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Assassin also can play kite tai chi panda civilians with three storm equipment

Taichi Panda has a lot of athletics to play, whether it's top duel, top leagues, field battles, or real-time battlegrounds, all of which allow players to imitation van cleef arpels earrings fully experience the fun of real-time athletics. Mentioned the competitive PK, it had to say that under the three elements: equipment, Rune and Valkyrie. In the 'Taichi Panda', the professional characteristics of the distinctive, they correspond to the equipment with different, such as the Master and the soldiers, break defense is easy, so more suitable for marine weapons; Panda explosive, more suitable for high explosive outbreak of strong equipment Assassin belongs to the kite stream, minus the CD equipment is very important to her, so today Panda Jun for everyone to bring a group of civilians Assassin Naxi three storm equipment with. Although the death of God clothes after breakthrough 4 plus 50% explosion damage, but not reduced CD, and refining imitation van cleef earrings properties somewhat less than the angel clothes, so the choice of angelic clothes weapons: fallen angels, fine 8 after 30% hit, 18% explosion damage. Relative death and marine weapons, the property is not bad, and can shorten the 2 skills and Hank 1 skills CD. For civilians Hank 1 skills CD relief is very powerful shoes: Ake Sai Si running shoes, breaking 4 30% crit, 69% explosion, 22% explosion damage. Three bursts of hot shoes compared with the death shoes, Satan shoes, etc., but Ake Sai Si running shoes with super blast, can greatly enhance the player's defensive ability. Especially now most players have achieved 26 rings breakthrough 4, breaking fast, so the defense has become very important Necklace: Satan deceit, breakthrough 4 36% crit, 69% explosion, very violent. Although the Angel necklace is superior to the Satan necklace in terms of attributes, Angel necklaces are more difficult to collect, and Satan necklaces are more suitable bracelets for the civilian population: Fallen arm rings, an increase of 68% after breaking the 4 explosion, 46% Blow wounds. If the player feel that they hit enough, you can choose to death hand, but the angel hand is slightly better than the hand in the property of God. Angels broke 50% after 4 blast, compared to the dodge property of the death hand, to be more suitable for the three storm, because dodge this property for the players who walk the third storm route more chicken ribs: death refers to a breakthrough 4 After the increase of 50% blast, 7% hit, 24% crit. In fact, the best choice ring is the angel ring, but it and the angel necklace, collection difficulties, so only back to the top of the soul link can choose angel head, angel necklace, angel imitation alhambra van cleef earrings ring, angel shoes, red dragon shoes and ocean Shoes, the main purpose is to activate more damage. Some students may ask, since to shorten the skills CD, why not choose the angel head? Angel head can shorten 1 skill CD to 3 seconds. Angel compared to the death of the head, the property is slightly worse, but the current set of skills with a CD is 5 seconds, PK completely use the above attributes add up to the total attributes are as follows: 147% crit, explosion blast 207% burst Free 213%, hit 97%. Add enchant, Rune, Valkyrie, Star beast and so on additional properties, comprehensive properties can be achieved: crit 220%, blast 400%, blasting 300%, hitting 260%, which for civilian players is already considerable .
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Popsicle stick handmade Princess wind creative bracelet

I remember a few years ago saw a series of Hong Kong and Taiwan drama, there is a plot of the hero to his beloved girl a hand-made boat, he is made with ice-cream stick, though not very beautiful but do it yourself Gifts to give to your beloved woman is the best gift. Now people are also very interested in hand-made, their own hands-on model, toys to their own friends or loved ones that can be more than buying gifts to better reflect its value! Can cultivate sentiment, improve replica van cleef butterfly necklace practical ability, the key they are still very useful! Friends add to the handmade in it! You can also do it out, add more fun to your life and make beautiful and refined scenery for your warm and happy home!

Jewelry is DIY materials used to make the concept of making materials, from headdresses, necklaces, earrings to bracelets, carefully selected with van cleef and arpels necklaces knock off the best accessories with the wedding, the bride can add a touch of gorgeous and sparkling style. Diced net for everyone pick a lot of the most impressive simple materials DIY handmade accessories, to add personality temperament You have dressed up as a cute little princess? Put on copy van cleef and arpels necklaces a pink lace Puff skirt, catch cute accessories, lovely Mary Jane shoes. Even grown up, many MM have princess feelings. Wear these cute DIY creative bracelets to become sweet princess to date it!
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98 karat blue diamond ring auction will be auctioned in Hong Kong up to 85 million Hong Kong dollars

Christie's Hong Kong held the spring auction special jewelry preview. The auction assistant vice president and jewelry and jade jewelery department expert Jiang Zhao Feng told reporters that the blue is among the more rare color diamonds, the color level, a lot of blue replica van cleef necklaces diamond concentration is not enough, the color subdued, superior blue diamond at least to achieve Thick color standards, and the auction this blue diamond is bright, is the highest color grade he continued, the current world record breaking a blue imitation van cleef and arpels necklaces diamond price per carat more than 300 million US dollars, Christie's spring shot this Blue Diamond per carat price of about 2000000 U.S. dollars In addition, the three pieces of jadeite jewelry from Burma also quite attract attention, these three pieces of jade jewelry pure color, high uniformity, the head transparent. Among them, a double jade bead necklace valued at 50 million to 80 million Hong Kong dollars, a jade bracelet valued at 25 van cleef butterfly replica necklace million to 35 million Hong Kong dollars, a pair of emerald egg earrings valued at 5.8 million to 8 million Hong Kong dollars Christie's Hong Kong Spring 2017 The beat will be held May 26-31. Among them, the jewelry will be held on May 30.
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DNF Exorcism Chakra attributes added players to improve data combing theory theory

1000 What is the concept of the main attribute? A top main property medicine, only 175 points! A top intelligence enchant, only 60 points! Increase of 13 equipment, only about 120 (and equipment)!

Heap chakra upgrade and not heap difference is about 500 main attribute, which is equivalent to: the whole body red increase of 10 + top main alchemical medicine + festival title full attribute! See the data unhappy? I directly to a map:

The figure is a single brush E3 good, single brush! No one to give me buff! Uncle finally shouted at the red bark: roll! Lord look alone! ! ! !

So tempting conditions, there are more and more people began to gradually care about how to improve the chakra, in the end how heap?

Chakra upgrade is divided into two kinds, one is the level of promotion, one is the addition of the promotion, the addition of the promotion can be divided into three pieces of spare parts to enhance and enhance the far three sets first with a previous Figure, take a look at the whole body Part III to enhance the amount of spare parts:

