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Created 06-12-2017
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Description Italy dig subway station accidentally dug out 2000 years ago baby

Recently, under the subway station under construction in the center of Rome, Italy, workers unexpectedly discovered a large ancient Roman barracks ruins and mass graves 2,000 years ago while digging the tunnel. The barracks site was well-preserved and the Italian government planned immediately The subway station built Rome's first archeological station According to the British 'Daily Mail' reported on May fake bvlgari mens wedding rings 16, this ancient Roman barracks 2,000 years ago is located 9 meters underground, less than 1 km from the Colosseum, the total area About 900 square meters, including a 90-meter promenade and 39 rooms decorated with black and white mosaic tiles and murals Black and white mosaic tiles found within the camp site

In addition, a collective tomb was also discovered where archaeologists unearthed 13 adult bones, bvlgari mens wedding rings replica a copper coin and a pair of bronze bangles from archaeologists in clearing the remains of the tomb found in the barracks site

Archaeologists estimate that the military camp under the Guards Army, built in the second century AD, it was one of the five virtues of ancient Rome Emperor Hadrian during the Roman ruins of the Forces was first by the first emperor Augustus Set up, responsible for defending the emperor and palace security. In the second century BC, served as a personal guard serving Caesar the Great and Mark? Anthony General Guards Army once grew, was dissolved in 312 AD by Constantine the Great. The third century AD, Rome built the walls of Aoerliang, the barracks was immediately abandoned the ancient Roman Emperor Hadrian's bvlgari pave diamond ring imitation marble statue

The integrity and scale of the military camp sites discovered in this time are very rare. More importantly, Rossella Rea, a representative of the Ministry of Culture, said the camp site now discovered is only part of the four ancient Roman barracks surrounding it. Therefore, it can be concluded by the site of a new barracks that the site is a military area barracks site excavation site

The local archaeologist Francesco Prosperetti told the BBC: The discovery will not delay the time of the subway station, but may make some adjustments to the subway station design. The Ministry of Culture and Culture also expressed its hope Consolidating the site of the military camp and the subway station under construction will not greatly affect the construction of the subway station and will become a new landmark barracks site when completed in 2020 bulgari mens ring knock off as part of the new subway

Projects in Rome are often hampered by the discovery of monuments. In 2008, when Rome built the subway, it discovered a large number of ancient ruins including a 6th-century copper factory, a medieval kitchen and the Renaissance Royal Palace.
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