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Category Cottages
Created 06-12-2017
Owner nikesasasassa
Title A lot Ms. wear van alhambra necklace diamondsrepli
Description 2013 China

Local bull king ready to copy van cleef and arpels pearl necklace challenge Yunnan cattle king 'Optimus Prime'

Reporter learned from the Leishan Bullfighting Association, at present, the highest worth, once called 'the world invincible', for the national recruitment of opponents of Yunnan cattle King 'Optimus Prime' arrived in Lei Shan on November 3 for the preparation, the purpose is clearly running The contest 100,000 prize from. And this 100,000 prize also not only attracted 'Optimus Prime', November 6, from Kaili City Bullfighting Association Pan Yongxing nickname 'god ax' and Wang Ren Tongshan Wanshan Yang Changden called 'Hercules' of cattle King open to 'Optimus Prime' clamor, both pre-and 'Optimus Prime' hit the first one must be a male and female It is understood that Yunnan's 'Optimus Prime' Carey 'ax' and Tongren's 'Hercules' All belong to the large size, set fierce touch, strength, technology as one, has set a hehe melee famous beef king. The Leishan Miao Nian cattle Wang tournament prizes 100,000 yuan not only refresh the national highest award record, but also attracted 'Optimus Prime', 'ax', 'Hercules' and other well-known cattle to come to a fight , Sword refers to the award Xijiang Miao Village 100 pairs of newcomers in hand Xijiang

After 66 pairs of Chinese and foreign couples Kaili concentration, unified by the West River scenic area take the bus to the Xijiang Miao village. To the Miao Village, divided into two groups dining, male guests in a natural village, female guests in a natural village. Eat dinner, the man began to marry her husband according to the Miao Village wedding to prepare big cock, cook glutinous rice, rice leaves with rice dumplings, white wine, pig legs, carp a few, then the red umbrella, firecrackers, candy and so on. The woman is ready to bar the door wine, make-up, binding Miao silverware clothes, embroidery clothes, bound well married dress, put on the wedding dress (wedding dress body weight around 30 pounds), to wait for the arrival of the groom 5:00, the groom Some of the team lift the big cock, some lift rice, and some lift rice wine, and some lift the pig legs and other mighty go to the bride's home, go to the bride's home, first of all firecrackers, then each person to complete three Barrage 6 horns wine test. The next person to cancel the marriage Miao silver embroidery Masters skills competition

November 11 Miao Silver Embroidery Masters is copy vca alhambra necklace also very exciting. On that day, there will be silver embroidery masters from all over the country to participate in the competition. You can see the legend of more than 100 embroidered nunchakus. You can see how beautiful white silver ingots turned into beautiful bracelets, rings and pendants in the hands of silversmiths.

In addition, if you have a camera in your hand, do not miss the 2nd Miaojiang Holy Land and Meilen Mountain National Photo Contest from November 8 to November 15, maybe your visit photos will have the chance to win the next Million Photo Awards If you have not yet voted Mount Holy Mountain - Thunder Mountain, then rent a bike to participate in the 9th 'Thunder Mountain Bike Open', riding 2 vca alhambra necklace knock off hours, you can reach the Thunder Mountain Peak, there may be 2178.8 meters above sea level Oh, remember colorful clothes, a little cool roof.
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