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Category Cottages
Created 06-12-2017
Owner nikesasasassa
Title a lot of Lady wear van cleef & arpels alhambra nec
Description The fifty-eighth chapter new tasks

Li day, Li Yuan came to base early, but it is holding two dark circles, how come? Of course, was Nalan Feng Yuan to fight. Since the touch of her tail, Nalan Feng Yuan directly opened the runaway mode, beat Li Yuan did not stop, the poor did not get the rocket tube boom, leaving Nalan Feng Yuan but confessed three times earlier today, He can not forget Nalan phoenix Yuan thousand exhortation asked, though Li Yuan Tianren door captain, but he also need specific training for the job, the time is very tight, only three days of training time WuBeiBeiPing branch office, director 'Li kid, this time I give you a simple task,' Gan Ning a look of serious, put on a glove out of the drawer exudes a demon-shiny skull Road 'This is a highly toxic skull, Is found in the tombs, after testing, the toxins in the skull is dead poison, according to the concentration of dead poison, is a white stiff, this task is not difficult, but you must be careful not to capsize the capsize. Action, ink will help you '

'Yes, Director Gan, I understand, I will do everything we can to complete.' Li Yuan is color, his heart, some small excitement this is his first task into the martial arts, how good opener should start ' Very good. 'Canning was very satisfied with his state of mind and nodded his head.' A little while will take you to the storehouse and collect your car and gear. '

equipment! Car!

Li Yuan's eyes bright for the ride but for Li Dazhao but not too concerned, what car Lee did not? However, the martial arts produced will be ordinary luxury car it? Equipment is to make Li Yuan envious, although Li Yuan is now a condensate late master, but only one too A sword, but also full of rust, can not afford to wear the ink away from the silver space on the bracelet, let His envious not, although small, but also a space equipment, ah, can hold things for a long time to wear on the hand Li Yuan followed a small dream with a heart full of longing all the way to the underground warehouse and then he was a bit dizzy Is this underground warehouse a luxury car fair?

Red Ferrari, yellow Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, really everything. Each one, in the light exudes her unique charm 'Little Yao, my car is the selection of these luxury car ah?' Li Yuan puzzled over a cute white eyes said, 'how could be ordinary goods , Even if these cars are modified super sports car, but compared to your car, almost a bicycle, a super-run, your car is the only one in the world. I'm hot-toned. '

Li Yuan's careless beating involuntarily beat up, the only one? Would not it be dazzled to blaze the sky? These van cleef long necklace knock off ordinary people in the eyes of the dream car, compared to really be considered as a dregs of 'This is a master car and grand pride absolutely dust, make painstaking efforts, spent a full year, pure hand-built car. 'Little Yao uncontrollable some excitement,' all the materials used, are rare in the world of the best of which the main material consumed, copy mother of pearl van cleef necklace but also priceless, unique.At that time a car that directly aroused the central, Countless martial arts people are even more for this car dream!

Master? Proud of dust? Value for money? Alerted the central? So a series of keywords, so that Li Yuan's heart almost collapsed throat. Swallowing saliva, weakly asked one sentence: 'Little Yao died, what is proud of the dust adults who Master Guru adult who is it.'

'Proud of the dust adults ah.' Small yao yao exposes the thick color of worship, the voice is very excited Road, 'he is a mythology, in replica van cleef and arpels turquoise alhambra necklace this life cast countless legends about his brilliant history, even for three days He also said that when he was the king of the world to seal the strong king! He said he flattened the entire Yaozu! Legend has him a group of king seal brother! Guru adults, but it is our top martial arts forging guru, as long as he The weapons produced are all the best, let's talk about the 'City Luxury Multi-purpose Special Vehicle'. '

City luxury multi-purpose special combat vehicles?

Sounds very high. Li Yuan's heart waves up, can not wait to see the car legendary car 'This car, automatic energy-saving air-conditioning, with panoramic skylight main driving leather shock absorption seat, front passenger seat full of personality. Chassis with grid design, comfortable breathable Euro 6 standard ultralight engine, timing chain drive using the popular 28-inch large wheels, 20 / 30R28 Dragonscale tires, beautiful atmosphere!

Double-link independent suspension, body stability system using meteorite materials, provide a strong guarantee for safety.
Price $ 50,000.00
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