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Created 14-03-2016
Owner blade-soul
Title So my problem is simple right now, What should I DO against a Blade and Soul cancer
Description Okey, I'm a destroyer my rank for last season was plate around 2000 . So my problem is simple right now, What should I DO against a Blade cancer ? -.- They keep grabbing me easily, run while grabbing me around bugging my Blade & Soul Gold number 2 (Counter ) I don't know what I should put points into either a escape with daze or escape from grabs And if I escape their grab I will get rekt by their many spin and light damage plus stun but if I saved my escape and not use it on grabbing mood I will get rekt by bladestorm (I will repeat myself they keep running around and bugging my counter skill so I can't use it -.-) So what the hell I should do ? I'm really gave up on this game due to his balance crap , I won't talk about other classes though I do believe destroyer is getting rekt by BD, Assassin (Poke and hide till time out ), KFM is the pretty counter for it The talk is way too long to get in-depth of it on a forum, since we are on same server I'll add u to friends later on and we talk quietly about it. Theorically there are 4 ways to play lbm: campy, aggressive, aerial and ground comboers. Watching at different lbms on NA (pomf and silas) u'd find out there are opposite ways to play against them, pros and cons about which way u choose to use against which player. Sadly, high elo u gotta play around the player u finding, not around urself. I gotta agree that the matchup isnt that nice, but if u talk to jaesung he'd reply that lbm as destro is an easy matchup with even ping. Basic knowledge about how to play vs a lbm: if campy lbm (waiting for u to engage), play aggressive, try to find an opening into all his res and trinkets, try to counter the phantomgrip (i gotta still understand how but it's all about timing of our 2), and run with fury. if aggressive lbm, run with persistence, dont let them aerial if they are the aerial type (in case u can even run with antigrab trinket), open with iframe to avoid their engage, and use hm emberstomp to counter the grab escape (or run quickslam and try to slam them down b4 they can counter it -or make them waste the counter avoiding the knockback effect and then do a full grab combo). this is just what i can advice, if u want we can talk in more detailed way and discuss it together since i gotta find out some tested way about how to deal with lbm once ill get to high elo xD Everything I did try and I really really Just gave up, I just sigh whatever blade dancer let's go. I tried the persistence and I did feel like he was doing tons of damage while I stand there doing tiny damage amount, Infact I do feel like Fury >Persistence gave you more chance to just 1 hit them before they eat you alive. And for counter 2 from their grab, I got to admit it useful when it work but at same time pushing on my day that I can't use it when the little shit bug it with running or SS And you can go check Empathy style of gaming, "The worst sick style ever " Once I went against him, All what he do immune plus another immune before areial combo me with 15% Hp then Phantom BNS Gold grab me before hurl me away and put me into unconscious for *cricket*ing 30 second. The little shot was playing on time out me , He was putting me in the corner of using my escape or else giving him the highest damage input -.- I don't know why the *cricket* blade dance able to grab people without stun and why the *cricket* even his hurl cast instance while our cast in 2 second and need even skill point like them
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