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Created 07-12-2017
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Title In modern times everyone Will be select faux carti
About me Female guns shotgun play DNF female big guns to play strategy analysis

Female guns spray firearms play analysis DNF female guns play Raiders guide Female guns rely on their strong straight line output capabilities in the DNF has a lot of players, and the female guns play is also varied, such as tank soldiers, fire breathing Soldiers, etc., Xiaobian today to share with you is spray firearms play, take a look at the main body: annihilation assault 5 armor with annihilation left slot right channel: is a strong stone bracelet: you can choose trace bracelets, yellow bracelets can Necklace: Be a soul chain it, the soul chain is to enhance the maximum single item title: the best is the witch fantasy or the top of the temple and so on the type cartier fake love ring gold of injury injuries plus weapons: the requirements for weapons is not particularly high, , But considering the probability and cost of opening, you can choose to buy one directly. Or you have a better SS weapons PS: Jewelry for the big impact of the female guns particularly affected, try not to annihilate occupy your jewelry position. There is more than the above equipment does not mean that must be such a match, in the premise of annihilating 6 to meet the Yellow and White storm, you can mix and match their own. The main skills to explain

A row of general skills do not say, crouched by the body, physical crit, physical point of the back on the line. On physical backstroke this skill, I think I SP enough, so point full of Green machine guns: after two guns Green machine gun revision, CD is long but at the same time the outbreak is also high, their own attributeless attack, affected by the weapon properties, so Spitfire after the injury is particularly impressive M 3 flamethrower: that is, we often say that the rough fire, dissatisfied with what to play Spitzer, do not explain the anti-tank artillery: CD in the latter part of the equipment based on the formation of a very short, extremely explosive Horror, point full of laser cannon: Click here to mens cartier love knock off ring 1, do not ask me why, because we play jet fire, not a laser soldier. In addition, the storage laser cannon is 45 front, so it must focus on the flamethrower: This is the fireman's housekeeping God skills, the attack distance, two have added, will be full of potential outbreak: BUFF skills , Full not explain FM 31 grenade launchers: I recommend here is full, push the blame and stiff particularly easy to use, to see personal preference copy cartier ring rose gold FM 92 mk2 grenade: This skill is too long CD is the most important issue, Mainly outbreak, so the point 5 out front like quantum bomb: people love and hate the skills ah, the advantage is the scope of the damage can be, but not how to apply in the late, so here I give up the X 1 compression quantum guns: the outbreak of terror, and the cartier ring with diamonds imitation release is the tyrant body state, it is recommended point full over-temperature heavy firearm: increase the durable consumption of weapons to enhance attack power, a bit similar to the sword of the Sword of the Saber, there is no reason not full of cold Ice Ejector: we play is a fire jet, so this skill is not much necessary, you can point a blame the use of heavy weapons transformation: two passive skills, increase physical attacks and independence, there is no reason for dissatisfaction AJ tactical enhancement: two Feeling is Of the two, to strengthen the skills of various small, full on PT 15 original gun-type compression: commonly known as air guns, can choose their own way of launch, the output is high, the outbreak of neat, full on.
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