According to the above data, all the chaos of the green breath, you can get the return is = 1.5816, which is 502 (20 chakras) 1.5816 = 794 In the figure, the red part There is a level 1 chakra equipment, the yellow weapon has 2 levels of aperture or 3 rings, in addition, the national service there are spiritual bracelets can be added chakras in accordance with the order of replacement ring 3 bracelets 3 auxiliary 3 pants 4 Tops 5 weapons 5 such order to replace, that is, to minimize the increase and decrease of the spare parts scattered (weapons according to the aperture calculation, a and 5% of the contrast) 1: The figure above the data addition part of the calculated value, There may be errors, but should be acceptable 2: True 6 and the counter-attack 6 part of the direct calculation of the chakras attributes and suits attributes, did not cooperate with Part 3: Although the addition has been decreasing, in fact, the basis of the higher , So the gains are getting higher in the figure can be seen, 26 weapons to replace, then become 28, the increase is fake van cleef turquoise necklace only 4 points, if it becomes 29, the amount of increase barely acceptable. Therefore, the law flooding can not consider the two chakras, direct use of spare parts weapons? To be discussed So, we replace some heap level equipment, can achieve higher profits? By 20 502, 5% increase is 25 (25.1), more than one level, raised to 532, the amount of 32 to enhance, the level is better than the addition. Grade 25 670, increase 5% to 34 (33.5), grade 26 to 706, increase the amount of 36, the grade is better than the addition. 29, 820, 5% increase to 40 (40.1), 30 to 860, 40 to enhance the amount of both equal. In other words, in the 29 or more, 5% increase will be greater than the level of promotion, 5% is only the coat or the law-driven weapons. But in the grade and other parts of the addition, which is more than 820, perhaps a single upgrade can be more than the level of promotion, here is also a point to be deducted to heap level of the site, the rest of the vacant 6 One to put on the suit, that is, shoulder + waist + boots + stone + chain + hand or ring, van cleef arpel replica necklace these six parts if it is spare parts, upgrade to 24%, true meaning 6 is 24%, so replace the suit is not much difference , But still more extra attributes. Counter-attack 6, then earnestly earned, although the counterattack 6 to write is 20% of the amount of lift, but in fact the amount of lift is 30%, and the wooden repair Finally summarize my personal recommendation of the chakra equipment:

Aperture section:

Inheritance: Goddess Nightmare Wool robe level, the eternal purification leggings level, the king of the Book of Alaskan dragon fighter level, a high-tech chants ring, Carlua teach basaltic two, Spirit of friendship bracelet level , 2013 Spirit Spree title 0 2 level is a total of 7 9, fashion level 1, up to 10 deduct the bracelet or ring, the rest of the position: the death of the true meaning shoulder, waist, boots, magic stone, bracelets or rings, necklaces, a total of six Pieces, plus 24% ring part:

Inheritance: Nightwraps Starry Night Mail Level 1, Dawn Seven Star Leggings level, the king of the Book of Alaskan Dragon fighter level, high-tech chanticle ring level, God's endorsement (Wraith tomahawk) Level 3, friendship Spirit Bracelet Level 1, 2013 Spirit Spree Title 0 2 Level A total of 8 10 level, fashion level 1, up to 11 deduct the bracelet or ring, the rest of the position: Counter chance of shoulder, waist, boots, magic stone, bracelets or rings, Necklace, a total of six, an increase of 30% In fact, the equipment of the chakra chakras, including but not limited to these mentioned above, such as jackets, weapons, and other true purple, wear, powder weapons, etc. can be replaced. Bottom out of print are out of print, it does not work, so after the transfer, the ghost ship's task pants, can add chakra, and do one, both chakras have, is not bad

Above, once again summarize the Chakra after NB, the main data update, and different levels of chakra data from the previous 28 to 33, so that we can facilitate the early calculation. what? 33 data how come? I do not have the bracelet of friendship, the rest have a total of 29, pet level 1, as well as shoulder waist boots enchant a level, which is not on the 33 comes with a few points I am currently concerned about:

1, after the transfer, far from the three materials combined, and can be directly for the suit! Save the material quickly! However, far from playing three fight is also possible ah! Perfect suit waiting for you!

2, Kai Yin card, property burst 6, enchant position shoulder, after the transfer can be upgraded to a large explosion 9, Alice card, attribute magic burst 6, Enchanting position shoulder, after the transfer can be upgraded van cleef arpels replica alhambra necklace to magic burst 9. Upgrade conditions, the details of your own inquiry, I will not repeat them.
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2015 five wearable devices forecast the development trend

Recently, the number of smartwatches and smart wristbands has exceeded our imagination, but most of the products that appeared in 2014 are not too beautiful, and the square design does not seem to have any aesthetic feeling. The appearance of circular smart watches such as the Asus ZenWatch, Moto 360, and LG G Watch R foreshadowed the growing popularity of products in this area. And Apple's forthcoming Apple Watch smart watch has also started to ignite the competition flames, and the entire industry's products will become more beautiful. In the meantime, there are even very beautiful and stylish products that have been specially created for female users this year. At the same time, the technological content of fitness tracker equipment is getting higher and higher, thanks to the increase in the prices of various components such as heart rate sensors The cheaper and more accurate, however, wristwatches and smart glasses are not the only product categories we are looking forward to in 2014, as are smart jewelry and smart apparel. Even many high-end fashion companies have joined the ranks, want to get together whether you support or suspicion, the great development of wearable devices has become a trend and will become the same as smart phones become ubiquitous, Practicality full. Therefore, in 2015, wearable van cleef and arpels necklace clover knock off devices will also usher in five trends, where we can look at glasses in addition to smart and more stylish

Google glasses in San Francisco almost by every bar customer and non-tech lovers dislike, but it is undeniable that it is Google's search giant smart glasses open the trend. While even Google faces difficulties in the field of smart glasses, this does not prevent other technology companies from getting involved in the same field. Including Sony and Vuzix and many other manufacturers have already launched or are developing their own smart glasses Although the current smart glasses look less sophisticated, but at least in the design has been a lot more than the original progress. Google Glass now offers extra fashion frames to choose from, and even collaborates with the famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. In addition, Jins Meme from Japan introduced a product that replica van cleef turquoise necklace does not differ in appearance from ordinary glasses, and also has very advanced features. Jins Meme smart glasses can even monitor your attention at any time to prevent danger of snooze while driving. Such glasses will be officially unveiled at CES 2015 We hope that in the future can appear as attractive and attractive appearance of smart glasses like Jins Meme Technology companies have introduced smart jewelry

After wearable devices started to show explosive growth, a large number of small crowdfunding projects started on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, all about jewelry. For example, Ringly, Mota SmartRing and Cuff have all succeeded in crowdfunding, proving that maybe female users are not interested in the heavy bulky smartwatches, but if it is replaced by beautiful jewelry, it is a matter of even more recently, even Intel joined this A wave, in cooperation with Opening Ceremony launched MICA smart bracelet. The bracelet has a stylish look, snakeskin material version or even with gems, but imitation van cleef and arpels necklace clover also built a number of smart watches with Intel's accession to other well-known technology companies are also likely to get involved in smart jewelry. Even if they do not do that, smaller companies such as Ringly, Mota, Cuff will be enough to grow the smart jewelry market next year.
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Russian Customs seized 800 kilograms of smuggled amber for shipment to China

Further reading China's largest land crossings to Russia seized large gold smuggling case worth about 7 million yuan

The new site Manchuria January 29 (Lu Huanxin) On the 29th, the reporter learned from Manchuria Customs, China's largest land crossings in Manchuria, the highway cross-border seized a large folder gold ingot smuggling cases of smuggling. knock off van cleef vintage alhambra bracelet 137 bullion seized, totaling 29.9 kilograms. The initial estimate of the case was about 7 million yuan (RMB) on the day of the incident at about 10 am. An incoming Russian passenger car entered the customs inspection area at the Manchurian highway crossings and the driver did not declare any article. After the manual inspection found no abnormalities, customs officers decided copy bracelet alhambra van cleef to escort the car to the passenger car testing system for inspection. Through the seizure of images, the guan officer found a large number of high-density massive shadows in the rear seat area of ??the car, initially judged as heavy metals. After adjusting the guide rail of the dismantling seat and removing the rear seat as a whole, 137 pieces of gold pieces wrapped with gray tape were seized between the felt and the metal body of the vehicle for a total of 29.9 kilograms. The initial estimated value is about 7 million The car also take a Russian woman, after a preliminary hearing, confirmed that the driver of the car involved in the case for the husband and wife relationship. At present, the relevant anti-smuggling bureau has investigated the case for criminal investigation. The detainees have been held in criminal detention under the current control of Manchuria Customs. This is the largest amount of gold smuggled and the highest value ever smuggled by China so far at the land border crossings Smuggling case. (Finish)

