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Category Cars
Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title white gold bvlgari bracelet B replica regularly On
Description Jade jade price exposure will no longer be fooled

Jade is a kind of high value jade, compared with calligraphy and ancient books, more convenient to save, and has been recognized by the world. Compared with other collectibles, emerald price stability and appreciation of space, but also has a very high appreciation value. In recent years, some domestic jade jewelry auction, the price of high-grade jade jewelry repeatedly hit a new high, its appreciation is fast, antiques, calligraphy and other collectibles incomparable.

The scarcity and non-renewable emerald resources determine the unique collection and investment value of emerald. At present, there knock off bulgari bulgari necklace is a great demand in the domestic market. Excess mining has gradually depleted the resources of the emerald in Myanmar. There are 5 places in the world producing jadeite, Only pendant replica bvlgari to achieve a gem-level Myanmar. Due to the extremely complicated geologic conditions for the formation of high-grade emerald, it is almost impossible to find a better place than Burma. No one in knock off bulgari necklace diamond the world can control the production and sales of emerald, while the price of emerald rose in recent ten years, several times, or even several times, no gem any such good investment prospects. Emerald no alternatives, synthetic jade and natural quality emerald far. Cui less and less, this is the so-called priceless gold jade.

Name Direct discount price ($) Market price ($) Hetian Jasper bracelet 650039500 White green jade bracelet 1900098500 floating blue flower bracelet 1300078500 Ice bottom bracelet 21000115000 Ice yellow bracelet 65000390000 Ice bottom floating blue flower bracelet 2200001320000 Ice floating green flower bracelet 2700001620000 Violet Bracelet 48000288000 white green bracelet 700043000 ice waxy violet bracelet 790047500 waxy bracelet 180011000 Hetian Jasper necklace 650039000 Hetian Jasper necklace 960057000 Floating jade pendant 3100186000 white ice waxy seed Guanyin 350021500 white green pendant 15009000 ice waxy green jade pendant 12807680 white Green Festival rose pendant 13007800 Green pendant green rich 1600980018K Golden floating flower jade pendant 9805880 Ice waxy rich pendant 290017500 Gold inlaid jade pendant 105650

Emerald speculation the more hot, fake more, many Yuyou really like to buy jade but always cheated. We all know, pay attention to a delicate and transparent jade, clean and nice color. Emerald finished with glass, sub-glass or semi-glass luster, uneven color; Emerald heat, fast heat, affixed to the face or placed on the back of the hand in a short time a sense of cold; Emerald hardness, dense and delicate structure, After polishing can have a very high surface finish, feel slippery touch when the hand touch; emerald flaws are mainly white and black two. In addition, the use of explosives when jade, inevitably cause jade injury - fried crack, jaundice which is full of internal injuries are all small crescent-like crack, but many businesses with wax cooked, so wax into the crack after , It can not be seen, many consumers find it after buying a lot of small cracks appear. So when to buy jade to smell, wax taste, is determined not to want.

Due to the variety of jade, color, texture is very rich, there is no replica bulgari necklace diamond certain market experience is difficult to accurately assess the price, it is recommended that consumers buy jade jewelry must be required to the merchant identification certificate.

Usually buy jewelry jade jewelry, the most taboo is greedy, businesses are to make money, if businesses feel that a certain price is not profitable, often shoddy. Bargaining should be merciless, embarrassed others is embarrassed themselves.
Broken Yes
Price $ 50,000.00
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