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Created 06-12-2017
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Title silver bvlgari earrings b.01 fake often online Pre
Description Tourists tried to 300,000 bracelets smashed spot faint insider

June 27, Chengdu Business Daily reporter contacted the reporter in Ruili City, Jurong Jiesheng told the sale of businesses, the other said it did, 'This thing spread in the circle, the incident happened to be in my Opposite the store, but I was not at the scene at the moment the current business is very depressed, he opened a shop for more than 10 years. 'The other party revealed that the price of 300,000 jade bracelets in the local and not expensive, In the local can only be mid-range, millions, tens of millions of jade have, but a few million are in the VIP room, will not put it this way.

In fact, jade lovers, Ruili City, sister of Jade City is also famous in the country. Sister Jade Known as one of the four major jade jewelry distribution center is also one of the country's largest and oldest jade trading market, engaged in jade trading knock off bulgari necklace more than hundreds of businesses 'jade itself is the negotiated price, offer 300,000, purchase price. Said that there is nothing to hide, as we know, have more than 10 million. 'The insider revealed that such bulgari diamond necklace fake jade generally have official identification certificate, but will not be marked on the certificate price,' such as quality, color and so will affect To jade prices. '

For the current price negotiated between the two sides, the insider revealed that 'the fainted replica bulgari diva necklace family is willing to pay 70,000, but because the business capital has not earned back, so it is still communicating.' And on Weibo, there are also certified information as 'well-known Play collection of bloggers 'microblogging users' super teacher 'revealed in the microblogging,' is not negotiable it? Say 18. '

The insider also revealed that hundreds of thousands of jade are so directly placed, 'I have been in Yunnan for 15 years, as far as I know, in the past there have been similar incidents, that is 800,000 pendants, and later how Not sure. '

The insider suggested that customers must be careful when watching, 'Sometimes businesses will gently remind customers, but customers will be more disgusted.'

Another sister in jade trading in Jade City also said that in the local market, good and bad bvlgari replica bzero necklace price jade are, 300,000 is the mid-range price, 'even if 500,000 jade are so directly put' ? you If you have any questions or doubts about the manuscript processing, please contact with Xinmin Network, Ben Wang will quickly respond to you and deal with.
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