(2016 01 29 19:45:01)

Further reading Russian men arrested for smuggling ivory products inside China

Suifenhe Customs seized 287 ivory bracelets, 76 ivory cylinders, 22 ivory beads, 26 ivory seal materials and 39.11 kg of ivory products. QIAN Zhuang Yun Yun photo

BEIJING, January 28, Harbin (Wang Feng reporter Liu Xiju) On the 28th, the reporter learned from the Harbin Customs that a Russian man was arrested on the suspicion of smuggling ivory products in China. Suifenhe Customs seized a total of 39.11 kilograms of ivory products, the case value of about 160 million yuan According to Suifenhe Customs disclosed that on July 30, 2015, a Russian male passenger carrying two heavy Shen bags woven Suifenhe highway port entry, Put the woven bag into the customs X-ray machine belt and lift it up again in an attempt to evade the customs inspection immediately following the passage of an earlier passer-by. The man's move was promptly discovered by the customs officers at the scene, the customs officers asked to accept X-ray inspection. Through X-ray scanning of images, Customs officers found a large number of regular ring items and conducted manual inspection on them. They found that there were a large number of suspected ivory products sealed in black plastic bags in the woven bags and the suspects were immediately controlled by the scene officers. The case was transferred to Suifenhe Customs Anti-smuggling Branch to handle 287 ivory bracelets, 76 ivory cylinders, 22 ivory beads, 26 ivory seal materials and 39.11 kg of ivory products. The case value is about 1.6 million yuan. After replica alhambra bracelet van cleef China's State Forestry Administration testing center DNA identification, the suspects carry items are ivory products in Africa, according to Suifenhe Customs staff, the smuggling case is by far the Suifenhe Customs at the highway crossings inspection site cracked the largest ivory products smuggling case. Suifenhe customs anti-smuggling branch in mid-December 2015 to complete the relevant investigation and evidence collection According to reports, Suifenhe Customs has for a long time strictly enforced the entry and exit of passenger luggage inspection and unpacking manual inspection of the relevant provisions of the continuous improvement of scientific and technological equipment in the field application , Have successively cracked down smuggling cases such as imitation guns, shotgun cartridges, ivory products, upscale cosmetics, harmful substances such as dodder, amber, cigarettes, red wine, highly toxic chemical materials, bear teeth and bear's paw, effectively deter smugglers and purified ports Customs clearance Customs reminds that ivory and its products are listed in the appendix to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. According to the Convention and the relevant laws of China, no matter what the method, whether large or small, carrying ivory and / Its products are prohibited from entering or leaving the country. (Finish)

(2016 01 28 14:40:01)

Do you want to know how to open an account? Want to get investment tips? Leave your contact information in the box below and join Nasdaq-listed investment research team to get financial analysts to navigate your investment.
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Missimiss introduces eco-friendly handcrafted accessories

Global Network reported that fashion people always want beautiful dress with a more dazzling selection of accessories as the crowning touch, and the pursuit of the uniqueness of accessories seems to be consistent pursuit of everyone. Foreign media on May 12 recommended a series of close to nature, the theme of environmental protection jewelry accessories. Designed by Irina Karemova, designer of the brand MissiMiss, this collection is inspired by natural knots, leathers and vca knock off bracelet stones. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and handmade collars will make your overall look even more eye-catching. Designer Irina Karemova Two children's mothers, after obtaining the feeling of happiness in life, designed these loving and friendly people's fashion accessories. If you admire MissiMiss this jewelry series, you knock off van cleef bracelet alhambra will be surprised to find even alhambra bracelet van cleef fake the simplest material through the knot design, cut and can also bring such a dazzling combination of single product. No expensive materials are more elaborate, simpler, and eco-friendly than those glittering accessories Contemporary art trends toward diversification, there is no static mainstream, and different people's definition of fashion vary widely. However, the MissiMiss accessories series is hand-made, which injected the time, the refined sense of manpower has been unanimously praised. Whether knot or geometric pattern of leather, simple color makes the whole single product closer to nature, reducing the sense of manual modification, will give you a natural spring like the breathtaking. (Internship compilation: Lu Yue Xin Reviewer: Zhang Xue)
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Third-party valuation after the shop side cable 170,000

Yesterday, a 'female tourists in the Ruili jade shop try 300,000 bracelets, accidentally broken, fainted on the spot' video widely circulated in the circle of friends, many users suspect the video is fake. However, a reporter verified that this was a real thing and that happened on the morning of that same day. Video shows a woman coma in the jade shop floor, someone helped her up, let her sit in a chair, someone pinch her, a lot of people next to the crowd discussion. The only price of 300,000 yuan bracelets, has fallen into two, but looks good, at least quite water. 'She was fainting, fortunately, after first aid is no problem.'

According to Dehong Radio and Television, the female tourist came from Jiangxi. imitation van cleef and arpels turquoise necklace When she took the jade bracelet from her hand, 'the left side of the bag was sandwiched clover fake necklace van cleef and the umbrella was on the right. When it was taken down, the bracelet snapped to the ground.'

Broken bracelets, the clerk has been comforting the female tourists do not be nervous, there is nothing to discuss, but she is still more and more nervous, and later lips whitish, sweating, sweat, fainted. A few people next to pinch her and Hukou, she pinched wake up. After the arrival of the 120 emergency workers, the tourist was checked again to confirm that she was not ill. Mediation to late into the night without agreement will go through legal process

This reporter visited learned that the incident occurred in the first floor of the sister jade court paved the incident after the basic match with the previous media reports of accidents, the shop has been comforting each other, I hope friendly consultations to resolve. Ruili City, the market regulators and tourism departments told reporters that this is an accident, does not involve market fraud, consumer and travel complaints, the parties did not require these departments to deal with. Sister told the Public Security Bureau said that if both parties to the police report the request for disposal, the police can organize mediation the afternoon of the same day, presided over the negotiation Ruili sister told reporters that the company told reporters that the entire afternoon, Yucheng companies are coordinating the friendly settlement of both parties. During the negotiations, the third party Ruili jewelry jade appraisal department valued 180,000 yuan, the shop side agreed to compensate 170,000 yuan female tourists to settle the matter, but the female tourists can only come up with 10,000 yuan. As the gap is too wide, 18:50, the two sides agreed to Sister imitation van cleef turquoise alhambra necklace Police Public Security Bureau to accept the mediation.
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Fake grand new legendary Raiders

1 pawnshop, pawnshop equipment are JP, pawn shop next to the warehouse, Beech equipment refresh slower, less advanced equipment, the official version of the Beechcraft main line can be stolen to the moon watching the pawn shop to play 2. Woma clothes for Woma clothes do not expect to hit the teacher and the guards, the skull hole in the upper right corner of a hole, go inside to play under the skeleton king, the skull king out of the clothes much more likely than the leader, of course, for fake van cleef and arpels turquoise necklace Woma equipment, skeletons only out of clothes. Skeleton King's blood 700 But the attack is high, small, fast attack, warrior assassination is not easy to card bit, Master and priests can kill the kite, but the level is low, do not try, the soldier operation is high enough, you can kite Assassination kill, the best way is to draw a spot in the skeleton Wang brush near the seat 3. Memory Set: Memory Set is online, indispensable to fight the cattle equipment, and its rings, helmets, bracelets, can be played in the Beach, Ring hit skeleton king and Warma leader, the bracelet hit skeleton elves, the helmet hit Wal-Mart guards out, skeleton elves and corpse king, Woma guard belong to the same type of small BOSS, need more brush mobs will be out, the skeleton Elf in the first layer of brush, defender 2 layer brush, but it is recommended to brush the second layer, attached, bracelets, rings as long as one can be said to be a set, but do not need to play two, and after the odd When the main line, you can go directly to seal the magic, the magic inside the palace has 2 guards, people who want to brush memory helmet can brush here. Set together, team up with others, enter the TDHY can produce results

