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Created 07-12-2017
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Title a great many woman wear van cleef arpels clover br
Description The Future of Mobile Payment in the NFC Payment Age

According to foreign media reports, technology giants such as Apple and Google, and payment giants such as MasterCard, Visa and PayPal are now competing in the field of mobile payments in the hope of gaining a greater share of this emerging market, but relative to smartphones In terms of the smaller size, lower prices, more obvious biological characteristics of wearable devices are more suitable as a 'mobile payment' carrier?

The biggest question about the fate of mobile payments around is whether those who are accustomed to making payments in cash feel the real convenience of payment through the smart phone is obviously difficult to motivate consumers to abandon the cash payment, and through the wearable device to pay Looks more convenient, on the other hand, if wearable enough to pay, but also stimulate more consumers to buy wearable devices. After adding the payment-related features to wearable devices, people will come to realize the advantages of wearable devices, such as ready-to-use, convenient and safer, objectively speaking, not everyone believes that in the cash register When you check out, you can unlock your phone, unlock it, open the payment van cleef and arpel clover necklace replica application, and then make it easier for the payment terminal to read the data than to draw out a wallet or pay cash. However, if we just put our wrist close to the payment terminal It is obviously easier to complete the payment than the above method. Wearables are far more time-saving and smarter than smartphones in terms of payments, except that they do not yet have a place in the mobile payment ecosystem thanks to geo-location and biometric sensors Wearable devices are expected to simplify mobile payments to a single point, thereby drastically improving the payment experience. 'Imagine what a supermarket without a checkout counter is,' said Drew Giovannoli, marketing and operations manager at Faconbury, Beacon's management tool company. 'If all the products in the supermarket are available via Bluetooth Scan and mark, wearable devices can automate the payment process as you pick up the good and get away. 'In addition, wearable devices are also superior to smartphones in gestural control experience such as providing more A good in-store experience At the same time, data conversions between wearables can also outperform the money elements necessary for traditional van cleef arpel necklace imitation deals, while also integrating other elements of the consumer experience (such as loyalty). To Disney, for example, its recently introduced MagicBand bracelet greatly simplifies the tourist's multiple payment experience, this bracelet can be bound with the visitor's room number or payment means, then visitors at the park simply by In addition to the proximity to the RFID readers located in the campus, various payments can be made, including dining, clothing, souvenirs and bookings, while MagicBand also supports non-monetary data exchange such as tourists wearing Disney's Simplified payment steps such as interactive games, 'Magic Express' and door cards serving as hotel rooms not only help wearable devices appeal to consumers but also enhance their interoperability with other platforms. Take Starbucks, for example. It's clear that simplifying payment steps is more important than attracting more customers to the store, and many Starbucks stores are beginning to support direct adoption of Microsoft's van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra copy bracelets, Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches and Pebble smartwatches Wear devices to complete the payment, Starbucks is also actively working with third-party vendors, such as Pebble's own payment application PebbleBucks docking, Pebble users through PebbleBucks will be able to buy Starbucks coffee unique security features

Security is the biggest concern for most consumers before they use the mobile payment method, especially when multiple well-known brands frequently leak customers to pay for the data. However, wearable devices have many advantages in terms of payment security. First of all, most wearable devices are equipped with at least one biometric sensor, these sensors can often be used to confirm the true identity of the user, in addition to the fingerprint sensor widely used by Apple and Samsung, as well as Nymi wrist Belts and other devices equipped with advanced sensors, these devices read the biometric is unique, of course, is also able to act as a means of authentication when users make mobile payments Although the current market, many wearable devices need to be used with a smart phone In order to play all the features, but their mobile payment can be completely detached from the shackles of smart phones. Wearable devices not only simplify the payment process, but also increase the hackers' difficulty in stealing user's personal information. Even if a device is lost or stolen, its recorded biometric information can not be copied, and users can also remotely control wearable devices through their smartphones or PCs, minimizing personal losses and independence from smartphones Presence also means that wearable devices do not have to rely on operator support and integration, so mobile payment is not required by the mobile phone network support, which can effectively prevent hackers through the network to steal user payment information to further protect the security of mobile payments In addition, the wearable device is more dominant in appearance than the conspicuous smartphone, which can be a ring, a bracelet, a button, a necklace, etc., all of which will be a thief Too noticed that they might steal a smart phone worth $ 700 and may not be able to thieves for the $ 80 wearable device October 2015: The Age of NFC Payments

October 2015 is the deadline for upgrading payment terminals in the United States, when millions of U.S. businesses will have to buy EMV-enabled end-devices that are more secure than existing magnetic-card readers, For businesses that do not have an end product upgrade, they are responsible for the potential for fraud. It should be noted that the new payment system will also be added to support for NFC technology, in addition to the current built-in NFC chip in addition to credit cards and mobile phones, there are a variety of wearable devices also support the technology. Currently there are a total of 220,000 NFC payment-enabled businesses in the U.S., accounting for only about 24% of the 9-million U.S. businesses, so there is every reason to believe that mobile payments will be popular in the United States by 2015, Top of the list will be NFC Payments As the infrastructure required for mobile wallets, including smartphones and wearables, is maturing, we'll see that mobile payments will grab more payment market with lightning speed , While the giants in the tech and financial industries not only compete in the mobile and wearable markets but also in the simple agility of payments, and the ultimate beneficiaries of such competition are naturally ordinary Consumers, we just sit quiet and wait for the simple, safe and convenient 'wearable payment era' to CIO Club Weekly

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