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Created 06-12-2017
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Title a great deal of Miss wear van cleef clover necklac
Description Chapter 87 Liu Mengcheng nutritionist Zhuge poetry

'Ha, find, uh .... how to break?' Liu Mengcheng mouth twitch a moment, a gap appeared on the bracelet, although small but Liu Mengcheng still saw, and looked carefully, not broken, but Less a section, the bracelet was originally a full circle, and now even a generous gap appeared in the coin, the gap is smooth and flat like this is the same, but when he was in the hand yesterday, but there is no gap, ah, this How is the gap created? Certainly not sawing, nor wear-off, Liu Mengcheng think for a long time can not think of anything in the jade bracelet such a gap, but soon three words suddenly appeared in Liu Mengcheng mind In, 'eat it'

'Is this bracelet ate when I was asleep? But my teeth also bite such a complete gap ah? Really strange thing,' Liu Mengcheng quickly muttered to find a place to hide the bracelet , The bracelet so now can not see to others, see can not explain, after hiding the bracelet Liu Meng Cheng out again, Liu Mengcheng feel particularly good spirit today, maybe last night, sleep for twelve hours Caused by it, Liu Mengcheng so comfort myself,

'Wow! No mistake? So many people?' Liu Mengcheng just went downstairs to see the hall stood a room, as if waiting for him, old man, Xu Xu, Zhao Minmin, Zhao Guohua, Zheng Mei, Zhao Xuelong, Zhao Xuesong, Zhao Xueyang, Aixinjue, Luo Wantong, and two men and a woman, three bodyguards, Ou Leqi, Ouyashan, Gongsun Yao, Gongsun Shan, Gongsun Ziyu, Xu Dan and Zhuge Shi Poetry, Zhuge Hyun Hee, Yang Ru Hui, these days all he has seen all the people to Qi, a total of 21 individuals, all looking at him, Liu Mengcheng felt the legs down a little soft, he It is not so staring at so many people go downstairs,

'Hey, everyone good morning,' Liu Mengcheng down a floor to raise a good hand to the people in the room have played a greeting,

'Dreams ah, you are up too late, we all have waited for you for a long time, Oh, where there is breakfast, eat breakfast we start,' Zheng old man smiled and pointed at the direction of the restaurant,

'Ah? No, go, fake van cleef and arpels alhambra bracelet I'm not hungry,' Liu Mengcheng do not want so many people waiting for their own breakfast, Moreover, I rarely eat breakfast, have become accustomed to, but it touches sometimes stomach pain, may not eat The consequences of breakfast, but Liu Mengcheng did not care,

'No, do not eat breakfast on the body's most bad, easily lead to stomach problems and hypoglycemia and other diseases, must eat,' Zhuge poetry heard Liu Mengcheng immediately stood up and walked around Liu Mengcheng pulled his arm Just go to the restaurant there, Liu Mengcheng was stunned Zhu Shi's poetry and took him to sit in the chair of the restaurant, his head is all a question mark, when he was so familiar with her? Even in front of so many people pull their arms, God, who can tell him what is going on in the end?

Today's breakfast is for you to do, dates porridge, corn cake, an egg, a kelp silk, since you like to eat meat I gave you added two sweet meat, eat it, 'Zhuge poetry smiled To Liu Mengcheng introduced a few small table on the table, and then sat down next to, but waited for a few seconds have not seen Liu Mengcheng move, asked again, 'What's wrong with you? Do not like to eat these Things? But for your good health, you have to eat, hurry up to eat. '

'Ah? van cleef clover bracelet imitation Well, eat, I'll eat', Liu Mengcheng slowly wake up, grabbed the tacos on the bite, my heart made a comment, unpalatable, not sweet and not spicy, almost no taste, if Put some sugar may be delicious, hey, how to make corn cake so tasteless? There is a clip of kelp silk chopsticks, unpalatable, but also the same no taste, but it can be when the pickles to eat, bite the mouth of the egg, unpalatable, not salty eggs, no taste, drank a date porridge, well, This dates porridge is not bad, you can, or quickly eat two meat, but also a piece of meat into the mouth, uh. . . . This meat smell a little wrong, how kind van cleef and arpels clover bracelet replica of meat flavor? The beauty of this classic beauty is beautiful, but it is really not good thing to do, yesterday, the buffet returned to pick up so many vegetables, hey, really will not enjoy ah,

'Kelp yarns are alkaline and can have a conditioning effect on your body because most of the food you eat is acidic, so this kelp is a must-eat, and tortillas are made with whole grains that allow you The blood is more healthy, there is no put sugar, eat too much sugar on the body is not good, also eat too much salty things on the body is not good, pickled things to eat is not good for the body, so I chose the egg Boiled, this jujube can blood, the morning health porridge on the body, which I added a few special rice, so nutrition can be reconciled to meet your body needs nutrition and nourishment, I have also done some meat Special treatment, the oil in the meat and I use a special thick pan fry out, so the taste of meat is not very delicious, but also nutritious, too much oil will cause some damage to the body, these things Although not as delicacies, but can take care of your body to the maximum extent, these things will play a good role in your body, and those delicacies will not do, will play the opposite role The reason why the disease is more and more people are eating out, sick from the mouth, you have to pay attention to the future can not eat so much meat, eat more fish, if you want to eat meat I will do for you ' , Liu Mengcheng mouth shouting food holding a spoon blankly watching Zhuge poetry, listening to her so-called nutrition theory, after listening to a little confused, and when these poems become their own old Mom? Wrong, the mother did not take care of themselves so ah, has simply become a professional nanny,

'You eat to chew slowly, can not be such a big mouth, so eating bad for the stomach, eat slowly, not in a hurry,' Zhuge poetry hand stretched, indicating Liu Mengcheng continue to eat, Liu Mengcheng Wu Wu point Nod to continue to eat, my heart is overwhelmed ah, what the hell is going on? Zhuge Shi Shi just met one side only, when you see the second side turned into a nutritionist himself, this year's strange thing really is an endless stream of ah, hey, since she said these things good to eat, last night No how to eat her own food dishes, all back up this morning, good, a few minutes after the table has been Liu Mengcheng swallowed swallowing the stomach, Liu Mengcheng's head or three words of emotion, not good However, after seeing the happy smile of Zhuge's poetry, he felt that it was not unpalatable, at least for his own health,

Liu Mengcheng sat longer Mercedes-Benz, Yesterday was to the banquet, but today is to Forest Park, yesterday, the car is the four girls with their own, today turned into six, more than a royal princess love feeling Luo Wantong and a classical beauty Zhuge poetry, which is also considered to enjoy the best of people's happiness, right? Oh, Liu Mengcheng unconsciously laughed,

'What are you laughing?' Twins sister Yaoyao saw Liu Mengcheng's smile asked one,

'I was thinking that you did not say that I was sick to cook for me, what would you do for me to eat?' Liu Mengcheng saw that staring eyes that she was her sister Yaoyao,

'I, ah, I give you steamed peppers, boiled peppers, fried peppers, fried peppers, okay?' Yaoyao tilted her head and smiled back,
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