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Created 06-12-2017
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Title white gold bvlgari earrings zero1 replica day-to-d
Description Shadow history 50 civilians epic

'Lin Jia Puzi' era: 1959 / country: China / Director: bloom / starring: Tim Xie, Lin Bin, Ma Wei

Lei Jun said: 'As long as the stand on the tuyere, pigs can fly.' No wonder now such a big wave of entrepreneurial surge, everyone is eager, and even after 95 have opened their own company, started CEO, this world really Big difference The 'Linjiapuzi' tells us that in that troubled times of 1931, how hard it was to start a business for yourself and to stop the wind, all the pigs boycotted the Japanese goods, largely because their territory was ruthless Occupied. This is the case in 2012 and so in 1931. The outbreak of the September 18 Incident has made people's anti-Japanese sentiment rising day by day. Japan's foreign goods from Japan have been cast aside by student groups. At this point, Lin Yuanji, who sells Japanese goods, is in danger of closing down. How to do how to do, Lin boss anxious, his daughter Lin Mingxiu also in a hurry, wearing a Japanese skirt school, it is not to be students spine backbone ah? It would only allow the boss Lin 'inclusive' It is necessary to explain the basic composition of the then business. Middle-class families, represented by Lin's boss, belong to the bottom group. He wants to be attached to a local chamber of commerce, so he has to look at the president of the chamber of commerce. In his capacity as the chairman of the chairman and then as director of the bureaucracy, the so-called 'comprador' bourgeoisie, he is the so-called 'comprador bourgeoisie.' He is relying on imperialism for his retirement and in turn crushes his own people. So down one level down, Lin boss is clearly the object of being crushed. In order to be able to sell Japanese goods comfortably, he had to sell his wife's only bracelet and bribed the president with 400 bucks. As long as the chairman of the pass, he can paste the Japanese goods on the label, continue to sell people want their own shop, often want to be able to speak for themselves, but apart from the sound of someone else call you Outside the 'boss', there is nothing to make you feel satisfied, because you will find that most things are not their own bargain! Such as Shanghai to come to the guests to receive money, but Life did not come back to collect, there have to be tight, the owner of the forest can only snow personally go to the collection debt! But if those people still can afford, there is no need to be debt collection is not it? Shanghai guest sentence 'big boss, people on the scene,' more like a sarcastic, but not a compliment to better reflect this point, it is necessary to address the non-requirement of the Secretary. That animal director even took a fancy to Lin Mingxiu, to marry her as a small wife. 'These people are really fiercer than bandits,' Mrs. Lim hated to the extreme. However, Lin boss in addition to politely refused, can no longer do more resistance. Therefore, he can only afford to be held tight for no reason at all costs and power, have to accept the proceeds received by both ends of the attack. It is in such a siege, Lin boss can only be forced to flee Venus once said something: 'To start a business, must be bold,' timid, hesitant character, not suitable for business. Unfortunately, Lin boss is such a weak type, obviously lost money to sell, but also the guests bargaining compromise; Kuomintang soldiers are using fake money, but do not want to offend them, only to accompany the smile plus free gifts. The only person who can make him stiff, is the king, who is weaker than him. In order to return credit to take the goods away, Lin boss directly took away the king's shop stuff, forcing them desperate. 'We can not care for ourselves, but also for others!'

There is a detail in the film is Lin Mingxiu playing in bed with a cat, and then moody, put the cat pushed down. This action, just like what Lin's boss did, bulgari serpenti watch price replica can only restore his balance from the bullying of vulnerable groups, so that it does not become the last link in the entire chain of squeezing bvlgari snake watch price knock off the creatures. Lin boss escape, the poor people in his savings here has become the ultimate knock off bvlgari watch serpenti victim, Zhu San Tai, Zhang widow and so on, all the life and blood cast here, and now the money is gone, it means that life and life they have taken away Rely on the forest boss's shop had a man named Afu, he wanted to buy a hat, but simply can not afford to buy, he earned money can only buy rice, hats, even playing 10% discount can only be fake serpenti watch bvlgari a luxury . The poor people like him are pushed hard by the imperialists, the feudal forces and the comprador bourgeoisie under the mountainous terrain. As self-employed individuals such as Lin's boss, who are running out of business, have to eat small fish in big fish, Fish eat shrimp in the ecological struggle, sinking.
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