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Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title diamonds bvlgari necklace b zero.1 copy day-to-day
Description Jade prices 10 times a thousand times 2 pieces of jade wool price 200 million

Good quality suet white jade, 10 grams 10 grams only 10 years ago, 5 years ago rose to 800 1,000 yuan, has now been fired to 12,000 yuan, an increase of nearly 1,000 times more expensive and full of green jade Bracelets, 10 years ago, about 8000 10000 yuan per gram, five years ago rose to 35000 yuan, and now has reached 2000000 yuan 300000 yuan. A 'kind' 'water' 'color' jia jade bracelet, asking price of one million or even ten million yuan is not surprising Thus, 10 years, 'stone' price to ten times, a hundred times or imitation ring bulgari even a thousand times the order of magnitude rise. In comparison with the same rising price of precious metals, gold rose nearly 5 times in 10 years, silver rose up to 9 times, platinum rose less than 3 times, while the current price of palladium is even lower than in 2000. Although the saying goes, gold Priceless jade price, the passage of time is the price ladder. However, more than a year, jade prices skyrocketing, and the more expensive the higher the rate of increase, people speechless, the bubble, so that the industry is uneasy Chinese jewelry jade jewelry industry association vice president Shi Hongyue, for example, some recent 'high price' jade Trading attracted attention, such as a weight of 205 grams of Hetian Yuzhi white jade seeds, the price reached 5 million yuan in the short term to achieve double copy bvlgari ring diamond the price. At the end of 2010, two pieces of 6-kilogram emerald wool on the Burmese Emerald Wool Public Disc had a dark mark of only 580,000 euros. The industry's estimated price was between 50 million and 60 million yuan, but the actual transaction price was nearly 200 million yuan, Why the price of the industry jade glasses fall wild horse, rocket-style rose? Shi Hongyue analysis, the four major causes of the jade prices soaring: First, the precious jade itself is not much resources, and non-renewable, rare things; Second, the gradual affluence of domestic residents, gemstone jewelry, ornaments and other products The rapid increase in demand; third, long-term bullish jade prices, investment demand in recent years increased; Fourth, a large number of hot money involved in speculation to push up prices In fact, the jade prices jumped behind the biggest promoter or rapid rise The style of hype. Shi Hongyue analysis, the past 10 years, the actual demand for gold and silver is basically stable, but the investment demand has doubled, and recently been crazy speculation in silver, the global physical supply and demand only 1%, the remaining 99% are Yes Financial derivatives are pricing silver. Therefore, in recent years, the soaring jade gem also follow a similar pattern, and speculation is more 'fierce,' mainly relying on investment demand and speculative capital to push prices higher. Hongyue Shi said: 'In speculation in the market, those who have the right to speak is the dealer , The dealer manipulates the price and profits from it, blind bvlgari ring for man fake participants are easily hurt. '

Mr. Du from Shanghai started to collect jade more than 10 years ago. He said that although the collection of jade stones in these years did indeed make a lot of profits, 'most people can only collect the stones for the sake of their interests. If they are involved in making fried jade for profit, the risk Great, because the real rare and collectable value of jade, easily million or more, the price is not affordable for most people; and the general market in the fried jade, but in the process of foam accumulation Drum, at any time there may be no answer The copy ring bulgari situation is very easy to be stuck, so I have to withdraw from this circle. 'In addition to hurt ordinary Tibetan jade, investors, Jade Storm and other love Jade and the entire industry. Shi Hongyue said that jade mainly carries the skills and culture of an era to meet people's spiritual needs. Cultural value and material value should be the real appeal of jade collectors. 'Now the jade is being scorched, people who can read and consume jade are helpless, and the industry is helpless. The masters of art also have to face the jadeless jade. The jade culture has been distorted.'

'And speculators using jade are neither real consumers nor real collectors, they're just the creators of jade madness.' Shi Hongyue said gold is priceless jade, compared to 'price transparent' gold and silver jewelery , More expensive gas jade gems more eye-catching In 2011, 'International Jewelry Fashion Festival' held in Shanghai, a large number of rare jewelery dazzling, worth millions or even millions of jade gem and visitors close Contact with the industry exclaimed that in recent years the investment will and speculation in the dual promotion of hot money, jade jade prices have already got on a 'helicopter' to the point of 'crazy', geometric jumped soaring jade prices, and can not hide the bubble .
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