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Created 07-12-2017
Owner yrrpsanis
Title In the modern many people will choose replica cart
About me Damage limit output DNF Avenger half magic flow full equipment recommended

Semi-magic of the core output is the power of the devil, and complement each other sets the hell is E3 dead blessing suits But in the case of non-outsided dungeon only recommended dead 6, not recommended dead 9. The reason is simple, dead 9 only increased the devil's power 30% damage. 'Defeat the devil's power to fly fake cartier love bracelet pink gold and floating special effects' had good results, but with the national dress SB through the devil's force from the revision, that is, the three forms of attack power, and the x form will only push the attack , The original 9 sets of advantages suddenly became a slot point, the urgent need to change the dead 6 with gold bracelet + soul hunter can greatly enhance the damage of other skills, as dead 6 + gold bracelet + Spirit Hunter +? Depending on the individual, I Recommended plus double tapping left slot, the tower of the Lord updated 60SS double attack left is very suitable, give up the ring part of Elvin virtual artifact is indeed half magic flow, the cartier love bracelet 4 diamonds devil's power attack frequency, the same skills can be more additional About one-third of the original number of attacks on the pink gold cartier love bracelet copy number of attacks, even more. But a lot of area out of stock or high price state, it is difficult to start with Lynn dark attribute attack additional 7% damage, the devil's power level +3, the devil energy ceiling of 30%, both highlights fake cartier gold bracelet and disadvantages. Not the pursuit of semi-magic under the circumstances of the power of the devil is enough, the pursuit of semi-enchanted circumstances accumulate full of devil energy a little time.
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