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Description Would like to consult the baby what are the symptoms of congenital heart disease it

The symptoms of infants with rickets must serpenti bracelet copy pay attention to this issue, the baby rickets symptoms for you to answer the following: Pediatric rickets is a common childhood chronic nutritional deficiency, folk is commonly known as rickets. It is due to lack of vitamin D in the body caused Systemic calcium, phosphorus metabolism disorders, which in turn lead to bone changes, more performance in infants under 2 years of age. symptom

Babies' rickets often initially manifest themselves as mental, neurological symptoms such as restlessness, awakening and sweating easily at night, sweating more during feeding and crying, and sometimes with pillows getting wet; followed by bones Developmental lesions, such as the head of the ping-pong with the kind of elastic, square cranial fontanelle closed slowly, occipital hair scarce, eruption and sitting, walking later than normal infants; chest Bones can serpenti bracelet price copy be expressed as ribs, each of a rib bulge bulky, longitudinally feels like beaded, rib valgus and chicken breast; if the child in the rickets active sedentary, long standing, may also cause spinal curvature and lower limbs There O-shaped, X-shaped legs; upper limbs showed the wrist of the ulna, the distal radius of the blunt oblate 'bracelet-like.' The main reason for the lack of vitamin D is inadequate intake. The amount of vitamin D in your baby's diet (2 months to 1 year of age) is small and usually does not exceed 100 IU daily. At this point the child's daily vitamin D needs 4

Hello, the symptoms of congenital heart disease are the following points, the baby growth retardation: due to systemic circulation flow and lack of oxygen supply, growth and development than the same age children, slow, weight loss behind more obvious than height. Baby repeated respiratory infections or pneumonia: This is the most common symptoms, due to the baby's lung congestion, mild respiratory tract infection easily lead to bronchial pneumonia, resulting in shortness of breath, some crying hoarse voice, or even heart failure and other symptoms . Baby breathlessness: in the newborn or infancy, found that the baby can not wait for hunger for food, but sucking fatigue, sucking milk unfinished due to shortness of breath and discarded wheezing, suck a few stop, feel tired, big head sweat. Edema: When you find the baby has the above symptoms and performance that the baby has a congenital heart disease, if found less baby urine, lower extremity pitting edema, it means that the baby has had heart failure, and parents should pay special attention. Because of this situation, I suggest you regularly take the baby to the hospital for examination. I wish your baby healthy growth Hello, different symptoms of congenital heart disease performance. Most congenital heart disease can be diagnosed before the age of 3, and these infants have obvious symptoms of heart disease. They often have shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. However, there are also some children with no specific symptoms of light, until adults have not been found copy bulgari serpenti bracelet leather to be diagnosed. Due to poor cardiac function, hypoxemia and hypoxia, severe infants have difficulty in feeding during infancy, suck the number of mouth to stop, shortness of breath, vomiting and sweating a lot, hi vertical hold, older children reluctant to move , Hi squat, activity fatigue, paroxysmal dyspnea, severe hypoxia often breastfeeding, crying or stool suddenly fainting, prone to heart failure. Congenital heart disease and more stunted, especially those who have cyanosis, severe mental development may also be affected. I hope my answer to bring you help, I wish you healthy and happy

These are the 'want to consult the baby under the symptoms of congenital heart What?' The proposal of this question, I hope for your help, I wish you health!

For children with congenital heart disease, nursing is an important part of comprehensive treatment, must not be ignored .1 care of children with heart disease, the first is to ensure that children with good body .For heart failure (rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, liver Swollen, edema and other performance), the expansion of the heart and the disease in the acute phase of children should be absolutely bedridden.The daily life of children, such as face, meal, urine, should be taken care of by adults.Deployment time, according to The type of disease and weight of different sides, everything must be done in accordance with the doctor's advice. General children to bed rest until the heart size basically returned to normal range, heart failure symptoms are controlled after bulgari serpenti diamond bracelet copy 24 weeks. I wish your baby healthy!

These are the 'want to consult the baby under the symptoms of congenital heart What?' The proposal of this question, I hope for your help, I wish you health!
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