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Created 06-12-2017
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Title red gold bvlgari necklace b.01 copy often Online M
Description Summer dermatitis with what medicine

Summer can be said to be a beautiful stage for women. However, women should pay more attention in the summer, especially in terms of making-up and dressing. The following should be done:

1. Lack of eyebrows: easy to sweat in summer plunge will not only impair physiological functions but also because of the destruction of hair follicles and make-up paints stimulate the local infection

2. Do not wear metal jewelry: summer sweating more metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets contained in nickel, chromium will dissolve in sweat and can penetrate the skin and thus cause contact dermatitis

3. Sprinkle perfume: paint the site of the perfume by the sun's rays will cause chemical changes produce stinging serious pain will develop into dermatitis

4. Do not paint cosmetics: lipstick with knock off bvlgari b01 ring more days of hot lipstick oil more easily penetrate the human skin and through the decomposition of saliva adsorption on lipstick on a variety of harmful products can take the opportunity to enter the mouth easily lead to 'lip allergy'

5. Not remove the armpit hair: In addition to the armpit hair can easily cause bacterial infection in the axillary region is not only local pain uncomfortable but also prone to lymph nodes and other symptoms

6. Not long to wear stockings: If the long stockings stockings not only sweat pores can not affect the discharge of sweat and sweat in the skin metabolites can also irritate the skin itching or even dermatitis

7. No others cosmetics: Summer is a high incidence of infectious diseases cosmetics may become a disease vector so do not mess with others make-up cosmetics do not use their own cosmetics free to others

8. Night skin care cosmetics without the daytime: people should not be used at night skin care dew, cream, grease and other semi-solid copy bvlgari 3 band ring cosmetics

Disease analysis: If suffering from dermatitis, eczema and other diseases, with ringworm syrup paint, will increase the replica bvlgari black ceramic and diamond ring inflammation, skin lesions; and ringworm with hormone ointment treatment, like the fire on the fuel, but to promote the growth and reproduction of bacteria. So, how to use drugs reasonably?

According to the needs of the disease and the different nature of the drug, you can choose different forms of external drugs, such as powder, syrup, lotion and tincture, creams and ointments. Generally acute inflammation, manifested as inflamed, blisters, erosion, the more choice of wet medicine, with anti-inflammatory, cooling and other effects; to be redness, exudate reduced, the use of paste and powder, can play anti-inflammatory, itching, Convergence and protection; skin lesions thickening, was moss-like changes, the need for ointment treatment, because of its long-lasting effect and the role of lubricating the skin Even if the same drug with the same dosage form may vary due to different concentrations, such as 3 water Salicylic acid has a disinfectant and bactericidal effect, and 10 salicylic acid can soften and dissolve keratin, and make it off, its role is exactly the opposite. At the same time should also consider the age, gender and the affected parts and the seasons and other factors. Such as the elderly should choose low-concentration drugs; breast, vulva Department, not available high concentration or irritating drugs, palms, plantar high concentrations of available drugs; sensitive to the skin, first with low concentrations, followed by high replica bvlgari 3 band ring concentrations ; For new drugs, first with a small area, if no response, and then expand appropriately.
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