4. Poison: a Taoist poison can practice their own, the need for items in the refining pharmacist where there are replica black van cleef necklace two tasks can be done in the newborn village inside the first step is to kill 4 piranha, when you do End this task, you can buy a poison, 3W a bag, and heavy need to re-do the task after C can buy, this is not recommended, the third is to play Skeleton King, Woma leader will unleash a universally applicable scrolls, universal 3 A poisoning person will appear after use. Fourth, the moon can buy drugs directly, without the task, but the end version needs to be done Beechcraft, weight, seal magic main task can go, the official version of the Beechcraft task can be directly smuggled to the red moon to buy the previous period Need too much poison

5.40J clothes Beech location, Beach can play women's war, male law, men's 40J clothes, the location shown below

6. Weapons upgrade, Beach can dig up iron ore for weapons upgrades, recommended to install the God to upgrade, the specific how to upgrade, home page details

7. Preservation notes, treasure box, blessing oil, black iron ore, save heavy C after the disappearance, so do not keep it, when used online

8. binding instructions, when you are online with others, you save things will not be able to pick up what you buy in the store, others can not pick up some items are picked up binding, such as blessing oil, the professional God of water , The mysterious heavy water, treasure box, leader delivery reel, pick up after binding

9. treasure box, treasure box is 1.5 new elements added, replica van cleef heart necklace you can open the experience, money, honor, reinstall messenger, Zuma portrait, the various divine water, all kinds of precious stones, paralysis ring, transmission, blessing oil, repair oil. But can not be saved, please use before you disembark

10. Reload messenger: there are two ways to see him, one is to kill about 200 dark monsters, and the other is to open the treasure box, the official version of the reloading messenger out of each occupation 40J clothes, final version In addition to the clothes also soldier artifact, paralysis ring, reinstall the messenger and Warma leader looks like a kind of the same amount of blood, high attack

11. Tianyu scrolls: you can play skeleton king, the leader, the serpent out, after the use of a 3J can not be upgraded, disappeared after 1 hour tiger Wei, limited to the Master use

12. Honor: Cang Yue before the honor useless, save it, to the Cangyue have great use

13. Equipment Color: For Woma above the level of equipment will be with color, to avoid you looking for a bunch of boxes inside, Woma equipment color is dark green, Zuma is purple, red moon is red, 40J clothes are red, Dragons, prayer, wind, memory, resurrection, blood, soul eaters, body protection and so green, all kinds of medals are different colors, lighter colors, high shoes, belts are pink, and 41 45 medal color, 3 artifact color is not good description, the other different computers, the same color at different times looks different effects!

Tragedy, the picture is too large, can not pass up, a few dark places or oral it, as card Skeleton King on their own more than a try
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Winter accessories play more wear Dai Jia plus contrast more Meng

Lead: Everyone says winter accessories hard to color, but in fact you may not just take the right accessories. Whether it is winter light or wrapped themselves up tightly, with a thick coat plus replica van cleef butterfly bracelet body, whether wrist or neck, there will be a lot of space for you to play freely. Even if your bracelet is the same style, color bracelets can also be made to wear a single stack of wear a single product recommendation:

Cartier LOVE bracelet

Deep love of the Cartier LOVE series, because of its iconic screw designed to be lovers of all ages, from name to detail, everywhere are full of love, different colors to create infinite possibilities stack Diego Bulgari BVLGARI BVLGARI Bracelets

This diamond inlaid simple bracelet atmosphere, and another rose gold and gold material style, but also very easy to love the stack of you play a new tricks!

Contrast with the adorable 2: the length of the superposition Who said winter can only use different lengths of necklace in the chest to showcase style, regardless of pearl, tassel, or metal, can successfully create a lively gas field, since Zhuangshan also Not afraid to wear a single necklace stack Recommended:

Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels vintage Alhambra long necklace

Contains full of lucky Clover, one can recognize the unique aura of Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels, and elegant long necklace, is definitely a good choice to take the level of sense!

Chopard HAPPY HEARTS long necklace

This 18K rose gold long necklace with a contrast of heart-shaped pattern design, elegant and fresh mother of pearl, rose copy mother of pearl clover bracelet gold outline of hollow heart also adds some light and dynamic, three Smart diamonds dancing, definitely give the necklace stack Dai lay a good foundation contrast Mo match with 3: the type of difference burst Small spark watch and bracelet combination has rapidly spread all over the world, just flip everyone's ins, there are too many rely on such win with the beauty exists. Then the question came, why the fire for so long watch bracelet stack method, up to now still enduring? Not because of the type of difference makes it difficult to discard! Watch and bracelet, the superposition of different gas field The most precious watch bracelet stacked single product recommendation:

Omega watches elegant series

Watch the white mother of pearl with a concentric dial, with stainless steel case, and with 18K gold steel bracelet, so that the watch with more than a lot of women also feminine temperament Tiffany TIFFANY T chain bracelet

The letter T in the visual presentation of the extended and modern beauty, and with van cleef knock off gold bracelet its surrounded by the link bracelet, but also the simple shape of the letter and the tough chain style integration, and the watch is even more handsome, cool Essential!
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Cube world game experience

According to different equipment release skills can not, because there is no glass staff, only the fire Master, currently tested out there are three ways to attack:

1, similar to the bracelet, encountered a good bracelet damage is very impressive, personally think that Master brushes boss than the equipment. Right-click skills will cause dizziness, damage is high, the most important crit high, 10 Master equipped with two French bracelets, crit 120. Like the kind of giant carrying a wooden stick, two crit hit one third of the blood is gone, pet anti-strange, you do not have drugs. If you do not crit or drug abuse. But playing BOSS is better than the staff 2 fireball staff released a ball of fireball, right is a series of fireball, damage, medium range very far 3 fire whirlwind wand release similar to a whirlpool-like staff. The current strange brush has been using this. Advantages of the group attack atmosphere is very wide, right skills have a great chance of dizziness, and the group is dizzy, because the blue 100 can release three skills. Encounter strange, direct release twice, the first dizziness second release in situ, the third release on the way the basic monster is not close (non-red monster). Disadvantages, damage is very low, the need for sustained damage in the Tornado Caixing, once there is no dizziness, we should rely on the walk to maximize the utilization rate of release skills is also three kinds of weapons, bow, crossbow, boomerang. Bow and crossbow, personal feeling more tasteless, boomerang is very easy to use, once hit is sustained damage, and accumulation of anger is very fast, right hands release boomerang, hurt very powerful. Many times late are monsters that can be boomerang KO warriors available holding shield one-handed sword, two-handed sword, and sledgehammer. Personal feeling very low injury, high damage may be high late bar food production is needed next to the fire. The maximum number of items is 50. Food needs to sit on the ground, can not move It is recommended to buy some in the pharmacist may use the recipe, fall most of the recipe is not the bottle of the occupation to buy in the pharmacist there. Blood bottles need to empty bottles of water, water bottles and heart-shaped flowers can be synthetic blood bottles. Blood bottle synthesis does not require a fire. Blood bottles can be run in the use of the corresponding bait will be able to grasp the pet, bait visual random birkin by hermes replica drop. Some pets can ride, such as animal, pig, and the like. But the attack is not flattered. My first pet is animal, combat effectiveness is a residue. Crab or squirrel can catch a considerable force. Personal feeling Squirrel catch is 11, crab is 8. But the crab's defense is better than the squirrel. Currently riding a crab pet. This requires skills to learn Caixing. That raise the pet's blood skills to 5, you can learn to ride. Personal feeling more tasteless, riding only a hundred percent increase in speed. birkin bags prices cheap But after learning gliding. Gliding can improve the speed of more than two hundred percent. You can glide in the run need to climb the level to 5 to unlock the gliding, travel road escape essential artifact, it is recommended in addition to the skills to glide as long as the encounter hostile NPC, as long as not two or three similar hermes birkin 30 replica to the release of light Master , Can be solved. Once encountered two or three hermes birkin black faux such mages are basically spike in the FB-like cities and towns will raise the level of human nature, non-human is not clear, there is a castle is the dead, but also to enhance the level. According to the experience looks like the BOSS was thrown down once the names of those characters will be +1 similar to the level of attribute enhancements will be more difficult to brush, but not based on the level of character changes, it is hard to say. I feel that the change is fixed, not based on the level of change of mobs even if a good brush, BOSS have to push down the bottle by the blood. There is a pet is essential, otherwise it may be suffering from crispy crutch
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Exclusive pet three master

