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Created 07-12-2017
Owner yrrpsanis
Title nowadays people will select imitation cartier leve
About me Ghost Story Travel month card how to play

Ghost Story Travel in cartier white gold love bracelet replica the hands of many small partners specifically recharge the monthly card ready to start getting angry, but also pay attention to a lot of matters, so as to copy cartier love bracelet white gold be able to play more monthly card capabilities, where Xiaobian and we recommend the next month Card skills, hoping to help you to make money on the new monthly card party, save money, monthly card strong 12 Detailed, high consumption, and its points of note open area 3 months of the results, and now 118, practice 24, trumpet also There are tens of millions, silver is strong enough 12 Let's talk about saving money, do not underestimate the money, save 10 million a day, no problem. Save money will be back to the blue equipment, such as this figure back to the blue equipment, you can easily pick up, I back to the blue equipment requirements is with 1 hole, plus defense (because the monster attack is a physical attack), a full set of gloves belt back Blue outfit includes 2 bracelets 2 rings, 1 necklace. A glove to play gems, a belt to play gems Do not look down on the blue sky you hang up the field, my doctor 109 if you do not have to back the blue installed, one hour to use about 30,000 roast duck. 10 hours to count it down, not a small number with the blue installed on the back, 30,000 for a few days without a problem medicinal benefits of daily income, how to make money?

Must use the vitality, vitality of fishing because of the demand for life Dan, low-grade fish are in short supply. After fishing, you can also produce

If you skill out of fast enough, it is very profitable to say a rough figure, on the day of the contest sold less than 20 million drug money

Of course, you can open a small trumpet specializing in life skills, large number of tributes to practice month cards strong 12

Month card strong 12 If you make money fast enough, you can pass the Indiana a direct bid Wu Shizhai card of the ingot can support you bracelet love cartier 2 months Strong 9,3 months Strong to 11.11 level Wushan stone can pass 10 synthesis. 12 recommended seconds seconds directly to the treasure ingot access method is generally digging map Wushan stone, to the level can also sell experience

You can also release the pet, to get the pet skill book If you turn off the treasure box out of the treasure box key, you can ask your friends in the area, for fake cartier love bracelet white gold a month quite simple card.
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