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Category Cars
Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title yellow gold bvlgari earrings b zero.1 copy day-to-
Description Xidan North Street 133, 5th Floor, Grand Department Store how to go

Location Today, go to Jun Tai Department bvlgari white gold ring imitation Store rose gold bvlgari ring replica to look bvlgari yellow gold ring replica at clothes, came out from Rococo home bought two windbreaker, shopping malls are now activities, spending 1000 back to 100 gift vouchers. Because there is no other shopping needs, just want to buy something to use this 100 out. Rococo home shopping guide to accompany me to check out when I told you in the south of the escalator at a bodying is a home service, trinkets, you can go to see this shop has two parts, part of the home service, including socks, pants Socks, home clothes, parent-child equipment, but also part of the sale of jewelry, including bracelets bracelets necklaces earrings head flower jewelry, fine workmanship, there are many bling bling flashing style, the girl should love the shopping guide two people, a warm South girl I , Try to help me to bvlgari yellow gold ring imitation wear bracelets, necklaces, really a piece of the trial, these jewelry is small and exquisite, wear off, and then restored to the well-placed state is very troublesome. This girl is particularly good and patient. These jewelry is 100 30, like friends can go and see
Broken Yes
Price $ 50,000.00
Promotion level None