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Created 06-12-2017
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Title pink gold bvlgari earrings b.zero1 knockoff often
Description Jade market darling

Recently, Liaoning market, a little-known jade material is being recognized at an alarming rate, the price is doubled each year, in just two or three years, One or two million yuan rose to more than 10 million, which is our own production of wood in Liaoning Amomum mill jade River mill after the advent of jade, it was called the 'Northeast seed jade,' comparable with the Kawada seed material . LI Jian-jun, president of Shenyang Branch of China Southern Red Association, who loves jade collection, pointed out that Zaomu River mill has the same texture as Hetian jade, and the copy bulgari serpenti bracelet quality of the cuttings is no less than that of suet jade, so it is filled The Northeast 'seedless' jade blank China currently found the earliest ancient jade, is the Haicheng Xiaogushanzhen immortal cave ancient human cave ruins excavated, dating back more than 12,000 years of history. However, the Neolithic Hongshan Culture jade unearthed at the Niuheliang site in Lingyuan County, Liaoning Province, has been inferred to be a small alien mountain that is homologous with the Gushan jade vein and stands in the Xiushan Manchu Autonomous County and the junction of the Haicheng City, Anshan Watershed. Li Jianjun explained that on the south side of the mountain, the serpentine jade produced by Xiuyan of China's Jadeu is known to be huge in number, but its texture is uneven and hard to match the genuine jade. At the foot of the northern hillside of Xiaogushan, it runs over Haicheng River, Wazigou Village, Xiaogushan Town, Haicheng City. It stretches for more than 40 kilometers and flows to Haicheng Ximu Town. In this section is not inconspicuous in the river, but contains a very different from the top jade jade material, which is the 'wood mill' the so-called wood mill, from the small town to the town of Xiasha Haicheng The tremolite-like jade produced in the riverbed of the river basin, due to its long-term erosion through the river and rubbing by gravel, looks like a rock and is in every condition. Its built nephrite, the appearance is usually wrapped with a layer of natural epidermis, the color is maroon, brown yellow, gray brown, black, white, Jade in the most precious, highest value jade species. It is mountain material can not be comparable in terms of color, texture, transparency or density. Li Jianjun introduction, analysis of wood mills jade part of the stone from the Wazi ditch on the top of the jade bare surface crust crust motion, crushed into blocks, and then flood along the ditch until the ditch outside the alluvial fan and the valley, the deposition by the roller And into. The other part is hundreds of millions of years ago volcanic eruptions, magma flow, and then washed down by the jade Li Jianjun believes that the reason why the wood mill Jade Yu Wenrun Yingze, tough and delicate texture of the United States is based on its innate 'Elite real jade' attribute. It has been identified that the wood component of Muyu Grinding Jade is 85% 95% tremolite, with a Mohs hardness of 6.06.5, a density of 2.913.02 g / cm3 and an average of 2.96 g / cm3. The refractive index is 1.601.61. Gloss for the shiny glass to luster. Transparency is micro-transparent 'Due to production to the river bed, the original production of raw materials is not very clear, buried in the river bed seed material is extremely difficult to identify, because its jade or some or all of the soil dip formed by the weathering of stone Material package, from the surface just like ordinary stones. 'Li Jianjun introduction, each piece of flesh color to green-based, but different levels of depth. Commonly seen colors are light yellow green, yellow green, dark yellow green, light green yellow, green yellow, dark green yellow, light green, gray green, dark gray green, dark green, green black, gray black, black and so on At present, we can see that the calculation of wood grinding mill jade material, the green depth of subdivision up to more than 100 species in terms of color or material on, More than the United States, even with the top suet jade also compared. The sole use of the naked eye, the appearance of enough head, oily weight, not only delicate crystal, green, and muscle such as snow, skin, such as copy bvlgari serpenti bracelet leather creamy. With a flashlight, the interior is exquisitely carved, delicate structure and few flaws precisely because of the top wood mill jade material texture, jade nature worthy of the best and Tian jade comparable, but its hardness is second only to the jade, therefore, Grinding can be regarded as the collection of the advantages of both Hetian jade and jade rare jade In contrast, the mining Juxu Jade Jade should be simple and easy to save. Li Jianjun introduced since 2000, wood mill in the jade market bvlgari bracelet snake price copy after its fame, from the small Gushan to the town of that part of more than 40 kilometers of the river, I do not know by the local hand picked jade people go back and forth how many times. They generally do not carry any tools, at most, back a canvas bag, a person walking in the river beaches and shallow rivers pick jade, jade jade picking copy bvlgari leather bracelet with snake head jade is a luck. In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer hand-pick jade because it has been very hard to reap surprises after searching numerous times. 'However, when the flood season in July, August and September comes each year, rising water currents and turbulent currents often encroach upon pieces of jade to impact everywhere. So after the flood, there is always a wave of lucky junk people along the river.' Li Jianjun said that according to Li Jianjun, since the odds of picking up jade materials have almost reached zero in recent years, the way of manually digging jade in a riverbed with one family as a unit or multiple families has become the mainstream. Jade family to dig the manual labor-based, simple production tools, mostly shovels, picks a class of tools, labor-intensive, driving depth is very limited, the effect is not stronger than the number of jade picking this case, some economic strength Of the locals or independently bear the cost, or jointly in the form of shares to buy or hire excavators to dig their own machinery. Compared with artificial digging jade, mechanical digging jade seasonally affected by small, large working surface, deep pit, the possibility of digging a good jade greatly increased Li Jianjun introduced in many jade categories, jade and Hetian jade has been standing in the collection The top of the market. In recent years, Jade, Hetian jade is staggering gains. A few years ago, the price of 5,000 yuan jade bracelets or pendants, and now the price rose to more than ten million, and even some jade boutique prices up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, 10 million are not uncommon staggering price makes these varieties There is no market price, the market urgently needs a new high-grade jade varieties to meet people's growing investment and collection needs. Analysis of wood mill jade, just to fill this gap. Around 2006, a piece of stone, but the price of a few dozen dollars a block. Now a good material prices soared to three to four million pound. As for the cut, due to very little output, not only higher prices, but also in the market has been difficult to see Even then, compared with the Jade, Hetian jade, the quality is not inferior to the Jume River jade still has a huge room for appreciation And collection potential. In recent years, soaring prices are the industry's own value recognized by the industry's normal response, and the prospect of such value-added is still more rational, far from reach Hetian jade per gram of easily per million exaggerated, it is known as the future of the ' Potential shares. '
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