Catalog related works [sub-volume reading]

The first volume [sub-volume reading] The first chapter betrayal [free] Chapter twister python [free] The third chapter fight bucket python [free] The fourth chapter through [free] The fifth chapter I wear for you [ Free] Chapter VI of the secret, a road to the end [free] Chapter VII money is not a panacea, but no money is [free] Chapter VIII of knock off van cleef and arpels diamond bracelet the replica van cleef diamond bracelet bracelet floating in the air [free] ninth chapter intensive phobia [free ] Chapter tenth lying groove, what a ghost [Free] Chapter XI golden little beast [Free] Chapter XII 'You run, why not run? [Free] Chapter I did not destroy you, even if [Free] The fourteenth chapter is not calm ah! [Free] The fifteenth chapter glittering barrier [Free] The twelfth chapter you both told me is destiny! [Free] The seventeenth chapter white Men [Free] Chapter XVIII contract! [Free] Chapter Nineteenth Heavenly World [Free] Chapter XX Lingshengquan [Free] Chapter twenty-first Poly fruit [Free] Chapter twenty-second gather Spiritual power, the spirit of the two instruments [free] The twenty-third chapter die to see the corpse, students ... but also [free] the twenty-fourth chapter dead to see the corpse, live ...... Also [free] twenty-fifth Zhang we should van cleef butterfly bracelet fake also go out! [Free]
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Jingdong unconditional return of 7 days was questioned

PConline goods science and technology Jingdong Mall initially '7 days no reason to return' commitment to attract a lot of online shopping consumers, Jingdong Mall full of selling point, but also for many online shopping consumers seem to have seen the hope that the imagination is always good , But the reality is very skinny, through the June major electricity supplier clamoring fierce price war, we see many online users Jingdong complaints Jingdong commitment '7 days no reason to return' is but a legend to tear down Open the goods need to pay

A fashion girl Liao Ting, she bought a few days ago Jingdong a white iPhone, she received the usual online shopping experience requires inspection, the results of the delivery courier replied no, too Pay before you can carry out inspection, and promised unconditional return within 7 days. Results Liao Ting came home after opening the phone only to find that the phone can not find the home WiFi, but with other iphone devices but full signal. As a result, Liao Ting asked Jingdong return, customer service replied that Apple must produce a test sheet; helpless, she called Apple, was informed that the maintenance point is not entitled to issue a single test, and said the seller must unconditionally return. In retrospect, she telephoned Jingdong, or said to monitor the book, after many calls, customer service let her answer the next day at noon, the time did not reply; call, and then let the afternoon before the next reply. As a result, anyway, her new cell phone is still unable to find her home WiFi double-drilled users.

Miss Cheng in Beijing is a net purchase of people, because the number of online shopping too much, and now she is already a double-Jingdong users. June 5, she bought a beautiful Swarovski crystal bracelet in Jingdong Mall, did not expect the physical and goods purchased in the counter have a lot of discrepancies, so she got Xidan Swarovski counter identification, where the clerk Said that this product is not officially produced. So, she contacted Jingdong customer service, was told can not return. But in the end still in contact with third-party sellers, said third-party sellers no response to the matter. Subsequently, Jingdong also invited her to do a random survey of users, Miss Cheng dumbfounding, 'I do not green hermes birkin copy know what these things mean, at this moment no one cares, how many times I complained, consumers follow the site behind the chase rights. '

Miss Zheng on Wednesday to contact, as of that time, the complaints of Jingdong as stone. She is worried that after a delay of one month after the warranty, but there is still no delay to avoid fake goods. The reason why she was more angry, because within a year to bring hundreds of thousands of Jingdong consumer spending, and she received the same treatment as spending a dollar was ignored. 'I now sit waiting every day Jingdong customer free to contact me this double diamond user.' Fortunately, as of press time, Miss Zheng sent a message, Jingdong promised to return, but also need to wait for a refund period because of out of stock before returning It is still far from getting money

Netizen Wang is also a rights activist shopping in Jingdong, but fortunately she is in Jingdong Mall for a refund of goods out of stock, after waiting a full month, she found the money has not yet arrived. She call Jingdong sale, customer service replied that 'payment has been withdrawn.' Where did the money go? 'Apply for a refund has not yet arrived, this efficiency is too low!' Miss Wang birkins handbag Knockoff is not understand According to introduction, May 2, Miss Wang choose online payment method, ordered a pair of Nike shoes in Jingdong Mall , Product order number is 542946569. Two days later, Jingdong customer service email to inform that the goods are out of stock, if you do not want to wait for an optional refund, the purchase price will be returned within 15 working days customer payment bank account. So, she was the first time on the same day log in Jingdong Mall website, apply for refund procedures 15 days later, Miss Wang repeatedly inquiries his bank account, has not been credited to the purchase price. She calls the consultation Jingdong sale, customer Hermes Birkin 30CM cheap service replied 'the payment has been based on the refund process, back to the customer account.' Miss Wang did not understand the matter, his green hermes birkin faux bank account and no refund credited to the record, why Jingdong reply 'payment has been withdrawn'? Jingdong customer service explanation is: 'Although the arrival time of each bank is different, but generally will be credited within 15 working days.' And Ms. Wang's refund has not yet arrived after waiting a month, the customer said This situation is 'not normal', said customers can log in online banking, the accounts of the past month's income and expenditure to conduct a screen shot, sent to the JD Mail, there will be a senior customer service representatives to deal with the matter for these online shopping consumers in Jingdong Mall Encountered the problem, the relevant legal people think that consumers from the legal point of view rights protection is difficult to achieve, and the progress is very slow, the best way to regulate the electricity supplier should actually be the business sector from the system to carry out, before the system is not perfect , The online consumer protection of the rights of the road is still a long way.
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What wedding gift to send her husband on wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary send her husband what gift Keywords: wedding anniversary send her husband what gift wedding anniversary what to send wedding anniversary celebration method wedding anniversary gift

