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Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title red gold bvlgari bracelet b.zero1 fake day-to-day
Description Carrying ivory products pass through most people I do not know is a crime with a pair of chopsticks was also sentenced

With 2.5 kilograms sentenced to at least 5 years to travel abroad, see the beautiful ivory products will put it down, although many people copy buy bvlgari ring online know that the Customs investigation, but still some people take the risk, mistaken for the big deal was confiscated. Few people know that carrying ivory products is like carrying drugs and will be severely punished. Shenyang, a foreign manager because of carrying a number of pieces of ivory products, December 18 was the first instance of the municipal court to smuggle precious animals sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, confiscation of personal property 100,000 yuan City court court trial two wingers told reporters: If a person illegally carries a pair of ivory chopsticks or several ivory necklaces and bracelets, he or she will be sentenced to not more than five years of fixed-term imprisonment. copy bvlgari white ceramic ring If I carry 2.5kg of ivory products, I will be held criminally responsible for more than five years. After graduating from a university, I worked hard to become a business manager of a foreign enterprise after more than ten years of hard work. He often flew at home and abroad, has become an international trapeze. He also often brought some fresh gadgets knock off bvlgari rings on sale to foreign friends at home at 12:45 on April 23, 2012. He again took the opportunity to fly to Shenyang Taoxian Airport from abroad. This time he carried a large number of ivory products to prepare for entry. When he passed the customs inspection scene, was stopped on the spot. Customs seized 2,488 suspected ivory and articles in his luggage. Accredited by the State Forestry Administration Wildlife Testing Center, 2487 ivory products seized were African elephants or Asian ivory, with a total weight of 23616 grams and a value of RMB 984007 yuan. The South China Wildlife Animal Identification Center identified one of the coral products seized red coral, net weight 164 grams, worth 65,600 yuan. The ivory products and coral products involved in the total value of RMB 1049,607 yuan knock off bvlgari white ceramic ring carrying ivory products check

For the seizure of the Customs, Wanmou think bad luck. But he did not think, can not go home after the plane. Procuratorial organs smuggle precious animal products to prosecute them. The court held that the defendant Wan in violation of state laws and regulations, to evade customs supervision, the illegal import and export of precious animal products carried by the state to enter the country, the circumstances are particularly serious, the act has constituted a smuggling precious Animal products crime. In view of Wan a good attitude of guilty pleas, discretion lighter punishment. City Court sentenced Wan trial imprisonment eleven years, confiscation of personal property 100,000 yuan was sentenced to 11 years, Wanmou apparently not mentally prepared. He thought carrying ivory was carrying contraband, found it confiscated, did not expect to be sentenced to such a repeat of content () parse end 0ms cost!>
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