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Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title yellow gold bvlgari necklace b.01 copy regularly o
Description In order to deceive jade he claimed that even the civilian police millionaire flicker on

Zhejiang Online October 3 hearing the name of multi-millionaire in an attempt to cheat hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jade, as a 'senior liar', Wang self-conceived to deceive the sea, but also once cheated the police ... ... the final painting Yesterday, Yuyao police informed the fraud case On the morning of August 26, Mr. Yan of Anhui uneasily pacing back and forth in the lobby of a hotel located in Shengming Road, Yangming Street, bulgari bzero copy earrings Yuyao City. The means of cheat jade, wording exactly the bvlgari replica earrings price same

It turned out that Mr. Yan and Ms. Lee are jade collection enthusiasts, both are interested in the collection of part of the jade collection, through a friend introduction, both know a man claiming to be a millionaire Wang, Wang said that you can help sell Out of jade by contact, August 23, Ms. Lee with her own jade bracelets and a jade pieces, met in the hotel Wang. After some identification, Wang is more satisfied with Miss Li jade, but he said that further identification needs to be done, so the two sides agreed, Wang took the first two jade identification, Miss Lee in the hotel to wait for the next day to continue On the next day, Ms. Lee did not wait until Wang, contacted several times, each other with all sorts of excuses to dodge the third day, Ms. Lee said Wang did not want to sell, want to get back jade, but Wang still reposted , Never appeared At the same time, August 24, Mr. Yan is also the hotel by Wang with the same means and wording, took a wishful jade pendant and a landscape pendant, after Yan repeatedly contacted Wang, the other Is also a variety of excuses Dodge missed the police rushed to Shanghai overnight, the liar captured

'Routine are the same, this person is estimated to be a recidivist' good, good, I promise, tomorrow, even with some people appear in the police station! 'Wang behaved extremely well, a promised, the police opened the investigation procedures to determine the Wang is likely to find ways to deceive the jade, then the jade market around the region did a survey September 7, Finally there is a breakthrough, a jade trading shop in Zhuji, Shaoxing, some bvlgari knock off b zero earrings people are selling two pendants Yan was cheated away!

Rushed rushed to Zhuji, the police learned that Wang was a hotel in Shanghai at that time, get his foothold, so as to avoid long-term dreams, the police arrested two pieces of jade, and then flew to Shanghai overnight in a hotel in Songjiang Within his grasp of the debt was forty-five million 'tens of millions of negative Weng'

Wang's experience, but also enough 'dramatic', identified, he is bulgari replica diva earrings Yu Zhang Zhang Ting, 55 years old this year. Self-proclaimed multi-millionaire, but in fact is a real 'Ten Thousand Negative Weng' early years, he resorted to fraudulent means to defraud a lot of ill-gotten gains, then he found the jade market is very suitable for their cheat characteristics, fought Jade market, however, the jade is not introverted Wang underestimated the industry, a few years, he not only did not fool the money, but often mistakes, owed forty-five million huge debts, began to hide Tibet However, He still did not forget the trickery and swindling activities, as long as there is a chance, they think of cheating money, this time, he predicted that Mr. Yan and Ms. Lee's jade at least hundreds of thousands, they determined to cheat something learned that the king Ms. Lee's emerald bracelet will be a 30,000 yuan mortgage for splurging; and Mr. Yan two pendants into the transaction within the consignment shop, another piece of jade hand, he also temporarily hidden in the home. Due to strict, Li two people once urged, Wang can only hid in Shanghai.
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