What is the gift of sending her husband on wedding anniversary? What's the wedding anniversary gift? What are the celebration methods for wedding anniversary? Love beauty network emotional network, for users to solve all emotional questions. This topic describes the wedding anniversary to send her husband what gifts, wedding anniversary what to send gifts, wedding anniversary celebration method of doubt, for everyone to popularize wedding anniversary to send her husband what gift related knowledge if you want a romantic gift, then do A pair of couple's soft-ware hermes birkin 40 replica dolls or woodcut dolls, and then choose some warm and romantic scene, written on her husband's blessing and love words, lifelike, very beautiful, it seems that you are very hard. Or the ink of wedding commemorative, affixed your palm prints, that is proof of your love, and now there are some gold and silver bar to sell a few years of marriage, very memorable, but also collectible. Of course, a lot of couple jewelry wedding anniversary is also a good choice for her husband to choose a practical gift

If you want some more practical, tie, belt, lighter, wallet, have been sent to pick some of the shoes, kits, tie boxes, mouse and mouse, cups and so on are possible. If he often travels, then this a classic travel package is the most suitable. Of course, but also based on his hobbies, you observe the observation will be able to see it, and he recently green birkin bag replica wanted something, I believe these methods can solve the wedding anniversary to send her husband what gift puzzles wedding anniversary gift

Marriage anniversary to send her husband what gift this problem, we should all understand. In fact, according to the different stages of the wedding anniversary, there are some gifts to send gifts:

1 Anniversary of the 1st Year of the Paper Marriage (Can deliver some paper gifts such as bonds, currency; books, napkins, stationery, etc.) 2nd Anniversary Cotton Wedding (can send cotton gifts such as bedspreads, curtains, Shirts, Socks, Underwear, etc.) 3rd Anniversary - Sheepskin Marriage (Can deliver cortical gifts such as belts, handbags, suitcases, shoes, etc.) , Shirts, Tablecloths, Embroidery) 5th Anniversary - Wood Marriage (Wooden Gifts Can hermes birkin 35cm cheap be Furnished, Wooden Boat, Bungalow) 6th Anniversary Iron Wedding (iron gifts, woks, nails, locks First Class, First Class, Steel Furniture, Iron Decorations) 7th Anniversary - Maoming Marriage (also known as copper marriage means happy blessing, such as blankets, robes, rugs, socks, drapes, sweaters and underwear) 8th Anniversary Elegance Wedding (Sending gifts or stationery, such as household appliances, personal appliances, etc.) 9th anniversary of the pottery marriage (to send ceramic gifts, such as kitchen handbags birkin Knockoff ceramics, ceramic pots, ceramic ornaments, etc.) 10th anniversary of aluminum wedding (also known as tin marriage. Can send tin jewelry or bag, gloves, or kitchen And decorations) Eleventh anniversary of a steel wedding (can send steel gifts, such as cars, hardware, transport, etc.) 12 anniversary of a linen wedding (can send linen gift), such as scarves, shawls, casual dress, etc.) 13th anniversary A wedding of flowers (bedspreads, curtains, field cloth mats, tablecloths, etc.) The fourteenth anniversary of the Ivory Wedding (ivory gift or gold jewelry can be sent, such as ivory carvings, placed on the table) Can send crystal gifts, such as crystal sculptures, glassware or watches, etc.) 40th anniversary

25th Anniversary One Silver Marriage (Can deliver 25th Anniversary Silver Souvenir such as Silver Coin, Silver Bangles, Silver Necklaces, Silver Necklaces, Silver Necklaces, Silver earrings, silver hairpin and other silver products).
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Darkness Tencent smart watches coming

As van cleef and arpels wedding ring imitation early as May this year, Ma Huateng, chairman of Tencent's board of directors, said: 'The opportunity to pay close attention to wearable smart devices, including watches, bracelets and glasses, may not be imitation van cleef arpels between finger ring directly done, but Tencent has always been known for its sense of smell and strong execution. Will be concerned about how it combined with Tencent's services. ' Some words confusing, the industry has been concerned about Tencent whether there will be a specific product, it will enter the field of wearable Tencent CEO Ma Huateng expressed concern about how wearable devices and Tencent combination of services

In contrast, another Internet giant Baidu earlier this year announced that the United Gudong campaign launched a smart phone called 'Gudong dong' smart wearable device, but unfortunately still have not seen the real machine so far now van cleef and arpels butterfly ring imitation Tencent finally shot It is understood that this smart watch is developed by the domestic team 'Chi device', the team is with more than 10 years of embedded Linux hardware and software technology accumulated team. In-depth understanding of our findings, 'Chi device' has also developed the world's first projection tablet products, the tablet also won the 2013 North American CTIA Innovation Award. It seems the team's technical strength should not be underestimated Z Watch smart watch 699 yuan October 15 stock sale

We found that this smart watch can run WeChat and intelligent voice dialogue can control Tencent ferocious, wearable hot area, let's wait and see the performance of the smart watch!
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30 million jade bracelets exposed shopping problems

In recent days, a 'tourist missed 300,000 bracelets on the spot fainted' news triggered widespread concern. Report shows that at about 10 am on June 27, Jiangxi tourists Fei Ms. Ruili sister in Yunnan Jade City Jade tried a try bracelet, learned that the bracelet price of 300,000 yuan, she would like to take off, did not expect to pick the bracelet After falling to the ground fell into two sections. Ms Fei fainted at the scene. As the deputy director of the institute claimed, because of consumer disputes, the clashes between the two sides were not big and the police station did not make the transcripts. Finally, it was suggested that the two sides take the judicial channels to solve them. Yunnan Ruili Jie Yucheng Industrial Co., Ltd. imitation van cleef gold ring issued an official micro-channel through the text shouting empty hope it appeared, as soon as possible to resolve the matter. The latest news shows that businesses have been prosecuted, hoping to resolve the legal channels.

Things have developed so far, context has been relatively clear, the only dispute is the price of jade bracelets. Evaluation comments made by experts from Ruili Gemmological Association Evaluation Committee said the broken bracelet was worth 180,000 yuan. Due to the large gap between 300,000 yuan and 180,000 yuan, tourists and some users involved do not approve it, triggering an uproar again. Why bang up 300,000 yuan bracelet suddenly 'shrunk' 120,000 yuan? Accreditation is issued by local agencies, is not the possibility of price inflation still exists? Some netizens think 5,000 yuan is not worth it, and resolutely support the tourists to fight the lawsuit. Some netizens said that they saw the price of 300,000 yuan van cleef and arpels frivole ring imitation of bracelets in Yunnan five years ago, up to 3,000 yuan. Some netizens Said to be stayed in Yunnan, the general offer a high price of jade but a lot of water, lost 30,000 has been OK; Some netizens believe that priceless gold jade, fine jade millions of millions, 300,000 Yuan price can only be mid-range price.

In the traditional tourism and shopping, jade shop and jewelry shop is the most common shopping destination in the tour, in addition to Yunnan, throughout the country and even the destination of many tour groups in imitation van cleef and arpels ring price the world, have the presence of these stores, even if the local Producing jade does not produce pearl, agate, coral, etc., as long as there are Chinese tourists, jade shop also ultimately. Chinese tourists have always had a soft spot for jade, and just jade is very difficult to have a fixed price, in addition to market conditions, the quality of jade itself, especially water, texture, color, etc., is the most important factor in judging the value of jade, A jade polished jade bracelet, the price may vary widely. If not experts, ordinary tourists is difficult to judge whether a jade worth its price. In most cases, there is no true or false jade problem, only the advantages and disadvantages, and the advantages and disadvantages of the fuzzy space extends out of jade merchants contributed most of the profits. Buy a fake and shoddy goods, if it is standardized production, the purchase of complaints easier, but bought a jade want to return harder jade is not true, fake and other issues, but because the information is not Symmetric, nonprofessionals can not give an accurate price, even for professionals, different people's eyes, will make a big difference between the price judgments.

