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Category Cars
Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title rose gold bvlgari earrings b.01 imitation often on
Description Our expert development of energy-collecting bracelets to achieve wearable electronic equipment free of charge

Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, October 21 (Reporter Ke knock off bvlgari bzero necklace Gaoyang) Imagine simply collecting the energy generated by human activities to maintain the operation of electronic devices such as sports bracelets, eliminating the need for manual charging ... Our scientists recently It has been reported that designing an energy harvester that powers wearable electronics such as sports bracelets makes charging wearable electronic devices a reality 'As wearable electronics are rapidly evolving, more replica bvlgari bzero necklace and more research is devoted to Collect energy of human motion to prolong battery running time. 'Dr. Wu Zhizhi, one of the study leaders, said that the principle methods for collecting body motion energy include electromagnetic induction principle, piezoelectric effect and triboelectric effect, and the use of suspended permanent magnets It is common practice to do translational motion to collect energy, but the collector is usually limited to a specific direction of travel and the collector's power output will be limited if the angle is skewed. To solve this problem, the team designed a Bracelet-shaped new energy harvester. Through two circular bulgari imitation pendant and mutually exclusive magnets, the collector can convert any direction of motion into the rotational movement of the moving magnet so as to achieve the collection of mechanical energy in any direction of the human body to maximize the acquisition of kinetic energy. The bracelet-shaped energy acquisition Symmetrical design with no special requirements bvlgari bzero replica necklace price on the initial position of the moving magnet The experimental results show that the Energy Harvesting Bracelet stores energy up to 0.15 millijoules for an arbitrary single move of 0.15 millijoules with an effective average power Reached 1.17 milliwatts. Acquiring converted power through daily human movement can prolong the battery life of wearable devices enough to maintain the normal use of low-power electronic devices such as sports wristbands without the need for charging.
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