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Onlylady beauty diary

Section Yan should be the needs of customers in Asia, a grand launch of Yan Yan Ke Yan White Series series of new upgrades. This collection of star products is a powerful weapon against blemishes and blemishes. This series replica magic alhambra necklace of other products include: set Huan white skin foam cleanser, set Huan white bright skin scrub, set Huan white net lotion Toner and set Huan white net moisturizing lotion to get a total of 4 packs trial equipment, are set Huan white bright skin scrub , Set Huan white copy van cleef inspired necklace net through the Toner, set Huan white net moisturizing lotion set Huan white bright skin scrub take advantage of the sun just, drying some of the hand ornaments,

From Jusco get the storage box, small lattice put the necklace right, no longer need to fill the drawer as before are all over. Unfortunately, the bracelets or let go, only one by one on the drawer in the personal favorite of a few windowsill too dark and reflective, completely beat the feeling. The third test from the top is a match with Kung Fu, so far only wearing a white shirt and a black turtleneck worn when worn, ask expert advice with a closer look, probably can see the texture. Serious color cast, in kind close to the copy mother of pearl van cleef necklace color on the map, a little bit deeper. But look at the camera screen, obviously this is more close to the primary colors ah, who can tell me why

Another one, the pocket is very handsome tooling style it, the same serious color cast, camera white helpless
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The fifty-eighth chapter new tasks

Li day, Li Yuan came to base early, but it is holding two dark circles, how come? Of course, was Nalan Feng Yuan to fight. Since the touch of her tail, Nalan Feng Yuan directly opened the runaway mode, beat Li Yuan did not stop, the poor did not get the rocket tube boom, leaving Nalan Feng Yuan but confessed three times earlier today, He can not forget Nalan phoenix Yuan thousand exhortation asked, though Li Yuan Tianren door captain, but he also need specific training for the job, the time is very tight, only three days of training time WuBeiBeiPing branch office, director 'Li kid, this time I give you a simple task,' Gan Ning a look of serious, put on a glove out of the drawer exudes a demon-shiny skull Road 'This is a highly toxic skull, Is found in the tombs, after testing, the toxins in the skull is dead poison, according to the concentration of dead poison, is a white stiff, this task is not difficult, but you must be careful not to capsize the capsize. Action, ink will help you '

'Yes, Director Gan, I understand, I will do everything we can to complete.' Li Yuan is color, his heart, some small excitement this is his first task into the martial arts, how good opener should start ' Very good. 'Canning was very satisfied with his state of mind and nodded his head.' A little while will take you to the storehouse and collect your car and gear. '

equipment! Car!

Li Yuan's eyes bright for the ride but for Li Dazhao but not too concerned, what car Lee did not? However, the martial arts produced will be ordinary luxury car it? Equipment is to make Li Yuan envious, although Li Yuan is now a condensate late master, but only one too A sword, but also full of rust, can not afford to wear the ink away from the silver space on the bracelet, let His envious not, although small, but also a space equipment, ah, can hold things for a long time to wear on the hand Li Yuan followed a small dream with a heart full of longing all the way to the underground warehouse and then he was a bit dizzy Is this underground warehouse a luxury car fair?

Red Ferrari, yellow Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, really everything. Each one, in the light exudes her unique charm 'Little Yao, my car is the selection of these luxury car ah?' Li Yuan puzzled over a cute white eyes said, 'how could be ordinary goods , Even if these cars are modified super sports car, but compared to your car, almost a bicycle, a super-run, your car is the only one in the world. I'm hot-toned. '

Li Yuan's careless beating involuntarily beat up, the only one? Would not it be dazzled to blaze the sky? These van cleef long necklace knock off ordinary people in the eyes of the dream car, compared to really be considered as a dregs of 'This is a master car and grand pride absolutely dust, make painstaking efforts, spent a full year, pure hand-built car. 'Little Yao uncontrollable some excitement,' all the materials used, are rare in the world of the best of which the main material consumed, copy mother of pearl van cleef necklace but also priceless, unique.At that time a car that directly aroused the central, Countless martial arts people are even more for this car dream!

Master? Proud of dust? Value for money? Alerted the central? So a series of keywords, so that Li Yuan's heart almost collapsed throat. Swallowing saliva, weakly asked one sentence: 'Little Yao died, what is proud of the dust adults who Master Guru adult who is it.'

'Proud of the dust adults ah.' Small yao yao exposes the thick color of worship, the voice is very excited Road, 'he is a mythology, in replica van cleef and arpels turquoise alhambra necklace this life cast countless legends about his brilliant history, even for three days He also said that when he was the king of the world to seal the strong king! He said he flattened the entire Yaozu! Legend has him a group of king seal brother! Guru adults, but it is our top martial arts forging guru, as long as he The weapons produced are all the best, let's talk about the 'City Luxury Multi-purpose Special Vehicle'. '

City luxury multi-purpose special combat vehicles?

Sounds very high. Li Yuan's heart waves up, can not wait to see the car legendary car 'This car, automatic energy-saving air-conditioning, with panoramic skylight main driving leather shock absorption seat, front passenger seat full of personality. Chassis with grid design, comfortable breathable Euro 6 standard ultralight engine, timing chain drive using the popular 28-inch large wheels, 20 / 30R28 Dragonscale tires, beautiful atmosphere!

Double-link independent suspension, body stability system using meteorite materials, provide a strong guarantee for safety.
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2013 China

Local bull king ready to copy van cleef and arpels pearl necklace challenge Yunnan cattle king 'Optimus Prime'

Reporter learned from the Leishan Bullfighting Association, at present, the highest worth, once called 'the world invincible', for the national recruitment of opponents of Yunnan cattle King 'Optimus Prime' arrived in Lei Shan on November 3 for the preparation, the purpose is clearly running The contest 100,000 prize from. And this 100,000 prize also not only attracted 'Optimus Prime', November 6, from Kaili City Bullfighting Association Pan Yongxing nickname 'god ax' and Wang Ren Tongshan Wanshan Yang Changden called 'Hercules' of cattle King open to 'Optimus Prime' clamor, both pre-and 'Optimus Prime' hit the first one must be a male and female It is understood that Yunnan's 'Optimus Prime' Carey 'ax' and Tongren's 'Hercules' All belong to the large size, set fierce touch, strength, technology as one, has set a hehe melee famous beef king. The Leishan Miao Nian cattle Wang tournament prizes 100,000 yuan not only refresh the national highest award record, but also attracted 'Optimus Prime', 'ax', 'Hercules' and other well-known cattle to come to a fight , Sword refers to the award Xijiang Miao Village 100 pairs of newcomers in hand Xijiang

After 66 pairs of Chinese and foreign couples Kaili concentration, unified by the West River scenic area take the bus to the Xijiang Miao village. To the Miao Village, divided into two groups dining, male guests in a natural village, female guests in a natural village. Eat dinner, the man began to marry her husband according to the Miao Village wedding to prepare big cock, cook glutinous rice, rice leaves with rice dumplings, white wine, pig legs, carp a few, then the red umbrella, firecrackers, candy and so on. The woman is ready to bar the door wine, make-up, binding Miao silverware clothes, embroidery clothes, bound well married dress, put on the wedding dress (wedding dress body weight around 30 pounds), to wait for the arrival of the groom 5:00, the groom Some of the team lift the big cock, some lift rice, and some lift rice wine, and some lift the pig legs and other mighty go to the bride's home, go to the bride's home, first of all firecrackers, then each person to complete three Barrage 6 horns wine test. The next person to cancel the marriage Miao silver embroidery Masters skills competition

November 11 Miao Silver Embroidery Masters is copy vca alhambra necklace also very exciting. On that day, there will be silver embroidery masters from all over the country to participate in the competition. You can see the legend of more than 100 embroidered nunchakus. You can see how beautiful white silver ingots turned into beautiful bracelets, rings and pendants in the hands of silversmiths.

