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Created 07-12-2017
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Title nowadays people Will be select faux cartier love n
About me Two women carrying the Republic of China suicide note Zhongshan sell antique coins

April 11, two four-year-old woman appeared in the new market in God Bay. Encounter older villagers, they are close before the co-ordination, and then compiled a story sales bag 'old coin.' In order to prove the origin of 'ancient coins', they also carry the 'Republic of China suicide note.' However, when they are doing a rich dream, the police have fallen from the sky ... ... Women ready to be cheated by the villagers report 9:30 the same day or so, 'God's Peace Volunteer' micro-channel netizens broke the news that just two women To sell him a fake ocean, fake silver dollar. The location replica cartier love ring yellow gold is at Sung Yat San Street near Sheung Wan New Market. The netizen said that pulling him selling fake oceans and fake silver dollars are two four-year-old woman, a sing and a well co-ordination. They claimed that they were from Henan. When building a house, they dredged some ancient coins underground from the old home of their hometown and brought Guangdong with them for fear of being confiscated by the government. They exchanged the 'precious' items of historical value for cash. In order to confirm the origins of the 'old coins,' they also mysteriously took the people they were interested in and quietly displayed a somewhat yellowish 'Republic of China' suicide note that resembles linen. The netizen saw a similar scam on television, borrowing the so-called 'baby' and immediately recognizing it as fake. However, he did not immediately punctured, to avoid the two, then through the 'God of Peace Volunteer' WeChat group broke the news. Before long, four police patrols came to the scene. Two women who are making a fortune dream have been caught. With the 'Republic of China suicide note' citing the origin of the coin received Netizen rebellion, the reporter and the Shenshan Public Security Bureau command center to get in touch. Command center police confirmed the existence of the incident, saying the two suspects have been brought back to the police station for questioning. He told reporters that at that time, the two women were going to flee separately. As a result, they were intercepted and intercepted by two police motorcycles from two directions. Police immediately found two dozen backpacks fake silver and fake ocean, and another two copies of the 'Republic of China suicide note.' Police asked them to provide proof of coin, both can not provide. Police provided reporters with two women's live photos, they wore plaid shirt, black pants, two people of the same age. The reporter also watched the police captured more than 20 pieces of fake coins, four ancient bracelets photos, as well as the remake of the Republic of China 'suicide note.' One of the 'suicide note,' the general content: home is full of fertile ground, a hundred houses. The eldest son went to Taiwan with his army and the second son cartier love ring wedding band imitation resided in Hong Kong. Whenever the war, it will be hidden in gold and silver ingot under the ground floor. If the descendants are found out, their children will be equally divided, and this suicide note shall be established. Loan is the Republic of China thirty-seven winter months, Wang Zhongting. Lin Zhuohao police investigators said, 'suicide note' after doing the old treatment, most people are hard to distinguish true and false. Police advise members of the public not to be fooled into the police through the public security network for similar cases and found that many cases of fooled cases have occurred. Among them, there are old people in Yiyang, Hunan, who believe in fraud and want to buy the treasures to pass away. As a result, they are cheated imitation cartier love wedding ring for 1,100 yuan. According to the props used by the two men, there are more than two people suspected of using the props to get money, and there may be others in Zhongshan. Police remind members of the public that if they meet strangers on the road and claim that they have old coins on hand and then tell the public stories to buy, it is most likely to be a fraud. Generally speaking, two or four persons are fooled. Usually, one excuses and sets an excuse first, exchanging money with a car or changing family money, exchanging various coins with the victim, cartier love wedding ring replica while others turn into 'care' , Set the bureau to deceive the victim.
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