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Created 07-12-2017
Owner nikesasasassa
Title a great deal of Ms wear van clover necklace diamon
Description Short-term master stock picking skills summary

Select the strongest stock selection, buy shares is not the best stocks to buy up, but to buy the best stocks may rise, so insist on the first daily limit stock picks, the main if you really want to chip in the first daily limit Heavy sun-shaped) after the shock to chip, but not in the rapid rise of more than 30 points to chip (shrink the word board Jiancang exception).

1, the contrarian stock picking, changing the trend to buy shares, fell in the broader market a wave of the last two days to the station on the 5 day moving average before the election from the daily limit board, then the daily limit has the main intention to control, when the daily limit Want to bargaining chips, there are want to take advantage of daily limit to lighten up, choose the chips you want alhambra style necklace fake to chip into the stock option observation 2, the next day to open the lower volume contraction shrink Yin not to open the amount of negative high, do not leave the next day Heavy volume continue to close the sun, able to stand firm for three days on the daily limit, and adjust the amount of energy can be balanced, but not overly miniaturized, near the 5th line to buy 3, the transaction limit (price movements) the next day low positions to buy. Such as the bottom of the Hutch, to fill the long shadow, fill the high open the yin, long under the shadow of daily limit (under the shadow gift, shadow lower than yesterday's closing price of 5 points or more, the same day limit)

4, the daily limit stock movements, release the amount of days after the limit, but the stock can not fall quatrefoil necklace van cleef fake the next few days upside, the day is likely to be the amount of heavy volume is the main force to further raise the limit if the stock can be accurately identified lighten up for the purpose of daily limit, That short-term gains will be greatly enhanced

5, about the type of shipping or lighten up the daily identification, the next day the volume is usually enlarged, and closed higher Yin, limit the position belongs to the shock period, a daily limit after the stock price does not break the box, many people think the stock price will be Breakthrough, want to pick up van cleef and arpels alhambra necklace copy cheaper, but often can not do so Happy Spring Sun praise blessing to win sterling silver bracelets in the gold micro community station navigation! Gold cattle stock market online live! Spring Festival will be known to all local delicacies? See you soon, the funny Year of the Horse Summary drops and quick mergers blew? The last day before the holiday you should buy the sale? US research exposure Ma is aliens expose A shares speculation Why so crazy Year of the sheep show Is your food micro community masters column application area
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