like a plank. Never let him turn a corner without being afraid for his life. And when anything catches up with him, make him too timid and sensitive to ever fight back. Hang cowardice as another millstone around his neck. And after you torn his heart out, why not fan the scent? Best of all, when he begs for help, make sure his voice is the real Rosetta Stone to this kid. Make his voice so high and delicate he be afraid to scream no matter how much he wants to. And if the pathetic little faggot everybody knows he is ever caves, why not go that extra mile and give him a lisp too. As far as he knows, he be dead and forgotten before he blows out the candles for his thirteenth birthday.

But before you finish him off, give him one place to hide. Offer one place where he can run away and take refuge from the world. Let him stumble onto the rooftops of those abandoned tenements and fall in love with the pigeons up there. Watch him spend every dime he can scrape together for feed so he can reward the pigeons from his coop for doing everything he can flying away and escaping all that suffering below. Make the relief of this experience something that marks him forever and leaves a trail that others can find and hunt down. Then some rapacious, observant monster in the neighborhood can notice the change on Tyson and follow him up there. He can trespass undetected into Tyson most private world and savor the pillage to come. Let him see the fully exposed scene of Tyson feeding and caring for his birds and allow him to grasp the whole story behind it, the whole pawnshop of broken dreams in his heart. Let him playfully hatch a plan to finish off another boy life that better than just pulling a trigger or pushing him off the roof. That way, when Tyson returns the next day to the rooftop and discovers one of his pigeons being choked inside the fist of this sadistic fuck he beg him not to hurt it. Tyson can helplessly watch as the bully takes his time soaking up the pleas and enjoys the unraveling process of a shattered human being before casually twisting off the head of the pigeon and laughing at the heartbreakingly predictable outcome.

But instead, for the first time in his life, Tyson stood up for himself and used everything that held him down to unleash the first bars of his ownNinth Symphonywith his fists.

I used to wonder how long after that moment, when the world first heard that melody, it took Tyson to realize whatrealproblems were in store for him now. I used to wonder how long it took Tyson to get a whiff ofus, and how, as Norman Mailer once said of a previously nightmarish boxer America had a fetish for, anyone is supposed to prepare to defend himself against the thoughts of everyone alive. a certain point Mike Tyson and I reacted to violence a little differently. I was afraid to leave my house for three years while he became the heavyweight champion of the world. The thing was, at first, we reacted to it the same way and our cowardice and trauma defined us.

In the summer going into tenth grade, back in 1994, I wrote a letter to inmate number 922335, inside the Indiana Youth Center in Plainfield, Indiana. I never mailed a letter to anyone before. Up to that point the only letter I ever written had been a suicide note.

The week before, totally by accident, my mother had seen an interview with Tyson from prison and at the end of it she was crying. I only caught the last few minutes. My mother had hated Mike Tyson for the same reasons everybody hated Mike Tyson yet, by the end of the interview, she loved him. I could see by her face that it made her heart sore. All I heard him talk about was reading books in the hole and his childhood. He was reading books my mother had always wanted me to read. She filled me in on the rest.

I was writing a convicted rapist athank youletter. It true that I didn know whether or not Mike Tyson was guilty of raping an 18 year old beauty contestant in Indiana. But I did know without a shadow of a doubt that he was responsible for sending me two places I never been on my own before: a boxing gym and a library. And, more importantly, I knew as clearly then as I do now those places saved me.

And, later on, those places led me to Cuba, something else that created its own catchy and mysterious melody standing up to a bully. Cuba led me to make a film about the role of boxing in that society since Castro design made it impossible to illuminate anything about a boxer in Cuba without illuminating life in Cuba for everyone else. And Cuba had taken me to America following the lives of defected boxers tired of living Castro broken dream only to be held even more hostage by the American Dream. One of those boxers, Guillermo Rigondeaux, had been trained by Freddie Roach. When I asked Freddie about how to get in touch with Tyson he shrugged and reached into his pocket and held out his phone, have no idea, but you could start with his phone number. once Mike Tyson got down the stairs, I answered his question about how this white motherfucker got inside his house.

brought me here. after I unpacked how I ended up in Tyson living room, we both sat down opposite each other and he shook his huge head and smiled before asking:

that all true? do you think? I guessing you being here, in my home, sitting across from me right now I guessing this is pretty intense for you right now, huh?"On Easter of 2010, the day I interviewed him, Mike Tyson's boxing career had been over for nearly five years. Tyson had been more famous as a national punchline for biting off someone's ear than any career achievement or even squandered potential. Besides that, a country 16 trillion in debt looked down upon and remained endlessly fascinated by the spectacle of how someone like Tyson could possibly have pissed away his fortune. The last picture I'd seen of him, taken a couple months before, showed a man who had ballooned to well over 300 pounds. While he had miraculously dropped most of it since then, he looked deflated from his championship days. Tyson lived in a gated community just outside Las Vegas in the town of Henderson, Nevada. At the front gate a guard let me in just as I noticed Tyson's assistant roll down a tinted window from his Range Rover on the other side of the entrance, pointing down the driveway for me to follow.

When Mike Tyson was only 18, his managers used to market him on posters, reminding you that if your grandfather had missed Joe Louis, or your father Muhammad Ali, don'tyoumiss Tyson. But what they didn't mention was that Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali were a boy'sdreamof a fighter. Before long Tyson understood his customers a little better and modified the sales pitch. Tyson figured out, in his era, that America really craved a nightmare.

"People are full of shit. They want to see something dark. People want to feel close to it and in on it, but, of course, only from the distance of their suburban homes. They want to have the benefit of comfort, security, safety, respect, and at the same time the privilege of watching something out of control even promote it being out of control as long as we can be secure that we're not accountable for it We wanted to believe that Mike Tyson was an American story: the kid who grows up in the horrible ghetto and then converts that dark power into a good cause. But then the story takes a turn. The dark side overwhelms him. He's cynical, he's out of control. And now the story is even better. Teddy Atlas, Mike Tyson's former trainer

"Okay," Tyson glared, leaning forward in his chair across from me. A Sandra Bullock rom com was muted on the flat screen TV beside us while some of his children's toys were scattered by my feet. "You said I was your hero growing up. I wanna know who your other heroes are then."
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Seven Oaks doc sued over death

Tanis Hill alleges Van Dyk was negligent when he dismissed the family's concerns about the condition of Ronalee Hill, who was born with Down syndrome and had limited cognitive function.

In a statement of claim filed last week, Hill claims Van Dyk refused to admit Ronalee Hill after he concluded the pain she was suffering was the result of a toothache and sent her home with a prescription for morphine.

Tanis Hill is suing Van Dyk under the Fatal Accidents Act, seeking $30,000 each for her retired parents, $10,000 each for herself, her brother and grandmother and unspecified funeral expenses and other special damages.

The allegations have not been proven in court. A statement of defence has not been filed.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of two recent incidents that sparked criticism of Seven Oaks emergency practices.

Steven Spence, 68, suffered a stroke Saturday after being discharged from the hospital's emergency room.

A 68 year old woman died in late January after she was vintage alhambra necklace copy sent home from the hospital's emergency ward alone in a taxi and then collapsed on her doorstep.

The WRHA has labelled Heather Brenan's death a critical incident and is investigating.

The lawsuit filed by Hill against Van Dyk was the second legal action begun last week against medical professionals in the city involving an allegation of wrongful death in a hospital emergency ward.

In the other case, the son and daughter of the late Helen Demanski are suing the WRHA, St. Boniface Hospital and a team of doctors and necklace van cleef replica nurses, alleging on April 17, 2010, Demanski was given a lethal cocktail of drugs that resulted in her death one day later.

