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Created 07-12-2017
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Title nowadays people would select fake cartier love bra
About me Tourist souvenir serious homogeneity Qingdao

It is reported that all of these winning entries are blindly assessed by the public and experts replica the cartier love bracelet generated, the organizers hope that the selected Qingdao original works to the market, and gradually realize the industrialization, to resolve the current tourist souvenir thousands of people embarrassed the current coastal city of tourism The phenomenon of homogeneity of souvenirs is serious. From south to north, almost all are 'the third kind': shells, pearl and coral series. 'Zhang Shufeng, a researcher at Qingdao Academy of Social Sciences, said that all places are focusing on expanding the souvenir market for tourism, but there are Cultural and creative souvenirs still a weakness October 12, reporters at the May Fourth Square and the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center tourism souvenir shopping tour in a circle, eighty or ninety points of sale, 90% of the stalls in the sale of 'old Three kind. ' In the Macau Road, coach parking around the parking lot, a souvenir to sell nothing more than pearl necklace, pearl powder, crystal bracelets and squid, cartier new love bracelet replica shrimp and other seafood; the Olympic Sailing Center, the cartier eternity bracelet coast of more than 10 art pavilions In the shell wind chimes, coral and other souvenirs are also similar Dong Zhiwen, deputy director of the Department of Tourism, Ocean University love bracelet screw replica of China that tourist souvenirs in coastal cities are similar, indicating that the difference is not enough, lack of innovation. Qingdao City had held three tour product design competitions before, but it focused on highlighting the cultural connotation of tourist products and the concept of creative competition for the first time in June this year. Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Shinan District Culture and Press and Publication Administration (Tourism Bureau) And jointly launched the design competition. With the theme of 'inheritance, innovation and promotion', the design of the cultural and tourism commodities and the packaging design for the society were collected from 103 participants, reflecting the natural landscape, human history, folk customs and urban features of Qingdao. Of the more than 600 products, there are 194 kinds of physical objects and 59 creative categories, most of which highlight elements of Qingdao. They have rich historical and cultural connotation and geographical features of Qingdao. They are innovative in appearance and of good quality. They reflect Qingdao's distinctive features from different aspects Regional culture, customs and urban style In this competition, Shandong Ogilvy \u0026 Mather Culture Development Co., Ltd. 'Colorful Qingdao' series of scarves won the gold medal, the company chairman Wang Xiaobo said: 'Scarves products into Qingdao Shanhaicheng unique elements, The price of 200 yuan to 400 yuan, the store daily sales of twenty or thirty, very popular with tourists.

Fang Baishou, a professor of tourism at Ocean University of China, suggested that corporate R \u0026 D teams should collaborate with cultural experts, collide with the creative ideas of young people, introduce the power of industrial design and truly make the regional characteristics.
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