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Created 07-12-2017
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Title many Ms. put on wearing van clover necklace white
Description The first chapter is born again

Taishan, also known as Daishan, Dai Zong, Dai Yue, Dongyue, Taiyue and so on. As many names, in fact, the highest mountain in the country. Taishan was first seen in the 'Book of Songs,' 'Thai' means great, smooth and peaceful. 'Wu Jing Tong Yi' cloud: 'Sect, long also, the words for the Lord of the Mountain.' Tarzan abrupt standing on the edge of the Great Plains in North China Qilu ancient country, with Hengshan, Hengshan, Huashan, Songshan collectively known as the Five Sacred Mountains, because it is located in the east, it said Dongyue September 16, 2008, Chen Junhong and colleagues came together to Mount Tai The top of the Jade Emperor watched Taishan Sunrise, with a rising red sun, first-line dawn from pale to pale yellow, but also from yellow to orange. The clouds of the sky, purple and red, rapidly changing, sky Choi Ha and the boundless clouds on the horizon as one, like a huge painting fell from the sky. Floating light and gold on the sea, day round opened the curtain, put aside the Xia account, dressed in colorful costumes, like a floating palace lantern, rising in the sky, Xuanyan, golden, A spectacular and magical sea sunrise, unwittingly, Chen Junhong was crowded into the front of the cliff, and Chen Junhong indulging in the sight did not notice the danger has come closer and closer to him. Suddenly, I do not know who crowded for a moment, Jun Chen feel feet empty, and then realized their own as before when the bungee jumping feeling. As the speed of falling faster and faster, from the brain dizziness feeling, so Chen Junhong felt helpless. 555555 I did not know Taishan, 555555 I was 26 years old is just a good life just the beginning of the time, 555555 I do not want to die until the 'touch' a loud, Chen Junhong completely into a coma report of China Taishan Daily September 16, 2008, at the top of Taishan Jade Emperor Top, a tourist stumbled over the cliff, the police have been involved in the investigation, the specific situation is not yet clear. Once again, the police remind everyone that watching the sunrise must pay attention to safety and not to have such an incident. On August 14, 1983, at 2:33 in the evening, a ward came from XZ City Central Hospital, Zhonghai Province. Excited very shout 'Haha, I have a son, ha ha, I am a father!' A middle-aged man shouted excitedly at an elder with a call, 'You give me a quiet point. , Know that you have a son, do not know also thought it was haunted it. 'The elderly looked excited over the middle-aged people laughed and said after hearing the elderly, middle-aged men also obviously feel a bit too much, and quickly to the elderly Apologize, but look at their excitement, if not the elderly, it is estimated tonight in the ward of patients do not sleep Chen Junhong finally woke up from a deep coma, Oh, what's wrong with me, I feel strange Ah, how hands do not listen to call, ah, eyes can not open, and die, I'm so sleepy, I feel dizzy drowsiness, Chen Junhong has slept in the past month, Chen Junhong has been slow Understand the truth of the matter, the original that day fell off the cliff, he did not die, but like the protagonist in the novel on the Internet before the rebirth of this month's time, every day to look at his family, Chen Junhong feel very satisfied. However, all who see all the funny from time to time, Chen Junhong feel very depressed. After all, as an adult who is already 26 years old, she is pinched and chased every day from time to time and kept being hugged back and forth without wanting to show herself different from an ordinary baby, so for Chen Junhong Is simply a painful existence According to the customs, every child full moon on the day will invite some relatives and friends to eat meal. August 14, 1983 This day was the day when Chen Junhong was born full moon. Early in the morning, the family was packed with friends and relatives who came to attend Full Moon Wine. However, their greatest interest is funny from time to time playing with Chen Junhong, whether he is crying or laughing worth it, it seems like the toys in their hands, or if they are still small can not speak, they puncture what they do today, Chen Junhong non Shouting at them not to shout a few times, although not tired of annoying, but who let us still have no right to resist, so Chen Junhong can only use his loud cry to faint speechless protest, in the end there It is not good to say it is useless to say that today to participate in full moon wine relatives and friends, had to mention Chen Junhong family situation. Grandpa Chen Qiyin, as an old Red Army grandfather, joined the revolution from his teens and took part in the Long March of the Red Army for a maximum of 25,000 years. In the War of Liberation of the Anti-Japanese War, he also took part in the war and now he still has his own year Injury did not remove the shrapnel it. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the grandfather who has become the teacher's commander has been ordered to resign to the local government to support local work. He has successively van cleef and arpels sweet alhambra earrings replica served as the mayor, party secretary, deputy governor and governor. Now he is the secretary of the provincial Party committee of China Shipping Province. Perhaps influenced by my grandfather, father and uncle They are now working in the government departments, the highest job uncle is the Office of the CPC Central Committee Provincial Office of an office and Chen Junhong's grandfather Dongzhen Nan is also an old Red Army, in the army And grandpa or comrade. After my grandfather moved to a local place, my grandfather did not diamond clover earrings replica have any major with my grandfather to come to the place. Instead, he continued to serve in the army. Now he is commander of the Central Military Region. As a provincial party secretary and the Central Military Region Commander's grandson, today to attend the full moon wine Junjun how many people can imagine the noon banquet, my grandfather on behalf of our family all the people to attend a full moon wine, a glass of wine, and then said: 'Thank you very much for today To be in full time to come to my grandson's full moon wine, I first pay respect, we are free. '

