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Created 07-12-2017
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Title nowadays Fashion people would choose imitation car
About me Ni Ping picked up the microphone to host CCTV waiting for me to earn more than donated

March last year, local entertainment entertainment program popular. Ni Ping as trump card host. There are a number of local stations for Ni Ping out of each 500,000 high appearance fees, inviting her to host entertainment. However, Ni Ping has declined again and cartier gold bracelet copy again Ni Ping in the main stage of CCTV 'waiting for me' program, earn much? Producer team said: 'With those places Taichung expensive appearance fee of 500,000 compared to, we are embarrassed to say it.' Ni Ping also said humorously: 'a money is not affectionate, do special in CCTV, do not I am a CCTV person, to do their home programs, to high prices do? Column group can give give, a penny to give, I have to host it! CCTV is my home!

According to Huaxi Dushi Bao's reporter learned from May 24 this year, 'waiting for me' from every Tuesday night, in advance to a set of CCTV broadcast Sunday 8:00 pm. Program to 'relay love, help reunification' for the purpose, at the same time hand in hand with public welfare institutions and tens of thousands of volunteers, and the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Civil Affairs strong support, so far broadcast more than 40 programs, and official website, microblogging, According to Huaxi Dushi Bao newspaper reporter's understanding, in fact, Ni Ping already reoccurred does not host the program, cartier love bracelet gold fake and in recent years Is an actor in the CCTV drama center. Why do you want to pick up the microphone to host? Ni Ping gold cartier love bracelet fake claimed to be 'low value' looking forward to creating 'high value': 'In order to report the development of CCTV love! In those days, CCTV transferred me from Shandong CCTV. So I came. No CCTV training, how can there be Ni Ping today! '

Ni Ping wrote in the article, 'We really do a good job in the program, a good restaurant there will be repeat customers you try to create me, who can create who? Can pack up to 18 years? This is very tricky. Under all the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, give up the gorgeous dazzling clothes, simple, clean appearance. 'With a sincere heart to participate in' waiting for me 'program Ni Ping, Endured back problems bothering insisted recorded one after another program, with the ordinary people came to the scene for help with bitter fun. Nianying even remember how many times in the 'waiting for me' to donate guests, she also gave her son a valuable grand piano like a blind child like music, according to Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter learned that Ni Ping of Sichuan Deep feelings. In 1998, she personally funded a 'good day' tree in the south bank of Chengdu. On May 12, 2008, Wenchuan earthquake and Ni Ping donated one million yuan to victims in Sichuan. 'She has not made a lot of money while waiting for me on fake cartier bracelet gold this program.' Producer Yang Xingang, after accepting Huaxi Dushi Bao's interview again mentioned Ni Ping, everyone in our section of the group for the Ni Ping sister's kindness and love touched. Whenever the reunion of the scene of the dream come true, Ni Ping is even more pleased than the parties, but also touched. She said that this program is to help more people, in order to infect more people to help those around them in need of help, 'the disaster can not be shared, the misery can be shared.' Huaxi Dushi Bao Duane Lake
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