The document alleges Demanski's death "resulted directly from the carelessness and negligence both in diagnosis, administration of medication and dosages, prescribed," by the defendant doctors, Anthony Michael van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace copy Herd and Joel Nkosi, and administered by two co defendant nurses.

The allegations have not been proven in court. A statement of defence has not been filed.

WRHA spokeswoman Heidi Graham said the Demanski and Ronalee Hill deaths were both deemed to be critical incidents and have been investigated.

"We are very sorry for what both these families have been through," Graham said, adding since both cases are now before the courts, the WRHA cannot comment further.
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Tara VanDerveer defends WNBA from Candice Wiggins' allegations

Stanford guard Candice Wiggins (11) listens to head coach Tara VanDerveer, left, in the second half against UCLA during their NCAA basketball game in Stanford, Calif., Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008. Stanford defeated UCLA 75 62. Wiggins was game high scorer with 31 points. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma) less

Stanford guard Candice Wiggins (11) listens to head coach Tara VanDerveer, left, in the second half against UCLA during their NCAA basketball game in Stanford, Calif., Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008. Stanford defeated . more

were deliberately trying to hurt me all of the time. I had never been called the b word so many times in my life than I was in my rookie season. I never been thrown to the ground so much. The message was: want you to know we don like you. fixed >

VanDerveer said she coaching Candice, Stanford second all time leading scorer.

don know what her experience was with the WNBA. What I know about the WNBA, under (WNBA President) Lisa Borders and (NBA Commissioner) , is that an inclusive, supportive workplace is really high on their agenda.

unfortunate that someone would feel that way. I just think they work really hard to have a great environment. fixed >

Efforts to reach Wiggins were unsuccessful. In the Union Tribune interview, she depicted the WNBA as a league that still struggles for attention and legitimacy after 20 years of existence.

don know why someone would take the shots, VanDerveer said. WNBA is a young league. It doing really well. It what we experienced in women sports. . Women basketball is growing, but we still have a ways to go. We know this. It still a great game. text >Referring to Wiggins contention that 98 percent of WNBA players are gay, she said, don know that math was ever Candice strength. That to me sounds homophobic and negative. text >In a follow up interview with the Union Tribune on Tuesday, Wiggins said she used the 98 percent figure because felt that way to me rather than as a statistical fact.

She also said there was nothing in the earlier interview she would take back. Although there was ample criticism of her by other WNBA players and ex players on Twitter and other social media, she said she received positive reactions from people close to her and private thanks from other players who she said had similar experiences.

VanDerveer said she hasn talked with Wiggins lately. Wiggins, 30, announced her retirement in March. Besides helping Minnesota to the championship in 2011, she also played for the Tulsa Shock, and .

VanDerveer also was disappointed that Wiggins remarks were given such extensive media play but Nneka Ogwumike, another Stanford alum, was given much less coverage for her MVP season in 2016 and her game winning shot for the Sparks in the championship game.

Though the WNBA bracelet van cleef imitation has not issued a response to Wiggins criticism, several players vigorously defended the league.

, an assistant coach at Pepperdine who won two WNBA titles and appeared in more games than any player in league history, said her experience in the league was a contradiction of what been stated by Candice. I pray that Candice does find peace with her life and is able to move forward without devaluing or diminishing what been priceless to so many others in the league. text > , a WNBA rookie last season, wrote in a blog addressed to Wiggins, is literally a woman from every walk of life in the league, which is why I love it so much. I have never experienced the bullying you spoke about, and I hope no one else ever does. text >San Antonio forward wrote in a blog that in her 11 seasons van cleef bracelet knock off in the WNBA she has not experienced or witnessed the bullying that Wiggins described.

needs to check her privilege at the door, and not group her very unfortunate personal experiences on an entire group of women, Currie wrote.

Wiggins is the daughter of former major league baseball player Alan Wiggins, who died in 1991 when she was 3.

In response to Wiggins allegations, the WNBA players association released a statement from Ogwumike, its executive committee van cleef bracelets knock off president, that didn directly address Wiggins allegations.

union is only as strong as our loyalty to and support for one another, Ogwumike said. is key to that loyalty and support is our commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a union, we should and we will continue to celebrate the diversity that makes us special, and lead by example.

must respect the rights of those we don agree with when they speak their mind. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the comments made recently by a former player, or whether one has seen or experienced anything like what she has described, anything that impacts an inclusive culture should be taken seriously. text >.
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The Benefits and Risks of

Foods listed as "sugar free" or "no sugar added" may seem like a good alternative if you are cutting down on sugar, if you have diabetes and/or if you are following a low carb diet for weight loss. These foods are commonly sweetened using sugar alcohols such as erythritol, which tastes like sugar but contains almost zero calories. While sugar alcohols have several advantages such containing almost no calories, not causing a spike in blood sugar and not causing tooth decay, they also have a few disadvantages. Erythritol can cause side effects such as diarrhea, headache, and stomachache in some people and/or when consumed in large doses. Read on to better understand all the risks and benefits.

Erythritol is a sugar substitute that looks and tastes like sugar, yet has almost no calories. It is available in both granulated and powdered forms.

A sugar alcohol, erythritol has been approved for use as a food additive in the United States and in many other countries. Other sugar alcohols you may have heard of include xylitol, maltitol, sorbitol and lactitol.

Can Erythritol Cause Digestive Upset?

Cupcakes and other baked goods can be made with erythritol.

Photo Credit Betsie Van der Meer/Stone/Getty Images

In small amounts, erythritol is not supposed to cause digestive upset and diarrhea that other sugar alcohols like sorbitol and xylitol are known to cause, because erythritol is a smaller molecule and 90 percent of erythritol is absorbed in the small intestine and excreted for van cleef bracelets replica the most part unchanged in urine.

There are some people who report side effects such as diarrhea, stomach upset, and headache after consuming regular amounts of erythritol in food or beverages. The amount needed to cause symptoms varies greatly based on your individual tolerance. Some find that even small amounts of sugar alcohols upset their stomach, while others can tolerate higher amounts before they experience gastrointestinal symptoms.

Consuming over 50 grams of erythritol may result in nausea or stomach rumbling.

Does Erythritol Spike Blood Sugar or Insulin?

Erythritol is described as having a zero glycemic index, and it has not been found to affect blood sugar or insulin levels. For these reasons, erythritol is popular with people van cleef bracelet replica on low carb diets.

In a 1994 Japanese study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition under the title "Serum glucose and insulin levels and erythritol balance after oral administration of erythritol in healthy subjects," of five healthy male volunteers aged 45 58 years, they found that "Erythritol did not increase serum levels of glucose or insulin." They also found that erythritol did not induce any significant effects on serum levels of total cholesterol, triacylglycerol or free fatty acids.

Erythritol Does Not Cause Tooth Decay

One important advantage of erythritol is that it does not cause tooth decay. This was shown in a 1992 study titled "Noncariogenicity of erythritol as a substrate."

The harmful bacteria in our mouths can use sugar for energy that helps them grow and multiply and erode our teeth. But erythritol is different; it cannot be metabolized by oral bacteria, and it does not cause cavities.

What Happens to Erythritol Inside Our Bodies?

Even if cookies are sweetened with erythritol, it best to avoid overindulging!

Photo Credit Klaus Vedfelt/Taxi/Getty Images

Only about 10 percent of erythritol copy van cleef & arpels bangle we consume enters the colon. Most of the erythritol consumed is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine, and then after traveling through the bloodstream, 90 percent of it is excreted in the urine, according to a 2005 paper titled "Human gut microbiota does not ferment erythritol."

Because most of the erythritol is absorbed into the body before it gets to the colon, it does not normally cause the laxative effects that some individuals experience after consumption of other sugar alcohols, such as xylitol and maltitol.

Final Conclusions About Erythritol

In conclusion, erythritol has several advantages over sugar: it contains almost no calories, it does not cause tooth decay and it does not spike blood sugar.

