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Created 07-12-2017
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Title Today In the present Fashion people would choose c
About me Two thieves steal train million gold bracelets arrested again similar to theft

The original title: two thieves train Pirate million gold bracelets similar to be arrested again

Recently, investigators at Interpol detachment of Harbin Railway Police Interpol after two months of careful investigation, the August 7 on the train, theft of passengers Wang 2 million property of two suspects captured Wang and Yang. At present, the two were detained on criminal detention on August 7, K7065 train from Fueryuan, east of Harbin to Fuyong station of New Friendship Station. Passenger of No. 109 passenger seat No. 4 found the train police report : Her woman bag on the coffee table was turned, the white purse disappeared. There are cash in the wallet 2,300 yuan, 2 bank cards, I and her husband's ID card 2, the most important is a 45 gram weight, the value of 18,000 yuan gold bracelets are also in the wallet. Train police quickly informed the Interpol detainees cases, Interpol detachment investigators received the alarm, the case investigation carried out promptly Investigators on the passenger compartment of the inquiry, the reporter sitting in front of the seat of Ms. Wang Zhang reflected, At 2 o'clock in the morning, there was a man about 1 meter tall and 65 meters and another about 1 meter tall and 75 meters tall, wearing a cap and a face with more men and women closer to Ms. Wang's coffee table. At the same time, Mr. Zhang reflected that both men were missing after the train arrived at Hongxinglong Station. Investigators retrieved the surveillance of Hongxinglong Station but did not find the image of the man with physical appearance as reflected by Mr. Zhang's image cartier love band ring replica from the exit. . Investigators promptly changed their mind of investigation and conducted investigations into the three districts of Fengle Town, Welfare Village and Hongxinglong around the scene of the incident. Found that at 1:30 a.m. on August 7, two men with physical characteristics similar to those reflected by Mr. Zhang appeared at the Welfare Tun Station waiting room and boarded the K7065 train of the day. After being identified by Mr. Zhang, Therefore, the two men who appeared cartier ring imitation women at the table of Ms. Wang's coffee table accordingly investigated the physical characteristics of the suspect into a screenshot. On the one hand, they visited the local police station for comparison and on the other hand, Visit. When investigating a gold shop in Beitun Commercial Street, the investigators found the gold bracelet the informant allegedly stole. After identifying the screenshots, they were confirmed to appear in the waiting room on the 7th of August in the welfare station A man At the same time, another team of investigators through the cooperation of the local police station to identify cartier ring imitation with diamonds screenshots of photos of the man 1 meter tall and 65 men named Wang, was in 2010 for theft by the public security authorities handled at 2 o'clock on the October 19 , Investigators in front of the welfare Tuen station squatting in front of the square to find the suspect Wang's figure, and arrested, on-site interrogation, Wang quickly confessed to another suspect named Yang, is a welfare Tuen station When he again embarked K7065 train to steal. Investigators quickly rushed to a station will be waiting for Yang Wang Wang Mou captured by the investigators interrogation, Wang suspect confessed that he and Yang were aware of the theft on the train. At 1:30 a.m. on August 7, the two boarded the train after meeting in the welfare village. The two of them used their bodies to block the sight of others, put their hands into Ms. Wang's backpack, stole the wallet and pulled the backpack strapped off to get off at Hongxinglong. The two stolen things after inventory, overnight get back to welfare Tuen, and gold bracelets sold 9,000 yuan, the money stolen average points. (Xiaolong Shun correspondent Lei Lei)

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