In addition, if you have a camera in your hand, do not miss the 2nd Miaojiang Holy Land and Meilen Mountain National Photo Contest from November 8 to November 15, maybe your visit photos will have the chance to win the next Million Photo Awards If you have not yet voted Mount Holy Mountain - Thunder Mountain, then rent a bike to participate in the 9th 'Thunder Mountain Bike Open', riding 2 vca alhambra necklace knock off hours, you can reach the Thunder Mountain Peak, there may be 2178.8 meters above sea level Oh, remember colorful clothes, a little cool roof.
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58 Jinjiang Literature City

Fukuzawa's condition has not been very good since the last Soka Test. Although Xiaoyaowang repeatedly explained, do not care about the win or lose, he is still her best friend, but Fuze's emotions are still very low to see soft and useless, summer no heart ruthless, and today Royal Imperial sword is over, She dragged a small partner to look at cliff cliff cliff at the end of the woods at the west end of the Kendo field, cliff cliff with the cliff almost 90 degrees at right angles, steep cliffs, ravines ravine, like a knife. It is said that this piece of cliff there long ago, there was an internal dislike pleasing disciples came to this contest duel, the two played a killing, and then both fell to the bottom of the cliff, there are no bones of the four seasons of the non-generational Hill, Evergreen cypress, only this piece of Cliffs around the long many flowers. Golden color, like a vibrant young girl went to the edge of the cliff, Xia no central looking down, in addition to the surging sea of ??clouds, can no longer see the other. 'Fukuzawa, come here.'

The called boy took the first meal and walked hesitantly two steps to live and live near the edge of the cliff. 'Hold, I'm sorry, I think I still can not go well.'

'If you would like to have a lifetime of fake van cleef and arpels pearl necklace turtle in one place, no longer cultivate immortality, then you stand there! Forever forever, can only look up at others to ride.'

Facing the cliff, Xia Nangyang arms wide open, Gang Feng rolled up her clothes, hair fluttering, mountain flower petals as the wind scattered into the sea of ??clouds to find missing. Li Fuze Leng stood a few steps away from the place, even if the back, he can now feel in front of the girl comfortable and broad heart like a bird, looking for a day, Fukuzambuchi suddenly want to go forward , Learn the look of a girl, plankton straight he restrained the heart that has to break the chest out, step by step rub to Xia no central side, learning her eyes closed, the wind up 'into the set, in fact, height is not so terrible, Is not it?

'Ah? Hmm ...'

Flutter puffed heart gradually slow down, without the summer stateless point to mention the state, Fuze took the lead in opening his eyes, forced himself to watch the surging foot of the clouds, and the clouds, the sun suddenly embarked on Feijian, Fukuzawa looked higher and farther, at this moment, he realized that those hidden in the hearts of fear, but also a gap in the self-image van cleef and arpels copy necklace of the aura of the mountains began to rapidly influx Fukuzawa pubic region, summer No central surprise opened his eyes, did not expect a small companion actually advanced 'My family is very poor, before coming to the mountains to cultivate immortality, I followed my mother up the mountain firewood, dig wild yam. That day the weather was good, after the rain wet mountain Slippery, my mother brought me back into the mountains.We went to a lowland frequented, surrounded by steep walls, and I saw with my own eyes an old man picking herbs from a steep mountain wall.

Stabilize the state, Fukuzawa sat Xia Xiaoyang ass next, suddenly said something like 'that the old man fell to death not far from us where I was scared half to death, then never dare to go there In the mountains, I cut firewood and dug the yam, and in fact, I feel that you are particularly powerful, obviously a girl, but still calm when faced with so many mockery. '

Surprisingly pick the eyebrows, Xia Dalitielie laughed laughed, 'I can not imagine you so powerful, but after you say that I am not really very good ah haha.'

Relaxed smile against the background of the golden sunshine and mountains of flowers, as if relive childhood fun to wash in the summer Central Asia has no time to calm my heart. Since Li Fuze overcoming the fear of fear of illness, the progress is simply God help, even with his grandfather face also many more smiles. Disciples fight, the master naturally long face, this is not, big hand waved, Li Fuze on the more like a perfect weapon Saber summer no jealous standing on the kendo field, around the small partner's sword left touch Look at the right, two eyes filled with 'want' word 'Do not like to have the heart, this sword to you?'

Looking at the summer of that pitiful look, Fukuzawa mind even if not give up, but still the waist of the sword solution down turned over past the past, touched his nose, her performance is so obvious? Xia Nian-yang very proud of glancing at the line of sight, too abandoned, 'cut, not a broken sword, rare yet, you still keep watching!'

Touch the bracelet hidden in the wrist, the female wife with more to leave her baby, but unfortunately copy van cleef and arpels black clover necklace can not be used!
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After the transfer of large sets of heterogeneous analysis dnf male plus point equipment recommended

Pants, shoulder pads, belts, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, rings, magic stone -

Title - 5th Anniversary title (Lv + 1 or Lv + 2)

Evaluation: Excluding title and pet these two out of print or difficult to start things, relying on those who can easily start with the equipment can be mechanically improved piled 1664 intelligence, if the back of the two things you have, it is even more piles to The limit of 2046 intelligence. This equipment mainly BUFF when the dress (of course, fashion, pets, these things you can not change), if you do not have other better hedges, this equipment can even be worn as the main equipment (of course, weapons or Change anything else). Do not underestimate this set of equipment, heap improvement is better than no improvement of more than 800 intelligence, which 800 intelligence even if it is not a dress have been able to crush all kinds of CC wild boar purple, so whether it is playing do not play dress up, This equipment is a must do abyss 6 + arson 3 (arson 3 can also be replaced by Geras CD three-piece set)

Recommended degree: the current version must do 1 Abyss 6 + arson + Spirit hunter + good weapon

Abyss 6 + arson 3 + SS is a strong right + good weapon

3. Abyss 6 + Gelas CD bracelet left slot right imitation van cleef & arpels engagement ring slot Soul Hunter + good weapons

Evaluation: This version of the main equipment, feel good, brushing efficiency, civilians can be elegant and turf can be racing, but the operation of technology requirements, the need to master the laws of the map and the monster action with Geras CD sleeve is sacrificing a small amount of small Skill damage, reduce the big move of the CD so that when the rapid move over the map CD can fake van cleef wedding ring be connected, as worthless on a matter of opinion. Recommended degree: the future version must be done 1 toy arson + soul hunter + good weapon

2. Toy arson 9 + SS is a strong right + good weapon

Evaluation: inherited the abyss of 6 + arson 3 features, DPS slightly higher, and because of the huge explosion range, so feel better than 6 +3, the operation is also less difficult, will become a hereditary revision After the strongest equipment. Recommended degree: the current version and future versions are selected as 1. Erosive bone 9 + soul hunter + good weapon

2. Erosive bone 9 + SS is a strong right + good weapon

Evaluation: a combination of dual-robot detonation and airdrop burst characteristics, fake van cleef arpel ring so the effect is more moderate, mainly due to frequent airdrop detonation can bring a lot of thrill control 3+ Qiluo 3 + blue and green double snake parts

Recommended degree: the current version must do 1. Magic control 3+ Qiluo India 3 + blue and green double snake parts + spirit hunter + good weapon

2. Magic control 3+ Qiluo India 3 + blue and green double snake parts + Gelas CD two-piece + soul hunter + good weapon
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Legend 3 upgrade process Raiders

