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Category Cars
Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title silver bvlgari bracelet b zero.1 replica frequentl
Description A Need Jasper bracelet

1, the sensory differences: From the texture to see, really jasper bracelet with jade shiny texture, micro-transparent or translucent, and false or transparent is very high or almost opaque, giving the feeling of muted, no jade texture. There are bubbles of glass material, in the sun or light can be seen, as long as the bubble is not necessarily jasper, you can walk away 2, see texture: true jasper structure, color, often containing mineral black Point; and fake without structure, color, texture is more uniform, giving the perfect feeling of luxury. There is a look made of fake jasper structure, color and black spots, which should be cautious, but this jasper look at the structure and color are very regular, looks very natural, no sense of fat and warm bulgari snake imitation bracelet feeling 3 , The proportion: the proportion of true jasper bracelet, the density is generally 2,9-3,1 or so), holding pressure in the hand feel; false jasper density is small (generally around 2,5), feel in the hands of floating ;

4, listen to the sound: put the two bracelets together, perpendicular to each other, and then rotate the friction, jasper feel very slippery, the glass feel very astringent, bulgari serpenti bracelet price replica there are rustling sound these are the players to sum up the experience, of course, the best False way is to allow businesses to issue identification certificate Eight, counterfeit Jasper bracelet can be purchased under 30 yuan, and businesses have a huge profit margin, huh, huh, huh A rich and bright green color and uniform, there is no obvious black spots, cracks, and cotton Jasper bracelet-like structure of the wholesale price of 5,000 yuan, a hand (12) to go (including a small amount of a grade or other flaws) wholesale price of 3,000 yuan more than 2, uneven green color, a few black spots, cotton Shaped structure slightly obvious, no obvious crack bracelet singles wholesale price of 3,000 yuan, one-hand walk (including a small amount of a grade or other flaws) about 2,000 yuan,

3, gray-green color, very uneven, cotton-like structure obvious, black spots and more bracelets singles wholesale price of 1,000 yuan more than one-hand wholesale price of 500 or more 4, replica bvlgari bracelet snake price the characteristics of the perfect bracelet business will rise a grade to sell, such as Light green color very replica bvlgari serpenti bracelet price uniform bracelet, a cat's eye effect bracelet, half green and half light green bracelet. The above is the wholesale market price, the price of the jewelry store will be higher or higher than this price.
Broken Yes
Price $ 50,000.00
Promotion level None