Erythritol should not cause digestive upset in most people unless it is consumed in large quantities of over 50 grams.

All of this said, our recommendation is that our readers still need to be cautious not to overindulge on foods containing erythritol. The reason for this is: most foods that use sugar alcohols as sweeteners still contain a significant quantity of carbohydrates, fat and calories, according to the American Diabetes Association. If you choosing foods sweetened with sugar alcohols for weight loss reasons, you may not be giving yourself an advantage.

When choosing foods with sugar alternatives, check the food facts label, and compare the nutritional information to conventionally sweetened foods to determine which is the best choice for you.
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Rifts between European countries exposed

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban's (right) government has attacked German chancellor Angela Merkel (left) as being at the heart of the migrant problem. (AFP: Attila Kisbenedek)In pictures: Europe asylum seeker crisisThe chaos at Budapest van cleef necklace butterfly copy railway station this week as thousands of asylum seekers clamoured to get on trains, mainly headed to Germany, underscores the deep rifts that have opened up between European leaders.Key pointsGerman chancellor calls for fair distribution of asylum seekers across EUEU's Central European members to meet and plan a counter to Germany's demandsSlovakian prime minister says EU wide refugee plan would promote organised crimeThat gulf in approach has been exposed as they battle to forge a master plan to deal with the burgeoning crisis.German chancellor Angela Merkel has attempted to spearhead Europe's efforts to draw up a common EU stance to cope with the surge of desperate people entering the countries including introducing a new system for distributing them across the region.But an acute shortage of refugee accommodation has already seen France grappling with the large number of asylum seekers camped in the coastal town of Calais, van cleef and arpels necklace butterfly imitation waiting for the chance to flee across the channel to Britain.Meanwhile, Spain has ruled out quotas for distributing the migrants and British prime minister David Cameron has rejected calls to accept more. (AFP: Attila Kisbenedek)But as Ms Merkel has struggled to convince western European states to adopt an EU wide approach to the crisis, her drive for a more coordinated effort has run into a solid wall of opposition from new Central European members.Partly reflecting the views of other Central European states, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban's right wing government has hardened its anti refugee stance.It has attacked the EU and Germany as being at the heart of the problem, as Budapest van cleef style necklace fake grapples with new arrivals that hit more than 2,000 a day last month."We reached the situation today where because of the irresponsible policies of Brussels, people are dying," a parliamentary resolution presented by Mr Orban's Fidesz party said, referring to the discovery of the bodies of 71 people in a van in Austria last week.Ms Merkel hit back: "We will see who refuses and who does not."The (European) states must share the responsibility for asylum seeker refugees."Instead, however, Hungary has begun building a four metre high fence along its 188 kilometre border with non EU member Serbia to keep desperate asylum seekers out.Central European states to exert new found EU influenceSix weeks ago, Central European EU members Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia and Lithuania stood behind Germany in taking a tough line in dealing with Athens in the Greek crisis.Emboldened by having transformed their once communist economies, the Central European states' key role in the Greek crisis also marked a subtle shift in power away from the established EU members to the bloc's new Central European members, which have joined the EU over the last decade.The (European) states must share the responsibility for asylum seeker refugees.German chancellor Angela MerkelOf the Eurozone's 19 member states, 16 took (in varying degrees) a hard line with Athens during the July meeting of leaders on the Greek crisis, leaving France and Italy scrambling to head off the threat of Greece crashing out of the currency bloc.
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Teacher Tenure Lawsuits Spread From California To New York

In New York today, a group of parents and advocates, led by former CNN and NBC anchor Campbell Brown, filed a suit challenging state laws that govern when teachers can be given tenure and how they can be fired once they have it.

"I am so inspired by what these people are doing," Brown said, tearing up during her brief appearance at the press conference. "This is not going to be easy and they are so incredibly brave to be taking this on."

Some of the named plaintiffs also appeared:

Bronx resident Angeles Barragan said her daughter fell behind due to an incompetent teacher who didn't assign homework and didn't help her child learn to read. 94.

"What I'm looking for is changes. I'm not looking for them to get rid of anybody," Barragan said in knock off van cleef and arpels magic alhambra necklace Spanish. "I'm looking for changes so that teachers in classrooms really want to teach children."

The suit is the second of its kind in New York. The first, filed earlier this month, comes from a group calling itself the New van cleef and arpels heart necklace copy York City Parents Union. Both arrive on the heels of last month's ruling in Vergara v. California. There, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge found similar state laws unconstitutional, ruling that tenure rules disproportionately saddle poor and minority students with "grossly ineffective" teachers, a violation of the right to equality of education spelled out in California's constitution.

The Vergara ruling has been stayed pending an appeal, but critics of teacher tenure laws clearly consider it a promising template for potential battles across the country. New York is the second major front in that fight.

Out With 'Last In, First Out'?

Michelle Rhee and her group, StudentsFirst, are a major force behind these tenure law challenges.

"There are states and jurisdictions in which the dismissal process is way too time consuming and cumbersome, making it impossible for teachers to be fired," Rhee says. "And so, when we have nonsensical laws that give people a job for life regardless of performance, we should remove those policies or fix them."

The criticisms of tenure rules in both the Vergara case and van cleef gold clover necklace imitation today's New York lawsuit come in roughly three buckets. First, critics say that teachers receive tenure too quickly, before their performance can be evaluated reliably or tied to students' test scores. In California for example, teachers can be given tenure after just 18 months on the job. Second, they argue that rigid "last in, first out" seniority rules mean that younger teachers are dismissed before older teachers regardless of effectiveness. And third, they say, firing low performing teachers is just too difficult and involves too much red tape.

Dennis Van Roekel, the outgoing president of the National Education Association, says groups like Rhee's simply want to go after unions. Partnership for Educational Justice, the group that filed the New York suit, is headed by Brown, who's been an outspoken critic of teachers unions on several fronts. Her husband sits on the board of Rhee's StudentsFirstNY chapter. Among Brown's advisors is David Welch, a telecommunications billionaire who also funded the Vergara lawsuit.

This anti tenure activism "has nothing to do with students," Van Roekel says. At the same time, he concedes that unions are not opposed to streamlining the dismissal process for ineffective teachers or, for that matter, lengthening time to tenure. California's tenure process is unusually short, at just a year and a half; a three year probationary period, the rule in New York State, or even five years is more common.

The California teachers NPR Ed talked to last month agreed that teacher protections are important but that it should also be easier to get rid of lower performing colleagues. "Working with a bad teacher is an embarrassment," said Alan Warhaftig, a 25 year veteran of Los Angeles Public Schools. "You feel bad for their students."

'The Losers Are The Students'

Kevin Welner of the National Education Policy Center hasn't taken a position in the tenure fight, but he sees a problem with focusing on tenure and seniority laws in the quest to improve schools. Namely, it takes the focus away from everything else.

"It doesn't focus on attracting stronger teachers, it doesn't focus on developing stronger teachers," Welner says.

Other researchers have found that the main reason strong teachers leave low performing schools is because of working conditions, including discipline problems and reduced opportunities for professional development. Making matters worse, compared to data from 2000, more students now attend schools with high concentrations of poverty.

If there is a silver lining, Welner says, it's that these suits are putting a magnifying glass to the nation's highest poverty schools, and that could expose plenty of unjust policies that need addressing.

