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About me International Jewelry Evening Evening 3

The jewelery fair professional exhibition for a period of 4 days, sponsored by the China Gem Jewelry Association, Chongqing Gem Stone Industry Association contractors, Chongqing Evening News co-organized. On the scene of the Chongqing Evening News reporter, a large part of the exhibition items include Hetian jade, jade, south onyx, amber, tourmaline, red coral, pearl, sapphire, ruby, emerald and incense. Produced from the boutique, in the first two days of exhibition, has attracted the attention of many citizens. Such as the asking price of 1.2 million yuan, weighing only 1.7 kg of South Onyx stone, weight 12.8 kg of jade cabbage, valuation of 48 million yuan of jade Ruyi pendant, weighing 500 kg of Kowloon Jading ......

In order to repay newspaper readers, the Chongqing Evening Newspaper and some of the jewelers opened the Chongqing Evening News Readers' Special Zone jointly by the Chongqing Gems \u0026 Stone Industry Association, the Chongqing Shiyuyu Jadeite, amber, sapphires, Ruby, etc., a considerable part of the product discount rate is very close to people Chongqing Evening News reporter saw yesterday in the area, a diameter of about 5 cm, dark green color and uniform color, visual and moist bracelets Hetian Jasper, priced more than 60,000 yuan, at 3.5 discount Only 2 million yuan. This oil turquoise emerald dragon turtle, leading crystal clear, turtle body green full. Sales staff said the dragon turtle usually priced at 19,500 yuan, in this jewelry show Evening News area is practiced 3.5 fold sales in the middle with a swan stone and goose yellow beeswax green Ching Shizhu string, you can do the bracelet, but also when necklace. Staff said that the price of 2,000 yuan in the store, in the evening of this jewelery show readers area price of 600 yuan a string of garnet septa and pink glass string necklace, Smart and elegant compatibility , Glass beads diameter of about 4 cm large. The retail price of 2,000 yuan, in this jewelry show Evening News area for the reader price of 600 yuan. Left hand holding the ingot, the right hand held according to the yellow color carved crafted wishful, this Jade Buddha Maitreya pieces, the seller bid 56,000 yuan, in this jewelry show Evening News area, the discount as low as 3.5% It is reported that this jewelry During the exhibition, visitors to visit, consumers need a valid ID, for free tickets to enter, the tickets for the day only. The newspaper also reminded the public that this afternoon will be closed at 5:30 pm, at 4:00 to stop the ticket exchange, 4:30 stop admission. The end of the jewelry show is 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, will stop the exchange at 2 o'clock, 2:30 pm to stop the admission of the Jewelry Fair, the organizing committee also invited the Ministry of Land and Resources in Chongqing Mineral Resources Supervision and Testing Center for buyers Provide free on-site testing services It is reported that the center is equipped with a fairground light jewelry, refractometer, precious stones microscope and other testing equipment. Buyers before the transaction, the test center can be set to the testing center for free testing to ensure that the purchase of real goods In addition, the center can also free for the public to provide jewelry and jade jewelry testing. However, in order to avoid playing hall, each family only provides up to two pieces of jewelry free testing, and only for the authenticity of the material testing, testing certificate can not be provided on the scene. New entrants who are interested in investing in jewelery may also consult the center's staff on the investment, maintenance and other professional knowledge of jewelery. The diamond replica ring cartier Jade Carving Master Fine Auction in China Chongqing International Jewelery Fair tonight will be held in Zhongyu and Chennai. Hold. By then, the master Jade carvings, which have won the prestigious Jiulong award, will also take pictures from the organizing committee on the news that interested bidders are required to hold valid certificates. Before 5 p.m. today, they will go to New Irrigation Boulevard 99 (Light rail Line 3 Line Chengzhen yard as soon as exports) Chongqing, Chongqing. Chennai mansion for bidding registration procedures, to pay the required deposit after the auction, to obtain the auction bidding session, bidders such as take the bus Car, take 821,818,166,245 Road, get off at the yard of the yard of Cheng Jiazi, and then go to the sales center of Chance of Chennai mansion in 20 meters to the new archway. In addition, take Subway Line 3 in the yard of the yard after the Zheng, Exit No. 1 that is reached. By car to Zhengyuan yard rail station exit 1 can be. Road building artifact! The team opened the road to repair .2 line extension opened this month, New cartier diamond love ring fake Village, 19 minutes to Yudong. Part-time three years, 'a small snail,' learn Pa decealed his parents washed the 800,000 dishes. Camp archery everywhere .860 000 job resume leaked. Mother quarrel bag will leave the bag downstairs tens of thousands of jewelry was picked up. Suspected Tibetan Mastiff rushed to the middle of the night hit the police two shots killed it. 10-year-old boy Fascinated by Zombies and customs clearance forgot to go home Ye Xuan hand in hand with her boyfriend. Lin Hsinju postpartum photo Su Youpeng. Gao Yuanyuan Zhao and Ting dog food. Journey to the West star in life love .50 after the actress 80. Abandoned child. 'Inventory of tea sister former boyfriend. Secret crosstalk actor love history fashion

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