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Created 07-12-2017
Owner yrrpsanis
Title Today In the present people will select faux carti
About me Women's summer health 8 points

Makeup plucking eyebrows will give people a sense of a bald shape, from a medical point of view, pull the eyebrow will not only impair physiological functions, but also because of the destruction of the hair follicles and make-up paints caused by the stimulation of local infection 2,

Some people think that summer wear short sleeves or sleeveless dress armpit hair exposed on the outside unsightly, cut with scissors, and some even scrape the armpit with a knife blade. In fact, doing so detrimental to health, easily lead to bacterial infection of the axillary region, not only local pain uncomfortable, but also prone to symptoms such as lymph nodes 3, night skin care without the daytime cosmetics

People relax during sleep, natural relaxation of the pores, easy to absorb the nutrients of cosmetics. But the night skin care should not be used during the day commonly used dew, cream, grease and other semi-solid cosmetics, fake love bracelet screw easy to clog the pores because of such supplies, the skin can not be smoothly carried out metabolism. Therefore, beauty should be used at night Cosmetics, water and cosmetics do not clog pores, does not affect the skin to breathe, nor affect the normal excretion of sweat glands, and more easily absorbed by the skin 4, without others cosmetics

Cosmetics can become a disease vector, therefore, do not mess with other people make-up cosmetics, do not use their own cosmetics free to others 5, do not wear metal jewelry

More sweat in summer, metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets contained in nickel, chromium will be dissolved in sweat, and can penetrate the skin, causing contact dermatitis 6, soon wear stockings

If wearing long stockings, not only sweat pores can not be diaphragmatic, affecting the discharge of sweat, and sweat in the skin metabolites can also stimulate the skin itchy, or even skin eternal love bracelet fake inflammation 7, less coated cosmetics

Lipstick with more lipstick in the oil will penetrate the human skin, but also the adsorption of dust flying in the air, all kinds of metal molecules and pathogenic microorganisms and other side effects. Through the decomposition of saliva, a variety of harmful bacteria cartier love bracelet vintage can take the opportunity to enter the mouth, easily lead to 'lip allergy.' Eyes re-coated fake love bracelet with screwdriver eye shadow powder, sweat will eye shadow into the eye, such as hand rubbing, easier to bring bacteria into the eye, infected with trachoma or pink eye disease.
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