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When paving, the floor is now covered with a layer of about 2mm thickness of the mats, made of high-density polyethylene, the interface needs to be sealed with tape, and then covered with a layer of the thickness of 0.5mm above Of the film, and then reconnected at the seams to 50mm above, and finally sealed with tape.

Pavement should be paved from the room near the wall, the distance between the floor and the wall to reserve a gap of about 9mm best, for each row of the excess floor after paving the floor with a saw to saw. When paving the last row, measure the width of the last row very accurately, remove the excess floor accurately, and then use the hooks for paving. Finally, install the baseboard at the reserved area.

After the cleaning is completed, the final step of course is to clean up the debris after a series of workings on the floor pavement, and then clean the entire floor.

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1, for the water is not serious wood flooring, in addition to the shortest possible time to dry the surface water, the small area of ​​the vacuum cleaner can be used in the bubble floor of the floor of the splicing gap suction water vapor, or with a dryer with cold air dry, but thousands Do not use hot air blowing, to prevent the surface due to heat drying caused by dry deformation. Soaked area is relatively large, can be considered to use air conditioning to dehumidification, close the room doors and windows, air conditioning open to the lowest temperature, most of the day or so to dry.

2, if the wood floor water is serious, it is necessary to keep the floor is not deformed in the case of dry, conditional circumstances, in the clean-up site at the same time, it is best to inform the floor manufacturers professional customer service door processing. Because of the different materials, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring by water immersion treatment is also a slight gap.

3, if the solid wood flooring a large area soaked in water, should promptly notify the wood floor after-sales service, the wooden floor carefully pry, but also as soon as possible to the floor surface of the water dry, and then '' well '' shape superposition, The weight produced by the stack prevents the occurrence of deformation. In the placement should pay attention to the floor upside down to prevent the surface due to rapid drying caused by dry, and attention can not be placed under the sun exposure, it should be placed in the ventilation at the dry, one to two weeks after its recovery, Decide whether it can be used again.

4, if the floor soaked time not more than 12 hours, the furniture can be removed on the floor, try not to pressure, and quickly drain the surface water, such as dry wipes with the surface of the floor water all dry. And then quickly remove the floor of the baseboard, exposing the expansion joints, by the expansion of the water vapor will be distributed, usually about a week dry, good quality or immersion time is not long products can be self-recovery. If a small area of ​​laminate flooring soak for too long, the floor material expansion coefficient is too large, certainly difficult to restore, you can use local replacement way to solve, that is prying after the re-purchase with the brand, the same type of floor pavement.

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