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Created 06-12-2017
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Title white gold bvlgari ring zero copy regularly online
Description Jade market prices year after year jade collection bulgari snake copy bracelet of water first to appreciate appreciation

In the increasingly hot jade collection investment led by hot, jade market prices soared in recent years. In the domestic auction market, jade auction turnover rates are almost 80% or more, very competitive bidding. A few days ago in this city a professional jade knowledge lectures, some middle-aged and old people holding in the jade market Amoy to the 'Hetian jade' Please expert identification, but unfortunately the identification results show that they spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy Jade almost imitation of low-grade jade materials. Behind the enthusiasm for investment in people, jade collection market water how deep? Some jade industry professionals to invest in jade for a rational analysis of jade jewelry market for many years concerned about the trend of jade experts, Tianjin Institute of Geology, Liu Daorong, vice president, told reporters that in recent years some high-end jade and Hetian jade is indeed quite amazing. For example, the price of emerald last year has been doubled in the first half of this year's increase has reached 30%. Hetian jade high-grade material more than ten years, from a few thousand dollars per kilogram has risen to several hundred thousand dollars. According to some international reports, the starting conditions for a country's collection market are that the GNP per serpenti imitation bracelet capita reaches 1,000 US dollars to 2,000 US dollars. However, the level of economic development in China is now at This stage. Liu Dao-rong believes that Chinese jade culture goes back to ancient times, and the use of ancient jade articles is divided into different levels. Nowadays people are equal and live a prosperous life. People have the strength to collect jade articles to express their love of jade. From a geological point of view, the earth's jade is rare, non-renewable, jade 'sub-jade materials' continue to decline, while in some high-altitude 'mountain material' a certain degree of difficulty mining. People also want to invest in these precious jade to preserve and increase personal assets. In the face of a sharp increase in market demand, even many previously bvlgari bracelet copy snake abandoned waste materials are now being re-treated as a treasure. For example, jade originated in Myanmar was imported in large quantities from our country's Yunnan region in the last century. At that time, there were many jade processing factories along the border. Workers thrown bad jade material into the mountain stream. Nowadays, the jade market is hot. In the past, According to experts, Hetian jade refers to jade stone that is mainly made of microcrystalline and hidden-crystalline tremolite that is produced in Kunlun Mountains and Altun Mountains in Xinjiang of China. Difference with the Russian jade, the latter color 'dead white' percussion sound dull, the former color moist, percussion sound crisp. Xiuyu large amount of mining, the price cheaper, often someone will do old posing as old Hetian jade. Identification of the best way is to use a knife engraved a few, eat knife who Xiuyu, inability to Hetian jade. Qinghai jade texture is not delicate, there is a water line in the jade, finished glassy feeling. In addition, the experts also pointed out that the value of goods with A difference is too far, B goods jade collection value is not large Identification experts pointed out that many of the market, 'Hetian jade' is polished by the white jade polished, some jade shop Qinghai White jade produced in Russia and white jade made in Russia are called 'Hetian suet white jade,' whereas the so-called 'Afghan jade' of carbonate is called 'jade' and this is misleading collectors. Hetian jade value and the price difference of more than ten times more than jade. There are also some online sellers in Xinjiang produced a white Dongling jade deliberately called 'Xinjiang white jade' to confuse the audio-visual In addition, there are some green jade tomb on the market to pretend jade, the actual price of its bracelet value of 100 yuan, Small pendant worth only three fifty yuan. People can understand its authenticity through professional appraisal agencies Liu Dao-rong told people that modern jade collection appreciation should start from six. A look of jade. According to the national standard of Hetian jade, Hetian jade can be divided into three levels according to color. First class is suet jade, white jade, topaz; medium is white jade, jade, jade; under is sapphire. Oil luster, moist feeling strong, dense and pure, no impurities, no porcelain is the best. Two distinguished shape. Shape symmetry, the proportion of appropriate aesthetic important content. Three Kam decoration. Good jade ornaments should be methodical, uniform and harmonious. Four analytical process. Five products art. Six concepts of innovation and antique. Some jade master contemporary works very innovative, given the aura of jade, collection of high value. And some folk modern jade carving rough, collectors value is low. If the ancient jade is also preserved, humanities and historical value is high, it has a high collection value Some collectors pointed out that if you put aside the collection of research and love, just for economic value and appreciation of space, can not be called a collection. Art investment should be a long-term investment, as collectors must know how to appreciate. If only holding a speculative attitude into the market, it is easy to be punished by the market itself. Primary collectors can start from the low-end market, replica bulgari serpenti bracelet learn more and practice more, do not always want to 'pick and place' to pick up cheap, but gradually go to the higher level of jade collection.
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