Priests, based on a strong spirit, can use therapies to help others. Very familiar with nature, with a strong ability to use drugs. Knowledgeable, can use fencing and magic. So every moment can play a variety of spells, adaptable. This is a legendary ability to balance a career, and his strength in the late period, the late priests almost invincible, but Taoist practice magic skills really long road, you need to have enough patience and perseverance players. Taoist offensive and defensive balance, born of high magic defense, the most important is that priests can equip most of the equipment soldier, and Taoist equipment wear has a very subtle role, and the changes are many, suitable for a variety of occasions and events , But also with the skull, PK is the first of three occupations. Priests have absolute professional ethics, not because of their own strength to bully others, so it is recommended to have a generous selfless player to choose this professional game has just begun, not to say, the word 'upgrade.' The beginning of the birthplace of killing pigs, cattle, alas, in fact, not many people strength ah, ran N km road, finally found a cow, N individuals rushed to rob, faint whirring practice , Little by little experience of saving, finally to level 7, OK, go to the Museum, playing Heaven Master learned healing. Although learned to cure, but still have to pay attention to the point, previously known as the most useful primary spell has been able to use the old man, has also been priests pride. However, the cure in legend 3 is simply tasteless, because blood is now an instant blood bottle, but Taoist healing is as slow as the old legend. The basic role is to kill the strange after the players see if the blood is not full, and then to help his teammates fill the blood, so you can save a little blood bottle. And cure in pk is the death trap, add blood too slowly, others are instantly filled, can not be consumed like the old Legend of the war to learn the cure, the group of two Master went to the village next to a ginkgo Small hole, playing inside the eyed worm, high experience. A single practice alone has more than 200 experience, but often money, two teams together, the experience of high and very good fight, it quickly got to 12 finally reached level 12, learned to poison very well to play It's Continue leveling, 12 priests fight good? The best way is to group a soldier to attack and kill fencing warriors together to fight zombies, playing zombie rose to 13. I also turned a lot of places, but failed to find a place faster than the zombies, more cool experience must have a soldier Oh! With a soldier 1 day 2 3 no problem, you will give the soldiers plus blood, so soldiers do not take a lot of red can play very often why not? During this period, it is best to find a long group of soldiers and you Oh, so you can quickly reach 16 16 to 20 can kill zombies alone, do not kill the skeleton, kill the skeleton slowly. Zombies can pick up a lot of useful books, and now they should have a lot of savings, buy a ripple bracelet. This time can bring 100 small magic drugs, and 15 small blood bottles, continue to upgrade to Daguai, 18 rose to 19 class medicine almost all can run up 35%. Special Note: 17 hours to practice skull with half an hour to 1 hour. With 8 Benfu, 10 small red water, the other full with blue, to the Beatles zombie hole, with the fire of the Taoist priests cut edge cast is practicing very fast, you can hit the zombie book, To the zombie hole basically worry about the book when the 21 poison and ghost shield learn, ghost shield learned a lot for Daguai 21 21 is the most difficult level, the experience value of 20 21 increased Many, and this time the soldiers are generally not willing to team up with you, a Taoist surgery is not high, you can not add much HP, two of your high level, relatively speaking soldiers are more willing to lower level priest, just this side Cut the side while throwing characters, and finally upgraded 22, you can change clothes, and at the same time, you can start to hit the soul of the month broken jade, the soul of the dead monster more effective, with sacred amulets, playing zombies faster, but this time, Willing to team up with you more soldiers fake van cleef clover ring up. (The effect of changing clothes is not the same oh). After the group of soldiers, leveling faster, but also relative to the soldiers and priests are more economical. However, because Taoist leveling slower, the team are generally more than 22 24 soldiers. Instantly fake van cleef and arpels diamond ring fill the red bottle, the priest became a tasteless when leveling (reflecting the shortcomings of the cure), but also the most fundamental reasons for the Taoist leveling slow so sometimes the team sometimes reached a single 24. Can be learned on the soul of the soul soul, relative to the soul of the soul of the month to launch fast, higher attack power, put on the body Taoist equipment, three Ling-plus plus a few can kill a zombie, relative to 24, imitation van cleef and arpels alhambra ring Upgraded to 25 more easily practiced, to 25 can learn holy war armor, called Taoist leveling one of the most useful skills, after the best place or centipede death coffin, bring black pig, pay attention to that is the belt The entire equipment, killing monsters, chopped down 3 4 a soul fire symbol, so much faster to kill, stealth and increase blood is also much easier, you will find the skeleton is too weak, then pay more attention to the blood it, It is not possible to run immediately, and then summon the skull shortcut keys, skull immediately to your side slightly, black pig is not afraid, in the centipede hole it is a beastly fearless priests have emerged, after the road you need to go Upgrade, Daguai, remember to help newcomers ah.
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9 and a half months baby medical doctor said a little funnel chest

At birth, the child has baldness, crying, poor sleep, etc. There is no formal treatment. Now he is 5 and a half years old. The local doctor said his child had rickets, his baby's chest slightly raised, A ditch, eating very little, but the stomach has always been great, may be 'frog belly' now! Half a year ago, children have night scared, sweating and more, sometimes talking about abdominal pain, leg pain and so on. Usually activities are relatively large, but also relatively smart, is looking more white, yellow hair, especially love cold, often is a flu is not good, the second time the third came again. After treatment: oral zinc calcium special 2, 1 weeks after intramuscular D3 30U, continue oral zinc calcium special 2 weeks after intramuscular D3 60U, is still oral zinc calcium special 3 daily, to September 21 on A month, the local doctor suggested to fight again D3, consult a doctor this treatment program is correct? If not how to change? Is it still time for treatment? Will the child's height be affected afterwards?

Calcium deficiency in children through the emergence of nerve, bone and muscle 3 aspects of performance. Slightly calcium deficiency or calcium deficiency in the early, mainly in neurological symptoms, such as irritability, disobedient love crying, temper strange; sleep restless, such as not easy to sleep, night scared, wake up, wake up crying ; Sweating and more, and the climate has nothing to do, that the weather is not hot, little clothing, sweating should not sweat; sweat and itchy head, so children like to shake their heads while lying down, over time, the back of the head Department of the hair is polished to form a pillow bald. When these phenomena are more or less present, consider calcium deficiency. If you only sweat, you can not diagnose calcium deficiency. Severe calcium deficiency, mental neurosis worse, there will be ventilation, but also the performance of bones and muscles, such as the fontanelle closed late, teething later, will take time to go late, there will be chicken humpbacked, Luo Juan leg, muscle weakness and many more. Calcium on human harm Not only that, but also affect the intelligence and immunity, decreased immunity, resulting in children with a cold, fever, diarrhea. Therefore, prevention and treatment of rickets in infancy is important. For children with calcium deficiency, vitamin D and calcium supplements should be added at the same time because the main function of vitamin D is to promote the absorption and reserve of calcium and phosphorus, so that the human tissue fluid maintains a certain concentration of calcium and phosphorus , Calcium, phosphorus to normal calm in the bones. some

In daily life, due to rapid growth of children, and less outdoor activities, less sun, often caused by inadequate absorption of calcium and lead to a variety of calcium deficiency performance. Some mild calcium deficiency of the baby, there will be irritability, crying, restless, easy to wake up, easy to startle, sweating, occipital hair loss ring, teeth and other symptoms of backwardness, cod liver oil can be supplemented, usually with the baby with the sun , Help the absorption of calcium, you can also take some calcium under the guidance of a doctor. If serious calcium deficiency can cause rickets, and even cause a variety of skeletal deformities, such as square skull, ping pong head, bracelets or anklets, valgus ribs, chicken breast or funnel chest, O-shaped legs or X-shaped legs, etc., These symptoms should be checked at the hospital to be corrected as soon as possible Calcium deficiency can not only affect children's growth and development, especially height growth, but also lead to some other problems. There are also some baby calcium deficiency can appear low muscle tension, motor function development lag, cerebral cortex dysfunction, apathy, language development retardation, low immunity, etc. nutrition experts recommend Nutritional Diet daily dietary calcium supply is: Day 16, Breastfeeding 300 mg / day, Artificial Feeding 400 mg / day; 612 months, 400 mg / day; 14 years, 600 mg / day; 411, 800 mg / day; 1118, 1000 mg / day. Right treasure

(2) Sternum lifting method: Sternal lift also known as Ravitch orthopedic surgery. So that the second rib below the sternum can be fully lifted free, in the beginning of the concave upper sternum rear plate for transverse osteotomy, self-wedged bone fragments embedded in the suture and fixed; Direction; both sides of the costal cartilage medial end of the need to overlap with the lateral end of the suture fixation; in recent years, some scholars Ravitch orthopedic in principle has been improved, such as the cross section of the sternum, titanium plate to strengthen the internal fixation have achieved very Good effect. Such surgery should be noted: for children under the age of 10 sometimes only thoracoabdominal lift surgery, that is, using the removal of shortened 37 rib pull upward force, will be able to raise the concave sternum ribs angioplasty: one side is deeper and not Involving the sternum funnel chest, you can line riboplasty. Method is to make a curve from the midline to the affected side incision in the costal cartilage periosteum and rib anatomy deformities of the costal cartilage and ribs, to do multiple transverse incision to correct deformity, the costal cartilage will be pulled up to the sternum, the suture will rib Cartilage suture in front of the sternum, and then suture the bone, with sutures costal cartilage suture in front of the sternum, and then suture the skin, this surgery is simple, suitable for light funnel chest sternal elevation: is deformed full-length costal cartilage (36th costal cartilage), from the costal cartilage subperiostectomy so that the sternum from the second below the ribs completely free, at the top of the sternum is equivalent to the second rib level of the sternum for transverse osteotomy in the osteotomy at the costal cartilage , And sutured

The above knock off van cleef and arpels wedding ring is a '9 and a half months baby medical doctor said a little funnel chest, how to do ah? Urgent' the issue of the proposal, I hope for your help, I wish you health!

