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Created 07-12-2017
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Title quite a lot of Ms wear van cleef & arpels alhambra
Description Wear jade bracelets have ten advantages

Today, more and more people join the ranks of the ranks, Tsui Friends of the team is also growing, wearing jade became a new fashion, but we do not fully understand what the benefits of jade in the end, now please follow Xiaobian to understand What about

Emerald jade is a product of nature, after millions of years of formation, the fake van cleef alhambra earrings essence of the universe condensed, when all things are the most spiritual natural material. The world has been the balance of yin and yang balance for the best realm, jade jade contains a variety of trace elements and the unique ability to gather and release energy not only to supplement the wearer's lack of trace elements within the body to balance the body's internal veins, veins, nerves, Blood, as well as the body's physiological activity of various organs and physiological functions, but also can be based on more or less energy within the human body to supplement the body's energy or absorb the body's excess energy to reduce the body's metabolic burden.

Emerald bracelets appear early emerald bracelet just as people clover diamond earrings replica believe in religious beliefs, and not too concerned about the quality of jade bracelets and emerald bracelet style, there is no modern aesthetic requirements of jade bracelets. The ancients wearing jade bracelets just to get rid of ghosts, evil town disaster. In the ancient science where science was extremely weak, when various diseases, disasters and pain came, we could not find effective ways to resist catastrophes and diseases besides pinning our hopes on the token. Therefore, the jade bracelet with spirituality became an exorcism evil spirits, Body disasters, security and peace of materials. According to legend, emerald jade can be issued a special luster at night, can illuminate the square a few feet of land, all demons ghosts or evil forces to see such a luster will fled, or even killed, so emperors often wat And health care, civilians also like to wear jade for peace. Not only in ancient times, jade bracelets to promote vicious evil spirits has also been accompanied by the jade culture and spread so far, known as women buy and wear jade bracelets one of the important reasons.

The ancients wearing jade bracelets to exorcise evil spirits, when the devil and evil forces away from the body and family, peace has become a reality, a happy life will not be far away. When the social development to a certain time, the material civilization makes people no longer hungry and suffering, no longer worry too much about safety, wearing jade bracelet is more hope away from the accident, away from the disease, a deeper hope is the spirit of jade bracelets Stable children's emotional stability, long-term love, marriage and happiness.

With the development of science, more than ten kinds of trace elements in jadeite bracelets have been found. During the wearing process, the emerald bracelet can selectively absorb the trace elements lacking in the human body through the contact and friction with human skin, so as to achieve Balance the body's yin and yang blood. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the coordination of the yin and yang of the human body, the excess yang manifests as 'dryness', and the yang deficiency manifests as 'badness'. Long wearing the jade bracelet can well reconcile the yin and yang of the human body and make the human body conform to the law of the existence of the universe . 'Shennong Materia Medica', 'Compendium of Materia Medica' and other ancient medical classics As early as 2,000 years have been recorded jade jade has a number of beneficial effects on the human body.

In daily work and life, the emerald bracelet worn on the wrist will inevitably produce a certain shaking or rotation. In these processes, the emerald bracelet constantly collides with or rubs the skin on the wrist, nerves and blood vessels at the wrist and capillaries Have played the role of squeeze and friction. At the same time, the wrist is enriched with nerves and acupuncture points. The emerald bracelet is undoubtedly the best massage for the nerves of the wrists and can play a role of soothe the nerves, stabilize and insomnia. Jade bracelets worn in different hands will have some effect difference. Recommended reading: 'Emerald bracelet should be worn which hand'

Many women wearing jade bracelets will find that jade bracelets are cool in winter and cool in winter. This is just a general principle of physics and can not be used as a basis for judging whether a jade bracelet is a cargo. Emerald jade absorbs heat and heat faster than the average metal is much slower, so in the winter will find worn emerald bracelet will be warm for a long time, wearing a jade bracelet in summer will feel cold and comfortable. Jade bracelet winter warm cool features to a certain extent, can stimulate the body's nerves, improve the body's activity muscle, play a refreshing, Xingnao, clear purpose.

Body skin will secrete grease and perspiration, jade bracelets in the long-term wear process, body fat and perspiration and organic matter will gradually penetrate into the emerald flesh, you can play to fill the tiny jade fleshy gaps or activated jade internal white cotton effect. This is why van cleef sweet alhambra earrings replica people often say that jade bracelets are getting more and more transparent and green. Recommended reading: 'How to distinguish jade bracelets crack cracks'

Since the ancient gentleman Pei-yu, Confucianism, 'a gentleman than in the jade,' 'a gentleman for no reason, jade does not go to body' with jade concept. When Confucius considered 'jade virtue' in Han Dynasty, jade was classified as five virtues: benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, courage and purity. Modern women wearing jade bracelets in addition to the needs of traditional concepts more emphasis on physical and mental rest and enhance the quality of meaning. Emerald bracelets remove the bright gemstones and glitz, retaining the subtle gentle and moist, is a symbol of oriental femininity and charm.

Oriental women are the beauty of women, wearing elegant jade bracelets with elegant colors to show their proud and confident skin, jade bracelet color a lot. When the emerald bracelet water kind enough to reveal more colorful when the elegance and gentle will add dignified and noble, has been to maximize the status of women to enhance.

Looking back on history, we are spectators, looking to the future, we are participants. Jade culture is part of the Eastern civilization, jade bracelets as a carrier of history has gone through centuries-old, it is both a historical review, but also the future of history. You may not be aware of these wearing jade bracelets, but when you wear and admire the jade bracelet, you are the inheritor of jade culture and the hero of the development of oriental civilization. The continuation and development of history require the participation of jade bracelet wearers, and we should be proud and proud of ourselves.

Many people know that emerald raw materials in sharp decline in the value of emerald rising. In contrast, the price of medium and low jade bracelets to enhance the smaller, but the price of high-grade jade bracelets is very large. When you enjoy and enjoy the jade bracelets on hand, it not only plays a role in hedging, but also silently appreciates.

Although wearing jade bracelets has many benefits, but there are many emerald bracelets to buy a lot of attention, wearing a bracelet also has some stress. Buying jade bracelets is not only the jade ring to suit your own palm, while the color, jade bracelet size should be with their own wrists, skin, body shape, temperament, career match. When wearing jade bracelets should choose the right hand, wear it should be careful to start, do not hurt his own hand, to avoid breaking the bracelet.
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