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Created 06-12-2017
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Title silver bvlgari earrings zero1 replica often Online
Description WeChat carries Tencent's international opportunities

A CCTV vocal Chen Wei chaired by a group, including Jiang Qiping (microblogging), a group of industry known at the same time being invited to the stage as an interactive guest. As the conference approached the end, Jet Li joined the conversation and talked about WeChat disaster relief and WeChat public welfare and set off a climax again. In response to the host's WeChat Tencent's dream of internationalization, 'In half the chance I can not say I am Have confidence.'

Ma said that the mobile bvlgari mens rings sale replica Internet has given Internet companies in Asia, including China, a golden opportunity. 'For the first time we can not only stand on the same starting line, and even ahead of the United States Internet giant.When we see that Facebook may also encounter problems we encountered in the past, is to move to the Internet, the PC assets Stumble. Facebook should be able to do better, there is a lot of room for improvement. '

Mr. Ma also compared the differences between the U.S. and Asian companies in mobile Internet products: Some U.S. companies have been very successful in their products, but preferring to communicate more. Internet companies in Asian countries integrate communication, social networking and platformization into one. They are all innovations in the world. Wechat, WeChat introduced the circle of friends, the public account of the platform model is the world's first 'We even think that the future of the Internet world fake mens bvlgari wedding rings can not do without the need for a domain name, do not need to register a Web site, only need a number, swept with the QR code, all the services can be provided. 'Ma Huateng However, Ma Huaning on the above opportunities have some doubts. 'Is such a good opportunity for innovation falling on our home and falling in China? We sometimes wonder if this is true or false. When we went to Guangzhou to discuss with the WeChat team, Zhang Xiaolong, not long ago, we talked about this We are all very excited, we seem to find the new continent, found a new element, found new technology.But there is no doubt that such ability, there is no such science and technology to undertake such a possibility.I think there is a dream is very Good start, we hope to have the opportunity to innovate in this place. '

Ma Huateng: Tencent got the mobile Internet site ticket

The host asked Ma Huatian: 'Many people want to embrace the mobile Internet era, not that we do not know the advent of this era, but why every time you hold an empty, and you can hold a full, which in the end is based on what kind of intuition or Is judgment, or ability?

Ma Huateng replied, Tencent also hold a lot of things, including the bvlgari mens diamond rings knock off early e-commerce, search. Tencent first, the best of the business is instant messaging and online communities, so turn the mobile Internet, of course, the most sensitive 'Frankly also shocked a cold sweat no matter how strong and neglected in the mobile Internet wave, maybe A month may be a capsize. Do not look at many companies seem large, very strong, in fact, may be vulnerable, so to be reported awe of the evolution of the industry heart, every thing carefully and cautiously, the service Well done. 'Ma Huateng said the outside world has been Tencent mobile Internet tickets have been obtained. In response, Ma Huateng said that this is the outside world to Tencent seal tickets, I think it is still very worried, because it is just a platform ticket. Can you sit in the end? do not know. Is a person fake bvlgari mens wedding rings up, or a team up? do not know. A lot of people squeeze up, live in harmony, or finally hit it? Do not know 'We are full of unknown future, but we are still very passionate, interested to explore .I think its beauty lies in its unknown, this industry is a booming industry, many people have the opportunity to work together This boat. 'Ma Huateng said. And people's cell phones there is a huge, real relationship chain, that is, the communication relationship chain. Since Tencent made organizational restructuring, to solve the above problems. 'We can not blame the product is not good, but not to organize the two are not mutually substituting relationship, but self-renewal Ma also revealed that the opportunity to focus on wearable smart devices, including watches, bracelets, glasses, may not be direct Do, but will be concerned about how the experience of how to combine services with Tencent Ma reiterated WeChat will not charge

In the face of the previous hubbub of WeChat charges topic, Ma Huateng said the business trip at the airport security clearance was also asked whether WeChat security fee. He reiterated that WeChat will never charge users. Ma Huateng said Tencent itself is a company that is not good at speculation and can not operate this topic. Moreover, he believes that the relationship between the Internet service providers and operators involved should be harmonious and win-win cooperation. In the long run, the space for cooperation between the two sides will become increasingly large. Ma Huateng said that the issue of carrier signaling costs can not be solved by one or two families. Only operators, equipment providers, handset manufacturers and Internet service providers Quartet cooperation, this problem can be solved. He disclosed that Tencent has cooperated with the testing department of the operator to solve the following time-only dialogue:

Moderator: Thank you for coming back to our main venue again, I believe everyone is looking forward to the next topic remains, and this is the first of our history to create our global mobile Internet conference. Because not only will the Great Wall organize its own large and small conferences and various activities here, but also today CCTV Financial Channel will also move their dialogues to the scene of the conference to remind all the guests and audience here. Since the dialogue section needs Please turn off the phone's flash, and please mute the phone, thank you for your cooperation. Our stage is ready, let's applause, please Mr. Chen Weihong CCTV famous host brings us a wonderful dialogue, applause, please Chen Weihong: Thank you, thank you, also thank you just say a beautiful presenter there is a Fantastic dialogue, really not be. I am very grateful to all of you today. I am sure we will work hard to make this program very exciting. We are also grateful to all the friends who participated in the Global Mobile Internet Conference. Soon guests are invited. I believe we already know who he is In order to let him feel the enthusiasm of our scene, I have a small suggestion that we can use our warm applause to start the program today and start a new conversation with the world.
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