But the courts are a slow, tortuous path to change. The New York lawsuit is likely to take years, while the California decision is being appealed. Welner questions whether the courts are up to the task of, as he puts it, "mucking around" with complex, contentious educational policies and practices. Still, he says, asking the courts to play that role is "preferable to generation after generation of kids being denied basic equality of educational opportunities."
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shining in the Champions League after troubled upbringing

Memphis Depay is Manchester United's new showman and shone in the Champions League. No 7 is a character but behind tattoos and camouflaged cars is an uplifting tale after troubled upbringing

Memphis Depay signed for Manchester United from PSV Eindhoven for 25million this summer and has impressedDutch forward scored two goals as United beat Club Bruges 3 1 in their Champions League play off first legHe owns a camouflage car, a home with a boxing ring, and a tattoo across his chest that reads 'Dream Chaser'Depay's father walked out on the family when he was just four years old and he struggled with personal issuesSparta Rotterdam's coach sent Depay on holiday with his family while PSV employed a life coach for MemphisBut Depay is now one of the rising stars in the game and has been tipped for success at Manchester UnitedThe winger has been described as 'so physically strong' and is said to have the 'Ronaldo build'By

He owns a camouflage car that evokes comparisons with Mario Balotelli, an Eindhoven home that boasts a full size boxing ring and emblazoned across his chest in sprawling italics is a tattoo that reads 'Dream Chaser'.

Memphis Depay, Manchester United's new 25million forward from PSV Eindhoven and an individual who is already becoming one of the more colourful characters in the English game.

At Old Trafford, his first significant act was to request the iconic No 7 shirt. It is a showman's number for a showbiz individual.

Memphis looked pleased with himself as he posted a summer selfie with Karrueche Tran, singer Chris Brown's ex, during a holiday in Miami

He followed that up with a talismanic performance in the Champions League on Tuesday night. Two goals, should have had a hat trick and set up a crucial third in the play off with Club Bruges.

Hiding in the shadows is not how Depay's time in Manchester will be defined.

He arrived at Manchester Airport kitted out in 10,000 worth of Louis Vuitton accessories and has also starred in a collaboration with Dutch rap group Rotterdam Airlines. The song is called 'Flexin' and he raps along in the back of the car as he sits merrily between two glamorous ladies.

In the summer, after his move was confirmed, he posted a picture on Instagram of him cosying up to Karrueche Tran, the ex girlfriend of singer Chris Brown, while holidaying in Miami.

On one Dutch chat van cleef rose gold bracelet imitation show, he revealed a tattoo on the inside of his lip that read 'succesvol' [successful], although it was not permanent. Still, you get the idea.

Like previous United No 7s Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, Depay is a marketing man's dream and a set piece specialist the seven free kicks he scored for PSV last season was more than any other player in Europe.

Such confidence, of course, can be interpreted in different ways.

'I saw that Depay played for the Dutch Under 19 side,' Southampton manager Ronald Koeman once said. 'He was walking around like he has won 10 European Cups. What is it all about?'

On one Dutch chat show, he revealed a tattoo on the inside of his lip that read 'succesvol' [successful], although it was not permanent

Koeman is not alone in that perception but first impressions can be deceiving with Depay, who many in Holland believe to be the country's greatest talent since Arjen Robben.

Having spent a week in Rotterdam and Eindhoven whereSportsmail met a number of coaches, professionals and friends of the player it seems that behind the super cars, tattoos and rap music lies a truly uplifting tale of van cleef gold bracelet knock off a young footballer who has overcome a traumatic upbringing to become one of the most gifted talents of his generation.

Depay's story begins in the Dutch town of Moordrecht, around 20km outside of Rotterdam. He is the son of a Dutch mother, Cora, and a Ghanaian father, Dennis, who walked out on his child when he was only four years old.

Depay has barely heard from his father since and van cleef arpels alhambra replica bracelet this is why he uses his first name Memphis on the back of his shirt.

He began playing football for local side VV Moordrecht, where he was spotted by Sparta Rotterdam. At Sparta, they soon realised that they would have to spend an inordinate amount of time on young Memphis.

He arrived into the U9 age group and his coaches Romeo Wouden and Cock van Dijk reflect, albeit affectionately, on a child that could be 'very difficult'.

This was the period where his mother met a new man and they moved in with him and his own children. It was there where Memphis endured his most upsetting period at the hands of his new extended family.

Depay (left wearing a hat as a child, and right with Sparta Rotterdam) uses Memphis on the back of his shirt as he barely knows his father

It was not an unfamiliar sight for the child to arrive into training with tears in his eyes and he could often appear distant from the group. By consensus, it was a 'truly terrible' time for him.

Certain details are too sensitive to reveal in these pages but Memphis was sufficiently affected for PSV to place life coach Joost Leenders with the player almost immediately after he was signed to the club at the age of 12. He is now 21 and that professional relationship ended only 18 months ago.

The home life improved when they moved in with maternal grandparents Kees and Jans but Memphis' issues endured.

At Sparta, coach Wouden quickly identified Memphis as a fragile personality in need of a role model. 'I tried to give him discipline,' he tells Sportsmail. 'In the beginning, we clashed. He wanted to show me that he would do whatever he liked. I showed him: "You're not gonna do that, my little friend."
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Teen Martial Scores As United Dump Liverpool

Daley Blind fired the hosts in front after a well worked free kick before Ander Herrera scored from the penalty spot after being brought down by Joe Gomez.

Martial came off the bench for his debut and scored United's third with a superb solo effort after Christian Benteke had pulled one back with an acrobatic finish.

Van Gaal was impressed with what he saw from 19 year old Martial, who joined United for plus add ons, and believes the Frenchman is ready to take the Premier League by storm.

"The goal of Anthony was not a bad goal, I think," he said.

"It was also a match for him because Liverpool had to come as we were ahead. He had a lot of space, so it was easier to bring him on.

"But he did alright he scored a marvellous goal, and I've also seen that physically he can play in the Premier League."

After a low key van cleef and arpels bracelet alhambra knock off opening period the game fake alhambra bracelet van cleef opened up massively in the second half, with Blind's goal coming just four minutes after the restart.

Van Gaal brought Memphis Depay off at half time van cleef arpels alhambra replica bracelet and introduced Ashley Young, who immediately made an impact as he won the free kick which led to Blind's fine opener.

The United boss admitted he was happy with his side's domination in the first 45 minutes, but he was disappointed with the lack of chances they created.

"I think we played better in the first half," he added.

"We had far more control, but we didn't create too much I think two chances and a lot of possibilities in the first phase, but the last pass was not so good.

"That's why I changed Memphis, to improve that last pass, and also Mata.

"The second half has been characterised because of the goal. That is a consequence of our meetings and our tactical sessions with set plays.

"That has paid off. I'm very happy with this goal because that is what we have practised in many training sessions, and now it's coming out.

"The first goal is, of course, the goal that decides the match because after that they have to come, and then we get more space.

"Because of that we could score the second goal very good running in behind from Herrera, a fantastic pass from Michael Carrick. I was very proud, also of the way he hit the penalty."
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Saving Kansas City Schools Means Rescuing A City

The entire public school system in Kansas City, Mo., has flunked.

The state board of education revoked its accreditation on Jan. 1. Public schools met just three of the 14 standards set by the board for basic proficiency. They received failing grades for knock off van cleef perlee ring attendance, graduation rates, plus math and reading and writing scores.

There have been decades of mismanagement, declining enrollment and revolving door superintendents. Now, there's a struggle for the future of the schools that may also be a battle for Kansas City itself.

The Education Effect

"I can't think of anything that I'm supposed to do as the mayor of this city that isn't some way affected by or built on education," Sylvester James says. "Nothing."

The education system affects everything, the new mayor says, from lowering crime to creating jobs and making the city grow.

"I can tell you that the perception of having things that are not functional does not help you attract people and keep them in the city and the neighborhoods," he says. "They go to where they can find success for their children."

James says that he should take charge, as mayors have in New York, Chicago, Boston and other cities. He believes that only a mayor can wrestle bureaucracies and rally private resources and public opinion to save schools.

"It is a crisis, and it's one that we have to address if we're going to stay vital and if we're going to repopulate this city and stabilize our tax base and grow," James says.