Funnel chest is a common chest wall deformity, accounting for 90% of pediatric chest wall deformity. Clinical manifestations to the lower end of the sternum and the xiphoid as the center, the sternum along with costal cartilage on both sides of the depression, the shape of the funnel, hence the name funnel chest. In some cases Sternal tilt on both sides of asymmetry, coexistence of bump, irregular funnel chest. Family genetic predisposition.

Children with funnel chest deformities in neonatal period can occur, with increasing age gradually aggravate .In addition to thoracic deformity, often accompanied by neck and shoulder anterior, humpback, abdomen bulge and other body .7 years of funnel chest children Often combined with varying degrees of scoliosis. Deformity, depression of the sternum not only affects the appearance of beautiful, but also oppression of the heart and lungs, resulting in different degrees of cardiovascular and pulmonary damage.

Children with mild funnel chest due to little effect on the respiratory cycle, do not have to rush to treatment, may be self-correcting growth and development of children with moderate and severe funnel chest, should be surgical treatment, knock off van cleef & arpels ring price correction of deformity, usually more than 23 patients Children can tolerate surgery, young, simple operation, easy to shape the ribs and costal cartilage, but anesthesia, surgery, low tolerance, there is the possibility of recurrence after correction, it is generally operated at 610 years of age.20 After the age of the body to correct their own small chance of surgery is also difficult, the effect is not satisfied.

In general, the surgical treatment can significantly improve the appearance of thoracic chest children, the lifting of the sunken sternum ribs and ribs on the oppression, significantly reduced respiratory infections, activity and endurance also increased compared with the previous, and the other

Nine months baby calcium deficiency performance problems, I'll give you a detailed answer, the following my nine months baby calcium deficiency performance problems answer may be a bit long, but also hope you can be patiently finished baby calcium deficiency mainly has the following Performance. Neuropsychiatric symptoms early, children in the feeding and sleep head sweating, sweating caused by local irritation, so children like to shake their heads. Shook his head, the pillow by friction, resulting in hair loss. In addition, children with irritability, easy to wake up during sleep.Steel change in 36 months of infants may have skull softening, that is, press the occipital or parietal bone with the center, the place due to depression and retraction, but with the fingers to relax the skull heavy and rebound , Just like pingpong, so it is also known as ping-pong head. 6 months or more child forearm and calf long bones remote palpable, and even to see the ring formed by the hypertrophy of the raised ring, bracelet or bracelet like 8,9 months or more infants, both sides of the frontal bone , Subperiosteal bone-like tissue accumulation too much, can form a square skull. Some children tooth out of time. Some rib retraction, resulting in the chest body protruding outward to form a chicken breast, swords of the Ministry of Sword inward depression, you can form a funnel chest. Children walk, the lower limbs to withstand weight, due to bone softening, there may be O-shaped legs or X-shaped legs. In addition, children with muscle relaxation, abdomen often bulging frog belly. In fact breastfeeding babies are more likely to be calcium deficient than milk powder. Premature infants should be started early calcium supplementation in 2 weeks after birth, full-term children

The above is a '9 and a half months baby medical doctor said a little funnel chest, how to do ah? Urgent' the issue of the proposal, I hope for your help, I wish you health!

For neonatal infant calcium deficiency symptoms must pay attention to this issue. You mentioned the neonatal infant calcium deficiency symptoms for you to answer the following. Early neuropsychiatric symptoms, children with head sweating during feeding and sleep, sweating caused by local irritation, so children like to shake their heads. Shook his head, the pillow by friction, resulting in hair loss. In addition, children with irritability, easy to wake up during sleep.Steel change in 36 months of infants may have skull softening, that is, press the occipital or parietal bone with the center, the place due to depression and retraction, but with the fingers to relax the skull heavy and rebound , Just like pingpong, so it is also known as ping-pong head. The distal ends of children's forearms and long bones of more than 6 months are palpable and even see the ring-like bulges formed by hypertrophied bones that look like bracelets or bracelets. 8,9 months or more infants, both sides of the frontal and parietal periosteal bone tissue accumulation too much, can form a square cranial. Some children tooth out of time. Some rib retraction, resulting in the chest body protruding outward to form a chicken breast, swords of the Ministry of Sword inward depression, you can form a funnel chest. Children walk, the lower limbs to withstand weight, due to bone softening, there may be O-shaped legs or X-shaped legs. In addition, children with muscle relaxation, abdominal bulge often knock off van cleef and arpels perlee ring price frog belly In fact breastfeeding baby than milk powder more easily calcium-deficient premature children should be started 2 weeks after birth, calcium, full-term children begin to fill after the full moon Calcium, it is recommended to make up to 2,3 years of calcium and there is an absorption

First of all you do not worry, Bacheng children have 'quasi-chicken breast' on the contents of the following chicken breast for your reference:

Chicken breast is a wedge-shaped wall protruding chest, shaped like a poultry breast so named. Funnel chest is a concave deformity chest wall, shaped like a funnel. This is two common forms of thoracic deformity. The causes of these two deformities are:

1 congenital dysplasia in the fetus or infancy, sternum and vertebrae, rib imbalance, resulting in thoracic deformity 2 malnutrition infants and young children are not sufficient nutrition after birth, suffering from certain malnutrition diseases, such as Pediatric rickets, a long time can affect the development of the sternum, resulting in thoracic deformity.
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DNF red-eye SB2 Raiders Daquan brush map plus point of the mainstream weapons of different sets of recommended 3

Into the border into a larger nine, single technology to enhance the relatively large, integrated output is low, (do not pull the soul of the genus, I said that the outside world nine). If the basic properties are not enough, the output is very poor and then six different collocation, the best doom six, dark blood six, bloodthirsty six, red and green jumped, with the legacy. (Do this slowly!)

Soul chain and right groove on the trade-offs, the landlord roughly calculated, 50 properties and soul chain just strong, most of the case. Armor is about plus, bracelet ring recommended outsider six, and then necklace necklace. If there are 50 strong attributes can also be the best Spring Festival Orb

The so-called greens turnip have their own love, choose what is better, see personal problems. The landlord was the first to burst dark blood, so I had to choose him, but also personally feel that the problem of basic equipment out of bounds also finished, I feel that the choice should not be difficult, do not want to ask the landlord later in the end the good and bad, You guys do not know the complete range of actually do not know what to use, or you are funny, or you are red-eyed white as for no time, civilians, a set of 70 heritage, or about Glass bracelets or rings. Other jewelry to strengthen the property, independent equipment like, weapons to see personal ability, the best recommendation to kill, no property attacks, bricks or spend a little money to buy property cards. Each site if you can pursue better, to do it like knock off van cleef and arpels perlee ring price inheritance, legends, other equipment, with the souls is not bad, in general, souls are the best jewelry sets, Ares is not much to say, for red-eye or souls Good (Taobao can brush wins field). Other epics do not discuss the pre-upgrade Buy fake purple just fine, you can buy a van cleef alhambra ring knock off set of inheritance, buy a good weapon. 70 powder giant is actually good, with property attacks, the right slot can buy a property to strengthen the. Jewelry too. Small pressure to upgrade Some people always ask me the independence, strength and strength of the number of suitable, this is not a definite figure. The main pile of strong attributes, and independent knock off van cleef and arpels ring price independent enchant shoes, weapons forging full on it. Second, consider the power, crit.
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To create the map of Hetian jade