Jade shop is the most difficult problem to be solved in the current rehabilitated tourist shopping mall. It is different from ordinary souvenir shops. It is also difficult to verify the prices of virtual shops, tourism, commerce and industry, and price departments Has been the formation of the sales model, law enforcement headache endless. This time broke the 300,000 price tag bracelet, purchase price in the end is how much, only the business itself knows, this is the jade trade trade secrets. Assuming this bracelet purchase price of 150,000 yuan, the business can not only make fee Ms. compensation 30,000 yuan, their huge loss; assuming the purchase price of 3,000 yuan, the business will not recognize this is 3,000 yuan into the goods, their peers do not Will allow this merchant to claim only 3,000 yuan and exposed the secrets of the jade industry. The final solution can only be lawsuits and disputes can not be dispute, so I advise the tourists, in the face of jade, jewelry, coral and other shopping when the best control of their own, take a look like, if you really want to buy, or let the professional Accompanied by people. .
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Christie's Hong Kong autumn auction coming soon magnificent jewelery and jade jewelry

Debut in the magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry auction of natural cheap white enamel bracelet jade pendant necklace, can be regarded as the best jade. The old pit jade it uses is not only a treasure of nature that collectors have been dreaming about for ever. Jade pendants are also distinguished from the current market by their large size and the thickness of 13 mm. They have successfully preserved the original pure pit jade Green color and transparency. In addition, cheap mens gold bracelet its color distribution is also very uniform, light can reflect the attractive luster through the jade, greatly enhance the appearance and value of jade. Many jewelry collectors may choose to use such a volume of emerald to create several top jade bracelets, but the natural emerald pendant necklace we saw in the present, but rare to poetic composition to show the extraordinary carving skills jade carving is not Less common themes, such as the auspicious symbol of the Chinese traditional culture of animals and plants, the more complex there are Buddha and Guanyin themes. And this natural jadeite pendant necklace is used in the mountain carving techniques, emerald both sides of the carved out of the image. At the same time, the craftsman is based on the late works of the famous poet Wang Wei Tang Dynasty 'autumn home', through the exquisite craftsmanship of poems mentioned in replica hermes bag styles the landscape, characters or even mood on the jadeite pendant above, full of thought in addition to Precious natural jadeite pendant necklace, the jeweler can not miss a 29 by the size of 14.7 to 15.9 mm jadeite beads composed of natural jade beads necklace. Some experts pointed out that the generally available jadeite beads on the market are roughly divided into two sizes, the diameter of small jadeite beads is about 6 to 11 millimeters, while the diameter of the larger jadeite beads is about 10 to 14 millimeters. In the design, the general jade bead necklace may only use a few large jade beads as the main part, the location closer to the necklace buckle will use the smaller size jade beads. replica hermes bag outlet This shows that the auction presents a natural emerald pendant necklace, using 14.7 to 15.9 mm jade beads, to be strictly selected in order to create such a unique jade beads Zhu Lian. Some experts also share appreciation of jade bead tips, is to take a three-dimensional point of view. Excellent natural jade beads emit a flawless glass, no matter from that perspective or light, the color is the same look glittering, just as the debut of this season's natural jade jewelry auction necklace, the emerald Wenrun deep The beauty of the show.
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A cargo opened Jade A cargo B mystery

After the lecture, Yao Zheng exchanged emeralds purchase and maintenance experience with everyone. Commercial Daily reporter Wang Cong / photo

In the context of broad art prices, jadeite products are becoming a hot spot in the field of collection investment. Recently, the jade market, high price is now frequent, a string of 37 beads without a trace of impurities jade necklace, price of 200 million yuan; a weight of 3,000 kilograms of jadeite original shouting price reached 1 billion yuan, emerald products once again staged 'crazy Stone 'reality version. Not only that, the market quite a mixed bag, some fake products have begun to appear, or even 'a bunch of rotten stone sold for 80,000 yuan,' this incredible thing. In the collection of increasingly civilized today, how to ensure that our collection more valuable? This issue of 'Commercial News Lecture Hall' specially invited China Collection Association jade collection director Yao Zheng, for the reader to decrypt jade is how to become a B from the goods jade, also known as Burma jade, as the name suggests origin of Myanmar. Although recorded as early as the Zhou Dynasty, but also possession of objects in the court of Song Dynasty, but the real commercial value and the market, or to the end of the Qing Emperor Qianlong. Before Qianlong, most people in China still did not know why emerald was made. Although some people wear emerald in the area of ??Burma, Yunnan Province, the value is not high, and the number of people who make it is small. The process is rough and simple. According to Yao Zheng's introduction, Three categories, namely A cargo, B cargo and C cargo. A cargo, generally refers to the jade without any manual processing, jade will be more moist. B goods Jade refers to the poor quality of natural jade soaked with acid, so to dirty, to yellow, and after the plastic injection treatment to make the color is improved. C goods jade is on the original color jade artificially, fake. B goods, C goods Jade generally imitate A goods Jade, but with a cargo value is a world of difference. 'However, what makes us these Jadeite collectors quite puzzled is that 99% of the Qing dynasty emerald that can be tested can be found to be B goods when tested by the Qing Dynasty,' said Yao Zheng. According to expert research, the occurrence of category changes are mostly unearthed emerald. Qing Dynasty 300 years of history, a piece of jade may be removed many hands, was 'Qin', so the identification results may not even be able to change the C category is not unearthed in the Qing Dynasty emerald proprietary, in Yao Zheng replica hermes shopping bag view, modern emerald After a certain amount of time to wear, then test the same will appear A goods change B goods situation. Earlier media reports, a customer Miss Chen bought a jade bracelet in the jade shop, bought a pre-purchase state-level gem detection authority to make a grade identification, concluded that the jade bracelet is a 'natural A cargo.' Three years later, Ms. Chen got her bracelet for consignment at a jewelry store. Unexpectedly, the jewelery store commissioned the same testing center to re-appraise it. The conclusion was that this jadeite bracelet was 'B-handled after handling' and was not 'natural A' . Ms. Chen therefore sued the test center to the court, found to be the error of the test center caused their own economic losses, claim for 20,000 yuan on the incident testing center argues that Ms. Chen bought the bracelet after more than three years out to consignment, its existence Credit Problems of 'Perjading the Way'. However, in view of Yao Zheng, the appraisal results of the other two bad days because the emerald wear daily contact with human sweat, but also inevitably come into contact with the daily chemical such as soap erosion, chemical reagents and sweat will ' Qin 'into the emerald, which resulted in the purchase of identified as A goods can wait until they want to sell when the goods have been reduced to B or even C goods. Line idioms 'color first-class, spread 10 times' It appears in the Yao Zheng, Jade replica hermes bag outlet A cargo change B goods there is a third possibility. Once went to collectors in Yunnan Province, heavily repurchased Jade ore, after some grinding processing, the test finished actually turned into B goods, which is mostly used in the polishing of diamond out of the question. And this is likely to affect the results of the identification of jade At present, our country to determine the national standard jade grade, and did not take into account the external factors. Jade jewelry and ornaments after long-term play, composition has long been changed, if the original composition of the ore by the standard measure of natural disagreement publicly available information shows that the finest jade raw materials have been depleted. Because of its non-renewable nature, the market has never questioned the appreciation of jade space. From 2000 to 2009, the average price of emerald rose about 18% per annum. Since 2010, the price of emerald products has risen by more than 30%. Some top emerald prices have risen more and the sales of emerald products have also been increasing over the same period of last year More than three percent. In general, 'species', 'color', 'water' superb jade boutique, its appreciation of the value of space should not be underestimated, this rate of appreciation is far more than a few banks to raise interest rates comparable. However, due to the limitations of current appraisal standards, it is not easy to judge the good and bad of jade. Jade's realization in the market is also very difficult. Therefore, improving jade appraisal standards and relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible has become the first solution to the industry's future problems Beijing Business Daily (hereinafter referred to as 'Business Daily'): inflation expectations are exacerbated, the stock market is weak, the high cost of investment in the property market in the absence of the market in the context of the preservation and growth of value, the general investors can choose jade as a hedging tool?