The mayor would abolish the elected school board and create a corporate structure headed by a CEO chief educational officer that he would choose.

James is a lawyer and new to politics. A lot of people in Kansas City laud his determination, but question the results of mayoral control in other cities.

Van Horn High School was taken in by a neighboring district five years ago. Van Horn had been a part of the Kansas City district for more than 50 years. Residents voted to turn over Van Horn and six other Kansas City public schools to Independence.

Test scores and graduation rates improved. Seventy percent of the students at Van Horn come from families below the poverty line, and the school offers counseling, meals, even dental service.

Jim Hinson, the superintendent of the Independence School District, says he saw Kansas City lose accreditation knock off van cleef & arpels butterfly ring this year and asked: "If I have students that literally live across the street that are not in our school district, but I know historically the lack of success, do we have an obligation to try to be part of a solution?"

He says the answer is yes.

'This City Is Ready'

Critics of the absorption approach say the apparent success Independence has had with a few schools shouldn't be a plan for all of Kansas City.

"We're not saying everything is roses in the [Kansas City] district," says County Legislator Crystal Williams. "But I'm also going to say to you I don't think that parceling our schools out to suburban districts is a way to solve the problem."

Williams is also a parent, with a son in the Kansas City Public Schools. She describes herself as part of a crew of concerned parents who log long hours in community and committee meetings. They call themselves "the do gooder mafia."

She believes Kansas City should be left to work out its own solution to its school crisis.

"We have made enough progress that this city is ready and willing to go forward and come up with the solutions we need," Williams says.

Yet, the city has already had 20 years to improve. Williams says things are different now.

"I think maybe there's more engagement than there's ever been," she says. "Sometimes, when you're threatened with a loss, you finally get your crap together, and you move forward and do what you need to do."

Doing The Math

Yet another challenge for Kansas City is that the number of families with children in the public schools has dramatically declined. Enrollment reached 77,000 in the late 1960s. Today, it's fewer than 16,000.

Interim Superintendent Stephen Green says the numbers have dwindled because Kansas City parents don't feel that their schools are knock off van cleef diamond ring good enough or safe enough for their children.
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Recovered Elimimian now flying at Lions camp

KAMLOOPS Picture this for a moment.

When he first got out of his hospital bed, Solomon Elimimian's right leg was covered in a cast and his sole mode of transportation was one of those electric scooters favoured by the elderly and the infirm.

That was all right for getting around the house, but a man's got to eat and longer trips in his new ride proved problematic. This meant when hunger struck, Elimimian would text his Lions teammates and have them bring over food from the team's Surrey practice facility.

"It was," says the Lions linebacker, "an interesting couple of weeks."

So he can laugh now. But when you're lying flat on your back, wondering if your career is over, the laughs are a little harder to come by. Elimimian, the CFL's most outstanding player in 2014, has come out the dark side after rupturing his right Achilles tendon in the Lions' seventh game of 2015 and now pronounces himself ready to resume knock off van cleef and arpels alhambra ring his place as the baddest man in the Canadian game.

That's good news for the Lions and not so good news for the rest of the CFL. But if you're wondering how this singular athlete went from puttering around in a scooter to raging around a football field, just stop and consider everything that brought him to this place. Elimimian, it seems, has made a career of van cleef engagement ring knock off overcoming obstacles and, like the mean streets of south central Los Angeles or disbelieving football coaches, a little thing like a ruptured Achilles wasn't going to defeat him.

"As soon as (Lions team doctor Bob) McCormack said go, it was full speed," Elimimian says. "I wanted to have the fastest recovery ever. Whatever timetable they'd' give me, I'd try to exceed that. That was my goal. Let me get better.

"I researched all the guys who tore their Achilles: (NFL stars) Terrell Suggs, Robert Mathis, Michael Crabtree. How did they come back? What did they do? I saw the finish line. It knew it could be done. But are you going to do the work? That's the question."

In this case, it's a rhetorical one.

Elimimian is now 10 months from the injury that threatened his livelihood and it's hard to reconcile the man who was carried off the field in Hamilton with the man who's been flying around Lions training camp. He looks like the player who obliterated the CFL's single season record for tackles in 2014. He looks like the player who, with Adam Bighill, formed the league's best linebacking partnership.

Is he still that player? The 29 year old Elimimian says he won't know for sure until the real work of the regular season begins. But, in the next breath, he says: "I feel as good as I've ever felt and one thing I know is it's going to keep getting better. I don't have any limitations."

You can guess how his colleagues feel about that.

"He's looked good at this camp," said defensive co ordinator Mark Washington. "He's being himself. A motivated player can be a very dangerous player. Solly's always played with a chip on his shoulder and you want that."

"Energy, passion, physical play, that's what he brings and those are the three things you want in a linebacker," said Bighill. "I missed him when he wasn't there. We feed off each other."

Now they can resume eating.

Elimimian went under the knife in late August but it would be two months before he began his rehab in earnest. Galaxy's training facility under the watchful eye of physical therapist Janet Jin.

He would turn his recovery into a competition. And Elimimian lives to compete.

"(Jin) said she's never seen a faster recovery," said Elimimian. "It was hard but I enjoyed it because it tested me.

"My life has always been about challenges. When I came to the Lions I was fourth on the depth chart. I only had one scholarship offer because I was too small for Division I. It brought back that fire and I think that's going to be advantageous for me. You have to have something to drive you."

During his rehab, Elimimian says he shut down most of his contact with the outside world as he went about the dirty work of building back his right leg. But, through it all, one of his teammates continued to reach out to him, continued to let him know he wasn't alone in his fight.

That man stood beside his friend. Now Adam Bighill stands beside him in the Lions defence.

"Biggie knows me and I know him," Elimimiam said. "There was a stretch when I wasn't talking to anybody because I was so focused on what I was doing.

"But he texted me and said: 'I know you're in a cave right now but I love van cleef ring price knock off you and I can't wait to play with you again.' "
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Why I Am Madly In Love With Celtic Woman

Sirens of the HeatherFor me, music begins and ends with the Sex Pistols.

There is the rare occasion, however, when I discover something that really makes me sit up and take notice that is not anarchic, edgy, chaotic, or just plain racket.

Although this is an open secret among people who know me well (both of them), I have certain geeky tendencies. I love ABBA, for instance. [There, I said it out loud!! You happy now??]

When I fall for a woman it in a big way. No amount of superlatives or hyperbole can make anyone understand just how much in love with that woman I am. It is even harder to convey a sense of awe and adulation when speaking of a concept, but for your edification and amusement I will tell you why I am madly in love with Celtic Woman.

Credit: Clyde Caldewell, 2004

Fake Vocal Group HistoryThe assembled vocal unit, a device of marketing and expedience largely created by the Shadow Mortons/Phil Spectors of the 1960s (the Dixie Cups, Bobby Soxx, et al), served no general purpose but to sell product.

In the good old days that product was records. [Unlike today where almost everything but the music is packaged and merchandised; the music is strictly secondary for such groups. It the mega bucks made on the image video games, whatever counts.]

For a great example of behind the scenes machinations, in the 1960s almost any girl groups that featured Darlene Love were almost always an assemblage. Darlene Love, for the fetus y among the readership, was a phenomenal talent who could sing in almost any style and was so highly sought for her skills that she had to and record under multiple girl group names to avoid breach of contract lawsuits from various record companies. This practice Knockoff white hermes bag was relatively harmless. Darlene Love still got to make records, just under many names other than her own.

In the late 1960s, however, a music promoter got the wise guy idea to create a from a cartoon!! Thus, The Archies were born (created as a tie in to the Saturday morning cartoon featuring Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, and my all time fave, Jughead). This had to be one of the most brilliant marketing strategies ever. The Archies were nothing more than a loose aggregate of whatever studio musicians happened to be sitting around that day, centered on the somewhat decent, bubble gummy vocal talents of one man (Ron Dante).