Open the glass door, feel the strong human color, the top of the red banner says 'Chinese gem', and the jade and Hetian jade raw materials development, jade carving and jade inlaid product design and production, boutique and Tian jade collection, National chain sales in a first name show van cleef and arpels flower necklace imitation a glance and mergers and acquisitions, is the god of our folklore, the main marriage and cooperation, also known as 'Hehe two holy.' These two people actually existed in history, referring to the two monks in the Tang Dynasty, Hanshan and Pteridian, and later evolved into ancient gods. One of them was in charge of carrying the lotus flower, one of them holding a box containing a group of bats. 'Dutch' and 'and', 'box' and 'together' homonym, harmony and good fit. Hehe jade selection of the long-standing popular 'Hop \u0026 Hsien' historical allusions as the company's brand culture background, to Chinese calligraphy Aijixuejueluo. Qigong wrote 'Hehe jade' ink as the company's brand identity, 'physical and mental harmony personnel sum, the sum of Heaven 'as the brand's core connotation reporter found that harmony and nephrite jade treasures displayed quite rich, are mainly high-end, which also includes the highest grade jade suet jade. Products fashionable and exquisite workmanship; including bracelets, listing, earrings, rings, waist buckles and other types, there are many styles to choose from 2003, Shenzhen, Hong Kong jewelry market a small amount of jade bag gold jewelry, leading the innovation of jewelry . Hehe jade in order to enter the jewelry industry in an all-round transition, determined to re-dig lost the golden inlaid jade technology. Hehe jade sent technicians went to Shenzhen, Hong Kong to study gold package technology. Two years later, the first gold-jade jade factory in Xinjiang was opened. In 2005, the gold-jade jade ornaments made by Hehe Jade Ware became popular in the jade industry, but consumers did not accept it. Hetian jade has always been a traditional and simple impression in people's minds. When jade is decorated with golden gold, it is hard for people to break the inherent notion. However, hehe jade did not give up knock off van cleef and arpels flower necklace this market, but insisted on innovation, to produce more sophisticated technology, exquisite gold inlaid jade. After two years of market precipitation, Jin Xiang Yu jewelry more and more knock off black van cleef necklace consumers like it, in 2008, Xinjiang's major enterprises have set foot Jin Xiang Yu jade jewelry Today, harmony jade Jin Xiang Yu technology has been widely used industry standards. Hehe jade has developed the Hetian Baoyu series, Jin Xiang Yu series, fashion series, daily necessities and gift series, large and medium-sized handicraft series and the series of six high-end custom-made series of well received As early as 2008, Departments as 'National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base', as the national Hetian jade physical grade standard sample units, the quality of the Hetian jade control very strict, seventeen raw material selection criteria and Seiko secret agents, so that each product may have become collection, preservation can be heritage, cultural property, often lasting a new work of art today, harmony jade has successfully entered the ranks of famous jewelry brand has become synonymous with luxury and fine Zhen. In 2014, Hehe Jade will continue to focus on and promote Hetian jade brand culture. Not only will he continue to adhere to the concept of innovation, but also will launch a new micro-film 'Perfect jade' with cultural connotation, Hetian jade inherited the traditional culture of the Millennium Culture, with a bright light of history and fashion glittering freshmen, the perfect bloom.
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Pakistan Chin Street shooting people do n van cleef vintage alhambra necklace imitation ot lose fashion WeekBian Zhilin wrote in an 'out van cleef and arpels flower necklace copy of print': You stand on a bridge looking at the scenery and people watching the scenery see you upstairs. Many people stand van cleef vintage alhambra necklace knock off van cleef and arpels turquoise necklace imitation in front of the pavilion appreciate, but
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Multi-angle analysis to help you choose spiritual decoration

Braille system has been out for some time, last Xiaobian bring you to understand the effect of more attributes, this Xiaobian brings us to choose spiritual properties. van cleef bracelet knock off Most of the server's extraction techniques believe that have reached 120, it can be said that the magic has begun to enter the era of high-grade, as the traditional charm of the equipment does not increase the type of property is more fixed, for example: the necklace will only Increase the spiritual power, the hat can increase the defense, magic, hit, damage; and a spiritual decoration will appear a variety of properties that may increase, then the problem came? Which spiritual property is strong?

Let us first understand the composition of the spiritual decoration equipment to increase the properties

Zone 1: Yellow font. Add property. Increase the van cleef bracelets knock off type of property and the value varies with location. Each piece of equipment fixed only van cleef fake rose gold bracelet one attribute area 2: green font. Add property. Increase the type of property and the value varies with location. Each piece of equipment appears 2 or 3 random attributes So Xiaobian Recommended:

From a property point of view: If you think your property output ability is weak, you can give priority to create rings or earrings, if you feel your property resistance is relatively poor, you can give priority to create accessories or bracelets From the martial perspective: Give priority to create the output martial arts ring, law department martial arts give priority to earrings, seal martial art can give priority to create rings or earrings, assists the school to give priority to create accessories.
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From Phoenix to Guiyang travel accommodation articles

From the stilt house in the Phoenix of Xiangxi, take a detour to Qiandongnan where the ethnic customs are strong, and then enjoy the Libo landscape that has just succeeded in applying for the World Natural Heritage. Finally, stop at Guiyang for delicious food - a perfect route. Take advantage of the gap between work, spent a dozen days imitation van cleef perlee bangle to play this line, a lot of gains, especially to contribute useful information Routes: Shanghai - Huaihua - Phoenix - Tongren - Carey (South Hua Miao) - - Rongjiang - Congjiang (Xiaozhuang Dongzhai, Basha Miao Village) - Rongjiang - Sandu - Libo (Xiaoqi Kong, Maolan Karst) - Guiyang

D0 Departure Itinerary: Shanghai to Phoenix There are many ways we choose is to take the K71 train, counting 20 hours to Huaihua (324 yuan on the shop, starting at 14:30, the next day 10:00)

You can also take the train from Shanghai to Jishou, but the arrival time is more embarrassing, it is 11 eleven in the evening, I feel not very safe. But from Jishou to Phoenix time only more than an hour D1 Shanghai - Huaihua - Phoenix Itinerary: Morning train to Huaihua, walk or choose to take a taxi ($ 5) to the West Bus Station take Huaihua - Phoenix shuttle fares 30 yuan , Open 3 hours. There is no time for departure, people arrive in full car Phoenix is ??about two o'clock in the afternoon, the parking lot walk to the ancient city is very close, after passing through Hongqiao, remember the next bridge to the left or right into the ancient city, accommodation in these two sides Linjiang room) Accommodation: live accommodation Qi Qi Habitat, the boss is a military home, his son in Changsha. There is a computer room can receive a letter what the Internet, do not take up too much time, the boss likes to play Changsha, mahjong, ha ha. We live in 102 rooms, the landscape is good. Standard room with a bathroom 70 yuan / night, this non-double break price, good business lunch, the price may be slightly floating Food: The first day to the town, the vision is quite new, so visit for too long, only Just look for a meal, eat in the wandering people, just next to the match heaven store, things taste in general, bracken also, meat and vegetables prices are less than 20 yuan, full weight. Rice wine is not good to drink, wine or water was very obvious entertainment: a lot of bars at night, Oh. Whatever you choose is OK. Have seen wandering, phoenix robbery. Both have raised a big dog, when the business is not good in the afternoon can go to tease dog other: the ancient city of Kodak marked the word shop basically have engraved plate business, DVD20 yuan a. Internet cafes are dotted, two or three dollars for an hour. Post office in Metro. The inside of the newsstand there to sell postcards, the basic price and the city sold almost the same. You can send international pieces of D2 Phoenix cuisine: Tuojiang people's accommodation is not scheduled to live on the scene, then it is impossible to drop, but the door to open the meal, you can go to enjoy it under the most beautiful landscape seat, without a window to block The location of the two tables, you can see the most complete Hongqiao. Point rake duck blood, bracken, sour beans, mushroom soup. Per capita 30 yuan a lot of barbecue stalls can try, grilled fish, grilled shrimp taste is not bad. Basically 1.5 2 yuan a bunch of breakfast a lot of variety, we ate rice tofu, 5 yuan a bowl, the entrance a bit like the salty version van cleef fake rose gold bracelet of Yicheduo 'Matcha tofu', after all, rice is done, there is no real tofu So fine. You can choose from toppings, but the weight is too much waste a lot of shopping: more unique items

1) 'match heaven' matches, packaging are particularly interesting, about 10 yuan a box;

2) all kinds of silverware, the price range, true and false (basically fake), look at personal preferences with one or two, I bought a very large 'silver' bracelet, feeling with the national coat should be right Taste 3) Long bean lettering, a small 3 yuan carved single-sided characters, a large 5 yuan engraved double-sided characters, embossed kind of complex to 10 yuan

4) bone lettering, about 10 yuan, meaning Ibid 5) books. The Phoenix books, the basic is 20% off, to find an old bookstore entrance to the entrance to the ancient city of books, but also knocked himself to create a seal 6) ginger candy. Production process is very interesting, in order not to watch for free, you can buy one or two bags of meaning, personally do not like to eat, huh, huh 7) All kinds of pendants, depending on the preferences of people come here anyway, the money is sure to have a place to spend, As long as you are willing to. Ha ha Tour: tickets we did not buy, so do not introduce. 5 yuan to wear national clothes for two people, put lanterns ranging from 12 yuan, boating 30 yuan two (on the other side of Hongqiao, less lively area, personal feeling good, very quiet, but the defendant came back after someone talked about 15 yuan both van cleef alhambra bracelet copy OK)

