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Created 06-12-2017
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Title white gold bvlgari bracelet B copy frequently Onli
Description Rainy Night scene leaving only more than 10 cigarettes Police arrested 10 suspects

'Huang suffered a robbery, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the case was 38 years old, in the vicinity of Dongwu Road, Zhenjiang, operating a foot shop.' Zhenjiang Jingkou Public Security Bureau Interpol team captain Yuan Huajun told reporters. According to the victim about Hwang, the same night at 12 o'clock, she was the only person in the shop, at this time came in a few young men, the other said to do massage. Hwang said she could do it, a guy replied, then he alone, others do not. Hwang so that people do not wait outside the massage, then the guy who is ready to do massage into the box do not want to just enter the box, the other exposed his face, asked Hwang to come up with money. Hwang said no money. The other side see Huang wrist bar has a key, then robbed. Hwang began to resist and call for help, the other took out a knife, stabbed Hwang stabbed to the ground, the key to the counter was taken away. Subsequently, the bar cash more than 7,000 yuan, a bank card, a bracelet was a wash empty. Hwang abdomen was stabbed, after being identified as knock off bulgari bulgari necklace severely injured two difficult detection:

In addition to more than 10 cigarette butts, there is no other clue

After receiving the report, the police promptly dispatched an alarm to investigate the scene. 'Since the victim asked for help on his own and was taken to the hospital for medical treatment, the police alerted the police and was already an hour or so from the start of the incident.' Yuan Huajun said the incident took place at midnight and outside Downpour, no witnesses. At the same time, the location of the crime is relatively remote, lack of monitoring and other facilities, so the suspects almost no information and Moreover, because the victim is a foreigner, in addition to say the suspect looks 20 years old, simply can not tell other valid information After a site survey, the site can get effective clues, is the legacy of more than 10 cigarette butts. As for whether these cigarette butts were former customers or suspects, whether acquaintances are committing crimes, it is replica bvlgari necklace white gold not clear. Subsequently, the police carried out a wide range of investigations and visits. When Wei Gang, who just started his career in the police station at Zhenlou Jiuli Street, involved 15 policemen Police officers, in more than six months, investigated and interviewed hundreds of people, and the related personnel's crimes may be eliminated one by one. However, the police investigation, but has not been slack in the face of the victim's concerns about the case, Wei Jun will regularly come to visit, asking the victim to remind the clues and inform the case of the latest investigation, the time passed for 10 years quietly 'Due to the scene Only leaving more than 10 cigarette butts became the only clues to crack the case.Police from police officers extracted the biological characteristics of suspected suspects and established the relevant files. 'Yuan Huajun told reporters that the continuous investigation, and constantly find new clues, and then Then ruled out, constantly cycling back and forth in May of this year, the case of a new turning point. He Jianchun, director of the Intelligence Center of the Information Center of the Public Security Bureau of Zhenjiang City, said that with the construction of the national public security information network, the original local networks and local networks gradually integrated into a national network. In May this year, investigators found that the scene of the suspect left the cigarette butts to extract the biological characteristics, and Anhui native two forensic staff. As a result, the police conducted verification on the above two identities, confirming Gao Mouwen (male, 15 at the time of the murder) and Xia Mou (17 male at the time of the murder), all of whom were in Quanjiao County, Anhui Province, The case of a new turn for the better point:

Police action, three suspects arrested

Zhenjiang City Public Security Bureau Command Center Information Center immediately around the high, summer 2 in-depth investigation. After big data analysis and comparison, the successful acquisition of a certain way of communication. So the police divides the two routes and goes all the way to Anhui Quanjiao to conduct surveys, visits and surveys on the possible locations of high-level texts. On the other hand, it continues to deepen the data judgment and analysis and provide powerful intelligence for the implementation of on-site precision strike and arrests Support The evening of June 1, Zhenjiang Jingkou Public Security Bureau police with the cooperation of the local public security organs in Quanjiao County, Anhui Province bulgari necklace diamond fake successfully arrested Gao Mouwen, arrest process only 10 minutes at the same time, the police found that the suspect Xia Mou in 2014 due to Drug trafficking caught. Due to serious circumstances, he should be sentenced to 15 years in prison. Analysis of the police believes that Xia Mou is extremely likely to serve his sentence in prison after the prosecution of a text, the police immediately trial. In the fierce offensive, confessed high, then 'Big Brother' Zhao took replica necklace bulgari him and Xia Mou together robbery wounding. In the police's meticulous work, the 'Big Brother' Zhao (21 at the time of the incident, Lu'an, Anhui) Portrait gradually clear June 13, Zhenjiang Jingkou Branch organized police rushed to Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, with the support of Taizhou Luqiao Branch , The successful suspects Zhao arrested July 11, with the final suspects Xia Mou escorted from prison in Anhui Province, the case was successfully ruined.
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