The genius here is it cost almost nothing to churn out product. No band members to no salaries to pay, (studio hacks generally got paid scale or a fixed hourly rate, and it was done it was done touring in support of the record [Hey, cartoons can tour!] Another bonus: no "artist" royalties, either.

The Archies first single, Sugar is an outstanding, shining, glorious moment of bubblegum pop sold millions and was a huge hit. All this from a band made of pen and ink and not flesh and blood.

But contrived bands stepped up with the assemblage of The Monkees, flesh and blood humans. This contrivance was meant to capitalize on both the Beatles popularity and the Beatles film making style (used in Hard Day Night), only for television. To that end, a group of four were assembled, based on stereotypes endorsed by the studio.

First, there was the McCartney esqe moppet, Davy Jones (a song and dance man from Britain with no musical skills in a rock setting. d: Feb. 12, 2012). Then there was an actor, Mickey Dolenz (playing the wild hippie type). Peter Tork was a folky. Mike Nesmith (a genuine boho) was the real talent and the Lennon of the bunch. [Nesmith mother invented Liquid Paper (the white gouache used to correct tying errors) roughly a decade before, so he and his family were loaded. He also wrote the song Drum for The Stone Poneys, a group that featured a very young Linda Ronstadt on lead vocals her singing on the record. It was a minor hit in the late Sixties, and it a great song.]

Of this group, only two were musicians Tork and Mike faux enamel on gold jewelry Nesmith. Jones and Dolenz couldn play a thing (and Davy Jones tambourine bashing doesn count). They later learned to play and write and eventually became successful on their own as a real working band. But they weren meant to be.

Neither was The Partridge Family.

Same deal: a network wanted a TV show to cash in on current perceived trends, and in the early Seventies pop/rock was the medium someone decided would make for great programming. A bunch of people were auditioned, and the net result was another fake band. Only David Cassidy could play an instrument, the guitar. His step mother, Shirley Jones (with a long career of stage musical behind her) was the only other of the allowed to sing on record. The rest of the were studio musicians. [One of whom was a respected jazz pianist, Mike Melvoin (d: 2012). His last name might ring a bell for aficionados of obscura: he is the father of Wendy, of Prince The Revolution fame.]

By the 1980s, though, contrived vocal groups became slicker and more polished. Some, of course, were miserable and epic failures: Milli Vanilli (the jokes are all played out, so I won bother).

Some, however, had real talent. One of the better assembled vocal groups of the late 1980s (and highly underrated) was a sound lush trio named Expos Although their line up was shaky and several women floated through the group, they managed to post a few chart makers ( Change and of No Return are probably the most familiar, but they had others) that were good records on their own merits. These women actually could sing as well. [Expos is a rare case when I feel America might have missed something (the other loss, of course, is the tragedy of The Replacements never hitting it as big as they deserved). Ladies of Expos faux gold enamel jewelry if you out there anywhere still love you!!

Then, we moved into the realm of the ridiculous. Nothing says in your face marketing and exploitation more than the contrived Spice Girls, a loathsome bunch of talentless wenches if ever any were assembled. [And no, Victoria Spice Beckham is not that hot (I mean, by British standards, yeah, but that bar is set pretty low).]

The Spice Girls were meant to do one thing and one thing only: take your money. And, stupidly, you gave it to them. Unlike groups like Expos (who cared about the music), or even the studio geriatrics who were the real Milli Vanilli, The Spice Girls Svengalis threw every hook, clich and much schmaltz into their as possible. Secondly, the and overly cutesy identity of the unified family (each broad having a goofy first name like or combined with the surname how cute . . . ) was a horrific joke. This sort of branding rarely gels; the only band who ever mattered for whom that tactic worked (and they are American and international musical icons whose place in music history is assured) was the Ramones. And trust me, Spice Girls, none of you were not even fit to carry the lowest Ramones roadie leather jacket.

Sadly, the sheeple are easily led. The Spice Girls, in their 15 minutes of fame, made more money than the Ramones ever hoped to see, but then (thankfully) it was over. They went away, rolling in your cash, laughing all the way to the bank. Today, we suffer Victoria Beckham sightings, but that relatively harmless least neither she nor any of the other Spice Girls goes anywhere near a recording studio now.

Pop music has had many such contrived and assembled acts over the years. Most of them are female (eye candy appeal) and are throw aways (like the Pussycat Dolls, another low concept Spice Girls kind of outfit that is likewise just as useless as the template).

There can be that one gem like moment, however, when someone of true vision and ability gets a brainstorm, and puts together something that is entertaining, significant, grandiose, and worthy. The net result is Celtic Woman.

Theory into PracticeWhen people go to see Broadway shows, they go to see the show. Most people don follow the stars of theater. The play the thing (or the revue, or the cabaret). So, when forming such acts, big names do not matter. Anonymity, in fact, is better the talent can be developed, there are no egos to stroke. Anyone who has seen the Broadway show Cats [probably better known by its working title, Ca$h] couldn care less that Robbie Van der Snoot played Cat Who Licks His They just went to see the furballs fly!!

Riverdance is such a construct. This act was hugely successful. Name one in it, though. You can That by design. In huge shows like Riverdance the behind the scenes staff are just as well known as the stage performers, and they are consummate professionals (they have fake white enamel jewelry to be, given the budgets and financial risks involved).

Oh, yeah, it also the producers who are the real stars of musical theater.

Sometimes producers fail (the Mel Brooks classic comedy, The Producers, gives a hilarious skewering to Broadway theater folderol). The good producers, however, know their markets. And if there isn a market, the really smart producers create one. In the wake of Riverdance phenomenal success, particularly in the US, David Downes (a former Riverdance musical director) partnered with Sharon Browne to develop a musical act that featured Celtic folk and traditional music combined with more modern sounds. And thus the collective, Celtic Woman, was conceived.

The intelligence of these two innovators cannot be overstated, starting with the name of their project: Celtic Woman. And, yeah, there are still some jackholes out there who don like Irish people, so was clear thinking on the part of The Creators.

Also, the group is not Women but in the singular. This works on two levels. First, the concept of the feminine is addressed in the title and all that embodies: the legends, the imaginings, the iconography, the mythos. The focus is on the art itself, for the same reason that Riverdance is not called Riverdancers. For Riverdance, the is more important than the dancers. For Celtic Woman, it is the abstract who is more important than any individual female who might be in the group.
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What channel is Super Bowl on today 2

Halftime show: Global superstar Lady Gaga, winner of six Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, and Academy Award nominee, will headline the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, the NFL says.

TEAMS MEET for 1st time in postseason. NE leads all time series 7 6. Patriots defeated Falcons 30 23 in last meeting on 9/29/13.