Attractions: Listen to Tao Shan can go, especially by Shen Congwen influence and know the Phoenix people, do not only go to the residence to look forward to some of the masters of the cemetery here, walk along the stone official road more than 20 minutes to go Note: Because the next itinerary is Qiandongnan, so the surrounding Miao Village did not go to Phoenix. If you go to Phoenix alone, do not miss it. General day trip is a hundred dollars, stockade difference is not big, pick a more pleasing insight on it D3 Phoenix - Tongren - Carey trip: Phoenix to Tongren's car at another bus stop , A taxi last 6 dollars, this money can not save the road for a long time to go. But the scenery along the road is good, we have to take a motorcycle to explore the way, along the way you can see the layers of the ancient houses and Huang Yong-yu's home wall is full of people driving, because 8:30 inquire into the morning will basically send a class, So we are a good time to come to the station after the votes to buy a good seat, waiting for about ten minutes to open. 20 yuan fare, opened for an hour and a half I do not know why the car did not stop Tongren not serious bus station, and a taxi to the bus station can be made to Carey, hurriedly ran past, that one to Kay The car is about to send, and quickly get on the train ticket, the time convergence is perfect. In the past 3.5 hours, traffic is good. Fare 70 yuan Accommodation: 53 Panch'en Road national guesthouse, high cost, standard room 100 yuan, hardware is good, the hotel looks very good grade. And the key is rumored around some Miao jewelry shop, but basically did not open the door, probably poor business? Minzu Hotel walk to the bus station is very close, 10 15 minutes look, most of the trip to Guizhou by car, so find a hotel near the bus station is very important Oh City Transportation: 0.7 yuan bus, you can take , Most of the bus can be a large cross (Carey's most prosperous region). Taxi 5 yuan started.
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12-year-old girl for four older brother to colleg van cleef pendant necklace imitation eXiao Chunling treasure van cleef turquoise necklace replica this hard-won opportunity to go to school, the first semester on the third grade of a full-year exam. In addition to study, she also pack some housework, as soon as I have free, to help several older brothers wash vintage alhambra necklace fake dirty clothes
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van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace copy DNF Face Emperor said that these van cleef and arpe van cleef turquoise necklace imitation ls turquoise clover necklace copy six pieces of equipment are abyss cancerThe same DNF players, but the treatment they vintage alhambra necklace replica are really bad day. Compared with those face emperor, really is ashamed. Some also seem to be van cleef turquoise necklace imitati
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497 Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum to sell false blue jade bracelets

Xi'an Qin Shi Huang Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Jades to sell jade jewelry, false blue Lantian jade bracelets, April 20, 2012, I am in the process of excursion, 497 by the instructors claiming to be surnamed Wang's tour guide, speaking well, and gradually won the tourists Trust in the near end, said here Lantian jade is good, is absolutely real, but also vowed to stand himself with a jade pendant is bought from here, followed by 497, we came to Valley jade shop, were selected Different price bracelets, jade pendant and other jewelry ready to be sent to the closest person, but in the process of buying not to open the invoice, shopping only a small vote owned by the counter lady, the salesman here is not numbered, buy When you can open the invoice, etc. turned over the face that only the warranty card, but the warranty card does not have any description on the jade ingredients, then I feel wrong, because anxious to go back, did not think carefully, come back to Online check out the identification method, I spent 1,500 yuan to buy a bracelet even entirely a fake, Museum of Terracotta warriors and staff copy van cleef mother of pearl bracelet collusion Gas is really a pit father ah, I hope to see all the people forwarded, do not believe Shaanxi Museum staff nonsense, earn this kind of mourning money really is not ah, Shaanxi is the Confucian culture 5000 years of civilization, how Train pigs and dogs not as good as this replica van cleef arpel bracelet thing. Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum leaders really should reflect on ah. I remember when the 497 brought us in, I also said that the jade sold there is a discount to domestic tourists and the foreign tourists are not allowed to sell any penny, so they can spit out the money they earn from the Chinese. I really admire this kind of fake nonsense bastard, Shaanxi people I met are very honest, real rely on labor to earn money to support their families, did not expect to hit the Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses earn money , Rely on the terracotta warriors and horses and state-owned units in the people's hearts, the use of good people's mercy heart swindling, really shameless ancestors, Shaanxi Museum of Terracotta Warriors and horses and black jewelers should be replica vca alhambra bracelet removed out, but also good people on the one side Pure Land
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Chapter twenty-seventh void bracelet

Polo ralph lauren pas cher, Wang Junfei angry face pale, previously a little bit worse on the success, but who knows half way to kill a mink, even more exasperating is that the mink is about to be killed by him, but also bounced out a former him as a dead Boy, and with a treasure to kill him trying to hook twelve silver needles, silver needle in van cleef bracelet knock off alhambra the vibration, but the fluctuations in the purple pagoda is the strongest when half an hour will not move out of his enemies vicious Teeth, the palm of your hand suddenly rotated, the body one of the few energy Kuangyong out to form a bronze Xiongshou, lifelike, around the fierce chestnut energy, the shock of the vacuum in the fragmentation 'is this trick!' Taoist eyelids A jump, immediately Lengheng, his fist clenched again diffuse stars clean, now Wang Junfei already die, and this supernatural powers he did not give much power 'to me to die!' Wang Junfei roared, pretty bull roar, Trample in the air, the exception of the fierce chestnut, if it is bullish claws encountered, non-death that is injured Ling Shen drink, golden fist burst Shen Hui, suddenly smashed up, soaring golden blood gas burst Chong, this is a sink potential sink Fierce force, Manchurian bang together with the sudden burst of energy outbreak, the Taoist sleeve robe fluttering silver needle suppression of the purple pagoda home, hanging on his copy vca alhambra bracelet head, dipped a purple energy under the avenue, wrapped in the body just finished , In front of completely exploded, quite cattle and fist on the boom together, the outbreak of terrible waves, the entire cave seems to collapse, surrounded by a large stone was scrolling up, and then cracking Kaka body energy Nearly exhausted, he took the blood Dan out, ate directly, crazy refining it, 'give me natal life!' Wang Junfei Beat distribution, whole body grievances monstrous, pale face extremely incomparable, in front of the dust and smoke moving heaven and earth go Go unexpected, a distributed brilliant Jinhui fist, accompanied by bone friction bell, smashed out of the dust 'What?' Wang Junfei shocked, the pace quickly receded, but his speed is too slow, suddenly the golden fist Between the chest on his chest, 'cough.' He fell to the ground to spit a large blood, the chest will have to explode, his eyes looked frightened teenager, a scalp numb: 'I am a royal Wang Junfei, you want to do? '

'Send you on the road!' Tao Ling's eye a cold foot smashed down, played Wang Junfei almost explode, 'You, you are looking for death, you staged a major event, and I tell you you quickly put me, or else Wang Jun is not what you can provoke. 'Wang Junfei snapped his teeth and felt himself almost dead' Well, just to send someone to kill me when you're relaxed, but now it is forgiveness! 'Tao Ling sneer, He is not a merciless generation, who respect him a foot he respectfully, if some people think he persecuted, must be ten times!

Slaughtered Wang Junfei, Road, take a deep breath, depress the body's weakness, he repeatedly consumed a lot of consumption, abruptly sat down, 'hum.' The mink whizzing came, it covered with blood, this time But intimacy rub on the arms of Dowling, ruby ??eyes flashing color of joy, 'little guy, just thanks to you.' Road grin, holding the mink in his arms, rubbed its forehead 'Woo Woo. 'The mink creak, it was born here, and no contact with outsiders, so I can not vomit, small paw waving, hairy paw dotted with twelve silver needle on the ground,' go It wants to give it to you. 'Tao Ling haha ??smile, this spiritual mink high spirituality, it is estimated that some kind of heaven and earth spirit mink rushing ran past, picked up a small silver paw needle, mouth Spit out a white mist, the twelve silver needles suspended in its side, blooming a ray of light, its small paw point silver needle, playing enjoyable, the appearance is more simple and honest, Will, then rushed to find Wang Junfei, brow suddenly wrinkled, his van cleef arpels knock off alhambra bracelet body Why nothing?

