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Category Cars
Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title rose gold bvlgari bracelet B knockoff regularly on
Description Northwest gold all the comments

The latest newspaper reported that at noon today, that is, noon on December 26, today's gold: Northwestern gold is 282 labor costs. I also visited the Minsheng International gold shop, the gold price of all stores are 296 uniform price. Gold price of Cade Xin Jewelry in North Street is 275 free.

Finally chose a bit, or Northwest Bank, style and more, and many are weighed. Unlike many brands inside the mall are piece-rate, although it is 3D hard-gold look good, but count down one gram are actually 7,8 hundred, too cost-effective.

In Capitaix see a few beads, but also quite good. But always think that is not what brand. Although the northwestern gold bank is not what brand, but at least in Xi'an is still possible, is a hot eight by buying gold.

In fact, others are children during the day, I would like to buy a few gold beans to people to make a bracelet, little baby, do not have to buy too much, more than one gram on it. Picked 2, I feel sparkling, I really like it. I also bought 2 before, wearing on the necklace, but also very nice.

Today, many Northwest gold pedestrians, very lively. Feeling service attitude is not bad. I came to buy beads, so I said to the waiter do not say hello, I see, optimistic about him. But others are still very warm for me to get something. not bad. When you go, brush credit card forget to take the card, but fortunately cashier who promptly sent over, hey, Ma Dah ah.

Belong to an old shop, because when the old see.

Impression in the glass window will see the store placed in the large gold Buddha, gold and the like. At that time is still relatively bulgari necklace fake simple, that is real solid gold to do, heart that this should be heavy imitation bulgari gold necklace ah. It's very troublesome to carry anything. Later I knew it was hollow.

Including some seemingly heavy jewelry, people in the middle is empty, or hollow craft, will not cause too much bulgari replica pendant burden on the wear.

Think about it is usually do not wear jewelry so do not know these, quite out. Later, because of learning, I started to understand imitation bvlgari onyx necklace some of the traditional craftsmanship. Although I do not like gold, some artisans are really breathtaking. Slowly take note.

Feel the details of gold ornaments can reflect the grade, especially in the creative and small concept of place. If you are not particularly fond of gold jewelry, often only the pursuit of some kind of glittering, then the price of gold is so low, what you want to buy a bracelet ring, pendant, bracelet, earrings and the like can now buy more, although we are still not optimistic about the gold market, But has been low to the price of the shot is not a loss, let alone to buy this kind of not to mention the gold investment. At the end of the year labor under their own, figure happy or draw.

The store belongs to the price above very favorable, unlike the Kaiyuan like to charge a fee. And what is better service.

But the product requirements can not be too high, many small details are quite general. No other shop craft exquisite.
Broken Yes
Price $ 50,000.00
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