PATRIOTS: Have 9 Super Bowl berths, most in NFL history. Have won 8 consecutive division titles, longest streak in NFL history. Since 2001, have won 4 Super Bowl titles, most in NFL. Have 31 19 (.620) all time postseason record, 2nd highest winning pct. (247), comp. (164), yards (1,605) TDs (13). Has won 4 Super Bowls as starting QB 3 Super Bowl MVPs, both tied for most in NFL history. In Super Bowl XLIX vs. Sea., completed SB record 37 passes for 328 yards 4 TDs. Ranks 1st all time in postseason wins (24), passing att. (1,263), comp. (788), yards (8,628) TDs (61). Has 11 career postseason games with 300+ pass yards, most all time. Had 14.0 TD/INT ratio (28 pass TDs vs. 2 INTs), highest in NFL history (min. Rd. win vs. Hou., RB DION LEWIS became 1st player in postseason history with rush TD, rec. TD KR TD in same game. RB LE GARRETTE BLOUNT rushed for TD in AFC CG. Led NFL with franchise record 18 rush TDs. Has 8 rush TDs in 7 career postseason games. Has rush TD in 6 of past 7 (incl. playoffs). Ranks 7th in NFL postseason history with faux black enamel bracelet 84 catches. In past 9 playoff games, has 75 catches (8.3 per game) for 862 rec. yards (95.8 per game) 3 TDs. Had 9 catches for 109 yards TD in SB XLIX. Is franchise postseason leader with 84 catches 937 rec. yards. Has 3 seasons with 90+ catches, 2nd most in team history. WR CHRIS HOGAN set franchise record with 180 rec. yards in AFC CG. Ranks 2nd among players in 2016 postseason with 275 rec. yards. Led team with Knockoff hermes mens bags 4 INTs 17 PD. LB ROB NINKOVICH has 1.5 sacks in past 2 SB appearances. Had FR in AFC CG. Has 6 career postseason sacks. CB LOGAN RYAN has faux fashion bangles bracelets 16 tackles, 4 PD INT in past 2 postseason games. Was only NFL CB with 90+ tackles (92), 2+ INTs (2), 1+ sack (1) 1+ FF (1) in 2016. S DEVIN MC COURTY had INT in Div. Rd. CB ERIC ROWE had INT 2 PD in AFC CG. LB KYLE VAN NOY had FF in AFC CG.

FALCONS: Making 2nd Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. Won NFC South advanced to postseason for 1st time since 2012. Ranked 1st in NFL in total points (540) 2nd in total offense (415.8 yards per game). Head coach DAN QUINN is making 3rd Super Bowl appearance in past 4 seasons. Was def. coordinator for Sea. Is 1st QB in NFL history with 3+ pass TDs in 4 consecutive playoff games. Set franchise record ranked 2nd in NFL with 4,944 passing yards. Has 6 consecutive 4,000+ yard seasons, tied for 2nd longest streak in NFL history. Led league with 117.1 rating, 5th highest single season rating in NFL history. In past 6 (incl. postseason), has 1,861 pass yards (310.2 per game) with 18 TDs vs. 0 INTs for 133.3 rating. In past 3 postseason games, has 1,126 pass yards (375.3 per game) with 10 TDs vs. postseason). Has 209 scrimmage yards (87 rush, 122 rec.) 2 TDs (1 rush, 1 rec.) in 2 career postseason games. yards 2 TD catches in NFC CG. Is only player in NFL history with 2 postseason games of 180+ rec. yards 2 rec. TDs. Averages 110.4 rec. yards per game in postseason, highest avg. in playoff history (min. 5 games). Ranked 2nd in NFL with 1,409 rec. yards, 4th season with 1,000+ rec. yards. Led NFL with 100.6 rec. yards per game avg. Has 26 catches (8.7 per game) for 429 rec. yards (143 per game) 5 TD catches in past 3 postseason games. WR MOHAMED SANU aims for 4th consecutive game Knockoff hermes handbag styles (incl. postseason) with TD catch. Had 5 catches for 52 yards TD in NFC CG. WR TAYLOR GABRIEL has 5 rec. TDs in past 8 (incl. LB VIC BEASLEY JR. led NFL with 15.5 sacks. LB DEION JONES (106) S KEANU NEAL (105) led NFL rookies in tackles. Neal tied for 3rd in league with 5 FFs. CB ROBERT ALFORD tied for 5th in NFL with 19 PD. CB RICARDO ALLEN aims for 3rd consecutive postseason game with INT. DT RA'SHEDE HAGEMAN had 1st career postseason sack 3 TFL in NFC CG. Has 3 sacks in past 5 (incl. postseason). DE TYSON JACKSON had sack TFL in NFC CG. NFL Communications
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Six HMRC offices chased me for

Millions of people with more than one source of income, either earnings or pensions, are at risk of being hit with backdated bills thanks to errors made by HM Revenue Customs.

In the process of investigating a number of cases of retired service personnel, Telegraph Money has uncovered what appear to be widespread, if not systematic, failures by HMRC to cope with multiple incomes.

People with more than one income, whether from pensions, PAYE employment or a mixture of the two, are being allocated the personal tax free allowance multiple times. This means the tax codes issued for their various income sources are incorrect. The usual outcome is that not enough tax is taken.

To make matters worse, HMRC disjointed handling of these cases means further tax demands follow, adding to the original error.

Armed Forces servicemen and women are particularly at risk because many go on to different careers following service, drawing a forces pension alongside other earnings.

Our offices have been inundated with letters and emails from people in this situation. Accountants are also spotting the trend. Clive Stevens, executive chairman of accountancy practice Reeves, said his firm was seeing a growing number of bungled codes. tax codes are issued by separate HMRC offices, each acting on the basis of information given to them by the pension provider, employer or the taxpayer directly, Mr Stevens said. my experience, up to three in five PAYE codes are incorrect when first issued. In the worst cases, it has taken 10 attempts to get a correct code from HMRC.

This echoes the experience of readers, including Adrian Davis, at one time a physiotherapist with the Royal Air Force, who was shocked to receive a demand for almost 5,000 in unpaid taxes just weeks before he van cleef inspired necklace replica was due to retire. What followed was months of repeated blundering by HMRC. No fewer than six tax offices were involved in sending information or demands for payment, almost all incorrect.

Mr Davis, 66, has received an Armed Forces pension since he retired from the RAF in 1989 after 24 years service. He carried on his career with the NHS, where he worked van cleef and arpels turquoise alhambra necklace imitation until his retirement in December 2010.

Two months before he was due to retire, Mr Davis received two letters from HMRC Nottingham office. The first said he had underpaid tax for the van cleef and arpels alhambra diamond necklace copy year 2008 09 and owed 2,368. The second said he also owed money for the 2009 10 tax year, bringing the total bill to 4,720.

the preceding 19 years the tax coding I received for both my salary and pension had been correct, he said. why then suddenly had this system failed?

Mr Davis wrote to HMRC in November 2010 appealing the decision. HMRC Birmingham office replied in December insisting that the money was in fact due. It said he had underpaid as his RAF pension and his NHS salary had both been allocated the personal tax free allowance for the years in question. Mr Davis was told it was his responsibility to check his tax code and to notify HMRC if he felt there was an error.

have never had to do this, he said. had to my knowledge never been an error, so why should I need to do it now? I had always assumed that as I worked for two government institutions my entire career, that I could trust them to get it right.

On February 10, 2011, five weeks after he retired, Mr Davis received another letter from HMRC, this time from the Bootle office in Merseyside. It said he was required to pay the 4,720 in full before March 12.

In fact, Mr Davis was entitled to repay the balance over a period of up to three years. He set up a 12 month repayment schedule and the Glasgow office wrote to him confirming that the first monthly payment of 393.31 would be taken on July 1 2011.

The payment was in fact taken a month late, and then in November 2011, HMRC sent another letter with a revised tax bill of 4,805 an extra 85 for the 2010 11 tax year. This time the letter came from HMRC Cardiff office.

Mr Davis then received a telephone call from HMRC Bournemouth office asking for payment of the full 4,805. It was totally unaware that he had been paying in monthly instalments since August.

knew the money had been leaving my bank account, so I spent a fretful month worrying about where this money was going, he said. HMRC Liverpool office eventually confirmed in February 2012 that it had received the payments and Mr Davis paid the remaining 85 by cheque.

Perhaps the most outrageous revelation, however, is that Mr Davis should not have been forced to pay this money at all. HMRC should have written off the whole amount when he appealed the bill under concession ESC A19, which it only agreed to do once Telegraph Money stepped in.

Under ESC A19, HMRC must write off the tax owed if it has the information required to tax someone correctly, but does not act on it. HMRC must use the information within 12 months from the end of the tax year in which it is received.

