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Category Cars
Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title silver bvlgari ring B copy day-to-day Online Shopp
Description This landfill is regarded by the locals as a treasure house

Yozu Daida see the world, hurriedly walk the horizon. Today we talk about a 'popular' landfill in Guatemala, which the locals call the 'treasure house.' Some people even turn the dumpster into a 'treasure house,' what is going on?

The dumpster, which the locals bvlgari copy necklace gold refer to as a 'treasure trove,' is located in a valley west of Guatemala's capital, covering an area of ??284,000 square meters. Hundreds of people here can see hundreds of people every day in imitation pendant bvlgari the landfill 'gold rush.' They are picking up rings, bracelets and other gold and silver ornaments that may be washed down the upper garbage hill, along the banks of the valley, and items that contain recyclable metals to sell for money Guatemala is a small country in Central America and an extremely poor place, though The country, with a population replica bvlgari pendant of only 14 million, found in a nationwide survey of living conditions in Guatemala that more than copy bulgari gold pendant 50 inhabitants live below the poverty line and more than 7 million live in extreme poverty. The vast majority of people are struggling online.
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Price $ 50,000.00
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