With the fall of grandfather's voice, friends and relatives who come today come to Chen Junhong to bring blessing to the longevity lock, a small bracelet and other gift time flies, a few months have passed, Chen Junhong here A few months apart from eating every day is to sleep, but did not show a different place with other children. However, with the passage of time, Chen Junhong finally demonstrated his features as a rebirth of people. After all, is a person who has lived once, when the same age children are still climbing when Chen Junhong has been able to stand up and take a steady, and when other people's children just learned to go, Chen Junhong will have run, Because of this matter, so that people at home fake van cleef and arpels flower earrings was very surprised last life is because of lack of exercise led to poor health Chen Junhong did not ignore everyone's surprise, according to their own plans to adhere to the daily exercise, the adults saw the family Chen Junhong every day in a very busy do not know what to do although feel more curious, but think Chen Junhong is still only a child, that he is also more than other children's home play no more say to me what the family's adults They are already very busy, Chen Junhong was himself and her grandmother every day at home, and my grandmother for the very gracious grandson of childhood is particularly loving, but also to Chen Junhong exercise routine outside the usual indifferent. Three years as a day, perhaps because of regular exercise, Chen Junhong has been significantly more than 3 years old than their peers to be much higher, but also older than the same age children to grow a lot stronger. From birth to now a long time the hospital has never been to, which makes grandparents and father and mother very happy. After all, Chen Junhong and the yard almost the same big children, but often go to the hospital, and Chen Junhong do not get sick, of course, do not need to go to the hospital, which will not delay their work, so they are more relieved they are Chen Junhong one act A move asked do not ask 1986, September 1, already 3-year-old Chen Junhong despite some resistance, but still be the mother gave to the aunt where the provincial authorities kindergarten this morning early in the morning after eating at home , Mom put Chen Junhong sent to kindergarten. To the kindergarten entrance, I saw aunt all the way with cousin Chen Junhui at the gate waiting for me, saw us coming, aunt came over to her mother said: 'Xiaomei, how, little guy this morning is not it Do not want to come ah, huh, huh '

'Sister-in-law, you do not do not know, this little guy temper childhood and others are not the same as the other two days ago, I heard that he wanted to come to kindergarten and I and his dad awkward, but really young Jun macro Very obedient, if not my father and I work really busy, I really want to teach him at home, he really good, now you can trouble sister-in-law you ah. 'For unwilling to come to kindergarten Chen Junhong, the old Mom really is no good way, so obviously with a helpless expression on his face, said to the aunt, 'Oh, do not worry, you do not see before Junhui did not want to, and now not slowly accustomed to, Jun macro Over a period of time will get used to it. 'Aunt hand while touching the head of Chen Junhong, while laughing with a smile on the mother said,' hey, hope so .Some wife, then I go to work, there are many things today, Chun macro trouble you ah. 'Mom said to his aunt,' go, go, I know you are busy, I will not leave you, going to class time, and I took them in two. Hui Jun macro quickly to Aunt (mom) say goodbye. 'Aunt pulled Chen Junhong and cousin Chen Junhui's hand to the mother said,' Aunt (mom) goodbye! 'Chen Junhong and cousin Chen Junhui said to her mother to see Mom gone After the aunt took Chen Junhong and Chen Junhui into the kindergarten, cousin Chen Junhui than 2 years old is already in the kindergarten class, and only 3-year-old Chen Junhong is still a small age can only enter the small class.
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