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Created 07-12-2017
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Title In modern times people Will be choose imitation ca
About me Swiss researcher invented a single spiral simple drone

Today's UAV appearance and size can be described as strange, and some may seem like a thermos, while others may seem like a bracelet. In any case, the UAV will have a set of components that keep it balanced in the air. Researchers in Switzerland have now succeeded in designing a single-helix drone that they call the easiest steerable aircraft available today. Researchers at the ETH Zurich have spent days researching different UAV designs and what they can do work. In the copy cartier love bracelet pink gold diamonds course of their research, they also studied how to use a large number of small UAVs to work together to build things. Last year they succeeded in using a small UAV to build a walking bridge single helix drone is the latest work of these researchers. However, this drone does not seem to copy cartier pink gold love bracelet be able to do much practical work unless you want to use it to shoot fast-moving scenes or use it to transport cream. Traditional fake cartier love bracelet pink multi-rotor UAVs require multiple helicopter operations to counteract their own weight, and the single-helix UAV only needs one helicopter to take off. Researchers found that diamond cartier bracelet four-axis UAVs lost one, Two or even three spiral wings can still remain in the sky after flying, then the design of this simple spiral UAV also seems to have some truth. And these researchers even wanted to go one step further and design a drone without a spiral wing.
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