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Category Cottages
Created 07-12-2017
Owner nikesasasassa
Title many young lady wear van cleef arpels clover penda
Description Chuansha New Town, New Year Road on the 20th how to go

Travel attractions in a ticket, such as better to have a look

Location is very easy to find, just down a toll booth is the October 4, basically no one. Torn at the entrance to the ticket, you can go inside 1.2M The following children do not vote into the stone rockery, Monkey Mountain, what a bat cave, tell you what evolution of the ancient ape man or something. There is a place to raise salamander, it touches very rare and then go is some stone van cleef clover necklace sale replica specimens or something, there are popular movies to see. There are a lot of stone carving, a lot of food simulation, what are many. Near the door, there are places for children's play, van cleef fleurette necklace knock off and finally what jade bracelets for sale, the price is not cheap

In general, going around in circles, in fact, the place is still quite large, fake van cleef fleurette necklace some popular things to see or can be a bit longer knowledge, if purely fun, may not be very interested in a bit not very satisfied because the entire view The area is basically presented inside the artificial stone cave, although there are lights, but they are the kind of lighting lanterns, it affects vision, come out feeling very uncomfortable eyes. Somewhere is dazzling
Price $ 50,000.00
Promotion level None