'Should not ah, Wang Ling who did not have a token, since he is the leader, the identity is so high, it is estimated that the token on him, he would like to win the first!'

Taoist mind rotation, thinking for a while after his eyes staring Wang Junfei arms only silver bracelet, eyes suddenly lit up, grin: 'Is this the legendary empty bracelet?

Void bag can store things, are used to treasure the ancient Xiongshou fur refining, this thing can be very valuable and empty bracelets, or empty ring, it is made of void stone refining, it is said that the ore , In the sky to find, or some special area his mind a hot, previously seen in ancient books, empty bracelets are required to recognize the Lord, but now Wang Junfei has been damaged, this thing is the main thing His fingertips bloom a golden mountain, surging onto the silver bracelet, swept out of mysterious wave of his bracelet, looked at the silver bracelet, suddenly saw the silver bracelet into a separate space.
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White copper unscrupulous businesses posing as silver was checked

Recently, the Yiwu Market Authority received reports from the public that some people will be made of sterling silver jewelry sterling silver jewelry sales sales inspection council Bureau immediately take action in the Yiwu International Trade City, a district market jewelry business district was reported Businesses conduct surprise checks. Not only did law enforcement officials reported alleged acts of selling white gold as silver, but also found that a small number of silver bracelets on sale had the 'Cartier' logo printed on them, and some silvered accessories also had 'Hello Kitty', 'Chanel' and alhambra clover necklace knock off other trademarks Graphic or text. As the operator failed to provide the corresponding proof of trademark authorization, the alleged infringement of these bracelets and accessories, law enforcement officers were seized the day raid were seized a total of suspected copper white copper counterfeit silver sales copy van cleef magic alhambra necklace of the chain of 21 suspected trademark infringement bracelets 25 , 3 sets of jewelry accessories, the next market regulators will be punished severely punished the relevant businesses to be investigated Market regulators reminded the silver heavier, but the texture is soft, easy to bend with hand and not easy to break is basically silver; White copper is a copper-based copy van cleef & arpels necklace alhambra alloy mainly containing nickel as a silver-white, metallic luster, and the copper-nickel alloy is relatively light and hard, can not be bent or can only be bent by force. Since nickel releases metal salts when sweating in the body, metal salts can cause skin diseases. Therefore, consumers, especially children wearing brass ornaments, may have adverse reactions such as allergies.
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370 years of Jiangkou silver legend has proved super million pieces of treasures water

Minjiang billow away, has not been able to take away the mystery of the mouth of the river. In January this year, a barrier was set up in the river, 'cleaving' a piece of open space in the river and the water pump roar day and night, allowing the 'tentacles' of archeology to extend to the river bottom. On the 20th, reporters on the scene saw archaeological units in the Minjiang River River cofferdam pumping water, excavation environment changed from underwater to land. Archeologists unearthed about 5 meters down from 'land', revealing hard river beds hundreds van cleef magic alhambra necklace knock off of meters long, undulating maroon beds resembling quiescent 'ankles,' relics scattered on cobblestones in the 'waves' of grooves Between the sand and rivers, there are about 2 meters thick layers of cultural relics. In the archeological excavations, means such as metal detection, magnetic method, electrical method and ground penetrating radar are also distinguished from the previous archaeological excavations. University of Electronic Science and Technology of resources and the environment together with the Ministry of Land and Resources Chengdu Geological Survey Center set up a joint research team to provide scientific and technical support for archaeological work, the use of geophysical and information technology 'perspective' riverbed and bedrock bedrock, and gradually More than 10,000 pieces of artifacts were excavated from the bottom of the river in the more than 370-odd years of 'secret' excavations that took place in more than 370 years of the river's bottom. Near the excavated sites, some of the representative unearthed relics To show. A section of the knife, rust stains, the body is also mixed with pebbles; a spear, but also identify the shape of the Ming Dynasty weapons; 6 silver ingot, a full fist size, egg size gold ingots luster, unearthed Silver book above, you can clearly see the 'seal', 'county king' archeology experts, excavated unearthed relics are mainly five categories: robbery of the Ming dynasty feudal lords, state and prefectural bank of silver, folk Gold and silver treasures, Zhang Xianzhong their own coins, weapons used in war. Associate Researcher at the Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection Center under the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, and Zhou Chunshui, leader of the underwater archeology and excavation at the Shenyin site at Pengjiang estuary. From the current archaeological excavations, many unearthed treasures are among the many unearthed relics. In the display of artifacts, the reporter also noticed that gold earrings, hairpin, gold fake van cleef mother of pearl clover necklace ring, bracelet accounted for the majority. Zhou Chun Shui also believes that this is the most direct evidence of Zhang Xianzhong's plundering of the Sichuan people. Through the grab of the rich along the way, in order to maintain the operation fake van cleef & arpels necklace alhambra of military supplies. Judging from the relics found so far, this situation is likely to be true. Whether these artifacts prove 'Zhang Xianzhong Tuchuan'? All along, some experts believe that Zhang Xianzhong's massacre of the Chuanmin mainly concentrated in Chengdu and its surrounding areas. Some scholars believe that the main reason for the dramatic population decline in Sichuan in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties is war and famine. As more artifacts unearthed, this history will gradually clear up.
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IBM superstar Watson defeated two human intelligence champions two years ago on the perilous edge of a famous American television quiz show

According to a report published by the Atlantic Times in the United States, Watson is currently 'traineeing' at a hospital in the United States - studying like a doctor who receives strict training in medical schools - correctly diagnosing the disease and come up with feasible treatment options - - Of course, all this has to be done on its own. Information technology has 'stirred' too many industries and areas of development. Watson's medical battlefield is just one of the signals that information technology has taken the lead in revolutionizing healthcare. Optimists dare to predict that if all goes well, we'll have to adapt slowly to the 'robot doctor' in the outpatient room for more than a decade. But others are worried about the prospect that if we put everything to the computer, is there any need for the old professional future of doctors? Is Artificial Intelligence a human well-being or a crisis full of traps? How far can we go on this road?

