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About me Ming and Qing Dynasties silver collection value of three sets of value collection of high value

The history of silverware dating back more than 5,000 years ago, as a collection of a large category, a wide range of silverware. The most common hairpin, earrings, bracelets, but love bracelet with screwdriver fake also some daily necessities, such as spoons, chopsticks, toothpicks and some decorations. A lot of things common in life can be made of silver. 'The techniques of silverware include casting, forging, carving, engraving, welding, braiding, stacking, inlaying, etc. The filaments are best known in Beijing and Chengdu, Products without mold, the artist alone with the hand will be thin as the hair of the use of wire filling wire, base wire, wire wear, silk and other technology to produce a variety of modeling utensils, color varieties up to more than 400. Shanghai and Tianjin Silverware is melted silver material rolled into pieces, handmade hammer system, and then seams and accessories for welding, and then through the carved, hollow, surfacing, mosaic, base wire and other craft, the objects The surface of a variety of decorative patterns, the final light or silver plated. There are also prime-based, only light without decoration. 'Tan Qiang said the twentieth century, there were also 80 silver-plated silver tableware. Compared with the West, China's history of the use of silverware is relatively short, only about 2,500 years. Before the Jin dynasty, silverware was used as an accessory. In the Tang Dynasty, silverware was widely available as utensils. Nowadays, more and more collectors also include silverware in their collections. Because of their professional exposure to hand-made, Tan Qiang is very interested in pure hand-made items. Talking about the three values ??that the collection should possess, Tan Qiang said that what he value most is the artistic value of silverware. 'Old-time hand-made is now very rare now the rapid development of social science and technology, many things are produced by the machine, there is no historical significance and artistic value.' Tan Qiang said firmly that 'art is priceless, which Once the disappearance of the production techniques will be difficult to find it back, we must preserve the handicrafts handed down by the older generation. 'Speaking of the art value of silverware collection, Tan Qiang said:' Buy a better table now More than 1 million yuan, but that only economic value, there is no historical value and artistic value.Art value must be handmade.Economy, history, art, the three values ??are indispensable, the lack of any one collection is worthless. To show reporters when the silverware love bracelet screwdriver fake collection, Tan Qiang, more than once pointed to the fine pattern on the silverware, told reporters: 'You see this manual and more detailed, and now the technology can not make such a charm. Longevity lock, unicorn lock, etc. implies the elders pray for their younger generation, on behalf of good luck and longevity of the beautiful hope, casting fine, now it seems very unusual See. '

Silver era imprint

On the wear silverware, Tan Qiang mentioned, 'Silverware and the times, a look at the characteristics of silverware can be calculated in which age.' Before the liberation of silver jewelry business specializing in the industry, called 'drink miscellaneous silver children' , Special collection of silver and then create ornaments for sale. Ordinary people are wearing almost all silverware, and expensive and not low-cost gold compared to silver jewelry is not high and lightweight, easy to fit on the head fit the hair, not easy to slide out. Ancient people with rich people are also more with silverware, with the difference between the master servant Tan Qiang love silverware, whenever you see the favorite silver jewelry will find ways to get in the bag. Although the price of several silver necklaces and bracelets ever bought is not cheap, the materials and workmanship are not very good. So, he began to buy books to study their own history of Chinese silverware, learning silverware collection of knowledge. He found that most of China's silverware does not have a standard stamp, and silverware or jewelry is not necessarily authentic in the market. Therefore, in order to collect the silverware he likes, Tan Qiang often flies in the collection market. He found that old silversmiths with collectible value not only circulated less in the market, but also were expensive and used silverware as replica love bracelet pink gold a food utensil, which came from the West. Tan Qiang said: 'Hundreds of years ago, Britain, Italy and other countries silverware not only unique shape, but also represents a symbol of identity.Many aristocrats will create a full set of silver cutlery, in an important day Use, identity has also provided a good guarantee for the health of the diet, while in China, silver products are not so widely used in life, more as a currency circulation, extending from the ancient to the Republic of China 25 years After the success of the Northern Expedition, the silver dollar was canceled and the one yuan of New China evolved in the same way as the silver dollar, so the silverware of this period was more valuable.

Complete collection of high value

In recent years, many keen eyes of collectors began to set foot in the silverware collection. So, how to determine the level of a silver collection value? Tan Qiang said that depends on three points. The first is to see the origin. Royal custom silverware and 'noble' family use silverware, modeling and technology more beautiful, which is similar to the quality of China's official kiln porcelain. Especially in early European societies, silverware was always owned by churches or aristocrats, and its use not only represented a symbol of wealth and privilege. Followed by purity. In order to avoid changes in the content of pure silver in the alloy, all countries have their own standards for purity and have a special mark to match. Countries in the world of silver content of different national standards, which determines the difference between the fineness of silverware, of which the old silver in France, the highest silver content. Finally, look at history. Understanding the cultural and historical heritage of antique silverware is an extremely testable collector's knowledge of things. Silverware is undoubtedly an artistic style epitomized the era of cultural and artistic standards, such an antique silverware is also more valuable collection Tan Qiang introduction, the current investment in the collection of old silver is relatively small risk, and the price is not high, the average collector Can participate. For example, the current Republican era of silver longevity lock about 500 yuan in sales price, workmanship is more elegant pair of Qing silver bracelets in the price of around thousand, Qing silver hairpin, ring and other prices are a few hundred dollars Do not wait. In addition, silverware and silverware produced throughout China have a very strong local style. Such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang silver style realistic, love bracelet screwdriver replica beautiful and elegant, Henan, Shandong and other places produced silver is simple, vigorous, Shanxi silver originality, workmanship, Fujian silver style is delicate and delicate. Tan Qiang said that the collection of old silver is the best collection of complete sets, such as ethnic silver jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, headdresses, bracelets, etc., the value of a complete collection is far greater than the value of a single collection Collectors: Tan Qiang

Tan Qiang, a member of Tianjin Collectors Association, a deputy director of the clock camera collection committee, a senior folk collectors and connoisseurs, and a senior member of the Tianjin Wen Bo Society Painting and Calligraphy Committee. Born in watch family Tan Qiang has a deep understanding of the collection of clocks and watches, and accumulation of professional knowledge and professional experience made him expand from the collection of watches and clocks Miscellaneous collection, on wood, silver, jade, porcelain collection have a certain study.
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