HMRC has now agreed to refund the 4,805 in full and apologised to Mr Davis for the appalling treatment he received.

His situation is not unusual. Keith Naylor, who has received an Armed Forces pension since November 1997, retired from PAYE employment in early 2012.

Later that year HMRC demanded 4,652 in underpaid tax for 2008 09 through to 2011 12. He appealed under ESC A19 but was told it did not apply as HMRC didn have the full information about his income.

Mr Naylor disputed this, insisting his pension provider and employer had supplied all the relevant details. But he was forced to pay the bill in full, only to receive a second demand for the tax year 2012 13 for a further 2,172.

already appealed the first tax demand, I saw little point in appealing the second, so I paid it, he said. I feel aggrieved that I received two tax bills after retirement. Finding these sums of money in retirement caused my wife and I considerable stress and financial hardship.

A spokesman denied coding errors were wrong and said that centralised databases should mean multiple incomes were properly tallied. But he acknowledged potential problems, saying while individuals were responsible for checking their code, those with multiple income sources should take care.
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Referentie en onderwijs Nederlands

Brian en Amy gemeten de lengte van het dezelfde laptop met twee verschillende heersers. Brian gemeten de lengte van de laptop zich 21.5 cm, en Amy's meting was 21.46 cm. Kies de nauwkeuriger meting.

Brian's meting 21.5 cm impliceert dat de meting werd uitgevoerd op het dichtstbijzijnde tiende deel van een centimeter.

Er is niets gezegd over hoe de meting is afgerond. Laten we aannemen dat je vriend afgerond de meting op de dichtstbijzijnde inch. Wat zou in dat geval de exacte hoogte van de tabel?

Als uw vriend meting klopt, dan zou een getal dat tot 28 centimeter zou afronden redelijke.

Een willekeurig getal tussen 27.5 en 28.5 voeten is redelijk dat de exacte hoogte. Omdat een aantal groter is dan de 27,5 zou maximaal 28 ronde en elk nummer zou minder dan 28,5 naar beneden afronden op 28.

De van cleef and arpels turquoise alhambra necklace imitation exacte hoogte van cleef and arpels alhambra turquoise necklace imitation zou 28 inch "+ of 0,5 inch."

De grootste mogelijke fout van de meting is dus 0,5 inch.

Met andere woorden, per definitie,

"De grootste mogelijke fout is een helft van de kleinste maateenheid gebruikt."

De hoogte van de tabel is 28 centimeter en deze meting is verricht naar de dichtstbijzijnde inch. Dus, de grootste mogelijke fout zal zijn de helft van een inch 0,5 inch is.

Verwante small van cleef necklace imitation artikelen in referentie en onderwijs

Mensen die genteresseerd zijn in het bovenstaande artikel zijn ook genteresseerd in de aanverwante artikelen hieronder:

Het boekjaar 2016 geweest bewogen voor de Indiase economie. Aan de ene kant is de impact van de wereldwijde recessie eindelijk vervagen en aan de andere kant de thuismarkten hebben opgepikt in een sterke manier. Duidelijk, zijn goede tijden vooruit voor degenen die op zoek zijn naar banen in deze economische scenario die u met de juiste kwalificatie.

Indiase hoger onderwijs blijft drie elementaire uitdagingen ondergaan: Access, billijkheid en kwaliteit. Dus komt er het dilemma over of een particuliere hogeschool meer dan instellingen in de publieke sector of vice versa levert. Vandaag de neiging is meer naar particuliere hogescholen voor techniek en management graden in het afgelopen decennium, met massale studenten die momenteel ingeschreven in priv instellingen.
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What It Means To Be 'Always On' A Smartphone

Millions of people around the world are carrying smartphones and computer tablets that keep them constantly connected to the Internet. There are now more than 400,000 apps in Apple's online store and 250,000 in Google's Android market that allow their users to do hundreds of everyday tasks, all from the comfort of their handheld devices. Chen.

"Millions of us are carrying these devices that have a constant Internet connection and also access to hundreds of thousands of applications of very smart interfaces tailored to suit our everyday needs," he tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies. "If you think of that phenomenon [of being constantly connected], everything has to change: the way we do policing, the way we do education, [and] the way that we might treat medicine."

In Always On: How the iPhone Unlocked the Anything Anytime Anywhere Future and Locked Us In, Chen examines what it means to have an uninterrupted connection to the Internet and how smartphone based applications will revolutionize the way we conduct our lives on and offline.

For example, Abilene Christian University in Texas now gives every incoming freshman an iPhone and integrates the device into the curriculum.

"Instead of lecturing students and saying, 'Hey, open your textbook and go to page 96,' Hermes So Kelly Bag Knockoff the teacher is acting as a guide and saying 'OK, so here's the topic we're going to discuss today. Take out your iPhone and go search on the web or search Wikipedia and let's have a conversation about where we want to take this discussion," Chen says.

He explains that students at Abilene are being taught the importance of discerning good data from bad data and not just to blindly accept the information that would have been presented in a textbook.

"Abilene Christian is thinking forward and teaching people how to do . a very important skill, because there's so much bad information out there on the Web," he says. "This is something they're experimenting with, and it's been successful, because students who are part of the iPhone program are actually getting better grades than the students who are taking comparable classes without iPhones."Some applications will revolutionize the ways doctors practice medicine and the ways vintage kelly bag cheap patients interact with their physicians, Chen says.

Researchers at the University of Washington have taken initial steps to create a digital contact lens that would monitor vital signs in real time and provide instantaneous feedback to physicians through wireless radio connections.

"What's interesting about the eye is that the eye is like the little door into the body," Chen says. "And you can collect information about, say, cholesterol or glucose levels or blood pressure and transfer this information to a smartphone."

Currently, the researchers are testing their prototype contact lens on rabbits, but they hope to eventually integrate their designs into everyday eyewear.

"I think eventually we're going to see more of these technologies embedded into our bodies," he says. "Not just our eyes but maybe our hands and our feet, just listening to our vital signs so that we can get real time feedback and keep good track of our health."Police officers and lawyers also will benefit from having mobile apps always at the ready. "Some police officers are testing an application called Morris," Chen explains. "[It] allows officers to scan fingerprints of suspects and also scan their eyeballs and cross reference that information with vintage hermes kelly bag imitation the database they have back at the police station."

Morris shaves hours off of an initial booking because police no longer have to drive suspects to a station for fingerprint analysis.

"It could help them make a lot more arrests that are accurate in the future," Chen says. "There are only a few stations that are testing this application [because] it costs $30,000, so it's unlikely we're going to see it anytime soon in every police officer's hands, but it's something we're working on to reduce costs and potentially streamline law enforcement a lot."

It's Friday evening, and as usual I'm meeting some friends, John and Rana, for dinner at 6. In a text message John suggests Alborz, a Persian place I've never been to, located in Pac Heights, San Francisco. The clock strikes 5:45 as I step into the elevator and launch the app Magic Taxi. I tap the "Book ride" button, and the app says to expect a cab to pick me up at Wired headquarters in about three minutes. It tells me the driver's name is "Raj S." and the estimated cost of the fare is $12.

While I wait on the sidewalk for Raj to arrive, I launch the Yelp app to look up the address of Alborz. "1245 Van vintage hermes kelly bag faux Ness Ave (between Sutter and Hemlock)." It's now 5:48, and I look up as a cab pulls in front of me. That really is pretty damn magical, I think to myself.

"Hey, Raj," I say as I open the car door. He looks mildly disturbed.

"Can you take me to Van Ness and Sutter please?"

"Sure thing, boss," he says, with just a hint of an Indian accent.

My phone buzzes. Rana texts, saying she'll be a few minutes late (typical Rana). "No worries," I type in response.