Medical breakthroughs have not been limited to new medicines, innovations in new surgical techniques (robots instead of physicians requiring highly precise fine procedures such as vascular surgery, ophthalmology, microsurgery, etc.) or medical legislation and social security systems. Watson, the IBM super robot, won two human intelligence titles two years ago on the 'brink of danger' in the famous American television quiz show, and now it has fought in the medical field. IBM is developing Watson to help medical professionals do complex diagnoses such as cancer and pointing to nuances that may be overlooked by medical professionals. Information technology may mean a new gospel for patients who do not need miracles and who need only the right diagnosis. Taking lung cancer as an example, patients no longer need to wait long for the test results. They do not have to endure the pain of conventional chemotherapy. Through robotic doctors who thoroughly understand the history of patients and master the latest research results in the world, they may only need to add one to the series of tests Biomarker testing, can accurately lock and fight the culprit Cancer has long been in the medical field of information technology, but Watson is an unusual 'ruthless character.' The New York Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is training Watson, researchers as Watson's mentor, by providing a clinical data extracted from real cases, 'Professor' how the 'Intern' to understand and analyze According to IBM, Watson may be faster than any of the previous machines to process information and be more intelligent in terms of treatment. It processes up to 600,000 pages per second of 'natural Language 'text. This is not a trivial matter because unstructured natural language accounts for 80% of all information. The natural language in the medical field includes not only the medical history 'Biyad' written by doctors, the lengthy lecture in professional academic journals and the large amount of raw data stored online by the health department , And in practice sometimes information is contradictory and people use different expressions. At least in theory, Watson can feel it all. As a result, it can quietly observe the patient's examination and, over time, learn to better address questions and treatment options in real cases. Watson even gave the ability to diagnose the probability of success and, as a general rule of thumb, diagnose and treat as a percentage of the odds of judging Watson was considered an 'artifact' in the medical field. Marty Cohen, a medical director at IBM's Watson training team, has extensive clinical experience and believes Watson may change the rules of the game in medicine, not only in highly specialized oncology medicine but also in primary care . Because all doctors may make mistakes, and in the field of life-saving medicine, subtle mistakes may also be fatal. According to incomplete statistics, about one third van cleef replica flower necklace of medical mistakes come from misdiagnosis. On the one hand, humans are naturally prone to over-reliance on certain information, not all information. A doctor diagnoses two or three symptoms of a patient, or misses other information to cause misdiagnosis, which occurs daily in the hospital's emergency department. On the other hand, humans are not good at using a lot of information, but in many medical fields such as cancer treatment, the complexity and scale of information make it almost impossible for humans to cope with this overwhelming 'explosion of knowledge.' Many experts believe this is the value of Watson's informative clinic: helping people make decisions by handling vast amounts of information can not only reduce the rate of misdiagnosis and ultimately make it a personal, ubiquitous alternative to difficult tumors In the medical field, Watson is also used by some professional organizations as a tool for training young doctors and may also directly serve as patient health care. An insurance company has begun testing Watson as a decision-support tool for nurse-approved care programs If Watson only tells doctors what they already know or simply reserves more medical tests for patients, it may just be a hedge. However, Watson has yet to gain practical experience in improving the quality of medical care. However, Watson has drawn much heated discussion in the fields of medical, engineering and business in the United States. The IT, big data, equipment manufacturing, virtual reality, psychology And other fields, are the key words nowadays optimists believe that regardless of Watson's success or failure, are signs of qualitative change in the field of health care. Systemic innovations in software and equipment will revolutionize the healthcare model in all aspects, especially the doctor-patient interaction. Under the new model, people are more likely to stay healthy and easier to get sick when they are sick. IBM predicts that Watson may be widely used within a few years of their ideal that this revolution will be extended beyond the medical industry to other areas. Medicare has become a global problem plaguing governments, meeting the growing medical needs of an aging population while ensuring that the government is not bankrupt. Health care now accounts for one sixth of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), a rising percentage, and the absolute value of medical cakes is impressive. The view is that changing is not just about medical treatment but also subversion of the medical body. Some experts believe that the robot may be better than a human doctor, because the statistics are more likely to be the robot is correct. They think that what robotic doctors are doing now is 'no more exotic than driving,' and 'he' can do the same job as a human doctor, but with better results and less cost, replacing the average human doctor is not only reasonable, And possible. Some even asked 'Do we need a doctor or algorithm? The article predicts that computers and robots will replace four-fifths of physicians in the United States. In the future people will ask 'who is Watson?' Instead of 'What is Watson?' The rational view does not agree with these radical ideas. After all, they think that the practice of medicine is not as simple as the light processing of data. The patient's bedside and the comfort of their family members need a doctor. In practice, they can grasp nuances and learn to grasp the uncertainty and need a doctor. They see Watson as an innovative tool developed by IBM to help healthcare professionals rather than replace them, a position that is more likely to be a reality for the foreseeable future, and a rational argument that Watson's artifact will still bring deep influence. On the one hand, the new healthcare system will involve areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, bioinformatics and more. On the other hand, we will strengthen the capacity of professionals at all levels, from highly specialized surgeons to more general medical assistants, to achieve their full potential and to take full responsibility for their own efforts to meet the needs of an aging population on a sustainable basis Not impossible for growing health care needs. In addition, the development of the information industry will bring unemployment to the manufacturing industry and the banking industry, and the information revolution in the medical industry may generate a lot of employment opportunities in basic jobs. The Atlantic Monthly pointed out in a report that using gene technology as a representative The explosion of medical data, coupled with the supercomputer processing power of geometric progression, is accelerating the arrival of a personalized 'health 2.0 era.' Since the human genome sequencing was fully completed in 2003, personal genetic profiling has reduced the high price that has kept ordinary people from the past to include Medicare for most Americans. Although genetic research is not a long time, researchers have mastered the conditions of susceptibility to heart disease and breast cancer in many gene-specific populations. In our upcoming Health 2.0 era, physicians tailored to patients not only for cancer treatment programs, but also personalized treatment for individual genetic traits such as diabetes and heart disease Chronic patients with high blood pressure to the hospital Periodically checked by a doctor or nurse , The doctor asked the patient's recent diet, exercise and other conditions, re-open the traditional medical model may become history. It's not uncommon to wear a bracelet to monitor blood pressure and wear a pedometer to record exercise and exercise. Innovations in Health 2.0 are: The combination of information technology and healthcare, typified by sensors such as smartphones, allows clinicians to make patients more accessible through less-than-pervasive but more frequent collection, transmission and screening of relatively simple medical data It is wise and quicker to judge that the patient may not feel constant contact with the health care system. Through information technology, people have more frequent contact with health care workers, shorter durations, less urgency and stress. At present, copy van cleef and arpels mother of pearl necklace the installation of smartphones around $ 100 or so on smartphones like Apple has been able to collect blood pressure and blood sugar, and even collect and analyze urine through a chip attached to a cell phone to test for sexually transmitted diseases. In December 2012, an APP approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that used electrocardiogram data and sensors saved the lives of a tech enthusiast during the flight, and the aircraft was also forced to land urgently. Researchers are still further reducing the size of the sensor, the sphygmomanometer hidden in the cuffs, designed for young people vest, you can monitor and cooperate with the treatment of asthma, diabetes, sickle cell anemia and other chronic diseases in the future 'Health 2.0' era, people not only Maintain good health, but also more intelligent 'cure disease.' A San Francisco-based predictive medical technology company has developed a program that collects all the data in the ICU and uses algorithms to determine which patients may have heart attacks and provide 24-hour care reminders. Salt Lake City University Hospital Utah is experimenting with a program that monitors the entire hospital. And the provider of such services is no longer a doctor, but an entirely new medical scenario for the entire professional team. People still go to the hospital to ask, copy van cleef gold necklace examine, and prescribe to a human 'doctor' in a lab coat. But these 'doctors' are different from medical doctors who are now training for many years. They only need to upload and update their medical records and genetic information, and do not need to go through complicated and lengthy medical training in the traditional sense. The future communication between doctors and patients will also More convenient, through SMS and other information methods can check radiology and other inspection results, booking inspection. The pilots in some parts of the United States found interesting phenomena: people of all ages used text messages to communicate directly with doctors, and even 90-year-old patients would regularly send text messages to doctors. Watson's presentation looked really beautiful, but health 2.0 from pilot to promotion, there may be a long way to go, many problems need to be solved Problem one: over-treatment of chronic disease. Although Watson sometimes work, but does not rule out the possibility of further medical costs rise. By introducing more diagnostic possibilities, doctors are bound to make more tests for patients, which are usually not cheap. Even worse, if new tools are capable of handling far more information than before, information providers will try to gather more information accordingly. Question 2: EHRs are missing. At present, the United States has not yet established a sound electronic medical record system and may thus halt the innovation of Health 2.0. For at least the past two decades, the development of EHR in the United States has been a slow and frustrating process. It has even been considered a mess with at least 400 separate versions of electronic medical records. The government must take the lead in setting up a unified standard electronic medical record and correspondingly improve the medical insurance system. According to a survey conducted in September last year, nearly 70% of doctors used electronic medical records and the 'critical point' for implementing electronic medical records has arrived. Question 3: shortage of manpower resources. On the one hand, the demand for medical information technology personnel has risen sharply, with the demand tripling between 2009 and 2010, and the demand will still maintain the momentum of 20% annual growth in the next 10 years. Experts generally agree that the annual delivery of qualified graduates from medical schools is actually a drop in the bucket compared with the strong demand. On the other hand, the number of primary care physicians in the United States will be extremely short in the context of the aging population and the Obama administration's expansion of medical insurance coverage. . Unlike labor-intensive industries, where productivity increases and workers' wages increase only, the 'Baumol effect' of the health care sector is typical. Whatever the increase in work efficiency, the wages of practitioners will rise as employers stop the job-hopping, forcing employers Pay more, even if practitioners only provide the same level of service Information technology innovations in the health care industry will ease Baummul's disease. With the help of decision-support tools and robots, staff have more skillful medical skills (basic care in Brazil and India, maternity in rural Tanzania, obstetrics already in use in India) through shorter hands-on training so that It is possible for medical professionals at all levels to handle more complex and challenging tasks, to achieve their full potential and to improve the overall efficiency of the industry. Super computer, smart phone set off the health of the development prospects of 2.0 still need to wait and see. If technology really simplifies access, reduces the frequency of visits and monitors the quality of care, our long-term health will be more assured, less expensive and more sustainable at least, and while Watson is still a silent intern, IBM He also insists that the 'computer doctor' is merely a tool that serves a professional doctor, not a substitute for him or her. After all, technology can hardly eliminate an industry or culture and can only be a catalyst for change. Unless the practitioners now stand up one day to Watson, I'm sorry, it looks like you can only come!
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