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Category Cottages
Created 07-12-2017
Owner nikesasasassa
Title a great deal of Ms. put on wearing van cleef & arp
Description Genghis Khan 3 full set of artifact Secret God level attribute settled there

Million players favorite game entertainment media, the van cleef and arpel clover necklace copy most exciting entertainment information, the most authoritative game recommended, the most complete hand package into your pocket, but do not you install an APP, what are you waiting for? Quickly concerned about the micro-signal kdyx91 seven days a week or so

High-end atmosphere on the grade, crazy drag cool Diao bombing days, 'Genghis Khan 3' a full set of artifact appeared in the world, weapons, armor, van cleef flower necklace replica necklaces, bracelets, rings! Profile wind, property burst table, Have it? Come December 13 'Genghis Khan 3' 'experience mode' new service god war

'Genghis Khan 3' full artifact shape

High-end atmosphere full set of artifact shape

Genre pull the wind, the property is super high, 'Genghis Khan 3' heaven, Ming level, mysterious three sets of artifacts Qi appearance, from low to high all levels open, civilians and high-end players can have, from weapons to armor, all Fully equipped to arm your teeth from head to toe!

'Genghis Khan 3' artifact ran property

Runaway properties to create Guards combat

Crit, crit, damage, attack, hit, life value, 'Genghis Khan 3' heavenly, deep level, mysterious three sets of artifacts according to the player to choose a different occupation, due to career plus the corresponding attribute, Property Wan Fu enemy, hegemony world just around the corner!

'Genghis Khan 3' into the suit to send a full set of artifacts

New clothes into the suit to send a full set of artifacts

'Genghis Khan 3' custom player exclusive 'experience mode' new service God of War will be officially opened at 18:00 on December 13, recruits settled, into the service to send a full set of artifacts, the real van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra fake green, experience can be exchanged for cash props, a full Level, cap 90, equipment, fashion, mounts, props all experience exchange, do not spend money, play cool, come and join the fight!
Price $ 50,000.00
Promotion level None