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About me Tony Leung Ka Fai lead the entertainment industry positive energy

Tony Leung Ka-fai, Hong Kong film's old play bone, who won the Hong Kong Film King, now seems very picturesque, but his art career had had a difficult time. In 1984, Tony Leung Ka-fai, 26, won the award for the first time with the outstanding performance of 'Curtain Call to the cartier mens love imitation ring Masses' and became the youngest actor ever. However, due to special reasons, he was completely 'banned' in Taiwan, so throughout 1985, Tony Leung Ka Fai did not get a piece about. Troubled Liang Jiahui last resort and friends ran downtown, bazaar selling bracelets, necklaces and the like to provide daily living expenses. Because there is no business license, often chased by the police ran the streets. The former gold statues Emperor reduced to street vendors, life embarrassed to such a point. Also at this time, he met the present wife Wang Jialian. With the support of her lover, Tony Leung came out of that 'trough' life and set foot on the road of happiness. Bing Xin wrote a poem: 'The flower of success, people just amaze her present Ming Yan! However, when her bud had infiltrated her struggling Teardrop, she sprinkled all over the sacrificial blood. Before getting on the podium for Oscars' best director, I'm afraid not many people knew that Ang Lee had 'grieved every single day, smoking cigarettes, diamond replica ring cartier reading newspapers, drinking coffee and bringing kids with him for as long as six years.' That embarrassing days, Ang Lee completely rely on his wife's meager salary. Hard working day and night, his adopted wife grew up to be the prototype of a female figure in 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' - Ang Lee laughed at her as 'a strong woman who combines the determination of Yu Xiulian with the rebellion of Yu Jiao Long.' 6 years, day and day to play the role of 'family women and men', and did not wear off Angui's spirit, but let him have a profound understanding of the family's meaning, so only then became famous movie 'diet men and women 'And' wedding banquet ', until holding Xiaojin people, become the Chinese light Ge You and Cong after marriage because there is no marriage room temporarily admitted to the Ho Tsung home availability, the two did not even buy new furniture, began a' dwelling 'life. For so many years, Cong Cong Ge for his acting career obscurity behind him to encourage him. Until now, Ge You still like to cook at home. He believes that living cartier love copy ring for men must be at home, if you do not open fire, home is deserted like a home ... In the entertainment, Ge Youyue wife-specific, love really deserved to be a miracle, so often someone will be surprised to ask Ge You 'Why not change', Ge Ge's answer is: 'When people were good with me, I do not have anything, she followed me together, a grudge no. Now I'm good, put people to a boil Well, we really can not do such a thing! Besides, we both get together, why do we have to do something like that?

Taste test 1: most people can cartier diamond love ring copy not guess! Do not believe to try to have a body girl, Mom and Dad can touch it twice, my boyfriend can touch, my husband can not touch what, is which part?

Taste test 2: extreme horror strange picture! Most people can not see this picture looks ordinary, in fact, there are many weird places, you see a few? Observe that the observation of 4 is not bad, we can see that the observation of 6 very powerful, that is very impressive at 8, more than 10 Well ... ... Hey!
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