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Created 07-12-2017
Owner nikesasasassa
Title A lot young lady put on wearing vca clover jewelry
Description The director of the village wanted to run a single child wedding report to the Commission for Discipline Inspection has not been approved resigned

Each table is equipped with van cleef and arpels engagement ring copy drinks and drinks, cigarettes placed on the table are all Chinese cigarettes. In the wedding scene, most of the ordinary people dressed in clothing. This reporter learned that most villagers based on the local villagers according to a villager said: Party members should also be punished

Yesterday morning, Zhang Jun, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, accepted online interviews with the Central Discipline Inspection Commission's website. Regarding the recently amended 'Regulations on Discipline of the Communist knock off van cleef and arpels engagement ring Party of China' (the 'Regulations'),

In the 'Regulations' enacted and promulgated in 1997 and 2003, the treatment of the policy of contravening family planning has been clearly defined. In this revised 'Regulations', none of the provisions concerning family planning violations and corresponding penalties have been Mentioned. Some netizens think that this means the party members in the family planning requirements relaxed, this is the first time yesterday Zhang Jun responded: party organizations can not ignore

Some netizens suggested that some party members or leading cadres use their own legitimate income to buy luxury cars or watches, if such behavior will not be reported by the masses, will van cleef arpel ring copy not be punished?

Zhang Jun replied that Article 126 of the 'Regulations' stipulates that party members should be disciplined in their extravagant life in pursuit of pleasure, pursuit of low interest and adverse effects. Among them, the female officials said they bought

In September 2014, Wang Ping, party secretary of Jiangxi Ji'an, was wearing a large number of watches and jewelery posts on the Internet. Net posts show Wang Ping has 11 watches, 18 bracelets or bracelets, 22 brooches or brooch. Wang Ping responded that they have the financial ability to buy these things, to withstand the organizational test, these jewelry on the photo is owned by more than a decade, is also cheap, can point out the price, the most valuable piece of the table is Omega, is love to send The other is quartz watch. Ji'an City responded that the investigation, the net posts Department of Ji'an Xiajiang suspected of taking bribes, prosecutors are being investigated by the original case of the family members Tu Jianzhong, is a malicious slander smuggled smuggled fame officials were criticized for education

June 2011, the Internet appeared a hot post, directed at Nanjing Tangshan Metro Metro Building Management Committee Deputy Director Zhou Zhaohua in the public pumping 100 yuan a pack
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