Yao Zheng: Throughout the art collection market, first Chinese painting rose sharply, followed by the Ming and Qing dynasties porcelain kilns. It can be said that the rising price of jade market late, mainly because there is no pre-investment funds involved. Many people who buy paintings, antiques or jade materials are selling to appreciate after they appreciate. Jadeite is more used for wearing, collecting, or giving gifts. At first, no one bought emerald for appreciation after it sold for money. The more objective factor is that the emerald channels for the realization of abnormal narrow, and the risk is too large In addition, the price of jade is not as evidence-based gold and silver, the value of how much is usually a psychological price of both buyers and sellers, the valuation of uncertainty Sex. To find reliable purchasing channels, certificates are not the only proof of value. Therefore, the more popular market, the more you should calm down. Should first learn more about the collection of emerald knowledge, see more and more, and then buy the newspaper: the vast majority of emerald trading is still 'gambling stone' purely private way, the transaction can only rely on the bargaining power of buyers and sellers, the price often Far above the real value of its market. How do you think about this statement?

Yao Zheng: jade stone after mining are wrapped with replica hermes outlet store a layer of weathered skin, the quality needs to be opened after cutting to know. So far, no single instrument has been able to tell through this shell whether it is a good junk or scrap inside, thus adding to the curiosity about gamblers, but the deal is extremely risky. The so-called 'ten gamble nine lose' win is always the bureau. But many people would rather believe that a few tens of thousands of jade raw materials may instantly make their worth into millions or even hundreds of millions. The sky will not fall pie, if investors really want to get involved in the sale of jade, should be big and small, start with the end of retail, the accumulation of professional knowledge. If you start replica hermes bracelet from the bet stone, often lose very miserably, with its throwaway million bet gambling stone, as better.
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Wear a skirt is not afraid to miss the smart phone bracelet to remind you

[Zhongguancun Online wearable channel original] smart bracelet we have seen a lot, but you have heard of smart bracelet it? Now a smart bracelet called Elemoon Kickstarter is on the crowdfunding, pull the appearance of the wind has attracted more than the supporters. And unlike most smart bracelets, this product is more suitable for women to wear Elemoon smart bracelet (Picture from Kickstarter)

Elemoon smart bracelet has taken a very stylish look and design, the user can touch it to operate Elemoon smart bracelet (Photo by Kickstarter)

And, when you can not find the phone, just tap the surface of the phone bracelet will sound a reminder to tell you the approximate location of the phone. This feature is also a very useful copy van cleef gold clover necklace design for women friends in the room who have too much stuff. At this point, we finally have replica van cleef and arpels heart necklace a wearable product from a female perspective. Thank you for reading this article. If you like, please click on the yellow 'Like' below the article so that we can do a better job.

We scan the following two-dimensional code attention Zhongguancun Online wearable channel WeChat public account 'Wisdom imitation van cleef necklace butterfly to take the future':
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DNF eternal innocence of children's play Happy childhood Debao beads

During the event, the warriors can enter the activities of the underground city by participating in the activities of

When you click Start, the launch arrow scrolls back and forth in 4 color squares

Click Launch, or press the space bar to fire the gift of the corresponding color in the color of the current arrow

The top left corner of the gift information children copy van cleef and arpels necklace butterfly want, pay attention to observe Oh

You can receive extra rewards when the color of the shot box matches the color the child wants

Reward introduction:

Dungeon for each challenge activity can be e-mail access to a child's dream fragments gift box

When you hit the color gift box your child wants, you can get an additional childlike gift

Item Name Description Children's dream fragments gift box open, you can get 10 children's dream fragments. Children's dreams debris can be used in the Salia room Childrens delivery agent No. 61 NPC, the activities of the stores to buy props innocence to send the opening ceremony, you can get three children's dreams fragments. Children's dreams debris can be used in the Seria room Childrens delivery agent No. 61 NPC, the activities of the store to buy props can use the children's dreams fragments Childrens NPC delivery staff at the exchange of rewards at 61

Redeem Quantity Prop Name Description Buy Limit 35 Captain of the Treasure Captain's Orb selects a weapon, coat, or undershirt to enchant, making the chosen item Physical Attack +17 Account 2 35 Gentic Captain Pearl can choose a weapon, Tops or Bottoms to enchant, so that the choice of equipment magic attack +17 account 2 35 innocence baby attributes to strengthen the Pearl gift box

After opening, you can choose to get a +9 attribute enhanced Orb Optional Bowl or a +5 all properties Fortified Orb Gift Box Account 2 150 innocence attribute Attack Po Box Gift

Can be in the fire property, ice property, light property, imitation van cleef alhambra mother of pearl necklace dark property, select a property to enchant weapons 1 80 Auxiliary equipment from the world of building blocks gift box

After opening, you can get the gratefulness auxiliary equipment of a building van cleef and arpel fake necklace block world. Account 1 2 children to encourage the use of agents, an increase of 5% attack speed, movement speed and casting speed. Props detailed description

Redeem Quantity Description +9 Attribute Fortified Pearl Gift Box opens, you can choose to get a property baby's Pearl. The obtained beads are suitable for necklaces, bracelets and rings, after use, you can make the corresponding properties enhanced +9 Fire Baby Bowls use, you can choose a necklace, bracelet or ring to enchant, the selected equipment fire property enhancement +9. After the use of baby treasure beads, you can choose a necklace, bracelet or ring to enchant, so that the selected equipment, ice property enhancement +9. Light Baby Pearl, you can choose a necklace, bracelet or ring to enchant the light properties of the selected equipment to strengthen the +9. Dark Baby Orb use, you can choose a necklace, bracelet or ring to enchant, so that the darkness of the selected equipment +9 strengthen. +5 all enhanced fortune gift box open, you can get a versatile baby orbs. The Pearl is suitable for necklaces, bracelets and rings, after use, all attributes of the selected equipment can be enhanced +5 Almighty Baby Pearl can choose 1 necklace, bracelet or ring to enchant, make all attributes of the selected equipment enhanced +5 . Fire attribute attack Orb can give the fire attribute attack on the weapon. Ice property attack Orb can give the ice attribute attack on the weapon. Light property attack Orb can give the light attribute attack on the weapon. Dark attributes attack Orb can give the dark attribute attacks on the weapon. With a grateful attack on the block world, there is a 5% chance to generate up to 5 block bombs for any enemy within 500px. In the ancient underground city, attack, additional 5% damage. In ancient underground city, an increase of 5% attack speed and movement speed. 1, the above props are account binding, and will be updated on June 8, 2017 after the deletion of the maintenance, please use