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Category Cottages
Created 06-12-2017
Owner nikesasasassa
Title many Miss wear van cleef & arpels clover pendant w
Description Onlylady beauty diary

Section Yan should be the needs of customers in Asia, a grand launch of Yan Yan Ke Yan White Series series of new upgrades. This collection of star products is a powerful weapon against blemishes and blemishes. This series replica magic alhambra necklace of other products include: set Huan white skin foam cleanser, set Huan white bright skin scrub, set Huan white net lotion Toner and set Huan white net moisturizing lotion to get a total of 4 packs trial equipment, are set Huan white bright skin scrub , Set Huan white copy van cleef inspired necklace net through the Toner, set Huan white net moisturizing lotion set Huan white bright skin scrub take advantage of the sun just, drying some of the hand ornaments,

From Jusco get the storage box, small lattice put the necklace right, no longer need to fill the drawer as before are all over. Unfortunately, the bracelets or let go, only one by one on the drawer in the personal favorite of a few windowsill too dark and reflective, completely beat the feeling. The third test from the top is a match with Kung Fu, so far only wearing a white shirt and a black turtleneck worn when worn, ask expert advice with a closer look, probably can see the texture. Serious color cast, in kind close to the copy mother of pearl van cleef necklace color on the map, a little bit deeper. But look at the camera screen, obviously this is more close to the primary colors ah, who can tell me why

Another one, the pocket is very handsome tooling style it, the same serious color cast, camera white helpless
Price $ 50,000.00
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