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Created 07-12-2017
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Title now A lot of people will choose faux cartier love
About me Liu Wen family background was exposed and Cui Siyuan staged Cinderella romance

Recently, on the topic of Liu Wen family, jumped into the microblogging hot search in the front row position, warm discussion. Cui Siyuan and Liu Wen, one is a popular idol idol, one is a fashion brand children's international supermodel, the two in the variety show 'we love it,' the new national CP 'pomegranate couple' since the exposure has been super High Concern It is reported that Liu Wen asked parents for advice because of the issue of love, parents objected, on the grounds that Cui Shiyuan family too superior, but also in South Korea, the overall gap is too large Liu Wen in his microblogging profile is : This is a trivial person, accidentally caught in the big stage of fashion. She is still negligible himself, carrying too much concern to everyone in the face of Liu Wen's family speculation that many netizens for her, there are netizens said that she was the first board in Victoria Vital T station model, she is still The world's No. 3 ranked in Asia, China's top supermodel, she has done in the industry's top, so good girl's family well depends on themselves. This rich generation more admirable than the rich second generation have friends upload Liu Wen back to rose gold cartier ring knock off his alma mater of the photos and praised: Liu Wen is my girl Yongzhou, her family is very common, she came to this step thanks to her own , And later she succeeded, did not forget to return to his alma mater to see Recently, 'Super Junior' held a concert in Seoul, friends straight from the source scandal girlfriend Liu Wen stealth crowd in the show, especially singing 'Lost star' Origins affectionate confession: 'Just for u, You know. (Dedicated to you, you know)', so that everyone can not help speculating that the two really make the fake actress Cui Siyuan sister also posted a photo with quasi-sister in law, 2 people romance Xiuzheng positive probability increased greatly; and previously, in the program Liu Wen and Choi Siyuan's father had met. Many users guess Cui Siyuan and Liu Wen due to drama, privately spared no expense to move out of their families chase Liu Wen, legendary gorgeous origin father Cui Ji-hao's presence, in particular, has aroused the most fans attention, but as entrepreneurs Cui Dad, who is a professor, and a dad in front of the younger generation, seems to have enjoyed her son's girlfriend. When interviewed, she praised her as 'very beautiful and with a good heart' and more Gave her a '130 points' over the full score, he even took the initiative to Liu Wen launched the next cartier ring fake online invitation, cartier gold love ring knock off 'the next opportunity, I will take you to eat the most authentic Korean food' For the rumor, Liu Wen's broker Earlier in an interview, said: 'This is an artist's private affair,' and did not know. The program group actually said that Choi Siu Yuen and Liu Wen privately do have a good feeling, but whether it is really together, the other also said they did not understand. As to the rumor, Liu Wen's agent previously said in an interview that 'this is an artist's private affair' without any knowledge. The program group actually said that Choi Siu Yuen and Liu Wen private feeling really good, but whether it has really together, the other also said they do not understand the statistics of two users in the program to send each gift list, short period of time, value Has more than ten million, light Liu Wen gave Cui Siyuan a couple cuffs on the 50,000, there are Cui Shi Liu Wen sent the skirt and so on. Cuiuba told you to send a gift to a girlfriend this thing is not time-sharing, occasions, reasons: 'I think the right to buy ah.' In this regard, netizens lamented, 'White Fumei Gao Fu handsome love really Is full of all kinds of extravagant happiness. 'More netizens ridicule:' In fact, they both shot 'we give it a gift!' '

Netizens worried that the two people to participate cartier love knock off ring with diamonds in the program notice fee because the gift 'defeat', so some viewers doubt that the gift will not be the program group prepared 'props'? In response, the show clarified through the reports, the gifts are all sent to prepare for the stars themselves, bought out of their own pocket when the two had just met, Cui Siyuan source in the SJ members will burst Cui Siyuan rich in home, and asked Liu Wenxi do not like Rich boys, is not because Choi Siu Yuen rich will like him.
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