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Created 07-12-2017
Owner sbmcrusher
Title About vertical roller mill's related presentations
Description Vertical roller mill for short vertical roller mill, a cement raw materials, cement clinker, slag and slag grinding process used, has a simple structure, low cost of manufacture and use characteristics. Including between the body, the disc device and the transmission device, the body and the disc-centering means is provided to determine the structure of the rotational center of the bottom disc is fixedly provided with rotary guide means, through the rotary disc means rotatably supported on the rail body, the disc device and gear drive connection vertical roller mill. Since the gear does not bear axial load weight and high pressure grinding disc, so gear reducer can be generic, which has the advantages of compact structure configuration, reliable, and can shorten the stop grinding time, reduce the use of equipment and maintenance costs. Studied the effects of the disc, the curvature of the roller grinding capacity, unit power consumption, in order to determine the optimal grinding curvature. Large parts of the disc holder and pressure frameworks were the main bearing static analysis and calculation of structures under dynamic loads, optimize the framework of cross-sectional dimensions determine the pressure to find the disc holder stress equally conducive to optimum shape of the casting process, and take full account of the effects of heat stress. Basic research and analysis, the development and design of efficient vertical roller mill for MLS3626 combined classifier. Key consideration separator area portion control and particle motion, limiting the mill appear as irregular exercise, from the surface to reduce the cycle load, improve grinding efficiency.
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